Jews from Lengnau

Lengnau, one of the two first Jewish communities in Switzerland after 1600. Many Jews were the descendants of Stühlingen Jews, were intermarried, or it was the destiny of Jews expelled from Stühlingen..

1631-02-20Claim by Mauschi Jew of Wurren?? near Lenglau.
1653-04-03Caspar Schwarber sues Isaac Jew of Lengnau upon a court decision of 12.01.1637. The Jew is to come up with his business book within five or six weeks so the matter may be discussed.
1659-10-04Trespassing permit for Isac Jew of Lengnau.
1660-01-23Trespassing permit for the Jew in Lengnau. The Jews of Klingnau, Endingen and Lenglau pay 25 fl. for trespassing, customs and commerce in Tiengen County for one year.
1664-07-10Josias (Blarer?) Jew of Lenglau claims payment.
1668-06-05Isaac Jew of Lenglau sells a farmstead in Dorf Stühlingen for 80 fl.
1698-12-03Jäckhle Jew of Lenglau claims grain and money from Michel Hamburger according to the proceedings of 29.06.1680.
1699-11-10Schmuli of Lenglau claims 50 fl. capital.
1701-04-25Moses Bernheimb of Lenglau pays 2 fl. for one year of trespassing. Israel and Schmuli of Tiengen pay 3 fl. for same.
1702-07-05Jacob Guggenheimb of Lenglau has ceded a claim of 124 fl. to Jew Sandel.
1715-03-15Geleit in der Landgrafschaft Stühlingen genießen Samuel von Donaueschingen, (gestrichen: Isael und) Samuel zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Mayer Blockh von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau laut Protokoll vom 22.08.1713.
1716-03-15Extanzenregister, darin die schutzverwandten Juden Sallomon Jäggelin Sohn, Jekoff Marum Sohn, Mausche Alt, Josell Marum Sohn, Lemble Alt, Isac Juden Wittib, Schmuel Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickhert, Modell, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Mergam Marums Wittib, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jäggelle Hirtzels Sohn, Hirtzel Jud, Jackoff Callmelis Sohn, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer Eliasen Sohn, Davidt Jäggelin Sohn, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Marum Weyl Jud, Beniamin Jud, Schmule Jüdelins Sohn, Isac Jud Beniamin Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn. Fremde Juden, die Geleit haben: Ephraim zu Donaueschingen, Samuel allda, Simeon und Samuel Vehlmann (wohl Uhlmann) zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Isac Meyer von "Gaisingen", Lehman Weyl von Donaueschingen, Meyer Bloch Jud von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau.
1719-11-24Joseph Guggenheimb in Lenglau in Switzerland claims 110 fl.
1728-06-21As can be seen in the proceedings of 14.05.1728, Jacob Gugenheimb of Lenglau claimed 250 florins from Jossel Gugenheimb Alt, former protected Jew here, and a mortgage was inscribed on the house in the Jews´ Lane between Meyer Bloch Alt and clerk Megglin´s barn. Today appears Süssel Guggenheim, son of said Alt Jossel, and declares in the presence of Marumb Weyl that said Jacob Guggenheimb has ceded him, Süssel, this claim as payment for 14 years of work. This cession is proven by a Hebrew document which was translated by Marum Weyl and by a declaration of Marum that Jacob Guggenheimb has written such to him. Thus such cession is officially ratified, but Süssel Guggenheimb will have to respond in case anyone ought to contradict sooner or later.
1738-06-10Salamon Gugenheimb, Joseph Gugenheimb´s son of Lenglau, sues Schmuly Weyl after a bull trade.

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