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Abstracted from 61/14376: Proceedings of the Stühlingen Municipal Court, 1632-1660.

1632-01-14Meierle sells a house, slope and garden in the Dorf, which is has received at the Uffahl of Martin Ritter, for 481 fl. to potter Jacob Dobler.
- Leman sells half a barn to mayor Jacob Haug for 200 fl.
- Christoph Hertz sues Cost Jew about some meat (hard to undestand). Witnesses are to be interrogated.
- Leman Jew promises indemnity to tanner Hanns Conrad Kretler.
- Mayor Hoffackher sues Cost Jew to pay back a capital of 450 fl. because he does not even pay the due interest. Te Jew promises to pay the interest soon and is to present a warrantor or security for the capital.
1632-02-18Meierle is sued to pay 6 fl. which originate from his father Jeggle Jew. Meierle responds he has refrained from his father´s estate (sintemalen er sich seines Vaters Erbschaft entschlagen). Two witnesses are being interrogated.
- Baron (Junker) Allwig Friedrich Beckh von und zu Wilmendingen has once ceded Meierle Jew a bond of 5734 florins for 4000 florins and now claims remaining payment of 200 florins which the Jew is still due. Meierle says he is not familiar with the case and is granted delay.
- Cost promises to pay mayor Hoffackher by Easter.
1632-03-15Hanns Jacob Dobler, official messenger from Bonndorf, sues Jew Isaac for extant protection fee (Satzgeld).
- Meierle Jew and Michel Brugger are to come to an agreement in the presence of an honest man.
- Michel Brugger sells Marum Jew to pieces of land near the lake for 33 and 29 fl. Right of first emption is reserved for any citizen.
- This Brugger sues M(era??) the widow of Sannel Jew for payment of 19 Batzen or issue of the pawn. Jecoff Jew as assistant of Sannel´s widow refers to several deliveries in the course of time and says they just want to pay what is in their books.
- Hanns Conrad Hoffackher der Jung sues Leman Jew and Cost Jew for payment. Leman suggests to compensate plaintiff´s claim with a claim by plaintiff to his son. With mention of Sannel´s widow and Isaac´s dung-hill (Mistlege).
- Hanns Hoffackher Jung sues Leman and Cost Jews for payment. Leman counts several counter-claims and mentions his son (is this Cost?).
- Decisons: Isaac is to pay 3.5 florins compensation to the messenger. The case between Sannel and Michel Brugger is postponed until Jeggle Jew is back. Leman may pay 41 florins to Jung Hanns Hoffacker by two installments.
1632-03-22The municipal butchery (Metzge) is granted to butcher Hans Jacob Hertzer. With a term about the case that the Jews are slaughtering (hard to understand).
1632-05-07The decision between mayor Hoffackher and Cost Jew is maintained.
1632-06-18Appears Baron Beckh (etc.) and repeats his claim against Meierle. He is to prove that the Baron or his wife have granted him the owed 200 fl.
1632-11-05Cost Jew may make an agreement with mayor Hoffackher before 24.11.1632.
1632-12-03Again this matter. Cost asks for further delay because he cannot get anywhere in these unsecure times.
1633-01-24Cost Jew sells a house between the houses of Rhat and Isaac Jews for 730 fl. to Jeggle Jew. Buyer is to pay several amounts to creditors, so buyer only gets 57 fl. Cost reserves the right to buy the house back within three years, but Jeggle will then have the right of first emption if no citizen will claim it. Cost reserved dwelling in the house for six years, but is to pay any repairs of parts which he or his family members may damage, and Cost must not accept any lodgers without Jeggle´s agreement.
1633-02-07The formal purchase contract is now made up. Mayor Hoffackher claims payment of 350 fl. which Cost owes him. Jeggle agrees to set all his property as a pawn as long as he has no further expenses.
- Hürzle, long quarrel after a hore trade.
1633-02-22Schachman obliges to transfer a debt to Jeggle or pay it.
1633-05-25Jeggle is sued after a horse change.
1634-01-31Johannes Pfeiffer asks for delay to pay his debt to Schachman and offers his house and some lands as a pawn. Schachman rather wants to money.
- Hayum, representing his (female) employer (Meisterin), Sannel´s widow, about a cow which seems to have been stolen. The Jew´s witnesses are to be interrogated because the Jewish oath is not extant (auch weilen der jüdisch Eid nicht vorhanden).
- Schmol Jew and Sannel´s widow contradict a mortgage on a debtor´s real estate.
1634-02-10Description of the debts of Johannes Pfeiffer. Meierle about 200 fl. Schachman about 120 fl. Jecoff Jew 58 fl. Schmol Jew 12 fl. The heirs of Hürzle Jew 9 fl. Eli(?) Jew Meierle´s son 27 fl. With a long negotiation about Schachman´s claim.
- Meierle sells a house in Eberfingen for 200 fl.
- Johannes Pfeiffer and Agatha Mosmann report an event with Schachman Jew in a case between this Jew and Michael Pfeiffer.
1634-05-31Same matter continued.
- Caspar Eisenegger sues the widow of Hürtzle, assisted by Schachman Jew, for payment of 75 fl. A long matter with Schachman suing Eisenegger for verbal injuries. Eisenegger says he has only done this for the religion as he knows nothing odd about Schachman (says he has only geketzeret him, but not geschelmet and gediebet).
1634-06-09Schachman Jew applies for a decision in the matter against Michel Pfeiffer.
- Marum Jew, quarrel after a horse trade.
- Leman Jew, quarrel after a foal trade.
- Schachman and Jeggle, creditors.
- Meierle, Schmol, Jecoff (same?).
- Veltin Kayser asks to interrogate his witnesses against Hayum Jew.
- Decisions in behalf of Leman and Hayum.
- Meierle obliged to pay 300 fl. by installments.
1634-06-19Schachman against Michel Pfeiffer.
- Leman offers a Jewish oath.
- Schachman Jew has obtained the lands of Hanns Schölderlin at a recent bankruptcy procedure and (asks for a title?). A pending lease contract for nine years is confirmed.
- Schmul son of Jecoff Jew offers 100 florins for some property of the town in Prestenegg.
- Jeggle is sued for the payment of wages.
- Decisions of these matters.
1634-11-17Jeggle, quarrel after a horse trade.
1635-01-31Jecoff is sued to revert a field which he already has sold further.
- Hanns Hoffackher Jung claims payment of 7 fl. for merchandize which he has delivered for the Jewish school (so er an Waren zu der Juden Schul hergeben) and asks to order Jacoff and Jeggle Jews as the former stewarts (Baumeister, probably not in the sense of architects) to pay. Defendants get a month delay to collect the shares of the amount from the community members.
- Felix Nüssle has formerly bought a house from Hürtzle Jew for 200 fl. and now want to sells it back to the widow. Jeggle and Schachman answer for her.
- The town sells Jews Schachmann and Jeggle all fields which formerly belonged to Hanns Scholderlin for 303 fl. With an additional term about 57 florins.
- The town sells Jecoff Jew and his son Schmol the entire farm (of Scholderlin) for 640 fl.
- Caspar Eisenegger declares that Jacoff Jew has said all his deliveries to the Prestenegger (said debtor) would not be worth a cent. The Jew denies such sayings. Eisenegger wants to make proof.
1635-03-23Leman Jew, horse trade quarrel.
- Tanner Christoph Würth sues Lemann Jew for payment of 48 fl.
- Carpenter Michael Meggle claims 1 Viertel of spelt from (name?) the Jew´s son.
- The Jew feels unable to pay the debt to Christoph Würth at these hard times and offers security. Würth wants to be paid.
- A witness is interrogated in the matter Basti Geisin of Ühlingen against Sannel´s widow, with a declaration by her servant Hayum.
1635-03-26The town of Stühlingen demands that the Jews are to pay the fifth part of the former expenses for the Fürstenberg soldiers and the fourth part of the forthcoming expenses, and carry their losses (probably war damages) themselves. A long matter. The Jews are Jäggle, Meierle, Lemann, Schachman, Eli and Isaac.
1635-04-16Meierle Jew promises by touching the magistrate stick (Ratsstab) that he will refund damages causes by a bull.
- Meierle and Seeligmann are sued after a cow trade. A long matter with a statements of Meierle under his Jewish oath (unter seinem jüdischen Eid), Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Isaac Jew.
- The widow of Hans Riter sells Jeggle Jew a piece of grassland and a vegetable garden for 20 fl.
1635-08-02Again the case Schachman Jew against Michel Pfeiffer.
1635-10-24This matter continued.
- Meierle has bough the lower share of a house from Johannes Riter, reserving agreement of his son. The son was not content with this, so Riter has traded the object to Sannel´s widow who had it as a pawn. Her servant declares his mastress wants to keep the purchase and not let her pawn go anywhere else.
- Sannel´s widow wants to have claims on two sold lands secured.
- Jeggle, Hürtzle and Sannel´s widow claim their shares of a purchase price.
- Jeggle Jew, claim.
- Schachman, claim and field change.
- Leman Jew asks for delay until he can carry on Hürtzle´s business book.
- Schachman Jew, assistant of Hürtzle´s widow.
- Leman has problems to pay for two horses.
1636-02-12Schachman Jew sues Michel Pfeiffer for payment. Pfeiffer´s son Johannes owes 230 fl. to Meierle.
- Quarrel between Martin Würth and Hürtzle´s widow about a dung hill.
- Marum son of Jeggle Jew buys (what?) six feet long and five feet wide (with mention of a baking oven, the object of the sale is not evidently described).
- Meierle Jew sues Jacob Kressenbuch of Eggingen who beat his arm into pieces in front of his (the Jew´s) house because of taking a cow away from the flock. With further details (partially very hard to understand).
- Quarrel between Leman Jew and overland messenger Hans Jacob Dobler.
- Sannel Jew´s widow, represented by her servant Hayum, buys the lower and middle part of a house from Hans Riter´s widow for 69 fl.
- Said Jew sells this house to Marum Jeggle´s son for the same price.
- Decision in the case of Meierle against Kressenbuch.
- Decision about the house purchase of Jegglin and the baking oven.
- Schachmann, Jecoff and Sannel the Jews must not buy a field in Mauchen.
- Hayum Jew representing Marum Jew, cow trade matter.
1636-02-22Sheriff Caspar Schwarber of Untereggingen sues Isaac Jew Leman´s son for verbal injuries.
- Tailor Matheis Böringer sues Marum Jew Jecoff´s son for the payment of straw.
- Christoph Hertz says he has made a mutual account with Leman Jew which this man denies and raises further claims. With mention of meat delivered to his brother Cost and to Leman himself. Leman finally admits the mutual account at the condition that his father´s brother Cost admit(s) as much meat as Hertz has said. (This does not make sense in the original entry, too).
- Michel Pfeiffer is to secure 151 fl. to the benefit of Schachman Jew.
- His son Johannes has set his house, yard and orchard as a pawn for Schachman Jew. His debts are to be described.
- In the matter of Caspar Schwarber, the book of Hürtzel is to be presented on pain of heavy penalty.
1636-04-24Seligmann Jew as assistant of Hürzle´s widow sells a house to shoemaker Jacob Aichkern in Lempach for 170 fl.
- Jacob Aichkern wants to know from Seeligmann Jew if he wants to obey the recent court decision. The Jew says he has no further witnesses than himself and his brother-in-law who was there, too. Aichkern thinks the Jew may render an oath as he has given him bad merchandize. The Jew is allowed to have his brother-in-law interrogated, but is to remain in jail or present a warrantor for the event of an escape.
- Hürtzle´s successor (Nachfahr, the word meant the subsequent husband of the widow at that time) Jecoff Jew is allowed to live here under protection for two years (with a description of the fees).
- Meierle (transfer of a debt or claim to Michael Haller´s house?).
1636-06-27Jecoff has a mortgage/claim of 175 fl. inscribed. The widow of Judele in Ofteringen, represented by this Jäcoff, has one of 132 fl. inscribed. Jäcoff claims about 150 fl. from Heinrich Schaub of Eberfingen.
- Jecoff applies for acknowledgement of debts of 54, 136, 111, 280, about 600 and 38 fl. With the statements of the debtors and the response of Jecoff.
- Isaac Jew, quarral after a horse trade.
- Jacob Wursthorn sues Meyerle Jew for selling him unhealthy cattle as he has lost eight pieces.
- Schachman, questionable field trade.
- Schachman sells a field for 17 fl.
- Jecoff sues Martin Riengger for payment of an agreed installment.
1637-01-22Maierle Jew asks for a decision in the matter against Jacob Kressenbuch.
- Marum Jew representing Sannel´s children sues Caspar Fischer of Weizen for payment of 90 fl.
- Meierle Jew wants to get the field which Johannes Pfeiffer has promised for a horse.
- Decision in the matter Caspar Schwarber against Isaac Jew Leman´s son. The Jew is to recall the verbal injuries and declare the sheriff an honest man, and will be subject to penalty. It is considered proven that the sheriff has ordered Daniel to pay 30 fl. to the deceased brother of the Jews, but if this is not the case, the sheriff may collect such 30 fl. from Daniel and will be obliged to pay this amount to the Jew. (Good to read but very hard to understand it may be helpful to reconstruct the whole Schwarber matter from its begin).
1637-03-19A house change between Martin Würth and Hürtzle´s widow does not come to place.
- Isaac is sued to refund a horse which he had sold and which fell dead soon after.
- Lemann Jew asks for grace in behalf of his penalty of 3 fl.
- Schachman Jew presents a witness against blacksmith Jacob Marber of Schwaningen.
- Jecoff Jew sells Heinrich Dieterich, innkeeper in Eberfingen, a long garden with a vegetable garden and farmstead for 120 fl.
- Meierle Jew files a listing of the expenses for his hit-off (abgeschlagenen) arm against Jacob Kressibuch, yielding a total of 311 florins.
- Schachman Jew as assistant of Hürtzle´s widow sues Florentz Mager of Weizen for payment of 159 fl.
- Schachman Jew sells a field for 27 fl.
- Decision in the horse trade matter of Isaac Jew.
- The house change of Hürtzle´s wife is declared void because it was done without her assistant.
- Leman is to pay 2 fl. cash for his penalty.
1637-03-20Schachman Jew claims 30 fl. from Jacob Schalch.
- Isaac is sued after a horse trade. He refuses to respond because the horse belonged to the Red Jew.
- Messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler applied to sentence Schachman Jew to pay 10 florins protection fee in behalf of Joseph Jew. The Jew asks for delay because he did not promise it by himself, but Cost and his (crossed out: Schweher, father-in-law, replaced by) "Schecher" Meyerle also have promised it.
- Leman admits a debt of 48 fl.
- Jecoff Jew wants to ask his son Marum who is not at home.
- Meierle Jew wants to have the property of Johannes Pfeiffer described.
- Decision: Isaac is to render a Jewish oath.
- The following foreign Jews are to leave the town: Joseph Jecoff´s servant, the Red, Meierlin´s brother and Sandel´s successor (Nachfahr).
1637-03-30Jäggle Jew has sold a farm to Stophel Bercher whose son Conrad wants to sell it back after some time.
- Sale of lands to Schachman (79 fl.), Marum (32 fl.), Jecoff (45 fl.), Schmul´s heirs (80 fl.), Sannel (12 fl.)
- Jecoff, mutual account after a horse trade.
- Jecoff Jew sues Ulrich Marber of Schwaningen (a long matter).
1637-06-06Isaac Jew, quarrel after a horse trade (a long matter).
- Jägle Jew sells lands for 588 fl.
- Claims of Jägle and Meierle.
1640-01-05Galli Preisinger has acquired a claim of 98 fl. against Michel Pfeiffer from Schachman Jew.
1641-03-18The sheriff of Untereggingen asks for a decision in the matter against Jäggle Jew Leman´s son.
- Decision in the matter of sheriff Caspar Schwarber in Untereggingen against Jäggle Jew Leman´s son.

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