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Abstracted from 61/12682: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1724-1726.

1716-01-25Mayer Bernhaimb in Tiengen, claim.
1724-09-26Marx Mayer in Stühlingen.
1724-10-20Marum Weyl.
1724-10-31Marum Weyl, agreement.
1724-11-03Death tax of poor Schmule Gugenheimb.
- Meyer Bloch, Menckin Bloch, Salomon Weyl, and Feisel Gugenheim are fined for refusing Lang Josel the burial of his father Schmule Gugenheimb, pretending he owes some money to the welfare fund.
1724-11-10Jonas Gugenheimb, bull trade.
- Jonas Gugenheimb, debts.
1724-11-20Joseph Schölle, tailor, has raised his share of a house next to Leib Gugenheimb by some feet, whereupon Leib did the same.
1724-11-28Jonas, claim.
1725-01-09Marum Weyl, claim.
- Jonas Weyl, claim.
1725-02-19Jonas Weyl, penalty for an unjustified claim.
1725-03-10Isac Bloch, horse trade matter with an interrogation of witnesses.
1725-03-23Jossel Gugenheimb, real estate purchase tax.
1725-04-17Leub and Jonas Gugenheimb, creditors.
1725-04-20Leib Gugenhaimb, claim.
1725-05-04Leib Gugenheimb.
- Jossel Gugenheimb.
1725-05-15Marum Weyl, cession.
1725-06-08House trade between Jacob Meggle and Marum Weyl, with mention of Mayer Bloch, Sandel Weyl, and Jonas Gugenheimb (son-in-law of Marum Weyl).
- Jossel Gugenhaimb.
1725-06-12Jossel Gugenhaimb, claim.
1725-06-14Schmule Weyl.
1725-06-19Agreement between Marum Weyl and Jonas Gugenheimb.
1725-06-28Horse trade quarrel between Mayer Bernheimb and the widow of Jew Jacob Franck, both in Randegg, with an interrogation of Rabbi Salomon of Stühlingen.
1725-08-03Marum Weyl, defendant.
1725-08-14Penalty of Salamon Weyl and his son Jonas (Salmeli also has a daughter).
1725-10-03Jacob Levi of Unterlauchringen gets trespassing rights (Geleit) for one year.
- Mencke Bernhaimb of Tiengen, claim.
1725-12-04Isac Bickert, claim.
1726-01-02Lang Jossel and his daughter Schönl are fined for careless use of fire.
1726-01-08Baroch Gugenheimb of Endingen has ceded a claim of 17.06.1718 to Jonas Weyl here.
1726-02-08Salomon Weyl. Jonas Weyl.
1726-02-12Jew Elias Mayer is fined for gambling late at night.
1726-02-22The following Jews are fined for leaving the common (overland) road when welcoming a newly-arriving groom: Salamon Weyl Marum´s son, Faisel Gugenheimb, Isac Bloch, Marx Bloch, Jonas Gugenheimb, Abraham Bloch, Isac Bolack, Seeligmann Gugenheimb, Marum Gugenheimb, Moyses Bloch, Schmule Weyl as their leader, Jacob Weyl same.
1726-03-01Kehla Gugenhaimb, widow of Mausche Bloch, assisted by her son-in-law Jesaias Schach of Dornach, sells her half house, above the house of buyer´s father and between the houses of Jonas Gugenheimb and Joseph Gugenheimb called Alt Jossel, to Mencke Bloch who is assisted by his father Mayer Bloch and in the presence of Marum Weyl. Seller owes some money to the children of her late son-in-law Salomon in Hagenthal/Alsace.
1726-03-22Jossel Gugenheimb, claim.
1726-04-12Jonas Weyl represents his father-in-law Baroch Gugenheimb in Endingen.
1726-04-30Jonas Gugenhaim.
1726-05-04Marum Weyl has built his wash-house anew, with facilities for a Jewish bath.
1726-05-18Jossel Gugenhaimb, defendant.
1726-07-12Cattle trade quarrel between Mencke Bloch and Faisel Gugenhaimb, and sentence against Mencke.
1726-09-10Isac Bickert.

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