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Tree Kasriel (Cost) Patriarch, Weyl is mentioned 69 times between 1612 and 1660. He died around 1660. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'R2'.

Cost is mentioned in the first letter of protection [R1; 04.01.1615]. In 1631 he is identified as brother of Leman [R2684; 06.27.1631] , and therefore belongs to the extended Weyl family. Cost was married [R3799; 04.03.1660] , but apparently didn`t have children. He plied the usual cattle trade. .

1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
1613-12-16The Jews will get a penalty note for their crimes, which include fraud of protection fee and undecent behaviour on Saturday. Cost Jew is to pay the medical expenses for his servant.
1615-01-16Cost Jew promises to pay Heinrich Pletscher of Schleitheim. Cost is sued by Adam Müller after a horse deal.
1615-04-01Phal, Mayerle, Lema, Sandel, Jeckhle, Hirtzle, Casten, Jekuf,
1615-11-23Hanns Hofacker and Cost Jew have beaten each others.
1616-04-22Cost Jew of Stühlingen sues sheriff Schilling for payment of an acquired claim.
1618-08-10Thoman Stadelmann and the Jews Cost and Leman are fined for brawl.
1619-10-14Cost Jew is to pay 54 florins for a horse.
1621-02-15Sannel, Leman, Cost, and Meierle Jews are imposed to pay 20 florins interest to Bläsi Käler on pain of imprisonment.
1621-06-16Izig of Hürben, Abraham of Ichenhausen, Jacob and Seckhel of Neuburg are fined 50 florins each for (exchange and fraud?) of coins. The following Jews were fined for (exchange?): Jecoff 20 florins, Meierle 10 florins (which are to be subtracted from a claim of his father), Phol 30 florins, Hörzle 10 florins (these two amounts are to be subtracted from the same claim). Leman and Cost are fined together 30 florins, Jögle and Samuel together 40 florins.
1621-09-13Michel Prügger is fined because he has beaten a Jew bloody and beaten Cost Jew by a stick.
1623-02-13Inserted paper with penalties, including such from Cost Jew, Meyerlin Jew, his son-in-law by the name Schachman, Hirtzlin Jew, Jäcclin Jew the small one (der Klain) and his brother Sandell.
1623-10-01Cos Jew, transfer of a claim.
1624-02-05Cost Jew, after a horse trade.
1624-02-05Cost Jew will be paid soon.
1624-06-17Isacc Jew is sued for payment of 54 Reichstaler. Jecoff will obtain 300 florins. Cost and Oschwaldt Wentzinger are fined for mutual injuries and attacks.
1624-07-15Cost Jew is fined because of two Bohemian Jews.
1624-12-09Cost is sued for verbal injuries, at no avail.
1628-02-10Cost Jew is to pay a debt.
1628-05-15Cost is to pay half of a claim.
1628-12-07Cost Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
1629-01-09Cost Jew is to pay 57 fl.
1629-02-01Claims to Hanns Rebmann called Gussi: Jäggle Jew 134 fl. Hürtzle Jew 60 fl. Meierle Jew 8 fl. Jecoff Jew 8 fl. Cost 1 fl. Isaac 4 fl. + 3 fl. The heirs of Sannel Jew 15 fl. Judele Jew of Ofteringen 30 fl. + 5 fl.
1629-02-15Cost, Jäggle, Meierle and Leman Jews are to pay 220 florins to sheriff Hanns Köhler of Schwaningen.
1629-03-01Cost is required to pay the official.
1629-03-21Mention of Jews Hürtzle, Jacoff, Leman Jew´s son, Schachman, Judele of Ofteringen, Daniel, Costmann, Meierle of Ofteringen.
1629-04-18Mention of Cost, Jacoff, Leman (sale of a house in Eberfingen to David), Jäggle, Meierle (buys a house in an auction), David, Schachman, Meierle of Ofteringen, Judele, Judele Mauschi Sohn, Judele of Ofteringen.
1629-04-26Cost Jew, agreement.
1629-05-16With mention of Cost, Jacoff, Hürtzle (buys a house and garden and sells his father´s house and garden and a meadow), Eli (questionable debt, with mention of Sannel), Judele, Judele of Ofteringen.
1629-05-17Cost Jew, same.
1629-05-31Jäggle, Leman, Cost and Hürtzle Jews are to deliver payment and grain to Schaffhausen.
1631-04-10Cost, Leman, Eli, Isaac, Judele Leman´s son, and Meierle Jews will be fined 3 pounds each if they will not pay messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler in time.
1631-06-27Cost Jew, representing his brother Leman, sells half a barn for 200 fl.
1631-09-14Leman Jew promises to pay 92 florins which his brother Cost is due, being a debtor and warrantor, and Jeggle declares himself superior warrantor, but only after Leman will have been banished (vertrieben).
1631-11-27Isaac and Cost Jews are imposed (hard to read).
1632-01-14Mayor Hoffackher sues Cost Jew to pay back a capital of 450 fl. because he does not even pay the due interest. Te Jew promises to pay the interest soon and is to present a warrantor or security for the capital.
1632-01-14Christoph Hertz sues Cost Jew about some meat (hard to undestand). Witnesses are to be interrogated.
1632-02-18Cost promises to pay mayor Hoffackher by Easter.
1632-03-15Hanns Hoffackher Jung sues Leman and Cost Jews for payment. Leman counts several counter-claims and mentions his son (is this Cost?).
1632-03-15Hanns Conrad Hoffackher der Jung sues Leman Jew and Cost Jew for payment. Leman suggests to compensate plaintiff´s claim with a claim by plaintiff to his son. With mention of Sannel´s widow and Isaac´s dung-hill (Mistlege).
1632-04-29Isaac and Cost are fined for not appearing at court.
1632-05-07The decision between mayor Hoffackher and Cost Jew is maintained.
1632-06-17Cost Jew is to pay two debts.
1632-10-14Cost is fined for neglecting a court order and is required to pay a debt on pain of imprisonment.
1632-10-14Cost and Leman Jews are sued for payment.
1632-11-05Cost Jew may make an agreement with mayor Hoffackher before 24.11.1632.
1632-12-03Again this matter. Cost asks for further delay because he cannot get anywhere in these unsecure times.
1633-01-13Cost Jew is sued to pay for two horses.
1633-01-14Cost is to pay a debt of 80 florins.
1633-01-24Cost Jew sells a house between the houses of Rhat and Isaac Jews for 730 fl. to Jeggle Jew. Buyer is to pay several amounts to creditors, so buyer only gets 57 fl. Cost reserves the right to buy the house back within three years, but Jeggle will then have the right of first emption if no citizen will claim it. Cost reserved dwelling in the house for six years, but is to pay any repairs of parts which he or his family members may damage, and Cost must not accept any lodgers without Jeggle´s agreement.
1633-02-07The formal purchase contract is now made up. Mayor Hoffackher claims payment of 350 fl. which Cost owes him. Jeggle agrees to set all his property as a pawn as long as he has no further expenses.
1633-12-15Florentz Meier presents witnesses against Cost Jew.
1634-02-23Thebus Steinmann of Dillendorf offers to make proof about a foal trade with Jew Cost (but on the margin: Leman Jew).
1634-03-02Deposition about a foal trade with Cost Jew in a quarrel between Leman Jew and Thebus Steinmann.
1634-05-11Leman Jew presents a witness in his quarrel against Thebus Steinmann. With mention of Leman´s son and Cost.
1634-06-01Depositions in the matter between Leman Jew and one from Dillendorf, made by Löser Jew Jäggle´s servant (under a Jewish oath, with mention of Cost) and Hayum Jew.
1634-06-15Schirm- und Satzgeld: Cost, 15 fl
1634-07-13Cost Jew is ordered to pay for a bull.
1635-07-01Jekoff, Schmule (1636 W), Meierle, Hürtzle, Leman, Isaac, Cost, Kyphe, Eli, Schachman, Jeggle, Samuel W., Marum
1636-02-22Christoph Hertz says he has made a mutual account with Leman Jew which this man denies and raises further claims. With mention of meat delivered to his brother Cost and to Leman himself. Leman finally admits the mutual account at the condition that his father´s brother Cost admit(s) as much meat as Hertz has said. (This does not make sense in the original entry, too).
1637-03-20Messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler applied to sentence Schachman Jew to pay 10 florins protection fee in behalf of Joseph Jew. The Jew asks for delay because he did not promise it by himself, but Cost and his (crossed out: Schweher, father-in-law, replaced by) "Schecher" Meyerle also have promised it.
1638-03-30Schirm- und Satzgeld, je 15 fl. von Cost,
1638-07-01Schmol W., Jeggle, Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Leman, Hüzlis Weib u. ihr jetziger Mann Jekoff, Schachmann, Eli, Sannels Wte.,Marum, Kypha
1640-03-15Cost, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl.
1640-07-01Jakoff Hürzles Nachfahr und sein Weib, Jekoff, Schmol W., Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Lemann, Schachmann, Jeggle,Sannels W., Marum, Eli. Kypha
1641-03-26Cost, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1645-07-01Jekoff Hürtzles Nachfuhr, Jakoff, Schmol, Meierle, Isaac, Jeggle, Cost, Leman, Schachmann, Marum, Sannels W., Eli, Kypha
1646-05-31The filed document is returned to Cost Jew of Stühlingen.
1660-04-03Quarrels between the Jewish community, Jacob Nöwenburger and Calmeli Jew, about the ceremonies, with mention of Cost´s wife. The matter is postponed until a Rabbi comes here. The two young Jews (probably J. N. and C.) are to deposit 6 Reichstaler and continue with their Easterly ceremonies. Calmelin is fined 3 pounds because he called Jäckhlin, an old man, a lyer in the public.

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