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Tree Ephraim (Effermen), Weyl - Donaueschingen is mentioned 14 times between 1679 and 1729. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'W2'.

Ephraim was among the 19 Jews who were expelled from Tiengen in 1683 and moved to Donaueschingen [R1310; 05.11.1683]. .

1679-02-14Property export tax (Abzug) from Mauschele Jew and the estate (Erbschaft) of Lemble. After Lemble Weil of Tiengen has recently died, his will was translated from Hebrew into German. Of the local heirs, only Ephraim and Samuel both Weil have appeared. Testator´s brother Isaac of Endingen was also summoned, but sent an excuse that he has business in Baden. The will demands that all debts are to be paid before the estate will be divided. Isaac is subject to property export tax for his share of the estate and for what he has formerly inherited from late Mauschele. The authority demands that the estate will only be divided after these taxes have been paid, although Ephraim Weyl in Tiengen has declared to be liable for these amounts.
1679-02-16Isaac Weil of Endingen, an heir, was asked how he thinks to present security if the estate is more than 10,000 florins worth. In the presence of all heirs, Ephraim repeats his willingness to set security for his cousin (Vetter) Isaac. Isaac declares that in Baden County, where he lives, only five per cent property export tax are collected and this also ought to be valid reciprocally. The dominion insists in taking ten per cent property export tax. The warranty by Ephraim is confirmed. Those in Stühlingen and the (other) foreign heirs also are to render this. With additional considerations about the property export tax after the death of Mauschelin. Isaac says he has inherited 500 fl. and paid 50 fl. tax. Those of Stühlingen hope to be exempted from such tax as on the soil of the (Holy Roman) Empire, it is not usual that the Jews, who have no stable location anywhere, are to pay property export tax.
1683-01-21Preinle Lewe, former protected Jewess in Tiengen, property export tax from the estate. Preinle has left behind an inheritance of 1552 fl. after her departure (death?), in which the following (foreign?) persons participate: Jonele Jew of Horheim 310 fl. Model Weil of Stühlingen 310 fl. Lemble Weil also Stühlingen 310 fl. Her sister who lives in Metz 172 fl. Thus the three brothers Jonele, Model and Lemble are due 31 fl. each, Ephraim however is due 17 fl. for his sister in Metz, making a total of 110 fl. which is to be paid cash immediately. Nothing of the estate must be handed out by Ephraim and Schmule to their brothers and the sister before these 110 fl. have been paid. If they hand out the least amount anyway, one will fetch it back from them. With marginal notes about the payment of the individual amounts
1683-05-11Those Jews who are moving away from Tiengen, namely Efrem and the two Samuehl Weihl, pay 10 fl. trespassing customs for seven carts of household items, 19 persons and 20 pieces of cattle.
1683-09-18Trespassing fees from the Jews of Stühlingen and elsewhere. With mention of Judel Weyl and Jonna of Ofteringen, Schimmel of Klingnau, Hirzel and David Meyer of Eberfingen, Ephraim Weyl of Donaueschingen and Jacob Tryfuß from Gailingen.
1694-02-26Mutual account between the administrator of the mine and Ephrem Weyl Jew in Donaueschingen.
1695-11-18Agreement in the matter Caspar Weisenberger of Öschingen and Lämperle Weyl, with mention of his brother Ephraim.
1696-12-07Ephrem of Donaueschingen had passed through the dominion with a carload of merchandize when coming from the Zurzach market without paying customs. He was arrested when he came to Stühlingen in order to attend the wedding of his brother Lemblin´s daughter. The penalty of 24 florins was forgiven as it turned out that many of the items were not subject to customs.
1697-01-01Jew Ephraim Weyl of Donaueschingen is fined 24 fl. for not paying customs for spices carried through.
1697-01-10The following Jews were fined for injuries: 1. Jossel from here and Samuel from Donaueschingen for quarrels about a Polish horse. 2. Jossel´s brother Abraham for participation. 3. His brother-in-law Model for getting involved, and he complained that many invectives were ejected against his brother Ephraim of Donaueschingen all day, whereas his son Moyses 4. charged Samuel with many crimes, as the father confirmed at the office today, whereas 5. Samuel tossed as glass of wine after him which hit his face. Samuel denies such, but it is certain that he was hit. 6. Hereupon a quarrel came up between Sandel and Model, with verbal injuries, and 7. Sandel´s son Marum mingled into this and tossed a jar of wine towards the body of Model who claims it has hit his chest which is still aching. Marum contradicts this. Model started to defend against Sandel, upon which 8. Jew Marum of Untereggingen held him back and pressed him on a bench. This is the event of the matter. At today´s interrogation of witnesses, 9. Model has accused Sandel of being a thief and having stolen 100 Dukaten from him, having issued a bond to Jew Liebermann in Heidelberg who now lives in Breisach, and he raises his children in theft. Model, Samuel, Sandel, Marum Sandels Sohn, and Marum of Untereggingen were then fined between 3 and 12 pounds.
1698-10-23Jew Ephrem of Donaueschingen pays 3 fl. for one year´s trespassing. Jew Meyer, also of Donaueschingen, pays 2.5 fl. for same.
1699-09-30The following Jews purchased trespassing for a year: Samuel of Donaueschingen 2.25 fl. Ephrem of that town 2.25 fl. Israel and Samuel of Tiengen 3 fl.
1716-03-15Extanzenregister, darin die schutzverwandten Juden Sallomon Jäggelin Sohn, Jekoff Marum Sohn, Mausche Alt, Josell Marum Sohn, Lemble Alt, Isac Juden Wittib, Schmuel Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickhert, Modell, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Mergam Marums Wittib, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jäggelle Hirtzels Sohn, Hirtzel Jud, Jackoff Callmelis Sohn, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer Eliasen Sohn, Davidt Jäggelin Sohn, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Marum Weyl Jud, Beniamin Jud, Schmule Jüdelins Sohn, Isac Jud Beniamin Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn. Fremde Juden, die Geleit haben: Ephraim zu Donaueschingen, Samuel allda, Simeon und Samuel Vehlmann (wohl Uhlmann) zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Isac Meyer von "Gaisingen", Lehman Weyl von Donaueschingen, Meyer Bloch Jud von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau.
1729-01-01Rückständigen Zahlungen von Jeckoff Marumbs Sohn (156), Model (17), Mergen Marumbs Wittib (32), Hertzele (29), Jackoff Callmelins Sohn (37), Elias Boll (70), Jüdele Weyl von Horheim (25), Marumb Weyl (3), Beniamin (10), Schmule Jüdelins Sohn (28), Ephraim (13), Samuel von Unterlauchringen (22), Isacc Meyer von Gailingen (9), Meyer Bloch von Gailingen (10), Lehmann Weyl von Donaueschingen „so getauft und dato sich in Donaueschingen befindet, mit Anthoni Namen Joseph Ernst“ (18) (Beträge in Gulden, auf ganze Zahlen abgerundet).

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