Abstracted from 61/12658: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1628-1634.

1629-04-19Claims by Jeggle Jew Leman´s son, Sannel, and Jäggle, and in a subsequent list Jeggle, Hürtzle, Judtele, Meierle, Sannel´s heirs, Jäcoff, and Isacc.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Jeggle Jew Leman´s son(Jacob (Jäggelin) ben Judah Weyl)
Sannel´s heirs(Nathan (Sannel), Bloch Patriarch)
Hürtzle(Naphtali (Hürtzli ben Raphael, Bickert)
Jäcoff(Jacob (Jekuff) Patriarch, Gugenheimb)
Judtele(Judah (Judele) - Ofteringen)
Meierle(Meir (Mayerle) ben Jacob, Bloch)
Isacc(Isac (Isaac) ben Raphael, Bickert)

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