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Tree Raphael (Phol) ben Isac, Bickert Patriarch is mentioned 37 times between 1604 and 1655. He died around 1655. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'B1.2'. His father was Isac Patriarch, Bickert.

Rafael (Kinnuim: Phal, Fahl, Vohl, Vahl) was on the original letter of protection. He was the son of Isac (Isaac), patriarch [R1444; 09.30.1604]. He was last active in 1628, but multiple estate matters appear only in 1655. His wife`s name was `Hünche` [R1526; 03.09.1620]. Rafael had a brother `Manno` [R1506; 09.05.1617] and two sons Herzel [R1463; 11.19.1612] and `Isaac` [R1573; 04.15.1624]. It is likely that this is the Phal mentioned in the `Urfehde Affair` RR#10:. Similarly, `Manno`, Phol`s brother could be the `Mendellin` mentioned in the `Urfehde` files p.468. He is the ancestor of the Bickert family. .

1604-09-28Vohl (alias Fahl) Jew sues the community of Untermettingen for debts arising from the business book oflate Isaac. Mann Jew of Klingnau is interrogated as a witness.
1604-09-30Peter and Beat Kessler sue the heirs of Jew Isaac in Stühlingen (in a deposition, Isaac is listed as Vohl´s father).
1604-11-04Sheriff Jacob Müller in Eberfingen sues Jew Vohl. A witness says than when he got into the house of Isaac some years ago, he met defendant (Jacob Müller) and his (Jacob´s) brother Ulrich, whom Isaac called his brother´s warrantor (etc.) (so Ulrich is not the brother of Vohl as formerly assumed).
1607-02-23Matheis Rem of Lottstetten did not appear in court upon request of Vohl Jew of Stühlingen.
1612-04-02Upon request of Jew Phol reports Jacob Gröninger that he has transferred a mortgage pending upon the Jew´s house to his cousin Thoman Gröninger.
1612-04-02Phol claims 14 florins for a cow.
1612-05-08Valthin Kayser was summoned upon request of Vahl Jew but has failed to appear.
1612-05-08Valthin Schmid is to pay 50 florins to Vahl Jew and to secure the remaining debt by his garden.
1612-05-22Voll Jew sues Ule Kapeler for payment.
1612-11-19Hans Rebmann in Birkenberg is to pay 27 florins to Phol within six weeks on pain of imprisonment.
1612-11-19Peter Würth of Untereggingen promises to pay Phol Jew 20 florins each year in 1613, 1614, and 1615.
1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
1613-06-03Adam Müller is fined 3 pounds because he did not obey an order in behalf of Fahl Jew, and is to pay the Jew today or go to prison.
1614-04-22Voll Jew of Stühlingen claims 30 fl. from the sheriff of Dettighofen, and 30 fl. for a horse from Uli von Rodt.
1614-04-22Fall Jew, confiscation title of 20 fl. against Xander Gerig of Griessen and his brothers.
1614-10-07Pfall Jew of Stühlingen sues Alexander Geringer to pay according to a court decision a year ago.
1614-11-04Pfoll Jew of Stühlingen sues Hans Ehrensperger of Öschingen for payment of 64 fl.
1614-11-04Decisions in tbe matters Stoll Jew against Theis Ehrensperger Pfohl Jew of Stühlingen against Ulrich von Roth.
1615-04-01Phal, Mayerle, Lema, Sandel, Jeckhle, Hirtzle, Casten, Jekuf,
1616-11-01Phol Jew is to appear at the court in Ewattingen.
1617-09-05Agreement between Melcher Fatzler of Obereggingen and Manno and Phol the Jews, brothers, about a claim of 27 florins.
1618-12-30Phol Jew claims 91 florins and grain worth 6 florins, Sannel claims 40 fl., Jägle his brother 21 fl. and grain worth 6 fl., Jecoff Jew 27 fl.
1619-01-29Fohl sues two men in Lottstetten.
1619-01-29Fohl Jew of Stühlingen sues Caspar Schneider, former sheriff in Dettighofen, to return loaned grain.
1619-03-22Schai Jew of Klingnau has promised the count to pay a debt of 181 florins to local Jew Phol.
1620-03-09Hünche, the wife of Jew Phol, sues Meierle Jew to have charged her with adultery. Meierle says he was drunk when he said that.
1620-03-12Claims to Bläsi Stadler: Jacoff Jew 47 florins, Phol Jew 73 florins, Sannl Jew 10 florins.
1620-05-13Phol Jew sells a horse for 46 florins.
1621-03-23Lorenz Scherer of Schwerzen was sued by Jew Pfaahl of Stühlingen who has not appeared the third time, so defendant is absolved.
1621-04-20Pfahl Jew of Stühlingen sues Thewis Kern of Nack for payment of a horse.
1621-04-20Pfahl Jew of Stühlingen against Christen Schneider of Dettighofen.
1621-06-16Izig of Hürben, Abraham of Ichenhausen, Jacob and Seckhel of Neuburg are fined 50 florins each for (exchange and fraud?) of coins. The following Jews were fined for (exchange?): Jecoff 20 florins, Meierle 10 florins (which are to be subtracted from a claim of his father), Phol 30 florins, Hörzle 10 florins (these two amounts are to be subtracted from the same claim). Leman and Cost are fined together 30 florins, Jögle and Samuel together 40 florins.
1622-03-30Meierle is to pay Phol 50 florins upon a court decision made in Engen.
1624-04-15Isaac Jew Phol´s son is fined for not appearing at court. Michel Prugger is fined for not appearing at court upon request of Hürzel and Jägle Jews.125 The heirs of Georg Widmer are to pay theirs debts to Hürzel 190 fl. Sannel 400 fl. Jecoff 37 fl. Jägle 40 fl.
1628-10-26Fahl Jew claims payment.
1631-11-18With mention of Leman (sells half a small house with a garden), From of Ofteringen (in hehalf of Fahl Jew), Hürtzle, Judele of Ofteringen, Jäggle, Jacoff.
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.

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