Abstracted from 61/6996: Proceedings of the Tiengen Government, 1658-1673.

1663-06-18Some points about the Jews in Tiengen. All Jews in Tiengen and Klettgau County were summoned to the office and objected: 1. They do not observe certain points of the letter-of-protection. 2. They may only trade in horses or cattle after they have reported this to the office. 3. They are to observe Sundays and holidays (with details). 4. They are not to clean laundry or anything else at the wells on Sundays or holidays. 5. They are to render themselves with their offered horses, cattle etc. to Rheinheim a day before the Zurzach Market and cause foreign Jews also to do so.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name

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