Identified Man

Tree Isac Patriarch, Bickert is mentioned 4 times in 1604. He died around 1604. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'B1'.

Isac Birckhert never appeared on the protection list. We know about him only through estate proceedings e.g. [R1443; 09.28.1604]. This record also establishes a link between Raphael and Isac. It is likely that this is the Isak mentioned in the `Urfehde Affair` RR#10:. .

1604-05-05Two witnesses are interrogated about Jew Isaac (his heirs are defendants) having loaned grain to the community of Untermettingen.
1604-09-28Vohl (alias Fahl) Jew sues the community of Untermettingen for debts arising from the business book oflate Isaac. Mann Jew of Klingnau is interrogated as a witness.
1604-09-30Peter and Beat Kessler sue the heirs of Jew Isaac in Stühlingen (in a deposition, Isaac is listed as Vohl´s father).
1604-11-04Sheriff Jacob Müller in Eberfingen sues Jew Vohl. A witness says than when he got into the house of Isaac some years ago, he met defendant (Jacob Müller) and his (Jacob´s) brother Ulrich, whom Isaac called his brother´s warrantor (etc.) (so Ulrich is not the brother of Vohl as formerly assumed).

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