Abstracted from 61/14376: Proceedings of the Stühlingen Municipal Court, 1632-1660.

1633-01-24Cost Jew sells a house between the houses of Rhat and Isaac Jews for 730 fl. to Jeggle Jew. Buyer is to pay several amounts to creditors, so buyer only gets 57 fl. Cost reserves the right to buy the house back within three years, but Jeggle will then have the right of first emption if no citizen will claim it. Cost reserved dwelling in the house for six years, but is to pay any repairs of parts which he or his family members may damage, and Cost must not accept any lodgers without Jeggle´s agreement.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Cost(Kasriel (Cost) Patriarch, Weyl)

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