Abstracted from 61/12682: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1724-1726.

1726-02-22The following Jews are fined for leaving the common (overland) road when welcoming a newly-arriving groom: Salamon Weyl Marum´s son, Faisel Gugenheimb, Isac Bloch, Marx Bloch, Jonas Gugenheimb, Abraham Bloch, Isac Bolack, Seeligmann Gugenheimb, Marum Gugenheimb, Moyses Bloch, Schmule Weyl as their leader, Jacob Weyl same.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Seeligmann Gugenheimb(Seeligman ben Samuel II, Gugenheimb)
Faisel Gugenheimb(Chajim (Faistel) ben Judah, Gugenheimb)
Jonas Gugenheimb(Jonah (Jonas) ben Judah, Gugenheimb)
Marum Gugenheimb(Meir (Marum) ben Joseph, Gugenheimb)
Abraham Bloch(Abraham ben Menachem, Bloch)
Moyses Bloch(Moses (Moyses) ben Menachem II, Bloch)
Salamon Weyl(Salomon ben Meir, Weyl)
Schmule Weyl(Samuel (Schmul) ben Asher Weyl)
Jacob Weyl (Jacob ben Meir, Weyl)
Marx Bloch(Mordechai (Marx), Bloch)

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