Abstracted from 61/6996: Proceedings of the Tiengen Government, 1658-1673.

1671-10-02A decree to the Jews in Tiengen. New complaints against the Jews have been filed, so their banishment is confirmed, but postponed to next spring due to the approaching winter. Jonele of Unterlauchringen has a dangerous and frightning disease and has fallen down on the road several times. He must not leave the house before he has been declared healthy by a doctor, otherwise he and his father will be seriously fined. The wife of Schwab Isac here conducts unpermitted trade and is to finish that so her husband may be allowed here if they conduct well, but not their son-in-law. With additional terms about Jonele after new evidence has come up.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Jonele(Jonah (Jonele) ben Meir, Weyl)

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