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Tree Schalom (Schachman), ?Gugenheimb is mentioned 151 times between 1622 and 1665. He died around 1649. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G2'.

Schalom (Schachman) first appears in 1622 in regard to a court case involving a horse deal [R1549; 08.01.1622]. In 1623 he is mentioned as Meyerlin`s son-in-law [R1552; 02.13.1623], probably Meir (Meierle) ben Jacob Bloch. He dealt in cattle, horses, real estate and lent money. He was under protection from 1634 to 1645. No protection lists are available for the years 1646 to 1648. Also in 1634 there is mention of a brother [R2876; 09.07.1634] . Schalom died before Dec. 1649. His heirs were represented frequently by `Marum Jeckhoffs son`. In 1653 the heirs are represented by Seeligman. Also in 1653 Schalom`s widow became the wife of Jacob (Jägglin) ben Judah Weyl [R1949; 03.20.1653]. In 1659 a further heir of Schachman - Salomon in Markt Bissingen near Nördlingen is mentioned [R3766; 07.03.1659]. In 1665 other descendants of Jeckhuff are also mentioned among the heirs [R4072; 11.05.1665]. It is thus likely that Schalom was a brother or brother-in-law to Jacob the Patriarch. .

1622-08-01Schachman Jew sues Oschwaldt Wenzinger for verbal injuries after a horse trade, and for taking the traded horse away.
1623-02-13Inserted paper with penalties, including such from Cost Jew, Meyerlin Jew, his son-in-law by the name Schachman, Hirtzlin Jew, Jäcclin Jew the small one (der Klain) and his brother Sandell.
1624-03-04Schachmann the Jew, annulled horse trade.
1624-03-04Claim of Schachmann Jew, debt of Isac Jew.
1628-01-24Mortgages issued by Schachmann, Jeggle, Jecuff. Jacoff sells a garden in Weizen. The Peter Basler creditors sell his real estate for 320 florins. Hirtzl had complained to become the owner before. Jonle Jew buys a field for 32 fl. in behalf of the Jews Sanel and Leman. Judel Jew of Ofteringen claims payment. Hürtzle applies to write some persons (with a list of names) into outlawry (Acht, but in this context, it means a stage of the procedure against a debtor). With an agreement by every one about the method of payment. Leman Jew, same for some debtors who did not pay. Jacoff Jew, same for a series of debtors. Schachman Jew applies to confiscate the property of Caspar Schalch. Judele of Ofteringen applies to write some creditors into outlawry (Acht). Jäggle Jew, horse trade matter.
1629-02-01Schachman, agreement.
1629-03-08Claims by the Jews Schachman, Sannel´s heirs, Jacoff, and Jägle to Caspar Schalck of Weizen.
1629-03-21Mention of Jews Hürtzle, Jacoff, Leman Jew´s son, Schachman, Judele of Ofteringen, Daniel, Costmann, Meierle of Ofteringen.
1629-04-18Mention of Cost, Jacoff, Leman (sale of a house in Eberfingen to David), Jäggle, Meierle (buys a house in an auction), David, Schachman, Meierle of Ofteringen, Judele, Judele Mauschi Sohn, Judele of Ofteringen.
1629-04-26Schachman, claim.
1629-06-07Schachman may present a case at the court if he wants.
1629-07-19Warrantors are to secure a claim of Jew Schachman.
1629-11-15Meierle sues Daniel Hotz for payment.186 22.11.1629 Schachman, brawl after a questionable hide and grain deal.
1629-11-22Schachman, questionable horse deal.
1630-03-20With mention of Mauschi of Ofteringen, Schmol of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Schachman, Josephle as powerholder of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle Jew Leman´s son.
1630-04-17With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Leman Jew´s son Leman (sic, probably in error), Schmol of Ofteringen, Leman, Jacoff, Schachmann, Hürtzle, Joseph servant of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle, Jacoff, Schmol.
1630-05-29With mention of Jäggle (loan of 1621), Meierle, Schachman, Joseph the servant of Sannel´s widow, Jacoff.
1630-07-03With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow.
1630-10-23With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Sannel´s widow, Hürtzle, Jacoff and Jäggle Jews (they claim payment from a common debtor).
1630-11-07Small claims of Schachman Jew.
1631-03-12With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Judele representing Meierle, Jäggle, Leman, Sannel´s widow.
1631-04-09With mention of Judele of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Meierle, Jacoff, Isaac, Eli, Jäggle, Judele representing Meyerle of Ofteringen, Schachman, Leman, Jecoff.
1631-09-24With mention of Hürtzle, Schachman, Schmol, Isaac, Judele of Ofteringen, Jäggle, Meierle.
1631-10-15With mention of Schachman.
1631-10-25Schachman claims 10 fl.
1631-12-01With mention of Jacoff, Judele, Jäckle representing Sannel´s widow, Hürtzle, Schachman, Jäggle.
1632-01-29Schachman claims payment.
1632-01-29Schachman Jew, claim for payment.
1632-02-12Schachman is to pay for a calf.
1632-02-12Schachman, calf trade.
1632-02-19Schachman is to be paid.
1632-02-26Schachman is fined 1 fl. for verbal injuries.
1632-02-26Schachman is fined for wrongly calling two men lyers.
1632-03-10With mention of Schachman, Jacoff, Sannel´s widow, Meierle of Ofteringen, Jaudele of Ofteringen (also representing his brother From), Meierle, Schachman, Jacoff, Joseph Jew Sannel´s servant, From of Ofteringen.
1632-03-11Schachman is to be paid. Meierle is to pay. Davidt is to make a mutual account.
1632-03-31With mention of Jacoff, Hürtzle, Schachman, Jäggle, Judele (also called Judele of Ofteringen), Joseph, Sannel´s widow, Judele, Marum, Jäggle.
1632-04-28With mention of Schachman, Eli, Sannel´s widow, Jacoff, Schmol, Hürtzel, Josephle representing Sannel´s widow.
1632-05-06Schachman, meadow trade (hard to understand).
1632-05-06Schachman is to accept a goat for payment.
1632-07-01Schachman is to pay a debt.
1632-07-01Schachman, cow trade matter.
1632-10-13With mention of Schachman, Hürtzle, Schmol.
1632-11-03With mention of Schachman, Meierle, Schmol.
1632-12-01With mention of Jecoff (away from the country), Schmol representing his father Jacoff or Jecoff, Jäggle, Sannel´s widow, Schachman, Maierle, Judele Jud Mauschi Sohn, Schmul, Hirtzle.
1633-01-27Schachman sues a debtor for payment.
1633-01-27Schachmann declares he has received payment for a field.
1633-01-27Schachman is to be paid (two cases).
1633-02-16With mention of Schachman, Meierle (wants to buy a house), Judele Moschai Sohn of Ofteringen, Jäggle, the servant of Sanel Jew´s widow Jew Jecoff´s son representing his father, Sanel´s widow, Jäggle, Hürtzle (sells a house with two gardens).
1633-02-17Schachmann Jew, cow trade quarrel.
1633-02-22Schachman obliges to transfer a debt to Jeggle or pay it.
1633-04-25Among the creditors of miller Michael Alparth of Schleitheim are: Schmol Jew for himself and who is to report such to his father/cousin Jacoff (der solches sein Vater/ Vetter Jacoff berichten soll) Jeggle, Hürtzle and Schachman for themselves. They agree to postpone their claims for two years.
1633-04-28A long list of claims by Jew Schachman to Melchior Fotzeler the piper of Obereggingen.
1633-12-15Schachman Jew claims payment (two cases).
1634-01-05A claim by Schachmann Jew.
1634-01-31Johannes Pfeiffer asks for delay to pay his debt to Schachman and offers his house and some lands as a pawn. Schachman rather wants to money.
1634-02-09Schachmann Jew is to be paid.
1634-02-10Description of the debts of Johannes Pfeiffer. Meierle about 200 fl. Schachman about 120 fl. Jecoff Jew 58 fl. Schmol Jew 12 fl. The heirs of Hürzle Jew 9 fl. Eli(?) Jew Meierle´s son 27 fl. With a long negotiation about Schachman´s claim.
1634-02-10Johannes Pfeiffer and Agatha Mosmann report an event with Schachman Jew in a case between this Jew and Michael Pfeiffer.
1634-02-16Schachmann accepts partial payment.
1634-03-02Schachmann, several complaints.
1634-05-11Schachmann claims payment for a saddle.
1634-05-31Caspar Eisenegger sues the widow of Hürtzle, assisted by Schachman Jew, for payment of 75 fl. A long matter with Schachman suing Eisenegger for verbal injuries. Eisenegger says he has only done this for the religion as he knows nothing odd about Schachman (says he has only geketzeret him, but not geschelmet and gediebet).
1634-06-09Schachman Jew applies for a decision in the matter against Michel Pfeiffer.
1634-06-09Schachman and Jeggle, creditors.
1634-06-15Schirm- und Satzgeld: Schachman, 15 fl
1634-06-19Schachman against Michel Pfeiffer.
1634-06-19Schachman Jew has obtained the lands of Hanns Schölderlin at a recent bankruptcy procedure and (asks for a title?). A pending lease contract for nine years is confirmed.
1634-06-24Schachmann Jude liefert 162 fl. (von wem?) erhaltene Kontribution ab.
1634-08-31Depositions of Schachmann Jew and Eli, Meierles´s son.
1634-09-07Schachmann, debt after a horse trade, with mention of his brother (unnamed).
1634-10-12Claims against Felix Nüsslin of Lempach: Jacoff Jew 120 fl. Schachmann Jew 5 fl. + 8 fl. Hürtzel´s heirs 200 fl. Jeggle Jew 13 fl. Leman Jew 20 fl.
1634-10-12Schachmann Jew claims payment.
1634-11-30Interrogation of witnesses in the matter of Schachmann Jew against Hans Conrad Hofacker.
1634-12-15Jew Schachmann offers proof against Hans Conrad Hofacker.
1634-12-15Requests for payment by Schachmann,
1634-12-15Schachmann again, plus Jaggle´s servant (Jewish?) and Sannel´s widow.
1635-01-31Felix Nüssle has formerly bought a house from Hürtzle Jew for 200 fl. and now want to sells it back to the widow. Jeggle and Schachman answer for her.
1635-01-31The town sells Jews Schachmann and Jeggle all fields which formerly belonged to Hanns Scholderlin for 303 fl. With an additional term about 57 florins.
1635-03-26The mayor, magistrate and all the citizen claim that the Jews contribute a quarter of the expenses which the town is to pay for the soldiers. Jeggle, Meierle, Leman, Schachman, Eli, and Isaac the Jews do not agree to such a request (hard to read). The town claims 800 florins for now as the quarter share, but the Jews only offer 100 florins.
1635-03-26The town of Stühlingen demands that the Jews are to pay the fifth part of the former expenses for the Fürstenberg soldiers and the fourth part of the forthcoming expenses, and carry their losses (probably war damages) themselves. A long matter. The Jews are Jäggle, Meierle, Lemann, Schachman, Eli and Isaac.
1635-07-01Jekoff, Schmule (1636 W), Meierle, Hürtzle, Leman, Isaac, Cost, Kyphe, Eli, Schachman, Jeggle, Samuel W., Marum
1635-08-02Schachman Jew sues Michel Pfeiffer for payment.
1635-08-02Again the case Schachman Jew against Michel Pfeiffer.
1635-10-24Schachman is sued for the payment of interest.Time of pestilences, with many dead, the next session was on
1635-10-24Schachman, claim and field change.
1635-10-24Schachman Jew, assistant of Hürtzle´s widow.
1636-02-11Mention of Schachman and Meierle and Jeggle.
1636-02-11Claim by Schachman as representative of Hirtzle´s widow.
1636-02-12Schachman Jew against Michel Pfeiffer.
1636-02-12Schachman Jew sues Michel Pfeiffer for payment. Pfeiffer´s son Johannes owes 230 fl. to Meierle.
1636-02-12Schachmann, Jecoff and Sannel the Jews must not buy a field in Mauchen.
1636-02-21Upon request of Schachman, Jecof, and Sannel Jews (hard to understand).
1636-02-22Michel Pfeiffer is sentenced to pay 151 fl. to Schachman Jew.
1636-02-22Michel Pfeiffer is to secure 151 fl. to the benefit of Schachman Jew.
1636-02-22His son Johannes has set his house, yard and orchard as a pawn for Schachman Jew. His debts are to be described.
1636-04-28Schachman as representative of Hürzel´s widow sells a house and garden in Lembach.
1636-06-27Schachman, questionable field trade.
1636-06-27Schachman sells a field for 17 fl.
1637-01-21Schachmann claims payment for a field.
1637-01-21Schachmann sells a field.
1637-03-19Schachman Jew presents a witness against blacksmith Jacob Marber of Schwaningen.
1637-03-19Schachman Jew as assistant of Hürtzle´s widow sues Florentz Mager of Weizen for payment of 159 fl.
1637-03-19Schachman Jew sells a field for 27 fl.
1637-03-20Schachman Jew claims 30 fl. from Jacob Schalch.
1637-03-20Messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler applied to sentence Schachman Jew to pay 10 florins protection fee in behalf of Joseph Jew. The Jew asks for delay because he did not promise it by himself, but Cost and his (crossed out: Schweher, father-in-law, replaced by) "Schecher" Meyerle also have promised it.
1637-03-30Sale of lands to Schachman (79 fl.), Marum (32 fl.), Jecoff (45 fl.), Schmul´s heirs (80 fl.), Sannel (12 fl.)
1637-05-28Isaac Jew and Michael Müller are fined for verbal injuries. Leman Jew is ordered to pay 6 florins.32 04.06.1637 Schachman Jew ceded a capital of 300 florins to miller Hans Heinrich Negeli who is to deliver a horse and 175 florins and pay 50 florins extant interest.
1637-11-19Schachman Jew is to prove a claim.
1638-03-30Schirm- und Satzgeld, je 15 fl. von Schachmann,
1638-07-01Schmol W., Jeggle, Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Leman, Hüzlis Weib u. ihr jetziger Mann Jekoff, Schachmann, Eli, Sannels Wte.,Marum, Kypha
1638-08-06Schachman Jew offers proof that Hanns Heldt has admitted, two months before his death, to owe him 800 florins.
1640-01-05Galli Preisinger has acquired a claim of 98 fl. against Michel Pfeiffer from Schachman Jew.
1640-03-15Schachmann, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl.
1640-03-15Holzverkauf an Schachmann Juden und Jecoff Juden.
1640-03-15Die Gräfin zahlt 14 fl. an den Juden Schachmann, der es an ihrer Schuld abzieht.
1640-07-01Jakoff Hürzles Nachfahr und sein Weib, Jekoff, Schmol W., Meierle, Isaac, Cost, Lemann, Schachmann, Jeggle,Sannels W., Marum, Eli. Kypha
1641-03-26Schachman, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1644-02-11Description of debts at a farm change: 80 fl. to Jecoff, 5 fl. to Schachman.
1644-10-26Among the creditors of Jerg Hoz is Jew Schachman.
1644-11-29Mutual account between Hirzle Jew´s son Leman, in the presence of Jeggle Jew, and sheriff Jacob Barth. With mention of Judele and Schachman (maybe at earlier times).
1645-07-01Jekoff Hürtzles Nachfuhr, Jakoff, Schmol, Meierle, Isaac, Jeggle, Cost, Leman, Schachmann, Marum, Sannels W., Eli, Kypha
1649-12-20The heirs of Schachman claim 452 fl. from the community of Horheim and file some more claims.
1650-04-28The heirs of mayor Hofagger claim 60 florins from the heirs of Jew Schachmann for grain delivered in 1635.
1650-06-02Mutual account between baker Andres Newburger and Leman Jew Hürzle´s son in behalf of his father. Decision in the matter of the Hofagger heirs against the Jew Schachmann heirs.
1650-09-15Claim by the heirs of Jew Schachmann.
1651-03-22The heirs of Hirzlin claim 91 florins capital and 56 florins interest from the estate of Ottlin Fischer. Schachman Jew claims 79 florins for a meadow sold on 30.03.1637, less 19 florins already paid. This claim is to be paid in the following manner: 10 fl. by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, 38 fl. by him and his father and brother Schmule, 12 fl. by the widow of Jew From in Ofteringen.
1651-03-23Marum, representative of the Schachman heirs, claims 75 fl. upon a contract of 05.04.1642. Marum also claims 371 fl. capital and 245 fl. interest. Jäggle Jew admits he has received payment from Jerg Hertenstein of Mauchen through his son-in-law Marum.
1651-07-14Menckhen is fined for offending words. Marum Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1652-01-15Claim by Marum in the name of Schachman´s heirs. Agreement between Jacob Blattner of Oberwangen and Lemel Jew Hürßlin´s son.
1652-02-26and the heirs of Schachman.
1652-05-23Among the creditors of Michel Eberlin of Schwaningen are Jeckhoff´s heirs, Schmul´s heirs (both since 1637), Schaahli´s heirs, Lemelin (since 1633), and Jägglin.
1652-11-14Salomon Jew confirms payment of a claim which he had in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1652-11-28Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son represents the heirs of Schachman.
1652-12-19A claim of Schachman´s heirs, represented by Jew Marum, dating of 1636 (a long matter).
1653-01-30A claim of Seeligman in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-03-10Claims to the property of butcher Daniel Hetz by Menckhe, Jetlin Jewess, Schachman´s heirs, Hirtzlin´s heirs, Schmul, Marum Tochtermännle and Eli Jew Mayerlin´s son.
1653-03-20A claim by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Salomon Jew in behalf of Schachman Jew. Schachman´s widow is now the wife of Jew Jägglin.
1653-03-20Marum Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment for himself and in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-04-03Hans Schalckh is absolved from a claim of the Jews Marum and Schachman, based upon a decision of the Landgericht dated 18.04.1629. The count may decide about a sentence against the Jews for filing a claim which has been paid before.
1654-04-17Mutual accounts with Jacob Jew of Preylingen* in behalf of Schach Jew´s heirs, and Marumb Jew Tochtermändlin in behalf of a claim originating from the widow of Sandel. * Maybe Bräunlingen but no Jews are known to have lived in this town.593 30.04.1654 Jonas Jew represents all the heirs of Jeckhoff.
1654-07-30Marumb Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.
1657-07-06Quarrel between Hanns Widmer of Schwaningen and Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son here about a credit of 100 fl. originating from Schachle Jew.
1657-11-16Marumb Jew in behalf of Schachle Jew, ledger.
1659-07-03Salomon Jew, currently in Markt Bissingen near Nördlingen and a co-heir of Schachman in Stühlingen, claims his share of 282 fl. from Horheim community.
1660-01-29Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in behalf of the Schachmann heirs has (transferred?) a claim to Seligmann Jew.
1662-03-22Marum Jecoph´s son makes a mutual account with Hanns Proz of Horheim. This man has already paid 72 florins of capital and interest originating from the Jew´s father as an heir of Schachman and still owes 52 fl.
1665-02-20Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son acknowledges two payments, one of them in behalf of Schachlin Jew.
1665-05-13The heirs of Schachman claim payment of 75 florins less what has been paid since 1642.
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1665-12-10The heirs of Schachman claim payment, with reference to 13.05.1665.

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