11 For a Man’s Home Is His Castle
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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 We learn from the records that house 4 was no longer a synagogue but a barn belonging to castle-steward Megglin. The story of house 2 is complicated; the 1726 sale reveals that house 2 had in fact been subdivided. Mausche Bloch and his wife owned the upper apartment, while Mayer Bloch owned the lower. Since the houses on the eastern flank of the Jews’ Corner have been accounted for, the Bickerts and Weyls must have lived mainly on its southern flank.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Not all Jews lived necessarily in the Jews’ Corner. When Marum ben Samuel the Fat moved permanently from Donaueschingen to Stühlingen in 1730, he wanted a more upscale address in what was probably house 9:

Johann Beringer, alderman, representing mayor Hans Faller, sells Marum Weyl, protected Jew in Stühlingen and Donaueschingen, the house above the lower well with barn, stable, all belongings, and a forecourt [Baulege], bordering at top to Johannes Schelderle, at bottom to the Church Lane near the schoolhouse, at front to the main lane [Hauptgaß] at the well, at rear to the small lane towards the town church [hinten an das Gäßle gegen der Stadtkirchen], plus a vegetable garden yonder the Upper Gate, bordering to the road to Eberfingen [etc.], for 937 fl. After this sale was agreed, Frantz Anthoni Faller, a son of the seller, has applied for the right of first emption, which has been granted him by the district office. Appeal was filed to the Fürstenberg-Stühlingen government, but before a sentence was made, the two parties have made an agreement whose background is hidden to the court, whereas Frantz Anthoni Faller refrained from his right and Marum Weyl has, upon interposition of bailiff Frantz Anthoni Michels, paid Faller 200 fl. for such a renunciation and 15 fl. “discretion” for the wife; so the sale was made for 1152 fl., which Marum Weyl paid cash on the spot. [R4970]

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