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Tree Jacob ben Meir, Weyl is mentioned 3 times between 1720 and 1726. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'W3.3'. His father was Meir (Mayer), Weyl - Donaueschingen.

Jacob ben Meir paid protection twice in Donaueschingen Stühlingen [R7; 01.01.1710] [R15; 01.01.1720], and once in Stühlingen [R20; 01.01.1730]. He was fined in 1726 for some high jinks when welcoming a newly arriving groom [R803; 02.22.1726]. .

1720-01-01The Jewish protection fee is 18 fl. each. Samuel Weyl in the Schellenberg house. Marum Weyl same. Samuel Weyl called Schmuli. Joachim Weyl called Getsch. Jacob Weyl Mayer`s son. Lehmann Weyl Samuel`s son. Samuel Moyses on 01.05.1720. Simon Weyl. Salomon Leve. Moyses Gedeon. Hertzl Weyl.
1721-10-17Jackhoff Weyl, exchange of cattle.
1726-02-22The following Jews are fined for leaving the common (overland) road when welcoming a newly-arriving groom: Salamon Weyl Marum´s son, Faisel Gugenheimb, Isac Bloch, Marx Bloch, Jonas Gugenheimb, Abraham Bloch, Isac Bolack, Seeligmann Gugenheimb, Marum Gugenheimb, Moyses Bloch, Schmule Weyl as their leader, Jacob Weyl same.

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