Abstracted from 61/12666: Proceedings of St├╝hlingen district, 1659-1663.

1663-01-18Mr. Hans Conradt Braun, merchant in Schaffhausen, had on 28.05.1662 sold merchandize worth 680 florins to Marx Hönlin called Süesskhündt, Jew in Öttingen. Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in Stühlingen declared him-self a warrantor for his father-in-law Süesskhündt who has failed to pay. He says his warrant was only for part of the amount, namely 150 florins due to (the dominion of?) Stühlingen. He is absolved from paying the 530 florins right now, but may have to do so later on upon another complaint.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Marum Jew Jecoph┬┤s son(Meir (Marum) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb)

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