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Tree Jonah (Jonas) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb is mentioned 81 times between 1651 and 1687. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.4'. His father was Jacob (Jekuff) Patriarch, Gugenheimb.

Jonah is a son of Jacob the Patriarch [R1860; 11.20.1651]. He appears first in 1651 and the last time in 1687, when he didn`t have to pay protection tax because of his age [R4442; 03.30.1687]. There did not seem to be any estate matters. He had one son Jehuda(Leib) and a daughter married to her cousin Kalonymos [R4324; 04.17.1658]. A second daughter was married either in Endingen or Lengnau [R3494; 11.18.1729]. .

1651-08-17Claim of Jonas Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1651-11-20Among the creditors of Jacob Seger are Jecoff´s heirs as of 17.01.1647 (the sames as?) Marum Jew Marum´s brother Jonas Seligman Judele who all have received payments and claim some more amounts, and Lämle just with a claim.
1652-01-15Claims by Jonas, Seligmann, and Lämble Jägglin´s son.
1652-01-15Marum and Lehmann Jews, claim. Jeckhoff´s heirs claim 780 fl. Claim of Jonas to a warrantor.
1652-02-15Jerg Hoz and his step mother claim the return of a Plaw Zug from the heirs of Jeckhoff which was handed over as a pawn 16 years ago. Jonas Jew Jeckhoff´s son replies for himself and his brother Marumb that they do not know about this matter but want to look up their books and will also discuss it with their other brother in Lenglau.
1652-04-23An Ostern 1652 zahlen je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhen Sohn. Jonas Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Marum Juden Tochtermännle. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Seligman Juden Schmulins Sohn. Jäggle Jude. Isac schuldet laut Rechnung von 1649 noch 191 fl. Schutzgeld, woran er nichts bezahlt hat. Ebenso zahlte Jäggle nichts an 40 fl. Strafe und Jeckhoffen Erben nichts an 40 fl. Strafe.
1652-12-05Claims of Menckhe, Seeligman, and Johnas.
1652-12-12A claim of Schmul´s heirs and Jonas Jew.
1653-01-23Jonas Jew owes Jacob Mayer the cooper 270 florins after a house purchase. The cooper accepts annulment of a debt of 219 florins to the Jew´s brother Marum and approves receipt of 51 florins, and Marum acknowledges receipt of the 219 fl.
1653-02-20Heinrich Hipscher of Unterhallau is fined for offending Jew Jonas.
1653-06-17Jonnas for himself and his co-heirs acknowledges payment.
1653-10-23Jonas Jew claims payment.
1654-02-19Lehmann, Schmuele and two others have bought a meadow. With mention of Jannas Jew.
1654-04-17Mutual accounts with Jacob Jew of Preylingen* in behalf of Schach Jew´s heirs, and Marumb Jew Tochtermändlin in behalf of a claim originating from the widow of Sandel. * Maybe Bräunlingen but no Jews are known to have lived in this town.593 30.04.1654 Jonas Jew represents all the heirs of Jeckhoff.
1655-11-03Georg Würth at Untereggingen owes money to the heirs of Jecoff Jew and to Josephle Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Previous payments have been made through Jews Judle and Jonas (etc.). Marum Jew, representing the heirs, agrees to turn the debt into a mortgage.
1655-12-10Jonas Jew, claim.
1656-01-27Marumb Jew representing his brother Jonas, bull trade.
1656-05-12Jonas Jew representing the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew signs a receipt to Hanns Sigin´s widow, as does Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1656-07-01Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son did not remove a horse from a meadow althouth his brother Jonas was demanded to do so.
1656-10-17In Jäggle Jew´s house is Sallmele since Pentecost. With Jonele Jew is his son-in-law Callmele Jew. In the house of Jew Leman is the widow of old Leman.
1656-10-17-Listing of the Jews under protection: Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Jäggle Jew the Old (der Alte). Jonas Jew. Marum Jew´s son-in-law.
1657-01-18Marumb Jew by proxy of Jonas Jew, receipt. Leve Jew Mauschele´s servant at Tiengen sues several men for an attack along the road.
1657-04-09Isac Jew at Schwerzen, Jonas Jew at Stühlinen, Siesle Jew at Schwerzen, creditors.
1657-11-22Marumb and Jonelle Jews Jeckhoff´s sons and heirs, ledger. The following participate in the claim: The heirs of Schmul Jew (22 fl.), Marumb Jew, Jonas Jew, and the heirs of Josephle Jew (38 fl. each).
1658-02-23Jonas Jew, creditor.
1658-03-15Auf Ostern 1658 liefern je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckoffen Sohn für sich und seinen Tochtermann (zus. 30 fl.), Jonas Jude für sich und seinen Tochtermann Kalmele (zus. 30 fl.), Marum Juden Tochtermännle (15 fl.), Mayerle Juden zwei Söhne Menckhe und Jäggelin (zus. 30 fl.), Hirzlin Juden zwei Söhne Leheman und Schmuli (zus. 30 fl.), Seligmann, Jögglin der Alt.
1659-12-19Jonelin Jonelin Jew, claim.
1660-07-01Joneli Jew claims an old debt of 10 fl.
1661-01-31Joneli is to pay 3 florins. He reports he was fined by Rabin Matheis of Tiengen which is against the command of the dominion.
1661-07-01Lehmann ist 1659 nach Schwerzen gezogen, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Kalmele, Marums Tochtermann, Menke, Jaggele, Menkins Bruder, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmule Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jägglin der Alte
1662-01-01On 16.03.1662, Johannes Ambrosi was fined for not appearing before court upon request of Jonas Jew. On 30.03.1662, Hanns Faber Jung was fined for not appearing before court upon request of David Jew of Lauchringen, and Jacob Matheis for not appearing upon request of Lämblin at Tiengen.
1662-01-01Protection fee of the Jews: Lehman has moved to Schwerzen on Martinsmas (11.11.) 1659 and still owes 10 fl. protection fee. There are 12 Jewish households in Stühlingen which paid 204 fl. protection fee on Easter 1661. The following paid 17 fl. each on Easter 1662: Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Kalmele Jew. Marum Jew`s sonin-law. Menckhen Jew. Jaggele Jew his brother. Leheman Jew Hirzlin`s son.
1662-03-16A man failed to appear upon request of Jonus Jew.
1662-03-30Jonas of Stühlingen is sued after a horse deal.
1662-05-02Marum claims 20 fl. and his brother Jonas 5 fl.
1663-03-15Folgende Juden zahlen auf Ostern 1663 je 17 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermännlin. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten. Die zu Tiengen wohnenden Juden zahlen 20 fl.
1664-02-07Appear Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Karmele (sic), Seeligmann, Jonas, and Lämblin all Jews of Stühlingen and Tiengen, respectively, as the heirs of late Jew Jäckhoff in Stühlingen, and declare that a debt to their grandfather and father-in-law Jäckhoff, respectively, has been paid.
1664-03-15Folgende Stühlinger Juden müssen noch Gänse abliefern: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn für „ihn“ (sich) und seinen Tochtermann, so gestorben, 4 Stück. Marum Jud Tochtermännlin 1 Stück, Leheman 1 Stück, Schmuli 2 Stück, Jonas 2 Stück, usammen 10 Stück, wofür sie 10 fl. bezahlen.
1664-03-15Auf Ostern 1664 je 17 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermannlis Sohn Sandell. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirtzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten.
1664-06-23Brawl between Jews Jonas and Schmuell (who seems to be an old man).
1664-11-20Jonas, mutual account.
1665-02-20A claim of 93 florins by the heirs of Jäckhoff Jew is to be shared among the four (sic) heirs, namely Marum Jew, Jonas Jew, Joseph Jew of Lenglau, and Schmuli´s two sons by the name Seeligmann and Kallmele, which two only have one share in common. (A long matter with some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1665-06-05Calculation of a claim of the Jeckoff heirs, namely Marum Jew in Stühlingen, Jonas Jew in Stühlingen, Joseph Jew in Lenglau and Selligmänlin and Khelmel (the latter ones claim one share in common).
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1665-11-12Jonas claims payment.
1666-01-21Augustin Bahlman zu Mauchen und Jonas Jude zu Stühlingen werden wegen Unhändeln zu je 1 fl. bestraft.
1666-01-21Jonus Jew of Stühlingen sues Augustin Bühlmann of Mauchen for attacking him in his (plaintiff´s) house.
1666-03-15An Ostern 1666 werden je 17 fl. Satzgeld bezahlt von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Mengge, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmul und Sandell, zusammen zehn Haushaltungen.
1667-03-15je 17 fl. Satzgeld von Jäggle Juden dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligman, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli und Sandel.
1667-03-31Adam Fridlin of Eberfingen owes Marum and Jonas, brothers, Jäckhoff´s sons, 300 florins. The debt is transferred to his brother Joseph Fridlin.
1667-03-31The debts of Hans Mahler in Untereggingen include Seeligmann30 fl. Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son 33 fl. Seeligmann16 fl. Kalmele 3 fl. Menckhe 26 fl. Marum Jew in Tiengen 5 fl. Jonaes 3 fl. Jäckhlin der Ältere 2 fl.
1667-12-31Hönlin der arme Jud der früher in Horheim wohnte, Jägglin der Alte, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Seligmann, Kalmele, Menke, Lehmann, Schmule, Sandel, Abraham, Jäggeles Bruder
1668-01-01Extant protection fee of Hönlin, a poor Jew who has been living in Horheim before and last for a year in Stühlingen, 10 fl. On Easter 1667, the following 11 Jewish households paid a total of 187 fl. protection fee: Jägglin the Old (der Alte). Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhen Jew. Jäggele his brother. Leheman Jew. Schmuli Jew. Sandel and Abraham Jews. The Jews at Tiengen are to pay 20 fl. for the thirteenth time. Marum and Schmuli Jews here are to deliver 2 fl. instead of two geese.
1668-03-15An Ostern 1668 je 17 fl. von Jägglin dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli, Sandel und Abraham.
1669-02-07Jonas Jew admits a debt of 100 fl.
1669-11-29Claus Müller of Eberfingen admits debts to Sandel Jew (as of 1663), also in behalf of Jonas Jew and Isac Jew of Lenglau.
1670-11-20Claims by Marum Jew and Sandell Jew, who also represents Jonele Jew.
1672-04-01Marum Jackhöffen Sohn, Jonas, Menkhe, Jäckhlin den jungen Sohn Seelligmann, Calmelin. Lehman, Sandel, Abraham, From
1672-05-02Jonas Jew acknowledges payment.
1673-03-15An Ostern 1673 je 18 fl. Satzgeld laut neuen Satzbriefs von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckofen Sohn, Fromele seinem Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kallmele, Menckhe, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Lehmann, Schmuli, Sandel, Abraham und Model.
1673-11-17Jonas Jew instead of his son Lew in Stühlingen loans 40 fl.
1674-02-22Jonas, debt with reference to the proceedings of 07.02.1669.
1674-03-15zahlten je 18 fl: Jäggle der Alt. Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn. Fromele sein Sohn. Jonas. Lew Jonasen Sohn. Seligmann. Kalmele. Menckhen. Jäggelle sein Bruder.
1674-07-06Jonas Jew, mutual account.
1675-03-15An Ostern 1675 je 18 fl. von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhen, Jäggele sein Bruder, Leheman, Hirzlin Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Sandell, Modell.
1676-01-01The protection fee of Hönlin, a poor local Jew who does not conduct business, but keeps school, is 5 fl. only. The following protection fees were due on Easter 1676: Götschell Jew for (im Namen) late Old Jägglin. Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Lew Jew Johnas` son. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhe Jew. Jäggle Jew Menckhe`s brother. Leheman Jew. Hirzle Jew Leheman`s son. Schmuli Jew. Ißan Jew Schmuli`s son. Sandell Jew. Abraham Jew. Modell Jew. Total of 15 protected Jews are due to pay 270 fl.
1676-03-15Satzgeld, je 18 fl. auf Ostern von Götschel im Namen des verstorbenen Alten Jägglins, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggle Jud des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Sandell, Abrahamb, Modell.
1676-03-23Marum Jegghoff´s son, Seeligmann, Jonas, and Jagglin Mayr Menckhe´s brother appear among the creditors and debtors of Ursula Haym, widow of Johannes Ambrosy.
1677-01-08Hanns Schalch of Eberfingen sells house, barn and other real estate. The following Jewish claims are pending upon this: The heirs of Menckhe and Hürtzlen of Eberfingen 244 fl. Marum Jew of Stühlingen 20 fl. Model Jew of Stühlingen 6 fl. Other claims which are not secured by mortgages: Menckhe and Hertzlin Jews 42 fl. Menckhe´s heirs 13 fl. Hirtzlen Jew 20 fl. Jonna Jew in Stühlingen 3 fl. Kallmele Jew in this town 3 fl.
1677-03-15je 18 fl. von Götschel, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kallmele, Menckhes Erben, Jäggelle des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirtzle des Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac des Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Kassiel.
1677-03-15An Ostern 1678 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhe Juden Erben, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Lehmann, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac (Isar?) Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble Jud Seligmans Tochtermann.
1679-03-15An Ostern 1679 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Mayerle des Menckhe Sohn, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmans Sohn, Hirtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble.
1680-03-15Je 18 fl. zahlen Sandel, Mayerlin Jud Menckhins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jud Jonasen Sohn, Calmelen, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäckhle Jud Menckhis Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmanns Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Lämle Jud Seeligmanns Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Abraham Jud von „Etten“.
1680-03-18Jonas and Calmele acknowledge payment.
1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
1681-01-01Jew Lew Jonas` son is fined 6 fl. for buing a polecat (probably shot by a poacher). Simon Prackh, sheriff at Eberfingen, is fined for beating Veit Weil Jew at Hofwies.
1682-03-03Leu Jew Jonas Sohn claims 20 fl.
1683-06-04Hans Ambling is fined for offending Jew Jonas of Horheim, and Jonas is fined 5 pounds.
1686-08-13Leib has acquired a claim against his father Jonas.
1686-12-04Jonas the Old acknowledges payment.
1687-03-15Jonas ist altershalber völlig befreit.

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