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Tree Meir (Mayer), Weyl - Donaueschingen is mentioned 2 times in 1710. He died around 1709. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'W3'.

We only knolw of Meir (Mayer), Weyl - Donaueschingen that he was the father ofEliakim and Jacob. He died in 1709. He was presumably among the 19 Jews who fled from Tiengen to Donaueschingen in 1663 [R1310; 05.11.1683]. The wording of the 1710 protection tax entry [R7; 01.01.1710] suggests that Meir could be the son of Samuel called Schmule Weyl. .

1710-01-01Protection fee paid by Jews (18 fl. each): Samuel Weyl in the Schellenberg house. Marum Weyl same. Another Samuel Weyl called Schmule. Mayer Weil (died in April 1709 according to the court proceedings of 18.12.1709 page 445). Borach Weyl (moved away with his wife and children at night around 23.04.1709 according to the proceedings of 18.12.1709 page 445). Joachim Weyl called Getsch. Isac Schwab the Jew. Jacob Weyl Meyer`s son. Jacob Weyl Effermen son. Lehman Weyl Samuel`s son.
1710-01-01According to the proceedings (Oecon. Protoc.) of 18.12.1709 page 446, Mayer Weyl and his younger son owed 20 fl., but as Mayer died in April 1709 and his younger son moved out of the house thereafter, they are only due 10 fl. until 23.04.1710 (end of the accounting year). The older son Getsch Weyl owes 20 fl.

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