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Abstracted from 61/12666: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1659-1663.

1659-04-29Mutual account between Jacob Büchin and Jew Marum Tochtermännlin, with reference to the proceedings of 29.02.1652.
1659-05-13Mutual account between the Pletscher heirs and Jew Jäckhlin.
- Same between Jacob Mathiss, sheriff of Horheim, and -13 Leman Hirtzlin´s son, with events since 18.02.1652.
1659-06-10Beer Jew from Prague, currently the singer of the local Jews, is fined ten florins because he attempted to defraud a man at the Zurzach fair and ran away.
1659-07-03Salomon Jew, currently in Markt Bissingen near Nördlingen and a co-heir of Schachman in Stühlingen, claims his share of 282 fl. from Horheim community.
- Jacob Newenburger, Jew in Stühlingen, is to be paid.
- Marum is to be paid for a bull.
1659-09-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in Stühlingen.
1659-11-21Calmelin Jew is to be paid.
1659-11-28Lehman Jew, who has formerly been under protectio in Preulingen (probably Bräunlingen), is accepted into protection in Stühlingen at 10 florins protection fee.
1660-01-08Hans Hotz of Mauchen is to pay interest to Menckhin Jew of Stühlingen.
- Jacob Heuser of Lempach is to pay his debts to Menckhin.
- Jäckhlin Jew is to be paid by several debtors.
- Jacob Nöwenburger Jew in Stühlingen is to be paid.
1660-01-09Marum Jew Jecoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1660-01-16Marum Jew Tochtermännle, bull trade matter.
1660-01-29Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, horse trade matter.
- Jäckhlin Jew, claim.
- Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in behalf of the Schachmann heirs has (transferred?) a claim to Seligmann Jew.
- Seeligmann Jew, claim.
- Jäckhlin Jew is to be paid (2 entries).
- Jacob Newenburger Jew is to be paid for a horse.
- Calmelin of Stühlingen is to be paid for a bull.
1660-02-04Marum Jew Tochtermännlin bought a cow.
1660-02-06Same man (a complicated matter with reference to an event at the Zurzach fair in 1644).
- Marum Tochtermännlin is sued for a debt originating from his step-father-in-law (Stiefschwäher) David Jew. Defendant anwers that he (David) was killed by soldiers in the war and all his property was robbed so he (defendant) is not an heir of this man. The claim is refused but Marum is to return the deposited movables to Schaffhausen.
- Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is to be paid.
- A bull is set as a pawn to secure payment to Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
- Lemalin and Seeligmann Jews are fined for white wine.
- Hirtzlin is fined for beating Schmuli and the hangman´s boy.
1660-02-13Christa Widtmer of Schwaningen has bought a house from Marum Jew Jecoph´s son as guardian (Pfleger) of Jew Seeligmann and consorts.
1660-02-19Maruum Jew Tochtermännle acknowledges payment.
- Menckhin Jew claims payment of 107 fl.
- Claus Lehmann owes the Faistlin heirs 57 fl.
- Calmelin, horse and cow trade matter.
- Lemalin Jew, claim.
1660-03-01Marum Jew Jecoph´s son has paid 200 florins by ceding a claim.
1660-03-15Jäckhlin Weyl, Jew in Stühlingen, files a against the Caspar Ehrensperger heirs.
1660-04-02Hans Marber of Weizen bought a field from Marum Jew Jecoph´s son for 300 florins.
1660-04-03Quarrels between the Jewish community, Jacob Nöwenburger and Calmeli Jew, about the ceremonies, with mention of Cost´s wife. The matter is postponed until a Rabbi comes here. The two young Jews (probably J. N. and C.) are to deposit 6 Reichstaler and continue with their Easterly ceremonies. Calmelin is fined 3 pounds because he called Jäckhlin, an old man, a lyer in the public.
1660-04-08Marum Jew Jecoph´s son files a claim to a farm which was recently sold, with reference to the proceedings of 17.01.1647.
- Calmelin is to return the price of a horse which fell down three days after sale.
- Mutual account between Jacob Marber and Marum Jew.
1660-04-15Calmelin is to restitute a horse.
1660-04-22Marum, foal trade.
- Calmelin is to be paid.
1660-06-16Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Lemalin Jew give a horse, a coat and a gun plus 80 florins cash for a claim of 260 fl.
1660-06-25A farmstead acquired by (zugefallen) the dominion in behalf of (wegen des) Jew Isaac was sold for 55 fl.
1660-07-01Menckhe Jew, petty claim.
- Joneli Jew claims an old debt of 10 fl.
- Claim of Marum Jew Tochtermändli with mention of the proceedings of 12.01.1651.
1660-07-08Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims 30 fl. from the community of Unterwangen.
- Lehman Jew acknowledges payment.
1660-08-04Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, quarrels after the sale of a piece of gold.
1660-09-09Calmeli, cow trade matter.
1660-09-12Isac, claim of 25 fl. in behalf of the Jew of Oberlauchringen. A claim by Jäcklin is postponed.
1660-10-29Marum Jew Tochtermännle claims 92 fl.
- Marum Jew Tochtermenlin claims 40 fl. which he has loaned 28 years ago according to his business book.
1660-11-18A claim by Menckhin Jew, with mention of his brother.
- Baroch of Tiengen, agreement after a horse trade.
1660-11-19Marum is sued after a horse trade which took place about six years ago.
- Börach of Tiengen is to be paid.
1660-12-02Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims 670 fl. from Adam Güntert of Eberfingen
- Deposition of David at the quarrel of his brother Menckhin.
- Schmulin Jew is to be paid.
- Marum Jew Tochtermändlin claims 165 fl.
- Calmelin, claim after a horse trade.
1660-12-09Menckhin Jew claims 212 fl.
- Menckhin, mutual account.
- Seligmändlin is to be paid.
1660-12-16Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, claim.
- Marum Jew Jöcoph´s son, with reference to his business book.
- Leman is to be paid.
1660-12-17Menckhin contradicts the registration of a mortgage because he already has a claim to the lands provided as a pawn.
1660-12-22This matter continued.
1661-01-11Davidt of Tiengen, cattle trade.
1661-01-24Lehman Jew of Schwerzen is to pay a small amount.
1661-01-31Joneli is to pay 3 florins. He reports he was fined by Rabin Matheis of Tiengen which is against the command of the dominion.
1661-02-03Davidt of Tiengen, mutual account.
- Schmulin of Stühlingen, claim.
- Calmeli, claim after a horse and cattle trade.
1661-02-17Mauschelin of Tiengen claims payment.
1661-02-18Same man, mutual account.
- Jäckhlin claims payment of some debts piled up since
- according to his business book.
1661-02-25Menckh Jew buys an old cow for 10 fl.
1661-03-10Marum Jew Tochtermändtlin, quarrel after a cow transaction.
- Marum Jew Tochtermendtle files a claim for Sandel Jew´s widow.
1661-03-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is sued after he had sold a horse at the Schaffhausen market 18 years ago.
1661-03-21Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son acknowledges payment.
- Kalmele, same.
1661-04-07Marum Jew Tochtermändlein is fined for beating Calmeli Jew, assisted by his (Marum´s) son Schmulin.
1661-05-05Marum Jew Tochtermandlin acknowledges payment.
- Marum Jew Jacoph´s son claims payment.
1661-05-12The youngest son of Jew Marum Tochtermanlin was beaten in the inn.
1661-06-23Lehman is to be paid.
1661-07-11Seligmänndli Jew is sued after a horse trade.
1661-07-12Marum Jew Jacoph´s son, same.
1661-07-27Claims to the estate of Hanns Bühlmann of Eberfingen: Mayerlin´s heirs 183 fl. Menckhin 17 fl. Marum Jew Jacoph´s son 15 fl.
1661-08-12Andreas Newenburger was fined gaol (Turm) because he had shot in the windows of the Synagogue by a gun (Carabiner).
1661-08-19Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, quarrel about two deposited (verstellte) bulls.
- Marum Jacoph´s son, claim of 100 fl.
1661-10-26Jäggle Jew has bought a "Ferbin" for 29 fl. which his son Mauschele will pay.
1661-11-10Marum Jew Jecoph´s son sells some real estate
- and acknowledges payment.
1661-12-19Schmuli Jew Hirzlin´s son, horse trade.
1661-12-20Marum Jew Jekoph´s son obtains a cow for partial payment.
- The widow of Jew Jacob Newenburger is to be paid.
- Marum Jew is to be paid.
1661-12-24David Jew of Tiengen is to be paid.
- David Jew of Tiengen, horse trade at the market.
- Same claims 118 florins and 17 florins.
1662-01-11Jäcklin Jew is to be paid.
- Menckhin Jew is to be paid 212 fl.
1662-01-12Calmelin Jew, horse trade quarrel.
- Marum Jew Tochtermänlin is to be paid (several cases).
- Claims by Marum and Mauschelin, Jews of Tiengen.
- Claim of Menckhin.
- Claim by Barockh of Tiengen.
1662-03-16The Jews cannot pay their fees to the town because they get nothing from their debtors. They are to pay anyway.
- Marum Jecoph´s son claims paymnt of 82 fl.
- Seeligmann of Stühlingen claims payment for a horse.
- Schmule claims payment of 30 fl.
- Lehman Jew Hirtzlin´s son claims payment for a horse.
- Jägglin Jew Meyerlin´s son claims payment of 15 fl.
- Schmule Jew is to be paid.
- Calmele has deposited a cow which has died.
- Lehman Hürzlin´s son claims payment of a horse.
- Lehman Hirzlin´s son, representing Kaypha Jew in Pferschen (Pfersee), makes up a mutual account which yields a claim of 113 fl.
- Kalmele claims 31 fl.
- A man failed to appear upon request of Jonus Jew.
- Seeligmann Jew claims payment of 35 fl.
1662-03-22Marum Jecoph´s son, claim after a horse trade.
- Calmele, claim after a horse trade.
- Marum Jecoph´s son makes a mutual account with Hanns Proz of Horheim. This man has already paid 72 florins of capital and interest originating from the Jew´s father as an heir of Schachman and still owes 52 fl.
- Marum Jew claims payment.
- Calmele claims payment from two men.
1662-03-23A claim of Marum Jecoff´s son is secured by a garden.
1662-03-30A claim of Lemblin from Tiengen is acknowledged.
- Lämblin Jew of Tiengen makes a mutual account with Georg Güntert of Obermettingen.
- Jonas of Stühlingen is sued after a horse deal.
- Lämblin of Tiengen claims payment for grain.
- Same claims payment of two debts.
- Mauschele Weyl, Jew of (crossed out: Stühlingen, replaced by) Tiengen, claims payment.
- Lipp Dobler, innkeeper, claims 8 florins Zehrung from Kypha (also called Kayphas) the Jew and his guardian Lehman Jew, but does not know from which year it originates. Lehman says it was paid by the delivery of grain.
- Sigmundt Müller the hangman claims doctor´s wages for treating a child of Calmele Jew. Calmele says the hangman made it just worse.
- Lehman of Schwerzen claims payment of a calf.
- Hanns Faber has not appeared upon request of Jew Davidt Meyer.
- Hans Griesser of Mauchen admits a debt of 495 the heirs of Meyerlin Jew.
- Defendants have not appeared upon the request of Jews Lemblin of Tiengen and Calmele.
- Calmele, claim.
1662-04-13Jäckhle buys grain and sets all his propety as a pawn for payment.
1662-04-24Jägglin has sold grain.
1662-05-02Marum claims 20 fl. and his brother Jonas 5 fl.
1662-05-04Jägglin Weyl sells grain, peas and beans.
- Hirzlin Meyer of Tiengen, claim in behalf of a deposited (verstellte) cow.
- Treasurer (Säckelmeister) Hurter of Schaffhausen claims 202 florins from Jägglin Weyl Jew in Stühlingen. The claim originates from 1640.
- Two goats were (not by their owner) sold to Jew Schmol.
- Calmele claims payment.
1662-05-08Jägglin Weyl of Stühlingen is secured payment for grain.
1662-05-31Mauschele Jew of Tiengen applies to interrogate sheriff Jacob Mattheis of Horheim about a claim.
1662-08-27Leib Jew of Hohenems sues Johann Dobler of Stühlingen in behalf of deposited (verstellte) sheep.
1662-09-06Calmele sues a man for verbal injuries and attack.
- Säligmändlin and Calmele Jews of Stühlingen have bought a horse which collapsed soon after.
1662-09-20Marum Jew Jecoph´s son claims payment of 82 florins
- and of 158 florins.
- and of 116 florins.
- Marum Jew and with him Calmele Jew, also from Stühlingen, make an account with Michael Würth from Untereggingen about a claim originating from Jacoph Jew. Würth owes Marum 80 florins and he owes Calmele and his brother Seeligmann 12 florins.
- Marum Jew claims payment of a debt and for a horse.
- Same claims payment of 133 florins.
- Menckhe for himself and his co-heirs in Stühlingen claims payment of 212 florins.
1662-10-03Calmele is sued after a cow deal.
1662-10-18Calme (sic) claims payment of 48 florins.
- Jäglein Mögerlins Sohn, Jew of Stühlingen, claims the maintainance of a hay deal.
1662-10-24Calmele, contract about a deposited cow.
1662-10-26Schmuell (hard to read) claims payment of 131 fl.
- Calmele claims payment after a mutual account was made.
1663-01-08Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son cedes a claim of 65 fl.
- Jägglin Alt gets paid 50 of 100 florins due.
- A claim of 125 florins by Isac Jew Lecheman´s son was transferred to another debtor.
1663-01-18Mr. Hans Conradt Braun, merchant in Schaffhausen, had on 28.05.1662 sold merchandize worth 680 florins to Marx Hönlin called Süesskhündt, Jew in Öttingen. Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in Stühlingen declared him-self a warrantor for his father-in-law Süesskhündt who has failed to pay. He says his warrant was only for part of the amount, namely 150 florins due to (the dominion of?) Stühlingen. He is absolved from paying the 530 florins right now, but may have to do so later on upon another complaint.
- Marum is to annul a horse purchase or deduct the price from a claim of 190 florins.
1663-01-19Jäglin Alt, long mutual account with Hans Jacob Proz.
- Marum, investigations after the purchase of a wounded (verletztes) horse.
1663-01-23Mr. Alexander Hurter, treasurer of Schaffhausen, claim a complicated matter, debtor says he has bought real estate charged by a mortgage from Marum Jew Tochtermännlin, and Hurter is reserved to sue the heirs of this Jew.
- Christa Fessler is to pay 106 florins to the heirs of Marum Jew Tochtermännlin (with reference to the proceedings of 02.12.1660).
1663-01-25Seeligmann Jew claims payment of a horse. Calmele and Marum Jeckhoff´s son are being paid.
- The heirs of Marum Tochtermännlin claim 48 florins from the heirs of Thebus Berger.
1663-02-08Menckhen claims payment.
- Two men have failed to appear upon request of Calmelin.
- Mr. Jeremias Payr of Schaffhausen sues Marum Jew for payment as a warrantor for his father-in-law Marx Hiendlin in Öttingen. Marum does not admit such a warrant.
1663-02-09Mathabaeus Beyler, cabinet-maker in Stühlingen, obliges to produce certain pieces of furniture for Calmelin who had already paid for them.
1663-02-22Seeligman Jew promises to pay.
1663-02-27Marum, Jäckhle, Sandel, and Menckhen Jews are among the creditors of late Hans Bentz of Lembach.
- A claim öf Menckhen Jew of Stühlingen was on 20.12.1652 secured by a mortgage. In 1657 he got the pertaining pawn, a field, and now sold it further.
1663-03-01Jäglin Alt sends his servant Davidt Jew to report that a claim to the community of Lembach was paid.
1663-03-08Marum Jew of Tiengen claims payment.
- David Mey(er) of Oberlauchringen, same.
- Selligmändtlin, two claims for payment.
- Calmelin claims payment.
1663-03-14Jäckhlin Jew is fined six pounds for offenses against Jr. Heinrich Ziegler of Schaffhausen, and sentenced to recall them.
- The heirs of Marum Tochtermenlin file a claim.
- Sames, with reference to the proceedings of 14.06.1657 and with a mutual account.
1663-04-03A claim of Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son is to be secured.
1663-04-12Davidt Jew of Tiengen claims 46 florins.
- Lehman Jew in Stühlingen and his brother Schmulin claim 166 florins.
1663-04-16Mr. Hanns Conradt Braun, merchant of Schaffhausen, again sues Marum Jecoph´s son of Stühlingen as the son-in-law and warrantor of Marx Henlin called Süeßkhindt, under protection of Öttingen. Plaintiff is to present a certificate by Marx´s authority that this Jew is indeed unable to pay.
1663-04-17Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, mutual account.
1663-05-02A claim of 644 fl. by Marum Jeckhoff´s son is secured by a mortgage.
1663-06-04Mr. Johann Conradt Braun, merchant in Schaffhausen, has presented a writing from the Oettingen district office whereas Jew Hönlin is not insolvent. With further legal considerations about this matter. Marum is sentenced to pay 583 florins if his father-in-law is unable to do so, but filed appeal.
1663-06-13Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sends his son Abraham to declare that a debtor has paid all his debts.
1663-07-05Jew Henlin was a year ago allowed to live in Horheim and is to pay 10 florins protection fee per year.
1663-07-09Küffe Jew is mentally incabaple. Lehman had been set as his guardian. Claims to the unattended house of Küffe were filed, so Lehman sells it for 60 florins to Seligmändlin Jew and the debts are to be paid from the earnings.
1663-07-10Leheman Hirtzlin´s son, horse deal and transfer of a claim.
1663-08-23End of this volume.
1669-01-22Same, and mutual account with Simon Fischer of Weizen.

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