Identified Man

Tree Meir (Marum) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb is mentioned 428 times between 1632 and 1729. He died around 1687. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.3'. His father was Jacob (Jekuff) Patriarch, Gugenheimb.

Marum was the son of Jacob the Patriarch. He was first mentioned in 1637 [R1708; 03.05.1637]. He lived in his father`s houserhold until his first marriage to the daughter of `Jögglin` [R1846; 06.15.1651], probably Jacob ben Judah Weyl when he was still quite young [R1803; 08.18.1650], and paid tax from 1651 [R29; 01.01.1651] on. He last paid protection tax in 1681 [R57; 01.01.1681] , and died in1686 [R1395; 01.28.1686]. But by 1663 he must have been married a second time to Mergam, daughter of `Marx Hiendlin alias Siesskindt in Oettingen`. This caused him a lot of aggravation, for the latter defaulted on a promissory note cosigned by Marum [R3956; 02.08.1663]. Marum had four sons: Abraham, Jonas, Jossel and Jekoph. He had a son-in-law Jacob Newenburger who died in1664 [R4105; 03.11.1666] and a married daughter in Metz [R4698; 12.01.1676] . Although Marum was not listed under protection until 1650, He was economically quite active. He dealt in real estate, cattle, and horses. He also lent money. Marums widow was still alive in 1700, but did not have to pay protection tax because she was destitute [R4454; 09.29.1700]. .

1632-03-15Michel Brugger sells Marum Jew to pieces of land near the lake for 33 and 29 fl. Right of first emption is reserved for any citizen.
1632-03-31With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Jäggle, Judele (also called Judele of Ofteringen), Joseph, Sannel´s widow, Judele, Marum, Jäggle.
1634-06-09Marum Jew, quarrel after a horse trade.
1635-04-16Meierle and Seeligmann are sued after a cow trade. A long matter with a statements of Meierle under his Jewish oath (unter seinem jüdischen Eid), Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Isaac Jew.
1636-02-12Hayum, servant of Sannel´s widow, buys two parts of the house in which the widow has been living for a while. Said servant sells said house to Jeggle´s son (Marum?) (hard to read and to understand).
1636-02-12Marum son of Jeggle Jew buys (what?) six feet long and five feet wide (with mention of a baking oven, the object of the sale is not evidently described).
1636-02-12Said Jew sells this house to Marum Jeggle´s son for the same price.
1636-02-12Hayum Jew representing Marum Jew, cow trade matter.
1636-02-22Marum Jacoffs Sohn is sued for (carrying sheaves away??).
1636-02-22Marum Jecoffs Sohn is to pay 3 fl. for straw.
1636-02-22Tailor Matheis Böringer sues Marum Jew Jecoff´s son for the payment of straw.
1637-01-22Marum Jew representing Sannel´s children sues Caspar Fischer of Weizen for payment of 90 fl.
1637-03-05Jacoff Jew claims 119 florins from Jacob Fischer in Weizen, who makes a down payment of 19 florins to Jacoff´s son.
1637-03-20Jecoff Jew wants to ask his son Marum who is not at home.
1637-03-30Sale of lands to Schachman (79 fl.), Marum (32 fl.), Jecoff (45 fl.), Schmul´s heirs (80 fl.), Sannel (12 fl.)
1637-08-20Same matter. Jecoff sues Hanns Hotz in Mauchen after a horse trade. They make up a mutual account whereas Hotz owes him 108 florins. Jacoff´s son was involved in this matter.
1637-08-27Quarrel between mayor Hans Heinrich Scheuerlen and Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
1644-03-14A description of the debts of Georg Güntert of Obermettingen includes claims by Marum Juden Jacoffen Sohn and Klein Jeggle
1644-06-08Among the creditors of tailor Georg Preiser of Wangen are Jecoff, Xandel´s widow, Marum.
1647-04-04Jacob Platner of Wangen owes the heirs of Jecoff Jew, represented by Marum one of the sons, assisted by Judele, 34 fl. upon the proceedings of 30.10.1642 plus interest, and several other amounts of money, which at the end makes 181 florins.
1649-11-09Payment to Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
1649-11-18Marum claims payment for a horse and a goat.
1649-12-02Marum Jew Jecoff´s son claims 6 fl.
1649-12-02Georg Gintert of Obermettingen has failed to appear upon request of Marum.
1649-12-02Marum Jew Jecof´s son for himself and representing the heirs of Schmule acknowledges payment of 500 fl. from Marte Würth the tanner.
1649-12-20Marum Jew Jeckoff´s son redeems Georg Hertenstein from any claims.
1650-04-28Heinrich Irmell is to pay the heirs of Jeckhoff. Marum claims 4 fl. from said Irmell in behalf of his (Irmell´s) late father for a piece of leather.
1650-05-12Jew Marum Jecoffen Sohn owes bailiff Hanns Ludwig Sayler in Neukirch 783 florins for merchandize. They agree upon a payment of 530 florins by installments which includes any other mutual claims.
1650-05-12Jäggle Jew, payment for a horse. Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel in a claim from Hanns Ambling in Horheim, dating of 04.12.1636. Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1650-05-19Marum Jew representing his brother-in-law Lemble signs a receipt and files a claim. Said Marum Jew, representing his father Jecoff, claims Conrad Ulrich Marmer for payment upon a court decision of 19.11.1637.
1650-08-18Jacob Seeger admits a debts to Jew Jeckoff and his son Marum dated 17.01.1647 of 70 florins and 36 florins interest. The Jew says he was a child at that time, and requires a formal court decision.
1651-01-01Protection fee, paid by the Jews on 24.07.1650 (15 fl. each): Marum Juckhen (probably misspelled for Juden) Jeckhoff`s son. Marum`s son-in-law (Tochtermännlin). Mennckhe Mayerlin`s son. Lehmann Hirzli`s son. Schmul`s son Seligman. Jäggle. All together 90 fl. According to the previous invoice, Lehman owes 172 fl. protection fee, for which he yielded 11 claims to individuals in Stühlingen.
1651-01-01Protection fee, paid by the Jews on Easter 1651 (15 fl. each): Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Marum`s son-in-law. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Hirzlin`s son. Schmuli Hirzlin`s son. Seeligman Schmuli`s son. Jäggle. All together 120 fl. Lehmann Jew, who had been living in "Coblitz" before, is to pay 2 fl. protection fee for being here for some weeks. Ißac Jew is to pay 191 fl. extant protection fee. Jäggle Jew owed 40 fl. penalty and Jeckhoff`s heirs owed 40 fl. such and did not deliver any down payment this time. Totel amount of protection fee collected in this fiscal year: 384 fl. 34 Kreuzer.
1651-02-16Claim of Marum.
1651-03-22The heirs of Hirzlin claim 91 florins capital and 56 florins interest from the estate of Ottlin Fischer. Schachman Jew claims 79 florins for a meadow sold on 30.03.1637, less 19 florins already paid. This claim is to be paid in the following manner: 10 fl. by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, 38 fl. by him and his father and brother Schmule, 12 fl. by the widow of Jew From in Ofteringen.
1651-03-23Marum, representative of the Schachman heirs, claims 75 fl. upon a contract of 05.04.1642. Marum also claims 371 fl. capital and 245 fl. interest. Jäggle Jew admits he has received payment from Jerg Hertenstein of Mauchen through his son-in-law Marum.
1651-03-31Marum is sued for payment. A witness is to be interrogated about this case.
1651-04-18Former payments to Lehmann Jew Hirzlin´s son and Marum Jew.
1651-05-22Marum is fined for beating another man.
1651-06-15Marum, representing his father-in-law Jögglin, signs a receipt.
1651-07-01Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Marums Tochtermann, Mayerle, Menken Maierlins Sohn, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmul Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jäggle
1651-07-05A receipt for Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Leheman Jew Hirzlin´s son.
1651-07-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims 155 fl., the heirs of Sandel claim 38 fl.
1651-07-14Menckhen is fined for offending words. Marum Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1651-11-03Penalty after a clandestine house purchase by Marum.
1651-11-03Marum 6 lb. laut Protokoll.
1651-11-20Marum claims 398 fl. plus 55 fl. from Andreas Weber.
1651-11-20Simon Basler proposes Marum to sue him for collecting a claim and says that he has paid the entire amount to Marum´s father by conveying him a garden.
1651-11-20Among the creditors of Jacob Seger are Jecoff´s heirs as of 17.01.1647 (the sames as?) Marum Jew Marum´s brother Jonas Seligman Judele who all have received payments and claim some more amounts, and Lämle just with a claim.
1651-11-27Sheriff Jacob Gintert of Obermettingen owes several amounts to Jeckhoff Jew according to an account of 16.01.1645 and to his son Marum for a foal sold in 1638.
1651-12-07Marum files a claim in behalf of the heirs of his brother Schmul Jew. Marum presents a document which Bessle Jewess has preserved so far and has just handed over to the children.
1651-12-07Claim by Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
1652-01-15Marum and Lehmann Jews, claim. Jeckhoff´s heirs claim 780 fl. Claim of Jonas to a warrantor.
1652-01-15Claim by Marum in the name of Schachman´s heirs. Agreement between Jacob Blattner of Oberwangen and Lemel Jew Hürßlin´s son.
1652-01-25Marum Jägglin´s son, claims. Emanuel Jew of Endingen near Klingnau, claim.
1652-02-01Claim by Sandel´s widow, Menckhe, Lehman, and Marum.
1652-02-15Jerg Hoz and his step mother claim the return of a Plaw Zug from the heirs of Jeckhoff which was handed over as a pawn 16 years ago. Jonas Jew Jeckhoff´s son replies for himself and his brother Marumb that they do not know about this matter but want to look up their books and will also discuss it with their other brother in Lenglau.
1652-02-26Claims by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Judelle Jew,
1652-05-23Marum, horse trade quarrel.
1652-09-09Marum claims 398 fl. from Andres Weber in Eberfingen.
1652-11-14Marum, several claims.
1652-11-14Marumb Tochtermännle, and Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
1652-11-14Claim of Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
1652-11-28Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son represents the heirs of Schachman.
1652-12-19A claim of Schachman´s heirs, represented by Jew Marum, dating of 1636 (a long matter).
1653-01-23Jonas Jew owes Jacob Mayer the cooper 270 florins after a house purchase. The cooper accepts annulment of a debt of 219 florins to the Jew´s brother Marum and approves receipt of 51 florins, and Marum acknowledges receipt of the 219 fl.
1653-01-23Claims of Lämble, Menckhen, and Marum.
1653-02-13Marum Jägglin´s son, claim.
1653-02-22Claims by Menckhen, by Marum in behalf of the heirs of Jeckhoff, and by Jäggle, Kipha (absent), and Lehemann.
1653-03-20A claim by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Salomon Jew in behalf of Schachman Jew. Schachman´s widow is now the wife of Jew Jägglin.
1653-03-20Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son says that Hans Widmer has paid a claim of his (Marum´s) father, but reserves to claim 10 fl. in behalf of his brother Josephlin.
1653-03-20Marum Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment for himself and in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-03-27Marum Jeckhoff´s son, horse trade matter.
1653-04-03Hans Schalckh is absolved from a claim of the Jews Marum and Schachman, based upon a decision of the Landgericht dated 18.04.1629. The count may decide about a sentence against the Jews for filing a claim which has been paid before.
1653-04-03Marum Jackhoff´s son, creditor for 300 florins.
1653-05-05and so does Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1653-10-23Marumb Jew in Stühlingen claims payment
1653-11-13Marumb Jew is to make proof that Joachim Hasenfraz has thrown a knife and other items after him after a horse deal.
1653-11-13Marumb Jew, several claims.
1653-11-13The Jew Marumb and Joachim Hasenfraz matter.
1653-12-04Marum has once handed over Emanuel Jerlin a gilded silved cup and two golden rings as security for a claim of 300 florins.
1653-12-22Petty crimes of Marumb Jew Tochtermändle and Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1654-01-29Marumb Jew is fined for a brawl in an inn.
1654-07-30Marumb Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1654-12-03Marumb Jew is sued for payment of 604 florins.
1655-10-08Marumb Jew, representing his brother-in-law Lemblein in Tiengen, loans 200 fl. to sheriff Hanns Buecher of Eberfingen.
1655-11-03Georg Würth at Untereggingen owes money to the heirs of Jecoff Jew and to Josephle Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Previous payments have been made through Jews Judle and Jonas (etc.). Marum Jew, representing the heirs, agrees to turn the debt into a mortgage.
1655-12-16Selligmann Jew. Marumb Jew, ledger.
1656-01-27Lemle Jew, claim. Marum Jew, ledger.
1656-01-27Marumb is to maintain a contract to buy a meadow. Lemblin of Tiengen, claim.
1656-01-27Marumb Jew representing his brother Jonas, bull trade.
1656-02-03Marum Jew, receipt.
1656-03-02Marumb Jew, foal trade.
1656-05-12Jonas Jew representing the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew signs a receipt to Hanns Sigin´s widow, as does Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1656-06-08Two men are fined for attempted defraud of Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1656-07-01Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son did not remove a horse from a meadow althouth his brother Jonas was demanded to do so.
1656-07-01Alte Extanzen: Marum Jude in Stühlingen.
1656-07-01Verkauf von Haber an Marum Jude.
1656-10-17-Description of the foreign Jews here: With Marumb Jew lives Joseph´s widow Marla with two children, she has just arrived this week; and with Marumb is his son-in-law Jeckhuff who has married some weeks ago. With Menckhe Jew lives his broteher-in-law Lemblin with his wife and six children, who came here around
1656-10-17-Listing of the Jews under protection: Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Jäggle Jew the Old (der Alte). Jonas Jew. Marum Jew´s son-in-law.
1656-10-17In this context, Jew Marumb´s son-in-law declares: When he came into the country 25 years ago, there was a Jew at Bechtersbohl (with certain customs then compared with the current ones). With statements by Marumb Jew and Menckhe Jew. All the Jews authorize Jäggle to conduct the matter for them.
1656-12-14Marumb Jew, claims.
1657-01-18Marumb Jew by proxy of Jonas Jew, receipt. Leve Jew Mauschele´s servant at Tiengen sues several men for an attack along the road.
1657-04-12Marumb Jew, ledger.
1657-04-30Das als Hauptfall für Georg Gintert in Mauchen abgelieferte Ross wurde für 30 fl. an Marum Juden verkauft.
1657-05-07Marumb Jew buys a house, yard, and some pieces of land at Unterwangen for 90 fl.
1657-05-16Ledger between the heirs of bailiff Hans Ludwig Sailler of Neukirch and Marumb Jew upon the proceedings of 03.12.1654.
1657-05-16The entry of 1650 is maintained, and Marumb is to pay interest for 530 fl. capital.
1657-07-06Quarrel between Hanns Widmer of Schwaningen and Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son here about a credit of 100 fl. originating from Schachle Jew.
1657-11-14Jäggle Jew is to pay. Marumb Jew, claim.
1657-11-16Marumb Jew in behalf of Schachle Jew, ledger.
1657-11-22Marumb and Jonelle Jews Jeckhoff´s sons and heirs, ledger. The following participate in the claim: The heirs of Schmul Jew (22 fl.), Marumb Jew, Jonas Jew, and the heirs of Josephle Jew (38 fl. each).
1658-01-31Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1658-02-23Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son, bought fields for 178 fl.
1658-03-15Auf Ostern 1658 liefern je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckoffen Sohn für sich und seinen Tochtermann (zus. 30 fl.), Jonas Jude für sich und seinen Tochtermann Kalmele (zus. 30 fl.), Marum Juden Tochtermännle (15 fl.), Mayerle Juden zwei Söhne Menckhe und Jäggelin (zus. 30 fl.), Hirzlin Juden zwei Söhne Leheman und Schmuli (zus. 30 fl.), Seligmann, Jögglin der Alt.
1658-05-24Mit Forderungen an Marum Jud Tochtermännlin, Marum Jude Jeckhoffen Sohn, Menckh Jud, Schmuli Jud, alle in Stühlingen.
1658-06-03Marum Jew Jäcoph´s son, claim to Eberfingen community.
1658-06-13Some years before, Matheis Schellenbuoch of Stühlingen acknowledged a debt of 100 fl. to the heirs of Jew Schmul. Formerly, 50 fl. were transferred to Marum Jew, and the other 50 fl. interest are now being transferred by Jews Seligman and Calmelin brothers to merchant Caspar Schölderlin, and the brothers claim 7 fl. interest.
1658-06-27Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, ledgers.
1658-09-02Marum Jew Jecoph´s son issues a receipt for 300 fl. out of a house sale.
1658-09-26Marum Jew, several debts.
1658-11-07Marum Jew, horse trade mater. Calmelin Jew.
1658-11-14Marum Jew, claims. Lemblin at Tiengen, claim of a debt originating from Jecoph Jew.
1659-01-09Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is to pay a debt to Jew Jäckhlin.
1659-02-18Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, cow trade matter.
1659-05-07Mit Forderungen an Lehman Juden Alten Erben, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäggle Jud Mayerlis Sohn, Leheman Jud Hirtzlins Sohn, und die Juden allgemein in Stühlingen.
1659-07-03Marum is to be paid for a bull.
1659-09-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in Stühlingen.
1659-12-19Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is fined.
1660-01-09Marum Jew Jecoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1660-01-29Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, horse trade matter.
1660-01-29Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in behalf of the Schachmann heirs has (transferred?) a claim to Seligmann Jew.
1660-02-06Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is to be paid.
1660-02-06A bull is set as a pawn to secure payment to Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
1660-02-13Christa Widtmer of Schwaningen has bought a house from Marum Jew Jecoph´s son as guardian (Pfleger) of Jew Seeligmann and consorts.
1660-03-01Marum Jew Jecoph´s son has paid 200 florins by ceding a claim.
1660-04-02Hans Marber of Weizen bought a field from Marum Jew Jecoph´s son for 300 florins.
1660-04-08Marum Jew Jecoph´s son files a claim to a farm which was recently sold, with reference to the proceedings of 17.01.1647.
1660-04-08Mutual account between Jacob Marber and Marum Jew.
1660-04-22Marum, foal trade.
1660-06-16Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Lemalin Jew give a horse, a coat and a gun plus 80 florins cash for a claim of 260 fl.
1660-07-08Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims 30 fl. from the community of Unterwangen.
1660-08-04Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, quarrels after the sale of a piece of gold.
1660-11-19Marum is sued after a horse trade which took place about six years ago.
1660-12-02Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims 670 fl. from Adam Güntert of Eberfingen
1660-12-16Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, claim.
1660-12-16Marum Jew Jöcoph´s son, with reference to his business book.
1661-03-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is sued after he had sold a horse at the Schaffhausen market 18 years ago.
1661-03-21Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1661-04-08Marum Jew Jecophen Sohn of Stühlingen sues Andreas Weber for extant payments from a sale of 19.03.1637. He gets back the pawns and makes provisions for payment of additional amounts.
1661-05-05Marum Jew Jacoph´s son claims payment.
1661-05-11Extant payments of Marum Jew`s son-in-law, Lehmann Jew`s heirs, Kalmele Jew, Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son, Jäggle Jew Old, Menckhen Jew, Lehman Jew Hirzlin`s son, Schmuli Jew, and Seeligman Jew.
1661-07-01Lehmann ist 1659 nach Schwerzen gezogen, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Kalmele, Marums Tochtermann, Menke, Jaggele, Menkins Bruder, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmule Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jägglin der Alte
1661-07-12Marum Jew Jacoph´s son, same.
1661-07-27Claims to the estate of Hanns Bühlmann of Eberfingen: Mayerlin´s heirs 183 fl. Menckhin 17 fl. Marum Jew Jacoph´s son 15 fl.
1661-08-19Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, quarrel about two deposited (verstellte) bulls.
1661-08-19Marum Jacoph´s son, claim of 100 fl.
1661-11-10Marum Jew Jecoph´s son sells some real estate
1661-12-20Marum Jew Jekoph´s son obtains a cow for partial payment.
1661-12-20Marum Jew is to be paid.
1662-01-01Protection fee of the Jews: Lehman has moved to Schwerzen on Martinsmas (11.11.) 1659 and still owes 10 fl. protection fee. There are 12 Jewish households in Stühlingen which paid 204 fl. protection fee on Easter 1661. The following paid 17 fl. each on Easter 1662: Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Kalmele Jew. Marum Jew`s sonin-law. Menckhen Jew. Jaggele Jew his brother. Leheman Jew Hirzlin`s son.
1662-01-01Marum Jew Jäckhoff`s son and Jäggle Jew are paid for transportation of wood.
1662-01-12Claims by Marum and Mauschelin, Jews of Tiengen.
1662-01-27Marum Jew Jecophen Sohn in Stühlingen sells a farmstead with an orchard and vegetable garden in Stühlingen for 110 fl.
1662-03-16Marum Jecoph´s son claims paymnt of 82 fl.
1662-03-22Marum Jecoph´s son, claim after a horse trade.
1662-03-22Marum Jecoph´s son makes a mutual account with Hanns Proz of Horheim. This man has already paid 72 florins of capital and interest originating from the Jew´s father as an heir of Schachman and still owes 52 fl.
1662-03-22Marum Jew claims payment.
1662-03-23A claim of Marum Jecoff´s son is secured by a garden.
1662-05-02Marum claims 20 fl. and his brother Jonas 5 fl.
1662-09-20Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims payment of 82 florins
1662-09-20Marum Jew and with him Calmele Jew, also from Stühlingen, make an account with Michael Würth from Untereggingen about a claim originating from Jacoph Jew. Würth owes Marum 80 florins and he owes Calmele and his brother Seeligmann 12 florins.
1662-09-20Marum Jew claims payment of a debt and for a horse.
1662-09-25Marum Jew of Stühlingen buys various fields and meadows for 156 fl. and sells one meadow further for 50 fl.
1662-09-25Marum Jew Jeckhoffen Sohn representing the widow of Jew Marum Tochtermännlin in Stühlingen sells a field for 23 fl.
1663-01-08Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son cedes a claim of 65 fl.
1663-01-18Mr. Hans Conradt Braun, merchant in Schaffhausen, had on 28.05.1662 sold merchandize worth 680 florins to Marx Hönlin called Süesskhündt, Jew in Öttingen. Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in Stühlingen declared him-self a warrantor for his father-in-law Süesskhündt who has failed to pay. He says his warrant was only for part of the amount, namely 150 florins due to (the dominion of?) Stühlingen. He is absolved from paying the 530 florins right now, but may have to do so later on upon another complaint.
1663-01-18Marum is to annul a horse purchase or deduct the price from a claim of 190 florins.
1663-01-19Marum, investigations after the purchase of a wounded (verletztes) horse.
1663-01-25Seeligmann Jew claims payment of a horse. Calmele and Marum Jeckhoff´s son are being paid.
1663-02-08Mr. Jeremias Payr of Schaffhausen sues Marum Jew for payment as a warrantor for his father-in-law Marx Hiendlin in Öttingen. Marum does not admit such a warrant.
1663-02-27Marum, Jäckhle, Sandel, and Menckhen Jews are among the creditors of late Hans Bentz of Lembach.
1663-03-15Folgende Juden zahlen auf Ostern 1663 je 17 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermännlin. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten. Die zu Tiengen wohnenden Juden zahlen 20 fl.
1663-04-03A claim of Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son is to be secured.
1663-04-16Mr. Hanns Conradt Braun, merchant of Schaffhausen, again sues Marum Jecoph´s son of Stühlingen as the son-in-law and warrantor of Marx Henlin called Süeßkhindt, under protection of Öttingen. Plaintiff is to present a certificate by Marx´s authority that this Jew is indeed unable to pay.
1663-04-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, mutual account.
1663-05-02A claim of 644 fl. by Marum Jeckhoff´s son is secured by a mortgage.
1663-06-04Mr. Johann Conradt Braun, merchant in Schaffhausen, has presented a writing from the Oettingen district office whereas Jew Hönlin is not insolvent. With further legal considerations about this matter. Marum is sentenced to pay 583 florins if his father-in-law is unable to do so, but filed appeal.
1663-06-13Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sends his son Abraham to declare that a debtor has paid all his debts.
1663-06-21Trespassing for the Swiss Jews. Upon request of Isac and Marim Gugelum (sic). They are to appear in Rheinheim with their merchandize always a day before the Zurzach Market.
1663-10-05Jäckhle der Ältere of Stühlingen claims payment for grain. A counter-claim to Marum cannot be considered.
1663-10-05Mr. Hanns Conradt Braun of Schaffhausen repeats his claims against Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son. The Jew refers to the appeal he has filed.
1663-10-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son changes a farm in Eberfingen for another one in this village.
1663-11-15Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims payment for a horse and files many more claims.
1664-02-07Appear Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Karmele (sic), Seeligmann, Jonas, and Lämblin all Jews of Stühlingen and Tiengen, respectively, as the heirs of late Jew Jäckhoff in Stühlingen, and declare that a debt to their grandfather and father-in-law Jäckhoff, respectively, has been paid.
1664-02-07Melchior Weber ist auf Vorladen durch Marum Jackhoffen Sohn nicht erschienen.
1664-03-15Auf Ostern 1664 je 17 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermannlis Sohn Sandell. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirtzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten.
1664-03-15Folgende Stühlinger Juden müssen noch Gänse abliefern: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn für „ihn“ (sich) und seinen Tochtermann, so gestorben, 4 Stück. Marum Jud Tochtermännlin 1 Stück, Leheman 1 Stück, Schmuli 2 Stück, Jonas 2 Stück, usammen 10 Stück, wofür sie 10 fl. bezahlen.
1664-03-26Marum and Jonas Jews contradict a sale, presuming to have an advantage due to their manorial claim.
1664-03-26Marum Jew Jackhoffen Sohn changes his house and garden which he has formerly acquired from Jacob Güntert in Eberfingen for the small house and a garden of Hans Köchlin in Eberfingen and 300 fl. compensation. Köchlin sets all his property as a pawn, without prejudice to preceding claims.
1664-03-26Marum sells the house and garden which he has traded in from Hans Köchlin for 181 fl.
1664-03-27Marum Jew Jeckhoffen Sohn sells field for 18 fl.
1664-07-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account.
1664-10-15The case between Mr. Johann Conradt Braun of Schaffhausen and on the other side Marx Henlen called Sießkhindt and Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son was decided by an assmbly of counsellours and officials which happened to be in Stühlingen. Marum is to pay the entire amount but may do so by installments (a long matter).
1664-12-02Marum Juden Jäckhoffen Sohn buys a meadow for 107 fl.
1664-12-02Sandel Jew of Stühlingen buys a field for 50 fl. and sells it further to Marum for the same price.
1664-12-05Marum Jew Jechkoff´s son is due real estate purchase tax for a field.
1664-12-18Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual accounts.
1664-12-19Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, claim and receipt.
1665-02-10Marum Juden Jäckhoffen Sohn in Stühlingen buys a small house in Untereggingen in which formerly a forge had been for 85 fl.
1665-02-13Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, interrogation of witnesses after a horse deal.
1665-02-20A claim of 93 florins by the heirs of Jäckhoff Jew is to be shared among the four (sic) heirs, namely Marum Jew, Jonas Jew, Joseph Jew of Lenglau, and Schmuli´s two sons by the name Seeligmann and Kallmele, which two only have one share in common. (A long matter with some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1665-02-20Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son acknowledges two payments, one of them in behalf of Schachlin Jew.
1665-03-15Fromele Juden des Marum Juden Sohn an Ostern 1665 erstmals 17 fl.
1665-04-08Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son has sold a field.
1665-06-05Calculation of a claim of the Jeckoff heirs, namely Marum Jew in Stühlingen, Jonas Jew in Stühlingen, Joseph Jew in Lenglau and Selligmänlin and Khelmel (the latter ones claim one share in common).
1665-06-05This matter continued. Marum owes 277 florins for the purchase of a house in Tiengen. This amount is compensated with his claim of 77 florins as above.
1665-10-29Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son files a claim.
1665-10-29Zwei Männer sind auf Vorladen von Marum nicht erschienen.
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1665-12-03Marum, mutual account.
1665-12-05Marum Jew sells a house and yard in Dorf Stühlingen for 110 fl.
1665-12-05Marum sells a field for 75 fl.
1665-12-10Marum acknowledges payment.
1666-02-08Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims payment.
1666-03-11Peter Rebmann of Mauchen is fined for calling Marum Jew a lyer at court.
1666-03-11Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son as cessionary of his son-in-law Jacob Newenburger Weyl files a claim. Comment: it is uncertain if this Weyl means weiland (deceased, in this case it is usually put before the name) or if it refers to the Weil surname, although Jacob bore the Newenburger surname.
1666-03-11Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, mutual accounts.
1666-03-11This Marum acknowledges payment for himself and representing his son-in-law Jacob Newenburger (not the case above).
1666-03-11Peter Rebman zu Mauchen wird um 1 fl. betraft, weil er Marum vor Gericht einen Lügner nannte.
1666-03-15An Ostern 1666 werden je 17 fl. Satzgeld bezahlt von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Mengge, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmul und Sandell, zusammen zehn Haushaltungen.
1666-03-23Marum Juden Jäckhoffen Sohn buys a house with orchard and vegetable garden in Lempach for 160 fl. and changes it for another house in Lempach.
1666-03-23Marum Juden Jäckhoffen Sohn sells an orchard for 310 fl.
1666-03-24Marum Judt Jäckhoffen Sohn, horse trade quarrel.
1666-04-01Marum Jew is fined a florin for calling Jacob Reebmann of Mauchel a lyer.
1666-04-01Marum wird um 1 fl. bestraft, weil er Jacob Rebmann zu Mauchen einen Lügner nannte.
1666-05-19Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, transfer of a claim and sale of five bulls. The buyer is to pay immediately in case Marum will travel to the Blessed Land.
1666-07-23Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, transfer of a claim.
1666-09-29The servant of Marum is fined for attempted fraud.
1666-11-04Hans Ulrich Siblin of Lembach promises to pay a debt to Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son within three years. If the Jewish community (Gemeine Judenschaft) will travel to Palestine, the land of their hope, then payment will be due immediately.
1666-11-18Marum, contract about a deposited cow.
1667-01-18Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son gets a field as payment of a 240-florins-claim.
1667-02-04Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son is to be paid.
1667-02-11Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son sets all his claims, cattle, house and movables as a security for claims by Mr. Thobias Weegerich von Bernnau, guild master of Schaffhausen. Marum acts for himself and for Schmuel and Seegligmänlin (sic) Jews of Stühlingen.
1667-03-10Marum Jew acknowledges payment.
1667-03-11Marum Judens Jäckhoffen Sohn sells a meadow for 45 fl. and a field for 110 fl.
1667-03-14Lord (Jr.) Johann Ludwig Bayer claims 180 from Leheman Jew of Schwerzen, but now from his warrantor (Promissor) Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son in Stühlingen.
1667-03-14Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son instead of his former son-in-law and heir Jacob Newenburger acknowledges payment.
1667-03-15je 17 fl. Satzgeld von Jäggle Juden dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligman, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli und Sandel.
1667-03-31Adam Fridlin of Eberfingen owes Marum and Jonas, brothers, Jäckhoff´s sons, 300 florins. The debt is transferred to his brother Joseph Fridlin.
1667-03-31The debts of Hans Mahler in Untereggingen include Seeligmann30 fl. Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son 33 fl. Seeligmann16 fl. Kalmele 3 fl. Menckhe 26 fl. Marum Jew in Tiengen 5 fl. Jonaes 3 fl. Jäckhlin der Ältere 2 fl.
1667-04-01Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims 151 fl.
1667-04-15Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son sells a meadow
1667-04-28Marum sells a meadow for 115 fl. and a field for 95 fl. and a meadow for 20 fl.
1667-04-28Marum buys a meadow for 24 fl. and sells it further for 20 fl.
1667-04-28Marum sells some meadows and fields for 250 fl.
1667-12-01Marum claims payment.
1667-12-31Hönlin der arme Jud der früher in Horheim wohnte, Jägglin der Alte, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Seligmann, Kalmele, Menke, Lehmann, Schmule, Sandel, Abraham, Jäggeles Bruder
1668-01-01Extant protection fee of Hönlin, a poor Jew who has been living in Horheim before and last for a year in Stühlingen, 10 fl. On Easter 1667, the following 11 Jewish households paid a total of 187 fl. protection fee: Jägglin the Old (der Alte). Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhen Jew. Jäggele his brother. Leheman Jew. Schmuli Jew. Sandel and Abraham Jews. The Jews at Tiengen are to pay 20 fl. for the thirteenth time. Marum and Schmuli Jews here are to deliver 2 fl. instead of two geese.
1668-01-01Marum Jew Jeckhuff`s son bought a cow for 24 fl.
1668-01-19Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, mutual account.
1668-02-08Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims payment (many cases).
1668-03-15Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, same.
1668-03-15An Ostern 1668 je 17 fl. von Jägglin dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli, Sandel und Abraham.
1668-03-15Marum und Schmuli je 1 fl. für eine Gans.
1668-05-21Marum sells this house and garden for 102 fl.
1668-06-05Marum Jew acquires a meadow for 27 fl. and sells it for the same price.
1668-06-05Marum sells a field for 20 fl. and buys two fields for 27 fl. and resells them for 43 fl.
1669-03-14Marum buys half a house and a vegetaböe garden in Lempach for 80 fl., of which 7 fl. go to Seeligmann.
1669-03-21Marum Jecoph´s son, claim with reference to the proceedings of 05.11.1665.
1669-05-04Marum Jew Jeckhof´s son, same.
1669-07-01Marum buys a garden and several fields and meadows for 515 fl. and sells some of the meadows for 130 and 200 fl. and the garden for 100 fl. and the fields for 30, 83 and 30 fl.
1669-09-19Marum Jew Jäckhof´s son buys a claim of 20 fl. for 12 fl.
1670-01-09Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claims.
1670-03-13Marum accepts a barn and stable in Weizen as payment.
1670-04-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims payment for a field.
1670-05-12Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son delivers 50 florins down payment to Major Hanns Ulrich Abegg in Schaffhausen.
1670-08-19The Jewish community and especially Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son are to pay a debt of 510 fl.
1670-09-04Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son buys a horse for 25 fl.
1670-10-23Marum Jecoph´s son claims 54 fl.
1670-10-23Marum Jew claims 172 fl. for Kipha Jew.
1670-11-14Renewed protection for the Tiengen Jews, their annual protection fee and the permission for cosher wine. The following were accepted for 12 years: Marum, Mauschele and Lamble the Weil brothers, and Mayer Levi. The annual protection fee is 24 florins and four geese.
1670-11-14Punishment of Jonele Jew. He was ordered to move away, went to Stühlingen and sneaked back ten days ago and lived in his father´s house without knowledge of the dominion. His presence was denied and he was only found after searching through the house by order of the court. Jonele and Marum are fined 54 pounds.
1670-11-20Claims by Marum Jew and Sandell Jew, who also represents Jonele Jew.
1671-02-22Claims by Marum Jew and Sandel Jew in Stühlingen.
1671-02-27Marum buys a field for 32 fl.
1671-02-27Marum sells some forest and field for 10 fl.
1671-02-27Marum sells a meadow in Lempach for 200 fl. and one in Weizen for 30 fl. of which 20 fl. are to be paid to Menckhe.
1671-03-02Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges some payments.
1671-06-06Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sends his son Fromele to declare the partial payment of a claim.
1671-06-18Marum Jew is sued for payment of 349 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 12.05.1650.
1671-07-21Jew Marum is fined because his servant fell asleep while he was supposed to guard two horses and a foal, and the animals ran away and caused damage.
1671-12-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges partial payment for a house and other real estate.
1672-02-18Marum Jew of Stühlingen, variuos transactions.
1672-02-19A small farm is being sold to Marum Jew for 112 fl.
1672-02-19Marum Jew acknowledges payment from the heirs of his brother Joseph for any claim which they had to him (sic) in behalf of Hans Protz of Horheim.
1672-02-19Marum Jud Jeckhofen Sohn zu Stühlingen wird um 4 fl. bestraft, weil er dem Juden Kellmele blutig geschlagen hat.
1672-04-01Marum Jackhöffen Sohn, Jonas, Menkhe, Jäckhlin den jungen Sohn Seelligmann, Calmelin. Lehman, Sandel, Abraham, From
1672-04-07Marum Jew did not pay although he was ordered so.
1672-04-07Marum claims payment for a horse.
1673-01-19Kalmele Jew sues Marum Jew Jackhof´s son who had beaten him bloody. Marum is fined 6 pounds plus the medical expenses, and Menckhe is forbidden to carry hay or straw along the oven or kitchen of Marum.
1673-01-26Marum Jew Jäckhof´s son claims payment, with reference to the proceedings of 06.11.1636.
1673-03-15An Ostern 1673 je 18 fl. Satzgeld laut neuen Satzbriefs von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckofen Sohn, Fromele seinem Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kallmele, Menckhe, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Lehmann, Schmuli, Sandel, Abraham und Model.
1673-04-13Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims payment of 225 fl.
1673-04-26Marum sells two fields for 62 fl. and some more lands.
1673-10-06After complicated calculations, Marum Jew Jeckhof´s son owes the Weger heirs 1949 fl. which he cannot pay. He transfers them claims at a sum of 1983 fl.
1673-11-17Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, also acting for his coheirs, acknowledges payment.
1674-01-22Hans Schalch owes Marum 52 fl., Abraham Jew 10 fl. and Kalmele Jew 8 fl.
1674-01-22Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Menckhe Jew, same.
1674-02-14Petty claims by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Fromele and Sandel.
1674-03-02Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son has sold a small house and garden for 120 fl.
1674-03-15zahlten je 18 fl: Jäggle der Alt. Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn. Fromele sein Sohn. Jonas. Lew Jonasen Sohn. Seligmann. Kalmele. Menckhen. Jäggelle sein Bruder.
1674-04-16Marum sells some fields for 80 fl.
1674-07-06Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1674-11-15Marum Jew in Stühlingen, several claims.
1674-12-07Marum buys a small half house for 75 fl. and resells it for 90 fl.
1674-12-07Marum sells a meadow for 100 fl. and a field for 12 fl.
1675-03-15An Ostern 1675 je 18 fl. von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhen, Jäggele sein Bruder, Leheman, Hirzlin Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Sandell, Modell.
1676-01-01The protection fee of Hönlin, a poor local Jew who does not conduct business, but keeps school, is 5 fl. only. The following protection fees were due on Easter 1676: Götschell Jew for (im Namen) late Old Jägglin. Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Lew Jew Johnas` son. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhe Jew. Jäggle Jew Menckhe`s brother. Leheman Jew. Hirzle Jew Leheman`s son. Schmuli Jew. Ißan Jew Schmuli`s son. Sandell Jew. Abraham Jew. Modell Jew. Total of 15 protected Jews are due to pay 270 fl.
1676-02-15Marum buys a field, a garden and a piece of forest for 75 fl. and resells the field for 35 fl. and the garden for 32 fl.
1676-02-15Marum sells a field for 50 fl.
1676-02-15Marum sues Jacob Stucki of Unterwangen for payment of 200 fl. His father, also Jacob Stucki, had once leased Presteneck Manor from Marum for eight years at 25 fl. per year and did not pay any rent. Defendant declares the manor was destroyed in the war.
1676-03-15Satzgeld, je 18 fl. auf Ostern von Götschel im Namen des verstorbenen Alten Jägglins, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggle Jud des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Sandell, Abrahamb, Modell.
1676-03-23Marum Jegghoff´s son, Seeligmann, Jonas, and Jagglin Mayr Menckhe´s brother appear among the creditors and debtors of Ursula Haym, widow of Johannes Ambrosy.
1676-06-30Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son has been paid.
1676-12-01Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment of the claims of his daughter who is married in Metz.
1677-01-08Hanns Schalch of Eberfingen sells house, barn and other real estate. The following Jewish claims are pending upon this: The heirs of Menckhe and Hürtzlen of Eberfingen 244 fl. Marum Jew of Stühlingen 20 fl. Model Jew of Stühlingen 6 fl. Other claims which are not secured by mortgages: Menckhe and Hertzlin Jews 42 fl. Menckhe´s heirs 13 fl. Hirtzlen Jew 20 fl. Jonna Jew in Stühlingen 3 fl. Kallmele Jew in this town 3 fl.
1677-02-12Marum Jew in Stühlingen has bought a small field.
1677-03-15je 18 fl. von Götschel, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kallmele, Menckhes Erben, Jäggelle des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirtzle des Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac des Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Kassiel.
1677-03-15An Ostern 1678 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhe Juden Erben, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Lehmann, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac (Isar?) Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble Jud Seligmans Tochtermann.
1677-06-04Marum sells several fields and meadows for 256 fl.
1677-06-04Marum sells several fields for 200 fl.
1677-06-04Marum sells an orchard for 80 fl.
1677-06-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sold several fields.
1677-07-15Marum Jew Jagghoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1678-09-19Marum buys a field for 10 fl. and resells it for the same price.
1678-09-19Marum buys a field for 30 fl. and resells it for 27 fl.
1678-10-19A general decree about the format of the Jewish trespassing permits. With mention of all the Jews in Stühlingen, namely Marum Gugenum, Jonele Gugenum, Schmule Seligmendle, Calmele, Jäckhele, Sandl, Abrahamb, Model, Lemble Isaac, Leib Jonelins Sohn, Maier Jud Menckhins Sohn, Maier Jud Lehmans Sohn, and Hirtzell. A long text with many terms.
1679-01-07Marum Jew Jeggoff´s son has bought a field for 15 fl.
1679-02-16Marum Jew, transfer of a claim.
1679-03-15An Ostern 1679 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Mayerle des Menckhe Sohn, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmans Sohn, Hirtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble.
1679-05-25Marum Jew claims 60 fl.
1679-07-06Decision in a horse trade quarrel between Marum Gugenum Jegoff´s son in Stühlingen and Adam Aichkörn of Lembach.
1679-12-15Marum Gugenum has sold a cow which got sick.
1680-01-18Marum Gugenum Jew is to secure a debt of 350 florins to Sir Heinrich von Waldkirch or the Sayler heirs.
1680-02-08Marum Jew of Stühlingen, claim.
1680-02-08Marum, agreement after a bull trade.
1680-02-08Marum is to pay 72 fl.
1680-03-14Marum Gugenum again claims payment of 14 fl.
1680-03-15Je 18 fl. zahlen Sandel, Mayerlin Jud Menckhins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jud Jonasen Sohn, Calmelen, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäckhle Jud Menckhis Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmanns Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Lämle Jud Seeligmanns Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Abraham Jud von „Etten“.
1680-06-05Marum Jew owes 100 fl. for a horse.
1680-10-03Marum Jew is paid 60 fl.
1680-12-31Sandel, Mayerlin Menkins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jonas Sohn, Calmelin, Marum Jekhoffens Sohn, Jacklin Menkins Bruder, Mayer Lehmans Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Limblin (Seligmanns Tochtermann), Abraham, Model, Isaac Schmulens Sohn, Feussel Lehmanns Sohn, Abraham W., Samuel in Unterlauchringen, Mayer in Unterlauchringen, Hirzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen, Löw Barochs Sohn in Horn, Jäcklin Lehmanns Tochtermann in Horn, Salomon Menkens Tochtermann in Horn, Isak in Entermettingen, Jüdle Weihl Isaks Sohn in Entermettingen, Sandel in Ofteringen, Jonas in Ofteringen, Josef in Ofteringen
1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
1681-02-10Felix Nüsslin of Lempach owes payment to Jew Marum
1681-03-11Mutual account between Thebus Albickher and Jews Model, Seeligmann, Abraham, Callmelin, Mayer Menckhin´s son and finally Marum.
1681-09-02Jew Weihl von der Hofwieser and Marum´s son Joseph were offended while staying in Untereggingen overnight.
1681-10-10Marum Jew, claim in behalf of late Lämel Jew.
1681-11-28Marum Jew borrows 127 fl.
1682-01-19Marum Jew claims 255 fl. since 1665.
1682-02-03Jacob Würth of Untereggingen owes Jew Marum 71 fl. He makes a down payment of 50 fl. to Jew Leib Joneles Sohn.
1682-02-17Jew Marum acknowledges payment.
1682-02-20Jerg Köhl of Schwaningen sells Marum Jew a field for 60 fl. Marum according to his letter-of-protection must not own real estate and sells the field further.
1682-02-23Marum claims payment for grain.
1682-03-03Lehmann, Marum´s servant, and Jäckhoff, the medium (mittlerer) son of Calmele, are fined for brawl on their Sabbath.
1682-04-20Marum, fee for a real estate transaction.
1682-10-07Jäckoff the oldest son of Jew Marum claims payment of 8 fl.
1682-10-07Marum claims 100 fl.
1682-11-27On 06.10.1673, claims were secured by Hirtzel of Öttingen, grandfather-in-law of Jew Marum. Marum says he is not liable for this claim.
1683-01-05Marum claims 28 fl.
1683-02-04Marum´s son Jeckhoff is to be paid.
1683-02-15Marum is sued for payment of 63 fl.
1683-02-18Several claims by Jew Marum.
1683-02-23Jew Marum, two transactions.
1683-03-09Marum pays 63 fl. for a pledged meadow and is to pay the other 63 fl. soon.
1683-03-11Claims to the estate of Georg Hägelin by Calmeli 102 fl. 56 fl. Abraham 99 fl. Schmulin Calmelins Sohn 51 fl. Menckhens Sohn Moises 12 fl. Marum 5 fl.
1683-06-04Marum did not observe a decree of 27.11.1682 and is to expect execution.
1683-06-04Marum sets several claims as security.
1683-08-12Again the large claim against Marum.
1683-08-18Marum claims 67 fl. after he has been waiting for payment for 14 years.
1684-01-18Marum claims 43 fl. rest of a house sale.
1684-03-08Marum Jew here sells Martin Tinger the miller in Untereggingen a field for 50 fl. which the Jew has acquired from Baltus Miller´s heirs some years ago.
1684-03-08Marum Jew, representing all the creditors of Caspar Fischer called Weißlen in Weizen, sells Jerg Schalck, blacksmith of Weizen, a meadow for 100 fl.
1684-04-25Marum and his son Joseph, mutual account.
1684-05-29Ursula Rueff née Preyser in Mauchen conveys her propety, with the following Jewish claims: Marum 18 fl. Lew 10 fl. Calmele 8 fl. Seligmann 6 fl. Meyerlin 13 fl.
1684-12-01Marum Jew claims payment of 74 fl., with mention of Jäckoff Jew Marums Sohn.
1684-12-11Christoph Köhl representing the widow of Hans Albert sells Marum Jew a field, an old wagon, a piece of cattle and some oats and cloth for 200 fl. Said Marum sells the field further to Jerg Würth for 130 fl.
1684-12-11Marumb Jew sells Jerg Bentel of Lempach a meadow for 60 fl.
1685-01-10Marum Jew claims payment (two cases).
1685-03-02Marum, mutual accounts.
1685-07-18Seeligmann buys lands from the estate of Hans Ulrich Sibler and is to pay the debts, including Himself 57 fl. Meyerlin Lehemans Sohn 2 fl. Abraham 2 fl. Modl 4 fl. Marum 50 fl. Jew Menckhen´s heirs 13 fl.
1685-10-11The boys of Calimilis, Model, and Hirtzel are fined for gambling on a holiday and bothering the Christians. Schmuli Jew Calmilis Sohn is fined for drinking tobacco. Meyerlin Lehemanns Sohn is fined for driving into someone´s grain on Corpus Christi day. Joseph Marums Sohn is fined for driving into someones´s field. Abraham Jew is fined for not cleaning his chimney. The wife of Model is fined for letting the laundry lye (Lauge) run into a well and offending the well master. Calmelin Jew, Hirtzel, Joseph Marumb and Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn are fined because their horses caused damage. The sons of Jew Jäkli are find for going into the stable with open lights.
1685-11-19Marum is again sued, with reference to the proceedings of 04.06.1683.
1686-01-08Jonas Jew Marumbs Sohn, also representing his co-heirs, sells a field for 18 fl. to Martin Beudenrauch of Schwaningen for his son Jung Martin Beudenrauch.
1686-01-28Two creditors claim 290 fl. capital from Marum Jew after they got words that he has recently died and his estate will be distributed among his heirs soon. The heirs, namely son-in-law Model, the son Jossel, and Sandel as assistant of the widow, said they are only liable for eight days, which was found not acceptable, so the inheritance (estate) was officially sealed.
1686-04-04Callmelin acknowledges payment. Other creditors are: Marum 25 fl. Jekoff Marumb Sohn 3 fl. Model Weihl grain Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn 5 fl. Seligmann 4 fl. They were all paid, and Calmele translated their receipts into German.
1686-04-04Callmelin acknowledges payment. Other creditors are: Marum 25 fl. Jekoff Marumb Sohn 3 fl. Model Weihl grain Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn 5 fl. Seligmann 4 fl. They were all paid, and Calmele translated their receipts into German.
1686-10-15Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmuli Callmelins Sohn. Sandels Jew´s son. Hirtzlin´s servant and Jäglin´s son. Davidt Jäglins Sohn, Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn, Jonas unmarried Marums Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn. Jossel Jew, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, and Callmelin. Jäckoff Marums Sohn. Jonas unmarried Marumbs Sohn. Seeligmann´s servant and Callmelin´s boy. Jäglins Sohn, Callmelins Sohn and Marumns Jossel. Schmuhli Callmelins Sohn and Jossel Marumnbs Sohn. Seeligmanns servant, Jossel Marumbs boy, Jäglin´s boy, Callmelin and Hürtzel. Lew. Seeligmanns son B(ar?)uch unmarried. The boys of Isaac and Callmelin Schmuhlins Sohn. Jew Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boys of Schmuhlin Callmelins Sohn, Jossel Marums and Jäglin. The servant of Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boy of Sandel.
1686-12-10The debtors of late Jew Marum are to pay by New Year´s Day on pain of execution.
1687-02-04The heirs of Jew Marum sell shoemaker Thebus Kressenbuch in Untereggingen two meadows for 50 fl.
1687-02-04Hans Conrad Köhl sells a meadow for 26 fl. to the heirs of Marum Jew. The heirs change this meadow for another one and sell this one for 23.5 fl.
1687-03-15Jeweils 18 fl. zahlen Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn, Lew Jonasen Sohn, Calmelin, Schmulin Calmelis Sohn, Alt Marum (ist gestorben, also null), Jeckhoff Marums Sohn, Jekhlin Menckhins Bruder, Davidt erstgemelten Jeglis Sohn, Meyer Lehemans Sohn, Seligman, Schmuli Seligmans Sohn, Schmuli der Große, Lämblin Seligmans Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Lehemans Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Mausche Marums Tochtermann.
1687-04-28The heirs of Jew Marum make a down payment of a debt which was once 290 fl.
1687-07-04The heirs of Jew Marum acknowledge payment.
1687-08-31Jew Marumďs heirs, creditors.
1687-11-21The heirs of Jew Marum, represented by their brother Jonele, claim 12 fl.
1687-12-03Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmulin the Old. Jäglin. Isac Schmulins Sohn. Hürtzlen. Mausche Menckhins Sohn. Mayer Menckhins Sohn. Jossel Marums Sohn. Sandel. Model. Laimlin. Seligman. Schmulin Seligmans Sohn. Mahrum Jeckoff. Calmelin. Rabbi Salomon. David Jäglins Sohn. Every one is fined 1 pound for washing his supplies (Vorrat) in the well.
1688-04-22Isackh Jew Seligmannďs son-in-law, Schmulin Calmelinďs son, and Marumďs heirs acquire lands.
1688-10-01Same heirs sell the heirs of Jew Marum a hemp land within a fence and a field for 50 fl.
1688-10-01The heirs of Marum, represented by the son Jonas, sell the hemp land purchased from the Köhl heirs for 37 fl.
1688-12-15Jew Marumďs heirs sell a field.
1689-01-07Jew Marumďs heirs sell a garden.
1692-01-01Receipt by Marum Gugenheim, with three lines of Hebrew text.
1692-06-29Marumďs heirs have sold a meadow to Martin Stamm at Schlaitheim.
1692-08-29Marumďs heirs, quarrel about a meadow they had once sold.
1693-01-21Marumďs widow at Stühlingen, horse trade matter.
1693-04-14The heirs of Jew Marum claim payment.
1693-04-17Claim by Marumďs heirs.
1693-08-28Georg Gromann owes 100 fl. to the heirs of Marum Jew. Jonas, representing his mother and the other heirs, claims instant payment.
1693-09-25Installment dates for payments by the heirs of Jew Marum to Heinrich von Waldkirch, administrator of Allerheiligen monastery in Schaffhausen.
1696-03-15The heirs of Marum are to pay back a debt in order to redeem a warrantor.
1696-11-06Compensation of claims by Jonas Gugenheimb and his mother, Marum´s widow.
1696-11-28Marum´s widow, claim.
1699-04-03Margam, widow of Marum, transfers a claim of 3 fl. to Leib Jew.
1699-04-19At Untereggingen: Marum. Jüdele Weyhl. Benjamin. At Horheim: Salomon. His brother. General: The unmarried cousin of Sandel (half fee). Jäckhoff Marum`s son. Mergam the widow of Jew Marum (half fee). Jonas Model`s son.
1700-10-15Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemblin, Isaccs Witwe (Armut halber null), Schmuli Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, Model, Abrahamb, Sandels lediger Vetter genannt Hauser (halber Betrag), Marums Witwe (großer Armut halber null), Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isaccs Sohn, Feissel Leiben Sohn.
1716-03-15Extanzenregister, darin die schutzverwandten Juden Sallomon Jäggelin Sohn, Jekoff Marum Sohn, Mausche Alt, Josell Marum Sohn, Lemble Alt, Isac Juden Wittib, Schmuel Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickhert, Modell, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Mergam Marums Wittib, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jäggelle Hirtzels Sohn, Hirtzel Jud, Jackoff Callmelis Sohn, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer Eliasen Sohn, Davidt Jäggelin Sohn, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Marum Weyl Jud, Beniamin Jud, Schmule Jüdelins Sohn, Isac Jud Beniamin Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn. Fremde Juden, die Geleit haben: Ephraim zu Donaueschingen, Samuel allda, Simeon und Samuel Vehlmann (wohl Uhlmann) zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Isac Meyer von "Gaisingen", Lehman Weyl von Donaueschingen, Meyer Bloch Jud von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau.
1729-01-01Rückständigen Zahlungen von Jeckoff Marumbs Sohn (156), Model (17), Mergen Marumbs Wittib (32), Hertzele (29), Jackoff Callmelins Sohn (37), Elias Boll (70), Jüdele Weyl von Horheim (25), Marumb Weyl (3), Beniamin (10), Schmule Jüdelins Sohn (28), Ephraim (13), Samuel von Unterlauchringen (22), Isacc Meyer von Gailingen (9), Meyer Bloch von Gailingen (10), Lehmann Weyl von Donaueschingen „so getauft und dato sich in Donaueschingen befindet, mit Anthoni Namen Joseph Ernst“ (18) (Beträge in Gulden, auf ganze Zahlen abgerundet).

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