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Tree Meir (Mayerle) ben Jacob, Bloch is mentioned 177 times between 1594 and 1665. He died around 1655. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C2.1'. His father was Jacob (Jäggle) Patriarch, Bloch.

Meir (Meierle) is the son of Jacob (Jegele) Bloch and the brother of of Elias (Eli) ben Jacob [R1508; 05.04.1618]. In fact, he is mentioned already from 1612 on as a cattle dealer. In 1615 he appeared on the first protection letter [R1; 04.01.1615] together with his father. He appears on the protection list until 1655, but has died by 1656 [R2032; 01.14.1656]. While the cattle trade dominated until 1637, thereafter Meierle turned to money lending. .

1594-09-14Meyer Jew, claim against Heinrich Bercher in Oberlauchringen for payment of 36 fl.
1611-03-21Meyerle of Stühlingen, horse trade matter.
1611-10-14Meyer pays 24 florins for a horse.
1612-02-20Meirlin Jew buys a horse for 13 florins.
1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
1613-11-18Mayerlin Jew (is to appear at the next court day?).
1614-01-20Andreas Weber of Untermettingen is to pay Jew Meierlin.
1614-03-03and Clem Jew. Quarrel between Matthes Peringer and Meierlin Jew.
1614-03-24Peter Müller of Stühlingen is required to pay the brother of Maierlein Jew next Pentecost at the Zurzach Fair, on pain of prison.
1615-04-01Phal, Mayerle, Lema, Sandel, Jeckhle, Hirtzle, Casten, Jekuf,
1618-05-04Meierle Jew makes an agreement, also representing his father Jegele and his brother Eli, that Jegele may remain here and trade as the other Jews as long as he lives, and Eli may do so as long as he remains unmarried. The Jews pay 20 florins for this permission. Eli is to discuss with the count how long he may stay.
1619-04-15The Jews loan 100 florins to the dominion for the construction of the castle. They pay 90 florins to the mason, and 10 florins will be subtracted from a claim of Meierlin´s father.
1619-06-15Jecoff and Meierle Jews are shown the way in behalf of a questionable claim.
1619-10-12Hanns Pfeiffer of Mauchen was fined because he had stolen six (illegible) from Meierle Jew about two years ago. Meierle is to deliver a white goat to the dominion as a penalty.
1620-03-09Hünche, the wife of Jew Phol, sues Meierle Jew to have charged her with adultery. Meierle says he was drunk when he said that.
1620-04-04Christian Schelblin owes Meierlin Jew 92 florins.
1621-01-14Bailiff Bernhard Vogler of Höwen and his brother-in-law Böninger claim jewelry from the Jews Jägle and Meierle.
1621-01-18Meierle Jew is sued for two lost pieces of cattle.
1621-02-15Sannel, Leman, Cost, and Meierle Jews are imposed to pay 20 florins interest to Bläsi Käler on pain of imprisonment.
1621-06-16Izig of Hürben, Abraham of Ichenhausen, Jacob and Seckhel of Neuburg are fined 50 florins each for (exchange and fraud?) of coins. The following Jews were fined for (exchange?): Jecoff 20 florins, Meierle 10 florins (which are to be subtracted from a claim of his father), Phol 30 florins, Hörzle 10 florins (these two amounts are to be subtracted from the same claim). Leman and Cost are fined together 30 florins, Jögle and Samuel together 40 florins.
1622-03-30Meierle is to pay Phol 50 florins upon a court decision made in Engen.
1622-03-30Meierle is ordered to make a mutual account with Herz.
1623-02-13Inserted paper with penalties, including such from Cost Jew, Meyerlin Jew, his son-in-law by the name Schachman, Hirtzlin Jew, Jäcclin Jew the small one (der Klain) and his brother Sandell.
1623-03-25Hans Pfeiffer, married but still not of age, has taken credits from the Jews Meyerle, Zacher, and Jäckhli the young (dem Jungen). With a mortgage title about 200 florins taken from Meyer Jew of Stühlingen (with a Hebrew endorsement).
1624-02-03Lemann, Jecoff, Sannel and Meierle are fined for throwing in the windows, breaking the drinking glasses, and other wantonness at the circumcisison of (apparently a son of) Jägli Jew.
1626-06-15Meierle Jude erhält 1 Malter Kernen für 12 fl.
1628-02-17Meierle Jew and Augustin Grieser are to pay. Sannel Jew is to pay a debt. From Jew, claim.
1628-02-24Sannel Jew sues Meierle Jew for payment of 10 or 11 florins.
1628-05-14Sannel and Meierle are summoned for the next session in behalf of a claim.
1628-06-15Meierle Jude kaufte 8 Malter 4 Viertel Kernen.
1628-07-27Jacob Schütz, rope-maker, sues Meierle Jew for verbal injuries. In reverse, Eli Jew sues the rope-maker to have stolen him a coin six years ago.
1628-09-14Claim of Meierle.
1629-01-04Meierle Jew, agreememnt.
1629-01-25Meierle, mutual account for 20 years and horse trade matter.
1629-02-01Claims to Hanns Rebmann called Gussi: Jäggle Jew 134 fl. Hürtzle Jew 60 fl. Meierle Jew 8 fl. Jecoff Jew 8 fl. Cost 1 fl. Isaac 4 fl. + 3 fl. The heirs of Sannel Jew 15 fl. Judele Jew of Ofteringen 30 fl. + 5 fl.
1629-02-15Cost, Jäggle, Meierle and Leman Jews are to pay 220 florins to sheriff Hanns Köhler of Schwaningen.
1629-02-22The Jews Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s heirs, Kipha, Jäcoff, and Hürtzel have claims to Hanns Hegelin.
1629-04-19Claims by Jeggle Jew Leman´s son, Sannel, and Jäggle, and in a subsequent list Jeggle, Hürtzle, Judtele, Meierle, Sannel´s heirs, Jäcoff, and Isacc.
1629-08-30Meierle Jew is to be paid.
1629-11-15Meierle sues Daniel Hotz for payment.186 22.11.1629 Schachman, brawl after a questionable hide and grain deal.
1629-11-29Caspar Keller is to pay Meierle Jew 25 fl.
1629-11-29Peter Würth is to pay Meierle Jew 10 of 40 fl.
1629-12-06Agreement between Meierle and blacksmith Jacob Ess.
1630-01-10Hürtzle has collected payment for Meierle.
1630-01-10Meierle sues Hännsle Schönauer for payment.
1630-01-10Meierle is sued for supplying a bad cow.
1630-02-07Meierle, same.
1630-04-17With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Leman Jew´s son Leman (sic, probably in error), Schmol of Ofteringen, Leman, Jacoff, Schachmann, Hürtzle, Joseph servant of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle, Jacoff, Schmol.
1630-05-29With mention of Jäggle (loan of 1621), Meierle, Schachman, Joseph the servant of Sannel´s widow, Jacoff.
1630-06-13Meierle is to present a quarrel to the country court (Landgericht).
1630-06-13Meierle Jew sues Heini Meier of Horheim.
1630-07-03With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow.
1630-09-04With mention of Meierle.
1630-10-23With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Sannel´s widow, Hürtzle, Jacoff and Jäggle Jews (they claim payment from a common debtor).
1630-10-31Meierle buys cattle for 233 florins.
1631-01-16Quarrel between Martin Rüenger of Untereggingen and Meyerle Jew.
1631-01-23Eli Jew in behalf of his brother Meierle is ordered to make mutual accounts with two men.
1631-01-24Again the complaint by Meierle.
1631-02-12With mention of Hürtzle, Sannel´s widow, Leman, Jacoff, Meierle, Jäggle, Judele, Judele of Ofteringen.
1631-03-12With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Judele representing Meierle, Jäggle, Leman, Sannel´s widow.
1631-03-20Meierle, decision about a cow trade.
1631-03-20Meierls is sued for complete payment after the purchase of a bond issued by the Austrian goverment.
1631-03-27Meierle Jew 11 fl.
1631-04-09With mention of Judele of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Meierle, Jacoff, Isaac, Eli, Jäggle, Judele representing Meyerle of Ofteringen, Schachman, Leman, Jecoff.
1631-04-10Cost, Leman, Eli, Isaac, Judele Leman´s son, and Meierle Jews will be fined 3 pounds each if they will not pay messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler in time.
1631-06-26Meierle and someone else have been beaten by Caspar Zimmermann after a failing attemt to draw a cart out of a river.
1631-09-24With mention of Hürtzle, Schachman, Schmol, Isaac, Judele of Ofteringen, Jäggle, Meierle.
1631-12-05Debts of Daniel Hotz: Jacoff Jew 56 fl. Meierle Jew 200 fl. plus interest Sannel and Jeggle Jews 18 fl. Hürtzle Jew 12 fl.
1632-01-08Meierle Jew and two other men are to render themselves to Berau and have their debts calculated.
1632-01-14Meierle sells a house, slope and garden in the Dorf, which is has received at the Uffahl of Martin Ritter, for 481 fl. to potter Jacob Dobler.
1632-01-23Eli in the name of his brother Meierlen is ordered to make a mutual account with Philipp Alperth.
1632-01-24Extraordinary session about a claim of Meierle Jew.
1632-02-18Meierle is sued to pay 6 fl. which originate from his father Jeggle Jew. Meierle responds he has refrained from his father´s estate (sintemalen er sich seines Vaters Erbschaft entschlagen). Two witnesses are being interrogated.
1632-02-18Baron (Junker) Allwig Friedrich Beckh von und zu Wilmendingen has once ceded Meierle Jew a bond of 5734 florins for 4000 florins and now claims remaining payment of 200 florins which the Jew is still due. Meierle says he is not familiar with the case and is granted delay.
1632-02-19Meierle is sued for payment of 2 fl.
1632-02-19Meierle is sued for payment (two cases).
1632-03-11Schachman is to be paid. Meierle is to pay. Davidt is to make a mutual account.
1632-03-11Meierle, agreement about a questionable florin.
1632-03-15Meierle Jew and Michel Brugger are to come to an agreement in the presence of an honest man.
1632-06-18Appears Baron Beckh (etc.) and repeats his claim against Meierle. He is to prove that the Baron or his wife have granted him the owed 200 fl.
1632-10-14Meierle Jew is fined for not appearing at court. He is sick, but has not sent anyone else.
1632-11-03With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Schmol.
1632-11-04Meierle sues Hans Conrad Hofacker.
1632-11-04Meierle Jew is ordered to pay 28 fl. to Hanns Vohrer of Mauchen.
1632-12-01With mention of Jecoff (away from the country), Schmol representing his father Jacoff or Jecoff, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow, Schachman, Maierle, Judele Jud Mauschi Sohn, Schmul, Hirtzle.
1633-01-13Mutual claims between Meierle Jew and Mauchen community.
1633-02-10Meierle Jew is a warrantor for a debt which he has transferred to another person.
1633-02-16With mention of Schachman, Meierle (wants to buy a house), Judele Moschai Sohn of Ofteringen, Jäggle, the servant of Sanel Jew´s widow Jew Jecoff´s son representing his father, Sanel´s widow, Jäggle, Hürtzle (sells a house with two gardens).
1633-06-07Meierle is to pay a debt after a horse trade.
1633-11-10Meierle is to be paid.
1633-12-01Meierle Jew is sued for payment of 200 florins.
1634-01-19Adam Rackstetter and Meierle Jew are to come to an agreement about a sale.
1634-01-19Jeggle, Leman, and Meierle are to be paid.
1634-02-10Description of the debts of Johannes Pfeiffer. Meierle about 200 fl. Schachman about 120 fl. Jecoff Jew 58 fl. Schmol Jew 12 fl. The heirs of Hürzle Jew 9 fl. Eli(?) Jew Meierle´s son 27 fl. With a long negotiation about Schachman´s claim.
1634-02-10Meierle sells a house in Eberfingen for 200 fl.
1634-03-30Deposition about a horse trade between Eli Jew Meierle´s son and a farmer.
1634-04-05Bolis Bufler, blacksmith, is fined for beating Eli Jew Meierle´s son, and the Jew is fined for verbal injuries.
1634-04-27Meierle Jew is ordered to pay a debt.
1634-05-04Meierle is sued for payment after a horse trade.
1634-06-09Meierle, Schmol, Jecoff (same?).
1634-06-09Meierle obliged to pay 300 fl. by installments.
1634-06-15Schirm- und Satzgeld: Meierle, 15 fl
1634-07-25Meierle Jew, claim after a horse trade.
1634-08-31Meierle is to present (a witness?) in a questionable horse trade matter.
1634-08-31Mention of Meierle, Joseph, and Hirtzle in a horse trade matter.
1634-08-31Depositions of Schachmann Jew and Eli, Meierles´s son.
1634-09-07Meierle, decision in a horse trade matter.
1634-11-22Meierle is fined for not obeying an official order.
1635-03-26The mayor, magistrate and all the citizen claim that the Jews contribute a quarter of the expenses which the town is to pay for the soldiers. Jeggle, Meierle, Leman, Schachman, Eli, and Isaac the Jews do not agree to such a request (hard to read). The town claims 800 florins for now as the quarter share, but the Jews only offer 100 florins.
1635-03-26The town of Stühlingen demands that the Jews are to pay the fifth part of the former expenses for the Fürstenberg soldiers and the fourth part of the forthcoming expenses, and carry their losses (probably war damages) themselves. A long matter. The Jews are Jäggle, Meierle, Lemann, Schachman, Eli and Isaac.
1635-04-16Meierle Jew promises by touching the magistrate stick (Ratsstab) that he will refund damages causes by a bull.
1635-04-16Meierle and Seeligmann are sued after a cow trade. A long matter with a statements of Meierle under his Jewish oath (unter seinem jüdischen Eid), Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Isaac Jew.
1635-06-24Ausgaben für Handwerksleute: Meierle Jude erhält 2 fl. 48 Kr. für Roßnägel.
1635-06-24Ausgaben für Victualien: Meierle Jude 3 fl. 20 Kr. für ein ins Schloß geliefertes Kalb.
1635-06-24Ausgaben für Frucht: Meierle Jude bekommt 709 fl. für 11 Malter Kernen (mit unklarem Eintrag über die Verrechnung dieses Betrags, wobei Jude Schmol genannt ist).
1635-07-01Jekoff, Schmule (1636 W), Meierle, Hürtzle, Leman, Isaac, Cost, Kyphe, Eli, Schachman, Jeggle, Samuel W., Marum
1635-10-24Meierle has bough the lower share of a house from Johannes Riter, reserving agreement of his son. The son was not content with this, so Riter has traded the object to Sannel´s widow who had it as a pawn. Her servant declares his mastress wants to keep the purchase and not let her pawn go anywhere else.
1636-02-11Meierle wants (a title for a purchased house?). With mention of the servant of Sannel´s widow.
1636-02-11Mention of Schachman and Meierle and Jeggle.
1636-02-12Meierle, mutual account.
1636-02-12Schachman Jew sues Michel Pfeiffer for payment. Pfeiffer´s son Johannes owes 230 fl. to Meierle.
1636-02-12Meierle Jew sues Jacob Kressenbuch of Eggingen who beat his arm into pieces in front of his (the Jew´s) house because of taking a cow away from the flock. With further details (partially very hard to understand).
1636-02-12Decision in the case of Meierle against Kressenbuch.
1636-04-16Meierle promises to come to a peaceful agreement in a horse or cattle trade matter.
1636-04-16Meierle and Seeligmann are sued in a cow trade matter. With a deposition of Jecoff under a Jewish oath, and of Isaac.
1636-04-24Meierle (transfer of a debt or claim to Michael Haller´s house?).
1636-06-15rückständigen Abgaben an Getreide : Meierle Jude
1636-06-27Jacob Wursthorn sues Meyerle Jew for selling him unhealthy cattle as he has lost eight pieces.
1637-01-21Meierle Jew is sued after cattle trade.
1637-01-21Meierle asks when a judgement will be made.
1637-01-22Meierle says a debt is already paid.
1637-01-22Meierle, complaint after a horse trade.
1637-01-22Maierle Jew asks for a decision in the matter against Jacob Kressenbuch.
1637-01-22Meierle Jew wants to get the field which Johannes Pfeiffer has promised for a horse.
1637-02-26The widow of Hürtzle. Jew Meierle.
1637-03-19Meierle Jew files a listing of the expenses for his hit-off (abgeschlagenen) arm against Jacob Kressibuch, yielding a total of 311 florins.
1637-03-20Messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler applied to sentence Schachman Jew to pay 10 florins protection fee in behalf of Joseph Jew. The Jew asks for delay because he did not promise it by himself, but Cost and his (crossed out: Schweher, father-in-law, replaced by) "Schecher" Meyerle also have promised it.
1637-03-20Meierle Jew wants to have the property of Johannes Pfeiffer described.
1637-03-20The following foreign Jews are to leave the town: Joseph Jecoff´s servant, the Red, Meierlin´s brother and Sandel´s successor (Nachfahr).
1637-06-06Claims of Jägle and Meierle.
1637-06-10Meierle Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1637-07-30Meierle is sued after a horse trade.
1637-08-13Marum Jew and Anthoni Ribel are to carry out their matter at court. Meierle Jew, horse trade matter.
1637-08-20Anderes Strohalm, butcher, is fined for giving a cow of Jew Meierle two stitches and taking it out of the stable the next day.
1637-08-27Hanns Auer, rope-maker of Unterhallau sues Jew Meierle after a horse and cow trade. Decision between Meierle and Hans Hotz.
1637-11-19Meierle claims 9 fl. after a horse deal. Miscellaneous entrie about Jeggle, Jecoff, and Meierle are omitted from here onwards.
1638-03-301 30.3.1638 Schirm- und Satzgeld, je 15 fl. von Meierle,
1638-07-01Schmol W., Jeggle, Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Leman, Hüzlis Weib u. ihr jetziger Mann Jekoff, Schachmann, Eli, Sannels Wte.,Marum, Kypha
1640-03-15Meierle, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl.
1640-07-01Jakoff Hürzles Nachfahr und sein Weib, Jekoff, Schmol W., Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Lemann, Schachmann, Jeggle,Sannels W., Marum, Eli. Kypha
1640-11-08Claims of Meierle and Jacoff.61/12660: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1646-1647. in the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe; 30.08.2013
1641-03-26Meierle, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1641-03-26Maierle, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1645-07-01Jekoff Hürtzles Nachfuhr, Jakoff, Schmol, Meierle, Isaac, Jeggle, Cost, Leman, Schachmann, Marum, Sannels W., Eli, Kypha
1650-12-01Menckh Jew claims 67 florins in behalf of his father Mayerlin, and 49 more florins.
1651-01-01Protection fee, paid by the Jews on Easter 1651 (15 fl. each): Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Marum`s son-in-law. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Hirzlin`s son. Schmuli Hirzlin`s son. Seeligman Schmuli`s son. Jäggle. All together 120 fl. Lehmann Jew, who had been living in "Coblitz" before, is to pay 2 fl. protection fee for being here for some weeks. Ißac Jew is to pay 191 fl. extant protection fee. Jäggle Jew owed 40 fl. penalty and Jeckhoff`s heirs owed 40 fl. such and did not deliver any down payment this time. Totel amount of protection fee collected in this fiscal year: 384 fl. 34 Kreuzer.
1651-01-12Georg Kramer of Mauchen admits to owe Mayerlin Jew and his son Mencke 241 fl. upon a calculation of 16.01.1650.
1651-01-19Mayerlin is sued for payment.
1651-02-07Declaraton of a witness upon request of Jäckhle Jew in Stühlingen.19 A witness declares that payment was made to Judele Jew in the name of Mayerle Jew. Menckhe contests this statement and says Judele has never been the moneycollector of his father.
1651-03-16Claim of Menackhen Jew in the name of his father Meyerle.
1651-03-24Mayerle of Stühlingen has sent his son Menckhe to present his business book.
1651-03-30A witness says that Judele Jew has obtained payment in behalf of Mayerle.
1651-03-30In 1635, Hanns Jacob Kressenbuech has hurt the arm of Jew Mayerle. An agreement about refund of the medical expenses is now made with the son Menckha.
1651-07-01Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Marums Tochtermann, Mayerle, Menken Maierlins Sohn, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmul Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jäggle
1652-04-23An Ostern 1652 zahlen je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhen Sohn. Jonas Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Marum Juden Tochtermännle. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Seligman Juden Schmulins Sohn. Jäggle Jude. Isac schuldet laut Rechnung von 1649 noch 191 fl. Schutzgeld, woran er nichts bezahlt hat. Ebenso zahlte Jäggle nichts an 40 fl. Strafe und Jeckhoffen Erben nichts an 40 fl. Strafe.
1652-05-16Meyerle, several claims.
1652-05-16Menckhe represents his father Mayerle in a claim of 1637 and says he wants to write to his brother Eli who wrote the business book.
1652-11-14Claims of Marum called Tochtermännlin, Jäggle, Mayer, Marumb,
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.
1658-03-15Auf Ostern 1658 liefern je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckoffen Sohn für sich und seinen Tochtermann (zus. 30 fl.), Jonas Jude für sich und seinen Tochtermann Kalmele (zus. 30 fl.), Marum Juden Tochtermännle (15 fl.), Mayerle Juden zwei Söhne Menckhe und Jäggelin (zus. 30 fl.), Hirzlin Juden zwei Söhne Leheman und Schmuli (zus. 30 fl.), Seligmann, Jögglin der Alt.
1658-06-06Sir Johann Jacob Atzenholtz at Wasserburg owed a credit of 425 fl. which Baron Laux Dieterich Reichlin von Meldegg got in 1611 from Meyerlin Jew at Stühlingen, setting all his real estate a pawn. Meyerlin Jew´s son Menckhe and all the heirs confess that this debt and the interest has been paid and the claim is satisfied.
1658-11-21Claim by Menckhin Jew to Felix Angst in Obereggingen upon a credit given to his father Bascha Angst by Meyerlin Jew in 1637.
1661-07-27Claims to the estate of Hanns Bühlmann of Eberfingen: Mayerlin´s heirs 183 fl. Menckhin 17 fl. Marum Jew Jacoph´s son 15 fl.
1662-03-30Hans Griesser of Mauchen admits a debt of 495 the heirs of Meyerlin Jew.
1664-07-10When the people of Stühlingen had to do transportation for the army around 1635, Mayerle had to provide a horse which was changed for another one. His son Menckh, Jew of Stühlingen, now claims refund. Two witnesses are being interrogated.
1665-03-05It is officially confirmed that Menckhe of Stühlingen has no claim to Hanns Jacob Bentel, which claim pretendedly originated from his father Mayerlin.
1665-07-03Menckhe declares that late Andreas Rachstetter, last of Schwerzen, has bought a house from his father Mayerlin for 200 florins according to the court proceedings of 1665. The price was never paid. (A long matter with the interrogation of a witness).

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