1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Marumb had four sons and two daughters: one daughter married to Model Weyl (T1) [R4913]; the other, Kehla, married to Moysi (or Mausche) Bloch (C2.1.2.1)[R4443]. The sons were Fromele (G1.3.1), probably from Marumb’s first marriage; and Jonas (G1.3.2), Jossel (G1.3.3), and Jekoph (G1.3.4), the three from the second marriage. Fromele was under protection from 1672 to 1712. Fromele did not appear to have children. Jonas was first under protection in Unterlauchringen, then Ofteringen and Horheim. Jossel was under protection in Stühlingen from 1687 to 1718, when he ran away leaving behind a debt of 493 fl. [R2915]. Jossel had two sons,  Mausche (G1.3.3.1), who was under protection in 1714 and 1715 and left no further traces, and Siessel (G1.3.1.2), who moved to Hürben in Bavaria.31

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Jekoph was married to Vögelin, a daughter of Calmelin (G1.2.2) [R1295]. Such marriages between cousins did not necessarily bring familial bliss. In 1702 a big fight erupted between Vögele and her niece Bessle, daughter of Calmelin’s son Jäcoff (G1.2.2.2). Bessle pelted her aunt with raw tripe, and Vögele retaliated by calling her niece a “French whore.” The two Jacobs entered the fray and started beating each other bloody. Both families were fined 4 pounds each [R3715]. But Bessle also got her come-uppance for coarse behaviour. Judi Schulklopfer beat her up for calling him a mambser (bastard) [R715]. Jekoph was under protection from 1683 to 1715 and then disappeared. None of Marumb’s four sons seems to have been very successful in business; they all were beset by debts.

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Page 110

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