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Abstracted from 61/6996: Proceedings of the Tiengen Government, 1658-1673.

1658-01-31Isac Jew of Lenglau, quarrel after a cow deal in 1650.
1658-11-19Isac Neyenburger Jew of Gailingen sues a man for payment of 20 fl.
1658-12-03Glatzkopf Jew has unlawfully sold a bull in Unterlauchringen.
1658-12-04Lemble Jew here claims payment. With depositions by Jaggle Mülhaubt of Dangstetten and Mayer Jew of Tiengen (under oath) about a horse deal four years ago.
1658-12-13Judele Jew (where?) sues a man in Küßnach.
1659-10-04Trespassing permit for Isac Jew of Lengnau.
1660-01-23Trespassing permit for the Jew in Lengnau. The Jews of Klingnau, Endingen and Lenglau pay 25 fl. for trespassing, customs and commerce in Tiengen County for one year.
1660-03-17Marum of Stühlingen cedes a claim. Marum Jew of Stühlingen Groß Jäckhoffen Sohn.
1660-04-22Marum Jew of Stühlingen cedes 91 fl. Again called Groß Jekhofen Sohn.
1660-06-16Trespassing permit for the Jews in Gailingen. Same conditions as the Jews from Stühlingen and Switzerland. No names of individuals.
1660-06-21Trespassing permit for Jew Leman in Schwerzen.
1660-12-07Reception and protection fee for the Jews in Tiengen. Dwelling was recently permitted to David Meyer son-in-law of David Dreyfuoß, but this was waived for considerable reasons. All the local Jews are to pay this man´s reception fee of 10 florins, propose another convenient applicant and pay the protection fee of 18 florins per year until such a man has been found.
1661-03-05Trespassing permit for the Jews in Oberlauchringen. David Meyer son-in-law of David Dreyfuoß may live there for 10 fl. reception fee and 10 fl. annual protection fee.
1661-03-09Reception of Jew Hänle in Oberlauchringen. Dwelling is allowed for a year, and during this time, he is to look out for another opportunity.
1661-03-14Trespassing permit for all the Jews in Stühlingen (25 fl.), Switzerland (25 fl.) and Gailingen (8 fl.).
- Horse trade with Jew Jäckhle of Stühlingen.
1661-10-07Provided protection fee of Borach who lives in Tiengen. The son-in-law of Borach is to pay the regular protection fee, to start at the day of wedding.
1661-12-22Reception of Schimel Jew into Tiengen. Schimel from Ems was accepted on the vacant position as a protected Jew in Tiengen.
1662-03-09Trespassing permit for Jew Leman in Schwerzen. Leman of Schwerzen pays 3 fl. to extend (in time) trespassing and exemption from customs.
1662-03-10The agreement fee (Consensgeld) of Borach in Tiengen. The count agrees to the house change between Borach and Joggle Schweytzer for a fee of 10 fl.
1662-06-09By a decision of the emperor, Wutachtal Dominion was assigned (zuerkannt) to the count in Tiengen.
1662-06-24The protection fee of the Jews living in the Wutachtal Valley. Leman Jew was allowed to live in Schwerzen as long as the letter-of-protection of the Tiengen Jews still lasts, for 10 fl. annual protection fee.
1662-08-04Reception of Jew Jagle in Rheinheim. (On the margin: Jäggle Jew) The servant of Jew Lembli here is accepted into protection and is allowed to settle in Rheinheim in the Küssenberg Valley, but may live in Oberlauchringen until another Jew will be accepted to Rheinheim. However, he is to move to Rheinheim before the next Zurzach Pentecost Market and maintain the inn in Rheinheim, if the dominion demands so, with his own wine or wine of the dominion. Reception fee is 10 fl. and annual protection fee is 10 fl.
1662-08-21Reception of Jew Koschele in Rheinheim. Koschele from Staufen wants to render himself to Rheinheim in the countryside. This is allowed, and Lembli´s servant who was also accepted at that place may in the meantime live in Tiengen.
1662-11-16Marum and Mauschele Jews in Tiengen get an iron trade license for a year. Marum and Mauschele both Jews and brothers, with certain restrictions.
1663-04-05Trespassing for Jacob Dreyfueß and Isac Newenburger of Gailingen.
1663-04-13All the Jews in Tiengen (gesamte Judenschaft) are forbidden to import foreign wine. This was positively told to Lemble and formerly to his brother Marmel, to avoid that foreign wine is mixed with the local wine and the flavour is being damaged.
1663-04-25Koschele Jew in Schwerzen is fined because he unlawfully went abroad. Koscht Jew is fined 10 pounds because he has not moved away from Schwerzen in Wuetten Dominion in spite of three official decrees to do so, and is ordered to moved away with his family within three weeks and after paying this fine.
1663-05-19Trespassing permit for the Jews in Horheim. The entry says Höenli Jew in Horheim.
1663-05-23The trespassing of the Jews of Stühlingen was extended and now covers Klettgau County, Tiengen Dominion and Wutachtal. If the dominion will establish a market in Rheinheim, then these Jews are to appear there as they do at the Zurzach Market. The privilege (Gnadenbrief) formerly granted to Jeggle is maintained.
1663-06-06Establishment and protection fee of Jew Koschele in Rheinheim. As long as the letter-of-protection of the local Jews lasts. Reception fee is 10 fl. and annual protection fee is 10 fl., too.
1663-06-18Some points about the Jews in Tiengen. All Jews in Tiengen and Klettgau County were summoned to the office and objected: 1. They do not observe certain points of the letter-of-protection. 2. They may only trade in horses or cattle after they have reported this to the office. 3. They are to observe Sundays and holidays (with details). 4. They are not to clean laundry or anything else at the wells on Sundays or holidays. 5. They are to render themselves with their offered horses, cattle etc. to Rheinheim a day before the Zurzach Market and cause foreign Jews also to do so.
1663-06-21Trespassing for the Swiss Jews. Upon request of Isac and Marim Gugelum (sic). They are to appear in Rheinheim with their merchandize always a day before the Zurzach Market.
1663-07-01Trespassing permit for Jew Jägle of Donaueschingen. The text of the entry shows him as Jacob.
1663-07-03The office is to take care that the Jews observe the contents of the letter-of-protection.
1664-01-25The protection fee of Volla Jew in Oberlauchringen. Volla, son of des alten Judelins in Oberlauchringen, may live for a year with his father.
1664-02-04The Jews of Tiengen are obliged to write down horse and cattle sales. A long decree about this was communicated to Mauschele, Lemble and Borach Jews in Tiengen and Joggle Weyl of Stühlingen with the request to inform the other Jews about this.
1664-06-27Contribution (taxes) of the Jews in the County. Considering the heavy burdens of the Christian inhabitants by a special tax to pay for the war against the Turks (Türkensteuer).
1666-07-07Decree to the Jews of Tiengen to avoid an infection. The Jews must not provide lodging for any foreign Jews except those of Stühlingen or Switzerland. Any diseases are to be reported immediately.
1666-07-09Objections against the local Jews in behalf of the trespassing Jews. Similar rules as before.
1666-07-23Punishment of Lemble and Baruch for not observing a decree. They have provided a caparison (Roßdecke) and straw to foreign Jews who have sneaked into the brickkiln.
1667-05-16Jonele Weill gets an iron trade license.
1667-09-05Jew Jägle in Rheinheim is forbidden to house outof-town horses. He must not provide a stable and not sell hay and straw.
1668-06-21Isaac Jew in Tiengen, mortgage of 180 fl. Isac Schwab, Jew in Tiengen, gets a credit of 180 fl. upon his request, supported by his wife and his son-in-law Israel Ulma.
1668-10-08The trespassing permit for the Jews in Stühlingen is being withdrawn (aufgekündigt). They were late in paying the fees and did not apply for trespassing for three years. Old Jägli Weil of Stühlingen was informed about this decision.
- Trespassing permit for the Jews in Stühlingen. They are to pay their fees in time.
1669-02-15Reminder to the Jews in Tiengen. Jewish boys and girls are making noisy nonsense in the Untere Gasse lane every Saturday. Isaac called Krausköpfle and Marum Weil (or rather Koschele Weil for him) who both live in this lane are reminded that the letter-of-protection forbides this. Hirzel, Baruch and Glatzkopf Jews are reminded that public laundry on Sunday and holidays is prohibited. They are to inform the other Jews.
1669-06-12Decree to the Tiengen Jews in behalf of a feared pestilence, fire, and Jewish beggars.
1669-08-05Withdrawal (Aufkündigung) to the Jews in the country. Several Jews in Tiengen and Klettgau County have been accepted for 20 years 19 years ago. Protection will not be extended to those living in the countryside. They are not to urge the peasants in collecting the claims and not to betray anyone.
1669-08-19Withdrawal (Aufkündigung) to the Jews in Tiengen. They are to leave the town within a year. Individual Jews may apply for an extension.
1669-11-14Marum and his brother in Tiengen are fined because they had their shop open during the (church) service. They are called Marum Weil and his brother Moyses (or Mauschelin) in the entry.
1670-04-01Trespassing permit for Scholem Schnirpp of Hechingen. The entry includes his brother-in-law Salomon of that town (daselbst).
1670-09-17Jonele Weyl Jew is summoned to move away from Tiengen. Jonnele Weyl and the Graußkopff (as Borch is absent) were ordered to moved away within ten day with their wives and children.
1670-10-04Foreign Jews are allowed to trade in the counry. Trespassing and commerce is allowed to the Jews of Stühlingen and Baden County, except those who got there only within the one last year. (A long entry).
- The banished Jews are allowed to collect their claims.
- Cosher wine is permitted/allowed/conceded. With new conditions.
1670-10-09Trespassing permit for Jews in order to collect their claims. With mention of Mauschele of Oberlauchringen, now in Lenglau. Volla Jew there Old Judele Jew Jäggle Jew, currently in Ofteringen Jaggle Jew of Rheinheim, now in Alsace. Gaiß Jagose Jew, currently in Endingen.
1670-10-15Trespassing permit for the Jews in Eberfingen. Davidle Jew of Oberlauchringen, but now living in Eberfingen.
1670-10-21Trespassing permit for the Jews in Hofwies. Borach Jew, currently living in Hofwies, and Leman Jew, living near Basel.
1670-11-14Renewed protection for the Tiengen Jews, their annual protection fee and the permission for cosher wine. The following were accepted for 12 years: Marum, Mauschele and Lamble the Weil brothers, and Mayer Levi. The annual protection fee is 24 florins and four geese.
- Punishment of Jonele Jew. He was ordered to move away, went to Stühlingen and sneaked back ten days ago and lived in his father´s house without knowledge of the dominion. His presence was denied and he was only found after searching through the house by order of the court. Jonele and Marum are fined 54 pounds.
- Mauschele Jew declares that when Jonele´s wife came back some months ago, she took back her child which had lived with him during her absence, and he accepted another poor girl instead and reports so now. There is no problem because the girl is unmarried and does not conduct business.
1670-12-09Trespassing permit for the Jews in Ofteringen. Actually for Beniamin in Ofteringen, Glatzhkopf´s son (des Glatzkopfen Sohn).
- Trespassing permit for Jew Hirzel in Eberfingen.
1671-01-21The oath of the Jews in Tiengen upon their letterof-protection. Besides the four families under protection, the following four householods are allowed to live here: Isac Schwab and his son-in-law Isserlin, Schimel Jew, and Meyer, both living in Lemblin´s house. In addition, Coschlin Weyl was accepted in Unterlauchringen.
1671-02-27Jonelin, newly accepted in Unterlauchringen, is taken under oath. He also has obtained agreement (by the office) in Stühlingen.
1671-05-11The trespassing permit for Scholem Schnirpp of Hechingen is extended. This is good for him and his servant (Knecht).
1671-06-13Lemble Weyl pays death tax for a Jew who happened to die here. The deceased was (also) Lembli and has died in a forest yonder the Wutach River.
1671-10-02A decree to the Jews in Tiengen. New complaints against the Jews have been filed, so their banishment is confirmed, but postponed to next spring due to the approaching winter. Jonele of Unterlauchringen has a dangerous and frightning disease and has fallen down on the road several times. He must not leave the house before he has been declared healthy by a doctor, otherwise he and his father will be seriously fined. The wife of Schwab Isac here conducts unpermitted trade and is to finish that so her husband may be allowed here if they conduct well, but not their son-in-law. With additional terms about Jonele after new evidence has come up.
1671-12-29Leman Jew called Schrettelzopf extends his trespassing permit.
1672-05-17Foreign Jews get traspassing permission to collect their claims. With mention of Borach Jew in Hofwies Mauschele Jew in Endingen Volla Jew in Lenglau Jaggle Jew in Ofteringen Davidle Jew in Eberfingen Hirschel Jew in Eberfingen Beniamin Jew in Ofteringen Isac Jew in Hofwies.
1672-11-25Trespassing permit for Jonele Weil. Upon request of his wife, to collect his claims.
1672-12-01Trespassing permit to Jew Mausche. Mauschele Jew of Endingen
- Trepassing permit for four other Jews. Borach auf der Hofwies, Jäggle in Ofteringen, Hirtzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen. Jew Jägle of Rheinfelden.

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