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Tree Nathan (Sannel), Bloch Patriarch is mentioned 149 times between 1613 and 1661. He died around 1629. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C1'.

Nathan was in the initial letter of protection. From then on we have no regular letters of protection until 1638, and his widow appeared in these letters until 1661. He lived mainly of small business with an occasional horse trade. He died between 1628 and 1629. He was the brother of Jacob Patriarch (Jäggle), Bloch [R1552; 02.13.1623], [R1645; 01.04.1629]. His daughter married Marumb Tochtermännlin around 1649 [R1775; 12.02.1649]. .

1613-02-01The widow of Hans Schwaninger is to pay 30 florins to Sandel Jew by three annual installments. Hans Veltin Müller of Untereggingen is to pay Leman Jew.
1614-03-03Daniel Wurth of Eggingen is to pay Sandel Jew
1614-04-22Xander Jew in Stühlingen claims 45 fl. from the sheriff of Rechberg who offers wine as payment.
1614-05-05Sandell Jew and Hans Jacob Hertz are fined 3 pounds each for brawl.
1614-08-25Jacob Müller, blacksmith in Untermettingen, is allowed to get a copy of the document upon which the Jews and brothers Sannel and Jägle raise a claim against his house. The Jews have offered to supply further proof.
1614-09-22Georg Rebmann is to pay 20 florins to Jew Sanel on pain of prison.
1615-04-01Phal, Mayerle, Lema, Sandel, Jeckhle, Hirtzle, Casten, Jekuf,
1616-03-08Xander Jew of Stühlingen sues Laux Ernsperger of Öschingen for payment.
1616-03-08Decision in the matter Xander Jew of Stühlingen against Laux Erensperger.
1616-04-12Xander Jew of Stühlingen is to be paid.
1617-02-27Peter Müller is required to undertake a transport to Schaffhausen as fine for beating Jew Eli. Ulrich Berger is ordered to pay Jew Sannel. Hans Jacob Herz is ordered to pay Jacob Jew.
1617-02-28Xander Jew of Stühlingen sues Caspar Indlekofer who asks for delay.
1617-04-12Upon an inquiry of the mayor of Bonndorf, one reports: A stranger has come into town and asked a boy if it is true that no Jewish woman can give birth unless the blood of a Christian has been spilled before. The stranger then went into the house of the brothers Sannel and Jägle, pre tending to have something to sell.
1618-10-30Xander Jew of Stühlingen, representing Schmol Jew, sues Caspar Hallder and his brother.
1618-11-13Xander Jew of Stühlingen sues Baltus Peter of Berwangen for payment of a horse, and sues three more debtors.
1618-12-30Phol Jew claims 91 florins and grain worth 6 florins, Sannel claims 40 fl., Jägle his brother 21 fl. and grain worth 6 fl., Jecoff Jew 27 fl.
1619-03-18Sannel Jew is required to pay 16 florins to the Zacharia Böringer children.
1619-04-19Xander Jew sues Marx Peter and two more men.
1620-03-12Claims to Bläsi Stadler: Jacoff Jew 47 florins, Phol Jew 73 florins, Sannl Jew 10 florins.
1620-03-31Xander Jew of (not filled) sues three men.
1620-03-31Xander Jew sues Heine and Georg Grave in Geislingen for payment of 50 fl. for grain and a horse.
1621-02-15Sannel, Leman, Cost, and Meierle Jews are imposed to pay 20 florins interest to Bläsi Käler on pain of imprisonment.
1623-02-13Inserted paper with penalties, including such from Cost Jew, Meyerlin Jew, his son-in-law by the name Schachman, Hirtzlin Jew, Jäcclin Jew the small one (der Klain) and his brother Sandell.
1623-08-28Sannel, complaint after a horse trade.
1624-02-03Lemann, Jecoff, Sannel and Meierle are fined for throwing in the windows, breaking the drinking glasses, and other wantonness at the circumcisison of (apparently a son of) Jägli Jew.
1624-03-11Sannel Jew, questionable sale of tallow.
1624-04-15Isaac Jew Phol´s son is fined for not appearing at court. Michel Prugger is fined for not appearing at court upon request of Hürzel and Jägle Jews.125 The heirs of Georg Widmer are to pay theirs debts to Hürzel 190 fl. Sannel 400 fl. Jecoff 37 fl. Jägle 40 fl.
1624-07-15The maidservant of Sannel is fined for verbal injuries. Jagli Jew is her warrantor.
1624-12-09Michael Pfeiffer is ordered to pay a debt to Sannel Jew.
1624-12-09Hanns Heuß of Lempach is to pay 250 fl. to Sannel.
1628-01-24Mortgages issued by Schachmann, Jeggle, Jecuff. Jacoff sells a garden in Weizen. The Peter Basler creditors sell his real estate for 320 florins. Hirtzl had complained to become the owner before. Jonle Jew buys a field for 32 fl. in behalf of the Jews Sanel and Leman. Judel Jew of Ofteringen claims payment. Hürtzle applies to write some persons (with a list of names) into outlawry (Acht, but in this context, it means a stage of the procedure against a debtor). With an agreement by every one about the method of payment. Leman Jew, same for some debtors who did not pay. Jacoff Jew, same for a series of debtors. Schachman Jew applies to confiscate the property of Caspar Schalch. Judele of Ofteringen applies to write some creditors into outlawry (Acht). Jäggle Jew, horse trade matter.
1628-02-03Sannel, claims.
1628-02-17Meierle Jew and Augustin Grieser are to pay. Sannel Jew is to pay a debt. From Jew, claim.
1628-02-24Sannel Jew sues Meierle Jew for payment of 10 or 11 florins.
1628-03-09Sannel Jew.
1628-04-13Sannel Jew, debt matters.
1628-05-14Sannel Jew is to be paid.
1628-05-14Sannel and Meierle are summoned for the next session in behalf of a claim.
1628-06-15Sannel takes a cow for payment.
1629-01-04Agreement between Jäggle Jew and the heirs of his brother Sannel.
1629-01-25Jacob Widmer called Spatz of Schwaningen owes Jäcoff Jew 139 fl. Leman Jew 84 fl. and 34 fl. Jägle Jew his son 34 fl. Jägle Jew Marumb´s son 59 fl. Sannel Jew 140 fl.
1629-02-01Claims to Hanns Rebmann called Gussi: Jäggle Jew 134 fl. Hürtzle Jew 60 fl. Meierle Jew 8 fl. Jecoff Jew 8 fl. Cost 1 fl. Isaac 4 fl. + 3 fl. The heirs of Sannel Jew 15 fl. Judele Jew of Ofteringen 30 fl. + 5 fl.
1629-02-22The Jews Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s heirs, Kipha, Jäcoff, and Hürtzel have claims to Hanns Hegelin.
1629-03-08Claims by the Jews Schachman, Sannel´s heirs, Jacoff, and Jägle to Caspar Schalck of Weizen.
1629-04-19Claims by Jeggle Jew Leman´s son, Sannel, and Jäggle, and in a subsequent list Jeggle, Hürtzle, Judtele, Meierle, Sannel´s heirs, Jäcoff, and Isacc.
1629-05-16With mention of Cost, Jacoff, Hürtzle (buys a house and garden and sells his father´s house and garden and a meadow), Eli (questionable debt, with mention of Sannel), Judele, Judele of Ofteringen.
1629-09-06Leman is to present a quarrel to the court. Joseph Jew, servant of Sannel´s widow, has picked apples.
1629-11-08Among the creditors of Simon Rübelmann of Mauchen are Sannel Jew´s widow 5 fl. Jäcoff Jew 45 fl. Jäggle Jew 4 fl. Schwartz Judel Jew of Ofteringen 2 fl.
1629-11-15Jäggle, representing his brother Sannel, sues Jacob Heuss of Lempach.
1629-11-29Interrogation of witnesses in the matter between Thebus Ehrensperger and Sannel´s heirs. 1. Georg (Nieß?)mann of Wangen, 2. Hanns Schütz of Weizen about negotiations between Ehrensperger and the Jew.
1630-01-10Some men of Weizen are to pay a debt to Sannel´s widow. Some of Mauchen are to make an account with her.
1630-01-10Another claim of Sannel´s widow.
1630-02-07Sannel´s widow is to be paid.
1630-02-28Sannel´s widow, claim.
1630-03-20With mention of Mauschi of Ofteringen, Schmol of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Schachman, Josephle as powerholder of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle Jew Leman´s son.
1630-04-11A man has not appeared upon request of Sannel´s widow.
1630-04-17With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Leman Jew´s son Leman (sic, probably in error), Schmol of Ofteringen, Leman, Jacoff, Schachmann, Hürtzle, Joseph servant of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle, Jacoff, Schmol.
1630-05-29With mention of Jäggle (loan of 1621), Meierle, Schachman, Joseph the servant of Sannel´s widow, Jacoff.
1630-07-03With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow.
1630-10-23With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Sannel´s widow, Hürtzle, Jacoff and Jäggle Jews (they claim payment from a common debtor).
1631-02-12With mention of Hürtzle, Sannel´s widow, Leman, Jacoff, Meierle, Jäggle, Judele, Judele of Ofteringen.
1631-03-12With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Judele representing Meierle, Jäggle, Leman, Sannel´s widow.
1631-03-27The servant of Sannel and Augustin Grieser may go to court if they want.
1631-04-10Mutual account between Bastian Geisin and Jeggle Jew as guardian of Sannel´s widow.
1631-07-03The widow of Sannel is to pay for hay.
1631-08-14Anna Rahm of Hallau, wife of Clewe Gluntzer, says that Jew Jeggle´s brother Sannel has loaned her 12 florins of which she has returned 10 florins within 12 weeks, and now one does not want to return four cups to her which she had left as a pawn. Jeggle says the 10 florins were used to satisfy another claim.
1631-08-28Jeggle, brother-in-law of Sannel´s widow, is to pay or bring up better evidence.
1631-09-25Claims to Jeger Caspar: Jeggle and Sannel 30 fl. Jacoff 3 fl.
1631-10-02Josephle, powerholder of Sannel´s widow.
1631-10-02Creditors of Matheis Widmann. Hirtzle 101 + 5 fl. Leman 60 + 6 fl. Jecoff 100 + 5 + 5 + 89 fl. Sannel´s widow 80 + 8 + 7 fl. Jeggle 28 fl. Schmol 20 fl.
1631-12-01With mention of Jacoff, Judele, Jäckle representing Sannel´s widow, Hürtzle, Schachman, Jäggle.
1631-12-05Debts of Daniel Hotz: Jacoff Jew 56 fl. Meierle Jew 200 fl. plus interest Sannel and Jeggle Jews 18 fl. Hürtzle Jew 12 fl.
1631-12-11Michael Beugger presents two witnesses in his quarrel against Sandel´s widow.
1631-12-11Mutual account between Andreas Hasenfratz and Jeggle Jew as guardian of Sannel´s widow.
1632-01-29Sannel´s widow is to be paid 3 fl. for a cartload of wood.
1632-03-10With mention of Schachman, Jacoff, Sannel´s widow, Meierle of Ofteringen, Jaudele of Ofteringen (also representing his brother From), Meierle, Schachman, Jacoff, Joseph Jew Sannel´s servant, From of Ofteringen.
1632-03-15This Brugger sues M(era??) the widow of Sannel Jew for payment of 19 Batzen or issue of the pawn. Jecoff Jew as assistant of Sannel´s widow refers to several deliveries in the course of time and says they just want to pay what is in their books.
1632-03-15Hanns Conrad Hoffackher der Jung sues Leman Jew and Cost Jew for payment. Leman suggests to compensate plaintiff´s claim with a claim by plaintiff to his son. With mention of Sannel´s widow and Isaac´s dung-hill (Mistlege).
1632-03-15Decisons: Isaac is to pay 3.5 florins compensation to the messenger. The case between Sannel and Michel Brugger is postponed until Jeggle Jew is back. Leman may pay 41 florins to Jung Hanns Hoffacker by two installments.
1632-03-16Sannel a Welsh Jew and David Jew of Eberfingen are fined for mutual offenses. Hürtzle is to pay the penalty of the foreign Jew.
1632-03-18Sannel, a French or Italian (welscher) Jew, and Jew David of Eberfingen are fined for verbal injuries.
1632-03-19The widow of Sannel acknowledges payment (a long matter).
1632-03-19Sannel´s widow makes a final payment to Michel Brügger and is to return some pawns.
1632-03-31With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Jäggle, Judele (also called Judele of Ofteringen), Joseph, Sannel´s widow, Judele, Marum, Jäggle.
1632-04-22Sannel´s widow is to be paid 18 fl.
1632-04-28With mention of Schachman, Eli, Sannel´s widow, Jacoff, Schmol, Hürtzel, Josephle representing Sannel´s widow.
1632-12-01With mention of Jecoff (away from the country), Schmol representing his father Jacoff or Jecoff, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow, Schachman, Maierle, Judele Jud Mauschi Sohn, Schmul, Hirtzle.
1633-02-16With mention of Schachman, Meierle (wants to buy a house), Judele Moschai Sohn of Ofteringen, Jäggle, the servant of Sanel Jew´s widow Jew Jecoff´s son representing his father, Sanel´s widow, Jäggle, Hürtzle (sells a house with two gardens).
1633-04-28A claim of Sannel Jew´s widow.
1634-01-31Hayum, representing his (female) employer (Meisterin), Sannel´s widow, about a cow which seems to have been stolen. The Jew´s witnesses are to be interrogated because the Jewish oath is not extant (auch weilen der jüdisch Eid nicht vorhanden).
1634-01-31Schmol Jew and Sannel´s widow contradict a mortgage on a debtor´s real estate.
1634-02-16Sannel´s widow, complaint after a bull trade.
1634-06-15Schirm- und Satzgeld: Sammels Wittib, 15 fl
1634-08-31Sannel´s widow claims 36 fl. from Hanns Riter Geli with reference to the proceedings of 19.02.1627.
1634-09-07Sannel´s widow claims payment.
1634-12-15Schachmann again, plus Jaggle´s servant (Jewish?) and Sannel´s widow.
1634-12-15Sannel´s widow again, and Meierle of Ofteringen.
1634-12-15Mutual account between Sannel´s widow and Basti Geisi of Mettingen.
1635-03-03Depositions of Adam Giesin of Ühlingen and Hajum, servant of Sannel´s widow, about payment rendered by the widow.
1635-03-23A witness is interrogated in the matter Basti Geisin of Ühlingen against Sannel´s widow, with a declaration by her servant Hayum.
1635-10-24Meierle has bough the lower share of a house from Johannes Riter, reserving agreement of his son. The son was not content with this, so Riter has traded the object to Sannel´s widow who had it as a pawn. Her servant declares his mastress wants to keep the purchase and not let her pawn go anywhere else.
1635-10-24Sannel´s widow wants to have claims on two sold lands secured.
1635-10-24Jeggle, Hürtzle and Sannel´s widow claim their shares of a purchase price.
1636-02-11Meierle wants (a title for a purchased house?). With mention of the servant of Sannel´s widow.
1636-02-11Sannel´s widow wants to make a deal with Andreas Büchi only in connection with a mortgage or payment.
1636-02-12Hayum, servant of Sannel´s widow, buys two parts of the house in which the widow has been living for a while. Said servant sells said house to Jeggle´s son (Marum?) (hard to read and to understand).
1636-02-12Sannel Jew´s widow, represented by her servant Hayum, buys the lower and middle part of a house from Hans Riter´s widow for 69 fl.
1636-02-12Schachmann, Jecoff and Sannel the Jews must not buy a field in Mauchen.
1636-02-21Upon request of Schachman, Jecof, and Sannel Jews (hard to understand).
1637-01-22Marum, representing Sannel´s children, files a claim.
1637-01-22Marum Jew representing Sannel´s children sues Caspar Fischer of Weizen for payment of 90 fl.
1637-02-18Ulrich Pertschi owes 237 fl. to Sannel´s widow according to the proceedings of 06.09.1635.
1637-02-18According to a mutual account, Ulrich Pertschi of Wangen owes Sannel´s widow 210 florins.
1637-02-19Samel´s widow, who is present and assisted by Jeggle, claims 190 fl. from Aichkern with reference to the proceedings of 06.06.1635.
1637-03-20The following foreign Jews are to leave the town: Joseph Jecoff´s servant, the Red, Meierlin´s brother and Sandel´s successor (Nachfahr).
1637-03-30Sale of lands to Schachman (79 fl.), Marum (32 fl.), Jecoff (45 fl.), Schmul´s heirs (80 fl.), Sannel (12 fl.)
1637-05-19Claims to Jacob Aichkern of Wangen by Jeggli (175 florins) and Samel´s widow, assisted by Jeggle (200 florins).
1638-03-30Schirm- und Satzgeld, je 15 fl. von Samels Wittib,
1638-07-01Schmol W., Jeggle, Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Leman, Hüzlis Weib u. ihr jetziger Mann Jekoff, Schachmann, Eli, Sannels Wte.,Marum, Kypha
1640-03-15Sammels Wittib, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl.
1641-03-26Sannels Wittib, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1644-06-08Among the creditors of tailor Georg Preiser of Wangen are Jecoff, Xandel´s widow, Marum.
1645-07-01Jekoff Hürtzles Nachfuhr, Jakoff, Schmol, Meierle, Isaac, Jeggle, Cost, Leman, Schachmann, Marum, Sannels W., Eli, Kypha
1649-12-02Marum Jew the Dochtermännle (little son-in-law) representing his mother-in-law, Jew Sandel´s widow, claims 89 fl. from Peter Schlotter (and other claims by Marum for his mother-in-law).
1650-02-10Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-03Same as powerholder of the heirs of Sandel, with mention of a paper read aloud by Jäckle a year ago.
1650-03-10Judele Jew of Ofteringen as representative of the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-31The following participate in the estate of cooper Caspar Mayer: Kypha Jew (115 fl. plus 17 fl. interest), Sanel´s widow (53 fl. plus 7 fl. interest) and Hirzle Jew (36 fl. plus 5 fl. interest)
1650-05-12Jäggle Jew, payment for a horse. Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel in a claim from Hanns Ambling in Horheim, dating of 04.12.1636. Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1651-01-12Judele Jew, powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-01-19Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-04-24Theis Fessler of Weizen owes the heirs of Sandel Jew 48 florins capital and 36 florins interest. The heirs are represented by Judele Jew.
1651-05-11Judele Jew as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-07-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims 155 fl., the heirs of Sandel claim 38 fl.
1651-12-07Claim by Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1652-01-16Marum Jew Tochtermännle represents Sandel´s heirs.
1652-02-01Claim by Sandel´s widow, Menckhe, Lehman, and Marum.
1652-02-22Judele represents the heirs of Sandel.
1652-02-26Judele as powerholder of Sandel´s heirs.
1652-12-05Judele represents Sandel´s heirs.
1652-12-12Judele represents the heirs of Sandel, with reference to an agreement between Sandel´s widow and Simon Duttlinger in 1636.
1653-01-23Judele of Ofteringen represents Sandel´s heirs.
1653-12-18Marum Jew Töchtermändlin represents Sandel´s widow.
1654-04-17Mutual accounts with Jacob Jew of Preylingen* in behalf of Schach Jew´s heirs, and Marumb Jew Tochtermändlin in behalf of a claim originating from the widow of Sandel. * Maybe Bräunlingen but no Jews are known to have lived in this town.593 30.04.1654 Jonas Jew represents all the heirs of Jeckhoff.
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.
1655-04-08A claim by Marum Jew Tochtermendlin originating from Sandel Jew, with reference to a decision of 17.12.1639. The Jewess (unnamed) or Marum are to render a Jewish oath.
1657-11-08Marumb Jew´s so-in-law representing Sandel Jew´s widow, claim.
1661-03-10Marum Jew Tochtermendtle files a claim for Sandel Jew´s widow.
1721-09-29Trespassing fee of foreign Jews: Samuel at Donaueschingen. Simon and Samuel Uhlmann at Tiengen. Baroch of Endingen. Zopperle at Randegg. Meyer Bloch of Gailingen. Joseph Gugenheimb Sandel`s sonin-law. Menkin Bernheimb at Tiengen (from 1719 to 1721). Meyer Bernheimb (same).

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