Abstracted from 61/6997: Proceedings of the Tiengen Government, 1673-1691.

1679-02-16Isaac Weil of Endingen, an heir, was asked how he thinks to present security if the estate is more than 10,000 florins worth. In the presence of all heirs, Ephraim repeats his willingness to set security for his cousin (Vetter) Isaac. Isaac declares that in Baden County, where he lives, only five per cent property export tax are collected and this also ought to be valid reciprocally. The dominion insists in taking ten per cent property export tax. The warranty by Ephraim is confirmed. Those in Stühlingen and the (other) foreign heirs also are to render this. With additional considerations about the property export tax after the death of Mauschelin. Isaac says he has inherited 500 fl. and paid 50 fl. tax. Those of Stühlingen hope to be exempted from such tax as on the soil of the (Holy Roman) Empire, it is not usual that the Jews, who have no stable location anywhere, are to pay property export tax.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Ephraim(Ephraim (Effermen), Weyl - Donaueschingen)

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