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Tree Judah (Leman), Weyl - Patriarch is mentioned 165 times between 1612 and 1665. He died around 1655. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'R1'.

Judah (Leman) was mentioned on the first protection letter. He paid protection tax until 1645. There is no estate matter. In 1628 a son `Jäggle` is mentioned. Similarly, in 1637 a son Isaac is mentioned. Finally, Abraham was born, when Leman was already pretty old. Leman dealt in real estate, cattle, grain, and lent money. He was rather litiginous. .

1612-05-08Lehemann Jew of Stühlingen applies to sentence two debtors into outlawry.
1612-11-13Leoman Jew in Stühlingen (applies?) outlawry against Kleinhans Wegelin in Öschingen.
1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
1612-11-20Leman Jew of Stühlingen claims payment of 5 fl.
1612-12-04Leomann Jew of Stühlingen is to get payment of 3 fl. but pay 3 fl. fine because he has brought a claim below 5 fl. to this court.
1613-01-29Melchior Weidler of Schwerzen files a list of his expenses against Legman Jew of Stühlingen.
1613-01-29Jerg Stoll has witnesses interrogated against Leoman Jew of Stühlingen who is to tell if he has any objections against these witnesses.
1613-02-01The widow of Hans Schwaninger is to pay 30 florins to Sandel Jew by three annual installments. Hans Veltin Müller of Untereggingen is to pay Leman Jew.
1613-02-12Leoman Jew representing David Jew of Stühlingen repeats his complaint.
1613-06-04Leoman Jew of Stühlinhgen claims payment of 40 fl.
1613-08-27Lemlin Jew of Stühlingen is fined 3 pounds because he appeared in the hall of the court (Landgericht) without a coat, but with a gun? (in einer langen Wehr).
1613-11-18Leman Jew is fined 2 pounds which equals 1 florin 20 Kreuzer for having a laundry done in the house.
1614-04-22Lein Jew of Stühlingen claims 20 fl. for a horse.
1615-04-01Phal, Mayerle, Lema, Sandel, Jeckhle, Hirtzle, Casten, Jekuf,
1618-02-13Leman Jew of Stühlingen sues Marx Pircher of Geislingen for payment of 10 fl.
1618-03-12Michel Siblin was summoned upon request of Leman Jew but failed to appear.
1618-04-24Leman Jew sues Jung Their Erensperger the third day, thus outlawry.
1618-08-10Thoman Stadelmann and the Jews Cost and Leman are fined for brawl.
1618-12-11Leman Jew of Stühlingen sues Hans Jacob Metzger from Altfurt. The third day. Wants to continue.
1618-12-11Decision in the case of Leman.
1619-02-19Leman Jew sues Jung Theis Erensperger of Öschingen.
1619-02-19Lehman Jew sues Hans Buchterlin of Nack.
1619-03-05Leman Jew in Stühlingen sues Jung Theis Erensperger.
1619-04-19Leman Jew of Stühlingen sues Hans Buchterlin on Nack for payment of 70 fl.
1619-04-19Leman Jew sues Hanns Hueber of Erzingen for payment of 18 fl.
1619-04-19Leman Jew sues Jung Their Erensperger for payment of 42 fl.
1619-04-19Leman Jew sues Thoman Merckh of Dietenberg.
1620-01-14Leman Jew of Stühlingen sues Jung Thias Erensperger for payment of 50 fl.
1620-04-10Leman Jew claims 55 florins from a horse trade.
1621-02-15Sannel, Leman, Cost, and Meierle Jews are imposed to pay 20 florins interest to Bläsi Käler on pain of imprisonment.
1621-03-09Leman Jew of Stühlingen, plaintiff, two cases.
1621-03-23Decision in the Leman of Stühlingen case.
1621-06-16Izig of Hürben, Abraham of Ichenhausen, Jacob and Seckhel of Neuburg are fined 50 florins each for (exchange and fraud?) of coins. The following Jews were fined for (exchange?): Jecoff 20 florins, Meierle 10 florins (which are to be subtracted from a claim of his father), Phol 30 florins, Hörzle 10 florins (these two amounts are to be subtracted from the same claim). Leman and Cost are fined together 30 florins, Jögle and Samuel together 40 florins.
1624-02-03Lemann, Jecoff, Sannel and Meierle are fined for throwing in the windows, breaking the drinking glasses, and other wantonness at the circumcisison of (apparently a son of) Jägli Jew.
1624-03-11Lemann Jew here, claim.
1624-06-10Leman (will obtain three pounds penalty?).
1624-12-09Leman Jew and Old Hanns Brugger are fined for mutual offenses.
1624-12-09Leman Jew is sued for the delivery of wine.
1627-06-15Vom Juden Leman wurden 8 Viertel Hafer empfangen, die er von Kriegsleuten gekauft hatte, aber wieder hergeben mußte.
1628-01-24Mortgages issued by Schachmann, Jeggle, Jecuff. Jacoff sells a garden in Weizen. The Peter Basler creditors sell his real estate for 320 florins. Hirtzl had complained to become the owner before. Jonle Jew buys a field for 32 fl. in behalf of the Jews Sanel and Leman. Judel Jew of Ofteringen claims payment. Hürtzle applies to write some persons (with a list of names) into outlawry (Acht, but in this context, it means a stage of the procedure against a debtor). With an agreement by every one about the method of payment. Leman Jew, same for some debtors who did not pay. Jacoff Jew, same for a series of debtors. Schachman Jew applies to confiscate the property of Caspar Schalch. Judele of Ofteringen applies to write some creditors into outlawry (Acht). Jäggle Jew, horse trade matter.
1628-03-09Leman, mutual account.
1628-04-06Leman Jew is to pay his Ohmlin(?) in Dillendorf 36 Batzen for a calf, and this man is to deliver the calf.
1628-04-13The community claims 100 florins from Leman Jew.
1628-06-15Leman, powerholder of his son Jäggle Jew.
1628-09-14Leman Jew, claim after a horse trade.
1628-09-14Hürtzle and Leman, common claim.
1628-09-14Several people are fined for not appearing upon request of Leman.
1628-11-16Leman may file a claim against the Hans Jacob Heintz orphans.
1628-11-16Several claims of Leman Jew.
1628-11-16Claims by and against Leman.
1628-12-02Deposition by miller Simon Bachmann about the purchase of grain by Leman last spring.
1628-12-07Leman Jew is required to pay 16 fl. to Hans Hofagger on pain of prison.
1628-12-07Leman, claims.
1629-01-25Jacob Widmer called Spatz of Schwaningen owes Jäcoff Jew 139 fl. Leman Jew 84 fl. and 34 fl. Jägle Jew his son 34 fl. Jägle Jew Marumb´s son 59 fl. Sannel Jew 140 fl.
1629-01-25Leman Jew, several cases.
1629-02-08Jäggle and Leman Jews have been paid by Adam Müller and have no more claims.
1629-02-15Cost, Jäggle, Meierle and Leman Jews are to pay 220 florins to sheriff Hanns Köhler of Schwaningen.
1629-02-22Leman Jew, same.
1629-02-22Claims of Judele and Leman.
1629-03-21Mention of Jews Hürtzle, Jacoff, Leman Jew´s son, Schachman, Judele of Ofteringen, Daniel, Costmann, Meierle of Ofteringen.
1629-04-18Mention of Cost, Jacoff, Leman (sale of a house in Eberfingen to David), Jäggle, Meierle (buys a house in an auction), David, Schachman, Meierle of Ofteringen, Judele, Judele Mauschi Sohn, Judele of Ofteringen.
1629-05-31Jäggle, Leman, Cost and Hürtzle Jews are to deliver payment and grain to Schaffhausen.
1629-06-07Leman is to pay.
1629-09-06Leman is to present a quarrel to the court. Joseph Jew, servant of Sannel´s widow, has picked apples.
1629-10-10Jäggle and Leman Jews are to pay.
1629-10-25Leman Jew trades a house and vegetable garden in Schwaningen for half a house (where?) and compensation payment.
1629-11-15Jacob Dobler sues Leman Jew for calling his wife a Hur (with further details of the event).
1629-11-22Johannes Pfeiffer and Jew Leman are to make a mutual account.
1629-11-22Johannes Pfeiffer and Jew Leman are to make a mutual account.
1629-11-22Leman Jew is to be paid.
1630-01-10Jacob Büchin of Wangen is to pay Leman Jew.
1630-02-17Leman has failed to appear at court.
1630-02-20With mention of Jacoff and Leman.
1630-04-17With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Leman Jew´s son Leman (sic, probably in error), Schmol of Ofteringen, Leman, Jacoff, Schachmann, Hürtzle, Joseph servant of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle, Jacoff, Schmol.
1630-04-25Leman was not paid.
1631-02-12With mention of Hürtzle, Sannel´s widow, Leman, Jacoff, Meierle, Jäggle, Judele, Judele of Ofteringen.
1631-02-15Leman is fined.
1631-03-12With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Judele representing Meierle, Jäggle, Leman, Sannel´s widow.
1631-03-20Leman Jew is to pay 5 florins board for a messenger from Frankfurt.
1631-03-20Leman Jew sues Jacob Lingg as a warrantor.
1631-04-09With mention of Judele of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Meierle, Jacoff, Isaac, Eli, Jäggle, Judele representing Meyerle of Ofteringen, Schachman, Leman, Jecoff.
1631-04-10Cost, Leman, Eli, Isaac, Judele Leman´s son, and Meierle Jews will be fined 3 pounds each if they will not pay messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler in time.
1631-05-15Leman Jew claims payment.
1631-05-15Leman Jew is ordered to pay.
1631-05-22Leman Jew as powerholder of Hewum?? Jew claims payment.
1631-06-05Leman, mutual account with Jacob Rebmann. With an interrogation of witnesses.
1631-06-27Cost Jew, representing his brother Leman, sells half a barn for 200 fl.
1631-08-14Leman sues Caspar Balthaser for payment of a horse which his son Lehemann has sold him for 49 florins.
1631-09-14Leman Jew promises to pay 92 florins which his brother Cost is due, being a debtor and warrantor, and Jeggle declares himself superior warrantor, but only after Leman will have been banished (vertrieben).
1631-10-02Leman Jew (hard to read)
1631-10-02Creditors of Matheis Widmann. Hirtzle 101 + 5 fl. Leman 60 + 6 fl. Jecoff 100 + 5 + 5 + 89 fl. Sannel´s widow 80 + 8 + 7 fl. Jeggle 28 fl. Schmol 20 fl.
1631-11-18With mention of Leman (sells half a small house with a garden), From of Ofteringen (in hehalf of Fahl Jew), Hürtzle, Judele of Ofteringen, Jäggle, Jacoff.
1632-01-14Leman sells half a barn to mayor Jacob Haug for 200 fl.
1632-01-14Leman Jew promises indemnity to tanner Hanns Conrad Kretler.
1632-01-15Leman is to pay 40 fl. after a horse trade.
1632-02-18Bastian Scherner Kyhnstockh, Leman and Jeggle Jews are fined for offending each others.
1632-03-15Hanns Conrad Hoffackher der Jung sues Leman Jew and Cost Jew for payment. Leman suggests to compensate plaintiff´s claim with a claim by plaintiff to his son. With mention of Sannel´s widow and Isaac´s dung-hill (Mistlege).
1632-03-15Hanns Hoffackher Jung sues Leman and Cost Jews for payment. Leman counts several counter-claims and mentions his son (is this Cost?).
1632-03-15Decisons: Isaac is to pay 3.5 florins compensation to the messenger. The case between Sannel and Michel Brugger is postponed until Jeggle Jew is back. Leman may pay 41 florins to Jung Hanns Hoffacker by two installments.
1632-07-19Leman is to pay for wood which he has carried away from Andreas Weber of Eberfingen.
1632-10-14Leman Jew, cow trade quarrel, with mention of his son (without a name).
1632-10-14Joachim Bühlmann is to arrange payment for a field to Lemann Jew.
1632-10-14Cost and Leman Jews are sued for payment.
1632-11-04Agreement between Andreas Roggstetter and Leman Jew.
1632-12-09Leman Jew is fined for not obeying a court order.
1633-01-27Leman is to pay a debt.
1634-01-19Leman Jew is ordered to pay two debts.
1634-01-19Leman Jew is ordered to pay several debts.
1634-01-19Jeggle, Leman, and Meierle are to be paid.
1634-02-16Thebus Steinman 50 Kreuzer für eine Kundschaft gegen Leman Juden. –
1634-02-16Leman Jude desgleichen 50 Kr. –
1634-02-23Thebus Steinmann of Dillendorf offers to make proof about a foal trade with Jew Cost (but on the margin: Leman Jew).
1634-03-02Deposition about a foal trade with Cost Jew in a quarrel between Leman Jew and Thebus Steinmann.
1634-03-23Leman Jew is to pay a debt of 48 fl.
1634-03-30Leman Jew is ordered to present evidence in his matter against Thebus Steinmann.
1634-04-05Leman is fined for not presenting the requested evidence.
1634-04-27A claim by Leman Jew to the Hans Conrad Kretler heirs is rejected, and he is to pay them a debt.
1634-05-11Leman Jew presents a witness in his quarrel against Thebus Steinmann. With mention of Leman´s son and Cost.
1634-05-17Depositions in the matter between Leman Jew and Melchior Kieffer.
1634-06-01Depositions in the matter between Leman Jew and one from Dillendorf, made by Löser Jew Jäggle´s servant (under a Jewish oath, with mention of Cost) and Hayum Jew.
1634-06-01Leman Jew is ordered to pay a debt.
1634-06-01Decision in the matter between Leman and Melchior Kieffer.
1634-06-09Leman Jew, quarrel after a foal trade.
1634-06-09Decisions in behalf of Leman and Hayum.
1634-06-15Schirm- und Satzgeld: Leman, 15 fl
1634-06-19Leman offers a Jewish oath.
1634-10-12Claims against Felix Nüsslin of Lempach: Jacoff Jew 120 fl. Schachmann Jew 5 fl. + 8 fl. Hürtzel´s heirs 200 fl. Jeggle Jew 13 fl. Leman Jew 20 fl.
1635-03-23Leman Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1635-03-23Tanner Christoph Würth sues Lemann Jew for payment of 48 fl.
1635-03-26The mayor, magistrate and all the citizen claim that the Jews contribute a quarter of the expenses which the town is to pay for the soldiers. Jeggle, Meierle, Leman, Schachman, Eli, and Isaac the Jews do not agree to such a request (hard to read). The town claims 800 florins for now as the quarter share, but the Jews only offer 100 florins.
1635-03-26The town of Stühlingen demands that the Jews are to pay the fifth part of the former expenses for the Fürstenberg soldiers and the fourth part of the forthcoming expenses, and carry their losses (probably war damages) themselves. A long matter. The Jews are Jäggle, Meierle, Lemann, Schachman, Eli and Isaac.
1635-07-01Jekoff, Schmule (1636 W), Meierle, Hürtzle, Leman, Isaac, Cost, Kyphe, Eli, Schachman, Jeggle, Samuel W., Marum
1635-10-24Leman Jew asks for delay until he can carry on Hürtzle´s business book.
1635-10-24Leman has problems to pay for two horses.
1636-02-11Leman asks for delay until he can carry on Hürtzle´s business book.
1636-02-11Leman is sued after a horse trade.
1636-02-12Leman has wrongly accused the Landgrave in the public. Punishment is reserved.
1636-02-12Quarrel between Leman Jew and overland messenger Hans Jacob Dobler.
1636-02-22Isaac Lemans Sohn asks for patience until be can present the business book of Hürtzlin.
1636-02-22Leman is fined for impudence (Unbescheidenheit).
1636-02-22Christoph Hertz says he has made a mutual account with Leman Jew which this man denies and raises further claims. With mention of meat delivered to his brother Cost and to Leman himself. Leman finally admits the mutual account at the condition that his father´s brother Cost admit(s) as much meat as Hertz has said. (This does not make sense in the original entry, too).
1637-03-19Lemann Jew asks for grace in behalf of his penalty of 3 fl.
1637-03-19Leman is to pay 2 fl. cash for his penalty.
1637-03-20Leman admits a debt of 48 fl.
1637-05-28Isaac Jew and Michael Müller are fined for verbal injuries. Leman Jew is ordered to pay 6 florins.32 04.06.1637 Schachman Jew ceded a capital of 300 florins to miller Hans Heinrich Negeli who is to deliver a horse and 175 florins and pay 50 florins extant interest.
1637-08-27Leman Jew´s son Isaac is fined 10 pounds for offending the sheriff of Untereggingen.
1638-03-30Schirm- und Satzgeld, je 15 fl. von Leman,
1638-07-01Schmol W., Jeggle, Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Leman, Hüzlis Weib u. ihr jetziger Mann Jekoff, Schachmann, Eli, Sannels Wte.,Marum, Kypha
1640-03-15Leman, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl.
1640-07-01Jakoff Hürzles Nachfahr und sein Weib, Jekoff, Schmol W., Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Lemann, Schachmann, Jeggle,Sannels W., Marum, Eli. Kypha
1641-03-26Leman, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1644-11-29Mutual account between Hirzle Jew´s son Leman, in the presence of Jeggle Jew, and sheriff Jacob Barth. With mention of Judele and Schachman (maybe at earlier times).
1645-07-01Jekoff Hürtzles Nachfuhr, Jakoff, Schmol, Meierle, Isaac, Jeggle, Cost, Leman, Schachmann, Marum, Sannels W., Eli, Kypha
1646-12-19Leman, horse trade quarrel (and some more entries of this type).
1653-12-04Marumb Jew Tochtermänndlin, transfer of a claim. Lehman Jew Hyrtzlin´s son, claims.512 Leoman the Old, claim.
1653-12-18Lehman the Old, claim.
1654-01-26The Old Leman Jew, claim.
1654-05-21Leman the Old, Jew, plaintiff.
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.
1656-10-17In Jäggle Jew´s house is Sallmele since Pentecost. With Jonele Jew is his son-in-law Callmele Jew. In the house of Jew Leman is the widow of old Leman.
1659-05-07Mit Forderungen an Lehman Juden Alten Erben, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäggle Jud Mayerlis Sohn, Leheman Jud Hirtzlins Sohn, und die Juden allgemein in Stühlingen.
1660-05-31Enthält ausstehende Zahlungen von Marum Juden Erben, Marum Jud Tochtermännle, Lehmann Juden Alten Erben, Kalmele, Jäggle Jude Alt, Schmuli Jude Hirzlis Sohn, und den Juden insgesamt, alle in Stühlingen.
1662-01-02The Magistrate of Stühlingen has obtained a farmstead with a garden which belonged to old Lehman Jew in a bankruptcy procedure and sells it further to shoemaker Johann Schellenbuch for 70 fl.
1665-07-03Nennt nur Leheman Juden Alten Erben.

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