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Abstracted from 61/12658: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1628-1634.

1628-02-03Sannel, claims.
- Joseph Jew, claim.
- Meierle Jew of Ofteringen, claim.
1628-02-10Isac Jew is to pay for peas, and pay a debt.
- Cost Jew is to pay a debt.
1628-02-17Meierle Jew and Augustin Grieser are to pay. Sannel Jew is to pay a debt. From Jew, claim.
1628-02-24Sannel Jew sues Meierle Jew for payment of 10 or 11 florins.
- Veltin Kayser sues the Jewish treasurer (Seckhelmeister) for payment of 27 florins for work on the school. Jecoff and Jäggle Jews do not want to contribute as they have not placed an order and say that those who called plaintiff are to pay. Kayser may file a claim if the Jews are not willing to pay.
1628-03-02Jacoff Jew deposits two pieces of cattle with Jacob Seeger.
- Hirtzlin is asked for a receipt.
1628-03-09Judle Jew of Ofteringen has a claim of 189 florins.
- Leman, mutual account.
- Jacoff Jew.
- Sannel Jew.
1628-04-06Leman Jew is to pay his Ohmlin(?) in Dillendorf 36 Batzen for a calf, and this man is to deliver the calf.
1628-04-13Sannel Jew, debt matters.
- The community claims 100 florins from Leman Jew.
- Georg Rebmann is to pay Jäggle Jew.
- Isac Jew is to pay 17 florins on pain of prison.
- Two men are fined for not appearing at court upon request of Isac.
1628-05-14Agreement between Michael Alperth, miller, and Jew Jäggle.
- Sannel Jew is to be paid.
- Sannel and Meierle are summoned for the next session in behalf of a claim.
1628-05-15Two cases with Jew Jecoff.
- Cost is to pay half of a claim.
1628-06-15Sannel takes a cow for payment.
- Leman, powerholder of his son Jäggle Jew.
1628-07-27Jacob Schütz, rope-maker, sues Meierle Jew for verbal injuries. In reverse, Eli Jew sues the rope-maker to have stolen him a coin six years ago.
1628-09-07Jacob Ulber is to pay Davidt Jew. Bläsy Stadler is to pay Jäggle Jew for the delivery of cattle.
1628-09-14Leman Jew, claim after a horse trade.
- Hürtzle and Leman, common claim.
- Several people are fined for not appearing upon request of Leman.
- Claim of Meierle.
1628-10-26Judele Jew of Ofteringen is sued after a wine trade.
- Fahl Jew claims payment.
1628-11-16Jecoff Jew is sued after a horse trade.
- Isaac Jew is sued for payment of wood and for payment of wine.
- Leman may file a claim against the Hans Jacob Heintz orphans.
- Several claims of Leman Jew.
- Claims by and against Leman.
1628-12-02Deposition by miller Simon Bachmann about the purchase of grain by Leman last spring.
1628-12-07Cost Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
- Leman Jew is required to pay 16 fl. to Hans Hofagger on pain of prison.
- Feisel Jew claims 48 fl.
- Leman, claims.
1628-12-28Jacob Eß, blacksmith of Untereggingen, offers Jew Hirtzel a field as payment so he will come out of the outlawry (Acht). The Jew insists on full payment.
- The count offers Jacoff Jew 30 fl. for a lost horse.
1629-01-04Meierle Jew, agreememnt.
- Agreement between Jäggle Jew and the heirs of his brother Sannel.
- The Jew in Horheim is to leave this village before Easter 1629.
1629-01-09Agreement between four parties, including Jacoff.
- Cost Jew is to pay 57 fl.
1629-01-11Isac is ordered to pay.
1629-01-25Jacob Widmer called Spatz of Schwaningen owes Jäcoff Jew 139 fl. Leman Jew 84 fl. and 34 fl. Jägle Jew his son 34 fl. Jägle Jew Marumb´s son 59 fl. Sannel Jew 140 fl.
- Leman Jew, several cases.
- Jacoff is sued after a horse trade.
- Meierle, mutual account for 20 years and horse trade matter.
1629-02-01Claims to Hanns Rebmann called Gussi: Jäggle Jew 134 fl. Hürtzle Jew 60 fl. Meierle Jew 8 fl. Jecoff Jew 8 fl. Cost 1 fl. Isaac 4 fl. + 3 fl. The heirs of Sannel Jew 15 fl. Judele Jew of Ofteringen 30 fl. + 5 fl.
- Schachman, agreement.
- Judele of Ofteringen, several claims.
1629-02-08Jacoff Jew, agreement.
- Jäggle and Leman Jews have been paid by Adam Müller and have no more claims.
1629-02-15Heinrich Müller sells Jew Jacoff his claim to the estate of late Tauschjagle.
- Cost, Jäggle, Meierle and Leman Jews are to pay 220 florins to sheriff Hanns Köhler of Schwaningen.
1629-02-22The Jews Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s heirs, Kipha, Jäcoff, and Hürtzel have claims to Hanns Hegelin.
- Jäggle Jew Leman´s son, claim after a horse trade.
- Leman Jew, same.
- Claims of Judele and Leman.
1629-03-01Cost is required to pay the official.
1629-03-08Jacoff, claim.
- Claims by the Jews Schachman, Sannel´s heirs, Jacoff, and Jägle to Caspar Schalck of Weizen.
1629-04-14Hürtzle Jew, agreement.
1629-04-19Georg Neuenburger and Jew Schmol have tossed each others.
- Claims by Jeggle Jew Leman´s son, Sannel, and Jäggle, and in a subsequent list Jeggle, Hürtzle, Judtele, Meierle, Sannel´s heirs, Jäcoff, and Isacc.
1629-04-26Cost Jew, agreement.
- Schachman, claim.
- Jäggle Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
1629-05-17Cost Jew, same.
- Clothes were sold to David Jew.
- Isaac Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
1629-05-31Jäggle, Leman, Cost and Hürtzle Jews are to deliver payment and grain to Schaffhausen.
1629-06-07Leman is to pay.
- Schachman may present a case at the court if he wants.
1629-06-21Jacoff Jew, claim.
1629-07-05Hirtzle, several cases.
1629-07-19Warrantors are to secure a claim of Jew Schachman.
- Jeggle Jew is to pay 6 fl. protection fee for the Jew in Horheim.
1629-08-30Meierle Jew is to be paid.
1629-09-06Leman is to present a quarrel to the court. Joseph Jew, servant of Sannel´s widow, has picked apples.
1629-09-20Cases of Jeggle Jew and Hirtzle Jew.
1629-10-04Davidt Jew of Eberfingen is fined for buying stolen items.
1629-10-10Jäggle and Leman Jews are to pay.
- Jäggle Jew Leman´s son is fined.
1629-10-25Leman Jew trades a house and vegetable garden in Schwaningen for half a house (where?) and compensation payment.
1629-11-08Agreement between the Haas heirs of Schaffhausen and Jäggle Jew of Stühlingen about mutual claims, which includes such for delivery of silverware.
- Isaac Jew is to be paid.
- Jäggle Jew, same.
- Among the creditors of Simon Rübelmann of Mauchen are Sannel Jew´s widow 5 fl. Jäcoff Jew 45 fl. Jäggle Jew 4 fl. Schwartz Judel Jew of Ofteringen 2 fl.
1629-11-15Hürtzle sues Johannes Pfeiffer.
- Jäggle is to be paid.
- Jacob Dobler sues Leman Jew for calling his wife a Hur (with further details of the event).
- Jacoff intends to prove that Hanns Schönauer is to pay him.
- Jäggle, representing his brother Sannel, sues Jacob Heuss of Lempach.
- Meierle sues Daniel Hotz for payment.186 22.11.1629 Schachman, brawl after a questionable hide and grain deal.
1629-11-22Schachman, questionable horse deal.
- Johannes Pfeiffer and Jew Leman are to make a mutual account.
- Leman Jew is to be paid.
- Isaac Jew has not observed the official decree of 18.10.1629.
- Daniel Hotz is to pay Jeggle Jew Leman´s son 15 fl. for the purchase of a cow except Hotz can prove that the Jew´s father has said (.. hard to understand).
1629-11-29Melchior Kieffer is to render down payment to Leman´s son (and other entries about him).
- Caspar Keller is to pay Meierle Jew 25 fl.
- Peter Würth is to pay Meierle Jew 10 of 40 fl.
- Jacob Ulbersoll is fined for not observing a decree to the benefit of Jäggle Jew and is to pay within eight days.
- Interrogation of witnesses in the matter between Thebus Ehrensperger and Sannel´s heirs. 1. Georg (Nieß?)mann of Wangen, 2. Hanns Schütz of Weizen about negotiations between Ehrensperger and the Jew.
1629-12-06Agreement between Meierle and blacksmith Jacob Ess.
1630-01-10Schmid (probably Schmul) Jew buys a claim.
- Isaac Jew is ordered to redeem Thebus Ehrensperger from a quantity of wood due since 1622 for Jeggle Jew (hard to understand).
- Hürtzle has collected payment for Meierle.
- Meierle sues Hännsle Schönauer for payment.
- Isaac is sued to pay for a horse.
- Jacoff sues Adam Jäger of Lempach for payment
- and sues Bastian Neuenburger of Mauchen.
- Jacob Büchin of Wangen is to pay Leman Jew.
- Meierle is sued for supplying a bad cow.
- Some men of Weizen are to pay a debt to Sannel´s widow. Some of Mauchen are to make an account with her.
- Another claim of Sannel´s widow.
- Jeggle Jew is to be paid.
1630-02-07Sannel´s widow is to be paid.
- Meierle, same.
1630-02-17Isaac is fined three pounds for not observing a decree in behalf of Thebus Ehrensperger.
- Isaac is to make two mutual accounts.
- Leman has failed to appear at court.
1630-02-28Sannel´s widow, claim.
1630-03-07Mauschi Jew of Horheim is to pay 6 florins protection fee for the passed year, plus interest.
1630-04-11Jacoff Jew issues a receipt.
- (Hard to understand, probably) Hanns Maier, carter, is to pay Judele Jew for spelt which he has failed to deliver. Hirtzle Jew or his brother Isaac (are to supply the spelt?)
- A man has not appeared upon request of Sannel´s widow.
1630-04-18Josephle Jew has bought oats.
- Isaac Jew offers proof in a lawsuit.
1630-04-25Leman was not paid.
- Isaac is ordered to pay.
1630-05-02Jeggle Jew Leman´s son is to be paid.
1630-05-08Mutual account between Regula Jewess wife of Davidt and the wife of Balis Eberlin. The items purchased from Mrs. Eberlin seems to be stolen. Davidt is to leave the dominion by Jacobi (25.07.1630). (Hard to understand).
1630-05-23Heinrich Egle is fined for beating Jew From of Ofteringen (with details of the event).
1630-06-06David Jew sues Balis Eberlin´s wife for inciting his children to theft. With further details and a thorough statement of Hirtzle Jew about the theft of many items.
1630-06-13The offending words are waived, and the Jew is to return the items purchased from Mrs. Eberlin.
- Meierle is to present a quarrel to the country court (Landgericht).
- Meierle Jew sues Heini Meier of Horheim.
- Mauschi of Ofteringen claims payment.
- Isaac is again ordered to pay.
1630-06-20Jeggle Jew Leman´s son sues Hanns Bucher for stealing fish.
- Davidt Jew is ordered to pay Hans Zürcher´s wife for stolen items.
- Jeggle Jew Leman´s son and Heini Alperth, mutual claims (a long matter).
1630-07-04Blasius Eberlin is to pay 14 fl. to David Jew for any mutual claims.
1630-07-18Jeggle is to pay 6 fl. for a field.
- It is herewith recorded that Jacoff Jew of Stühlingen has in 1629 purchased a claim from Jew Mordigi of Klingnau.
1630-08-01Hürtzle Jew says he is wrongly accused of theft.
- From Jew of Ofteringen, horse trade matter.
1630-08-22Isaac, same.
1630-08-29Isaac is fined for not observing a court decree.
- Jacoff is fined for brawl.
1630-09-26Jeggle Jew Leman´s son, verbal injuries.
- Same, complaint after a horse trade.
1630-10-31Isaac is fined for not appearing at court.
- Meierle buys cattle for 233 florins.
1630-11-07Small claims of Schachman Jew.
- Isaac Jew promises to pay soon.
1630-12-11Jacoff Jew will be paid soon.
- Jeggle, final claim.
1631-01-09Hürtzle Jew, claim after a horse trade.
- Isaac Jew is ordered to pay.
1631-01-16Interrogation of a witness in the Hürtzle matter.
- Daniel Hol of Mauchen is to pay 172 florins to Jecof Jew upon an account of 06.12.1627.
- Quarrel between Martin Rüenger of Untereggingen and Meyerle Jew.
- Heini Meier of Horheim and Jew Jäggle are to make a mutual account.
1631-01-23Schmol is to be paid.
- Eli Jew in behalf of his brother Meierle is ordered to make mutual accounts with two men.
- Eli Jew is sued for payment after a horse trade.
1631-01-24Again the complaint by Meierle.
1631-01-30Jacob Jew gives a debtor more time and files a claim.
1631-02-20Claim by Mauschi Jew of Wurren?? near Lenglau.
1631-03-13Jeggle Jew, questionable debt.
1631-03-20Leman Jew is to pay 5 florins board for a messenger from Frankfurt.
- Leman Jew sues Jacob Lingg as a warrantor.
- Meierle, decision about a cow trade.
- Meierls is sued for complete payment after the purchase of a bond issued by the Austrian goverment.
1631-03-27Claims to Georg Schäfler of Obereggingen: Judele Jew of Ofteringen 10 fl. Jägle Jew in Stühlingen 3 fl. Jäcoff Jew 5 fl.
- Meierle Jew 11 fl.
- Jeggele Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
- The servant of Sannel and Augustin Grieser may go to court if they want.
1631-04-10Jecoff Jew, mutual claims (hard to read).
- Cost, Leman, Eli, Isaac, Judele Leman´s son, and Meierle Jews will be fined 3 pounds each if they will not pay messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler in time.
- Mutual account between Bastian Geisin and Jeggle Jew as guardian of Sannel´s widow.
1631-04-14Jacoff Jew, claim and agreement.
- Jacoff Jew, another claim.
1631-04-17Jeggle may confiscate lands in order to get paid.
1631-05-15Leman Jew claims payment.
- Leman Jew is ordered to pay.
1631-05-22Leman Jew as powerholder of Hewum?? Jew claims payment.
- Jacoff Jew is to be paid.
- Isaac Jew is ordered to pay 43 florins to Hanns Hofacker or nominate his brother Hürtzle as a warrantor, on pain of 27 pounds.
- Jeggle Jew is to pay Daniel Würth by grain.
1631-06-05Leman, mutual account with Jacob Rebmann. With an interrogation of witnesses.
1631-06-26Meierle and someone else have been beaten by Caspar Zimmermann after a failing attemt to draw a cart out of a river.
1631-06-27Cost Jew, representing his brother Leman, sells half a barn for 200 fl.
1631-07-03The widow of Sannel is to pay for hay.
- Josephle is fined for riding through a grain field.
- Jeggle Jew claims payment.
1631-07-31Georg Frickh is to pay 25 florins to Jeggle, representing a Jew of Hagenthal, after a horse trade.
1631-08-14Jecoff Jew buys a claim.
- Anna Rahm of Hallau, wife of Clewe Gluntzer, says that Jew Jeggle´s brother Sannel has loaned her 12 florins of which she has returned 10 florins within 12 weeks, and now one does not want to return four cups to her which she had left as a pawn. Jeggle says the 10 florins were used to satisfy another claim.
- Leman sues Caspar Balthaser for payment of a horse which his son Lehemann has sold him for 49 florins.
1631-08-28Jeggle, brother-in-law of Sannel´s widow, is to pay or bring up better evidence.
- Isaac is ordered to pay Hanns Hofagger.
1631-09-14Leman Jew promises to pay 92 florins which his brother Cost is due, being a debtor and warrantor, and Jeggle declares himself superior warrantor, but only after Leman will have been banished (vertrieben).
1631-09-25Description of the debts of Jew Isaac, summing up to 103 florins. (Partially illegible on microfilm). Hürtzle Jew asks that the authority orders his brother Isaac to insert/invest/install (einsetzen) his house.
- Isaac is fined for not presenting a certain document.
- From of Ofteringen, questionable payment.
- Claims to Jeger Caspar: Jeggle and Sannel 30 fl. Jacoff 3 fl.
1631-10-02Josephle, powerholder of Sannel´s widow.
- Leman Jew (hard to read)
- Mutual account between Schmol and Michael Gleichauf.
- Creditors of Matheis Widmann. Hirtzle 101 + 5 fl. Leman 60 + 6 fl. Jecoff 100 + 5 + 5 + 89 fl. Sannel´s widow 80 + 8 + 7 fl. Jeggle 28 fl. Schmol 20 fl.
1631-10-25Schachman claims 10 fl.
1631-11-27Isaac and Cost Jews are imposed (hard to read).
1631-12-05Schmol Jew, horse trade matter.
- Debts of Daniel Hotz: Jacoff Jew 56 fl. Meierle Jew 200 fl. plus interest Sannel and Jeggle Jews 18 fl. Hürtzle Jew 12 fl.
1631-12-11Michael Beugger presents two witnesses in his quarrel against Sandel´s widow.
- Mutual account between Andreas Hasenfratz and Jeggle Jew as guardian of Sannel´s widow.
1631-12-18Mutual claims between Jeggle and Hanns Conrad Hofacker.
- Jeggle is ordered to pay 30 Kreuzer to the blind fiddler of Bonndorf in the name of his (Jeggle´s) Geschwey (a female in-law-relative, mostly the mother-in-law).
1632-01-08Meierle Jew and two other men are to render themselves to Berau and have their debts calculated.
1632-01-15Jacoff and Schmol Jews, father and son, had a quarrel with Michel Beugger, after a meat sale, which turned into a brawl. A long case with the interrogation of witnesses.
- Leman is to pay 40 fl. after a horse trade.
- Jacoff sues a man for payment.
1632-01-29Jacoff takes a garden and a field for 73 fl. as partial payment of a claim of 105 fl.
- Two mentions of Hürtzle.
- Schachman Jew, claim for payment.
1632-02-05Jacoff Jew is sentenced to erase a paid claim from his books.Bis hierher 30.10.2013. Weiter 31.10.2013:
- Jacoff denies to have received payment, but is to delete the claim in his books. Some more claims of Jacoff.
1632-02-12Schachman, calf trade.
- Mutual account between Jacoff Jew and Ulrich Widmer of Schwaningen.
1632-02-16The local Jews must not house poor foreign Jews for longer than 8 or 10 days. Rich foreign Jews are to report themselves to the official.
- Jacoff and Schmol Jews are fined for starting a quarrel with Michel Beugger, as was described at the court session of 15.01.1632.
1632-02-18Bastian Scherner Kyhnstockh, Leman and Jeggle Jews are fined for offending each others.
1632-02-19Hürtzel Jew and Florentz Meier may go to court in their field change quarrel.
- Meierle is sued for payment (two cases).
- Hanns Hylpart and Jacoff Jew, mutual payments after a horse deal.
1632-02-26Schachman is fined for wrongly calling two men lyers.
1632-03-04Interrogation of witnesses in a quarrel between David Jew and Heinrich Müller, tailor.
1632-03-08Decision between Hürtzle Jew and Margaretha Kernmüller of Weitzen.
1632-03-11Calculation of a claim by Jacoff.
- Meierle, agreement about a questionable florin.
- Decision about David Jew and Heinrich Müller.
- Mutual account between Judele of Ofteringen (alsocalled Schwartz Judele) and Georg Schefel of Eggingen.
1632-03-18Isaac Jew is to pay a debtor.
- Sannel, a French or Italian (welscher) Jew, and Jew David of Eberfingen are fined for verbal injuries.
- Eli Jew is ordered to pay a debt.
1632-03-19Sannel´s widow makes a final payment to Michel Brügger and is to return some pawns.
1632-04-15Isaac Jew cannot pay.
1632-04-16Christoph Hertz is fined for beating Simon Jew, brother-in-law of Hürtzle Jew, bloody without a reason.
- Josephle, horse trade quarrel with Joseph Büche.
1632-04-29Laserus Jew Jeggli´s servant is to prove a grain trade contract.
- Adam Jäger of Lempach owes Jacoff Jew 162 fl.
- Isaac and Cost are fined for not appearing at court.
1632-05-06Schachman, meadow trade (hard to understand).
- Schachman is to accept a goat for payment.
1632-06-03Judele Schwartz the Jew of Ofteringen is to pay for cattle.
- Eli Jew is to pay a debt.
1632-06-17Cost Jew is to pay two debts.
- Marum Jew is ordered to pay a debt to Joseph Jew.
- Eli Jew is fined for not observing a request of the court.
1632-06-25The Landgrave grants protection for three months to Jews David and Henle and their children.
1632-07-01Schachman is to pay a debt.
- Schachman, cow trade matter.
1632-07-19Leman is to pay for wood which he has carried away from Andreas Weber of Eberfingen.
1632-08-21Complaint by Jecoff Jew after a horse trade (hard to read).
- Hanns Hofagger urges that Isaaclin Jew hands him over some cattle today or tomorrow according to the court decision.
1632-09-23Balis Eberlin of Eberfingen offers a piece of land as payment of 14 fl. to David Jew according to an agreement of 04.07.1630.
1632-10-14Cost is fined for neglecting a court order and is required to pay a debt on pain of imprisonment.
- Leman Jew, cow trade quarrel, with mention of his son (without a name).
- Joachim Bühlmann is to arrange payment for a field to Lemann Jew.
- Cost and Leman Jews are sued for payment.
- Meierle Jew is fined for not appearing at court. He is sick, but has not sent anyone else.
1632-11-04Meierle sues Hans Conrad Hofacker.
- Jacob Heusser of Lempach is to pay a debt to Schmol.
- Meierle Jew is ordered to pay 28 fl. to Hanns Vohrer of Mauchen.
- Agreement between Andreas Roggstetter and Leman Jew.
- Jerg Keller of Wangen owes Schmol Jew 58 fl.
1632-12-09Leman Jew is fined for not obeying a court order.
- Isaac Jew is fined for not observing the court order of 18.03.1632.
1632-12-16Marum, quarrel after a horse trade.
1633-01-13Mutual claims between Meierle Jew and Mauchen community.
- Cost Jew is sued to pay for two horses.
1633-01-14Cost is to pay a debt of 80 florins.
1633-01-27Schachman sues a debtor for payment.
- Schachmann declares he has received payment for a field.
- Schachman is to be paid (two cases).
- Leman is to pay a debt.
- The Landgrave extends the protection for David and Henle Jews and their wife/wives and children from "Hemadorff" (Hemmendorf?) until next Pentecost, and Hürtzle Jew pays 5 Reichstaler protection fee for them.
- Such an agreement was made with Hürtzle in behalf of his brother-in-law from Kenzingen and father-in-law, but without a deadline.
1633-02-03Eberfingen community obliges to restitute grain to Schmol Jew which he has delivered to the soldiers.
1633-02-10Marx Jew, Leman´s servant, is fined for beating a boy.
- Meierle Jew is a warrantor for a debt which he has transferred to another person.
1633-02-17Schachmann Jew, cow trade quarrel.
1633-03-29Hürtzle Jew, a horse has been changed (vertauscht) by his brother Isaac without his knowledge.
1633-04-04Schmul and a foreign Jew are find for slander about Hans Conrad Hofacker.
1633-04-07Mutual account between Hürtzle Jew and Margaretha Kernmüller.
1633-04-25Among the creditors of miller Michael Alparth of Schleitheim are: Schmol Jew for himself and who is to report such to his father/cousin Jacoff (der solches sein Vater/ Vetter Jacoff berichten soll) Jeggle, Hürtzle and Schachman for themselves. They agree to postpone their claims for two years.
1633-04-28A long list of claims by Jew Schachman to Melchior Fotzeler the piper of Obereggingen.
- A claim of Sannel Jew´s widow.
- A claim of Hürtzle Jew is to be paid.
1633-06-02Isaac is to pay a debt of 23 fl. on pain of imprisonment.
1633-06-07Meierle is to pay a debt after a horse trade.
1633-10-06The widow of Hürtzle is to prove that she has given back the same bags which she has obtained from Peter Basler, and not worse ones.
1633-11-10Meierle is to be paid.
- Schmol is to pay for horse fodder.
1633-11-24Schmol Jew is to be paid for a horse.
- A quarrel between Schmol Jew and Florentz Meier of Weizen about grain robbed by invading soldiers.
- Mayor Hofacker, Jacob Köhl and Jeggle Jew are interrogated upon request of the Landgrave about events (during the invasion?) (and verbal injuries?).
- Hayum Jew is to make proof about a cow trade.
- Schmol Jew is to be paid.
1633-12-01Meierle Jew is sued for payment of 200 florins.
- Isaac Jew is sued for the delivery of grain.
1633-12-15Schachman Jew claims payment (two cases).
- Salomon Jew sues Jung Hanns Hofacker for verbal injuries.
- The widow of Hürtzle Jew is to be paid.
- Florentz Meier presents witnesses against Cost Jew.
- Schmol Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
1634-01-05A claim of Hürtzle´s widow.
- A claim by Schachmann Jew.
1634-01-19Adam Rackstetter and Meierle Jew are to come to an agreement about a sale.
- Leman Jew is ordered to pay two debts.
- Leman Jew is ordered to pay several debts.
- Jeggle, Leman, and Meierle are to be paid.
- Hürtzle´s widow claims payment.
1634-02-09Jacoff Jew may keep a cow and a calf but is to make some payments.
- Schachmann Jew is to be paid.
1634-02-16Schachmann accepts partial payment.
- Isaac Jew cannot deliver grain right now.
- Isaac is fined for not obeying a court order.
- Marum, complaint after a horse trade.
- Sannel´s widow, complaint after a bull trade.
1634-02-23The claims by Jew Jacoff to Hanns Widmer called Bausch in Wangen are described.
- Thebus Steinmann of Dillendorf offers to make proof about a foal trade with Jew Cost (but on the margin: Leman Jew).
- Jacoff Jew must not pay anything to miller Jacob Widmer right now.
- Jacoff Jew, qarrels after a horse trade.
1634-03-02Schachmann, several complaints.
- Hans Conradt Hofacker sues Isaac Jew for the payment of a cow.
- Jacoff Jew sues a man for payment.
- Deposition about a foal trade with Cost Jew in a quarrel between Leman Jew and Thebus Steinmann.
1634-03-23Leman Jew is to pay a debt of 48 fl.
1634-03-30Schmol Jew acknowledges a payment.
- Leman Jew is ordered to present evidence in his matter against Thebus Steinmann.
- Deposition about a horse trade between Eli Jew Meierle´s son and a farmer.
1634-04-05Leman is fined for not presenting the requested evidence.
- Schmol Jew of Ofteringen is fined for serving wine in Stühlingen without permission.
- Bolis Bufler, blacksmith, is fined for beating Eli Jew Meierle´s son, and the Jew is fined for verbal injuries.
1634-04-27Meierle Jew is ordered to pay a debt.
- A claim by Leman Jew to the Hans Conrad Kretler heirs is rejected, and he is to pay them a debt.
1634-05-04The widow of Hürtzle claims partial payment from the sheriff of Horheim.
- Meierle is sued for payment after a horse trade.
1634-05-11Schachmann claims payment for a saddle.
- Leman Jew presents a witness in his quarrel against Thebus Steinmann. With mention of Leman´s son and Cost.
1634-05-17The matter about the saddle is continued.
- Isaac Jew Leman´s son claims payment for 44 pounds of iron.
- Depositions in the matter between Leman Jew and Melchior Kieffer.
1634-06-01Depositions in the matter between Leman Jew and one from Dillendorf, made by Löser Jew Jäggle´s servant (under a Jewish oath, with mention of Cost) and Hayum Jew.
- Leman Jew is ordered to pay a debt.
- Decision in the matter between Leman and Melchior Kieffer.
1634-06-08Marum Jew is sued after a horse trade.
1634-07-13Cost Jew is ordered to pay for a bull.
1634-07-25Meierle Jew, claim after a horse trade.
1634-08-31Sannel´s widow claims 36 fl. from Hanns Riter Geli with reference to the proceedings of 19.02.1627.
- Meierle is to present (a witness?) in a questionable horse trade matter.
- Mention of Meierle, Joseph, and Hirtzle in a horse trade matter.
- Depositions of Schachmann Jew and Eli, Meierles´s son.
1634-09-07Sannel´s widow claims payment.
- Schachmann, debt after a horse trade, with mention of his brother (unnamed).
- Claim by Hürtzle´s widow.
- Meierle, decision in a horse trade matter.
- Mutual account between Jerg Hertenstein and Hürtzle Jew, with mention of the widow and Jäggle, Lehemann´s son.
1634-10-12Claims against Felix Nüsslin of Lempach: Jacoff Jew 120 fl. Schachmann Jew 5 fl. + 8 fl. Hürtzel´s heirs 200 fl. Jeggle Jew 13 fl. Leman Jew 20 fl.
- Schachmann Jew claims payment.
1634-11-09Daniel Hotz is to pay a debt to Jüdele Jew´s widow.
1634-11-22Meierle is fined for not obeying an official order.
1634-11-30Interrogation of witnesses in the matter of Schachmann Jew against Hans Conrad Hofacker.
1634-12-15Jew Schachmann offers proof against Hans Conrad Hofacker.
- Requests for payment by Schachmann,
- Schachmann again, plus Jaggle´s servant (Jewish?) and Sannel´s widow.
- Sannel´s widow again, and Meierle of Ofteringen.
- Mutual account between Sannel´s widow and Basti Geisi of Mettingen.

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