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Abstracted from 61/6997: Proceedings of the Tiengen Government, 1673-1691.

1673-07-24Leheman Jew "Schretelzopff" from Arlesheim, trespassing. Includes his son Isaac.
1674-08-24Trespassing fees for the Jews in Klettgau. A long description of the rules.
1674-10-30Decision about the dwelling (Wohnung) of Israel Ullmann in Tiengen. Israel Uhlmann, son-in-law of Isac Schwab, and his wife and his only child may take over the position (anstatt) of late Mauschelin.
1674-12-17Lazarus and Jacob Jews, customs defraud in Klettgau. Lazarus and Jacob the Bermon Hebrews, with no place mentioned. With a long description of the case.
- A certificate is issued by the two. They get back the confiscated merchandize for payment of 300 fl. and nominate Lemble Jew as a warrantor.
1676-02-10A decree about writing court proceedings in Jewish matters (wegen des führenden Judenprotocolls und Angebung der Contracten).
1678-08-11The format of the trespassing permits for Jews who just want to collect claims.
1678-10-19A general decree about the format of the Jewish trespassing permits. With mention of all the Jews in Stühlingen, namely Marum Gugenum, Jonele Gugenum, Schmule Seligmendle, Calmele, Jäckhele, Sandl, Abrahamb, Model, Lemble Isaac, Leib Jonelins Sohn, Maier Jud Menckhins Sohn, Maier Jud Lehmans Sohn, and Hirtzell. A long text with many terms.
- No date Same for the specific documents.
1678-12-01Trespassing permit for the following Jews: Jonele of Ofteringen David and Hirtzel of Eberfingen Schimmel of Klinglau (the fee is granted in behalf of a horse)
1679-02-14Property export tax (Abzug) from Mauschele Jew and the estate (Erbschaft) of Lemble. After Lemble Weil of Tiengen has recently died, his will was translated from Hebrew into German. Of the local heirs, only Ephraim and Samuel both Weil have appeared. Testator´s brother Isaac of Endingen was also summoned, but sent an excuse that he has business in Baden. The will demands that all debts are to be paid before the estate will be divided. Isaac is subject to property export tax for his share of the estate and for what he has formerly inherited from late Mauschele. The authority demands that the estate will only be divided after these taxes have been paid, although Ephraim Weyl in Tiengen has declared to be liable for these amounts.
1679-02-16Isaac Weil of Endingen, an heir, was asked how he thinks to present security if the estate is more than 10,000 florins worth. In the presence of all heirs, Ephraim repeats his willingness to set security for his cousin (Vetter) Isaac. Isaac declares that in Baden County, where he lives, only five per cent property export tax are collected and this also ought to be valid reciprocally. The dominion insists in taking ten per cent property export tax. The warranty by Ephraim is confirmed. Those in Stühlingen and the (other) foreign heirs also are to render this. With additional considerations about the property export tax after the death of Mauschelin. Isaac says he has inherited 500 fl. and paid 50 fl. tax. Those of Stühlingen hope to be exempted from such tax as on the soil of the (Holy Roman) Empire, it is not usual that the Jews, who have no stable location anywhere, are to pay property export tax.
1679-02-17The tax remains ten per cent. The Jews are allowed to continue the division of the estate (on paper), but must not withdraw any assets.
1679-04-24General trespassing permit for the Jews in Stühlingen.
1679-08-02Trespassing permit for Isac, his son, Jüdtele and Samuel. Isaac Jew and his son Leib, and for (himself and his sons?) Jüdele and Samuel of Hofwies. Mauschele Jew from "Leh.." Jacob and Hayumb the Jews of Gailingen.
1679-10-12Trespassing permit for Joggle Jew the Tall (der Lang) of Horheim.
1679-12-29Jews David and Hürtzel pay their trespassing fees. They are both from Eberfingen.
1680-04-14Mauschele Jew of Endingen, same.
1680-07-24Restrictions to the domestic Jews after a pestilence has broken out in Bohemia, Silesia and Austria. Behaviour towards travelling foreign Jews. No names.
1680-08-07Jonele Jew of Ofteringen pays his trespassing fee.
1681-01-16Mauschele Jew of Endingen, same. (An entry about Lew of Endingen paying trespassing fee is erased).
1681-03-04Benedict Jew of Ofteringen and Salomon of Horheim, same.
- Lew Jew of Horheim, same.
1681-04-14All the Jews of Stühlingen pay their overall trespassing fee. No names.
- Hirzel Meyer and Jonele Weyl pay their trespassing fees. The first one from Eberfingen, the latter one from Ofteringen.
1681-08-19Mauschele Jew in Endingen pays his trespassing fee.
1681-08-26All the Jews of Stühlingen pay their overall trespassing fee.
- Hürzel Meyer of Eberfingen and Salomon of Horheim pay trespassing fees.
- David Hürzel of Eberfingen pays trespassing fee.
1681-09-10Jacob Treyfueß and his son pay trespassing fees. No town, the entry says son-in-law, however.
1681-10-01Schimmel Jew pays his personal (particular) lodging fees. Schimmel of Klingnau.
- All the Jews of Endingen pay their overall trespassing fees. No names.
1682-05-29Jonele Jew of Horheim pays his trespassing fee.
1682-08-24Mauschele of Endingen pays trespassing fee. The entry includes Schimel of Klingnau and both Weyl Jews in Hofwies.
1682-09-08David Meyer of Eberfingen pays trespassing fee.
- Hirzel Meyer of Eberfingen, same. The entry calls him brother of David. Same for Jonale Weyl of Horheim.
1682-09-18Jacob Treyfuß of Gailingen pays his regular trespassing fee.
1682-10-31Benedict Jew of Ofteringen pays trespassing fee.
1682-12-10Salomon Jew of Horheim pays trespassing fee.
1682-12-11All the Jews in Baden County (Grafschaft) pay traspassing fee.
1683-01-21Preinle Lewe, former protected Jewess in Tiengen, property export tax from the estate. Preinle has left behind an inheritance of 1552 fl. after her departure (death?), in which the following (foreign?) persons participate: Jonele Jew of Horheim 310 fl. Model Weil of Stühlingen 310 fl. Lemble Weil also Stühlingen 310 fl. Her sister who lives in Metz 172 fl. Thus the three brothers Jonele, Model and Lemble are due 31 fl. each, Ephraim however is due 17 fl. for his sister in Metz, making a total of 110 fl. which is to be paid cash immediately. Nothing of the estate must be handed out by Ephraim and Schmule to their brothers and the sister before these 110 fl. have been paid. If they hand out the least amount anyway, one will fetch it back from them. With marginal notes about the payment of the individual amounts
1683-04-29Samuel Weihl "Krauskopf" and Schmule Weyl pay trespassing fees. They are described as former protected Jews here, without a current place of residence.
1683-08-17Mauschele of Endingen, Salomon and Jonele of Horheim, and others pay trespassing fees. The others are Schmule and Samuel Weyl of Donaueschingen and Jöggle from Horheim.
1683-09-18Trespassing fees from the Jews of Stühlingen and elsewhere. With mention of Judel Weyl and Jonna of Ofteringen, Schimmel of Klingnau, Hirzel and David Meyer of Eberfingen, Ephraim Weyl of Donaueschingen and Jacob Tryfuß from Gailingen.
1684-08-26The Jews of Stühlingen and of Baden County pay trespassing fees. And so do Schmule Weil of Donaueschingen, Mauschele of Endingen and Hirzel Meyer of Eberfingen.
1684-10-26The Jews of Donaueschingen and some others pay trespassing fees. Donaueschingen: Ephraym, Schmule and Veit the Weyl and Meyer Jew. Horheim: Jonale Weyl.
1685-09-09Trespassing permit for Schmule Weyl and Mayer Weyl of Donaueschingen.
- The following pay trespassing fee: The Jews of Stühlingen (no names) Eberfingen: Hirzel Meyer, David Meyer. Horheim: Salomon, Jonale Weil. Donaueschingen: Schmule Weil, Meyer Weil Eggingen: Judel Weil.
1685-11-18Benedict Jew of Ofteringen pays the trespassing fee.
- Lang Jagle of Horheim pays his trespassing fee.
- Davidt Mayer of Eberfingen again pays for the trespassing fee.
1686-02-04Trespassing permit for Mauschele Jew of Endingen.
1686-03-12Trespassing permit for Jacob Treyfues of Gailingen.
1686-08-31Trespassing permit for the following: Endingen: Mauschele Horheim: Joggle, Salomon Donaueschingen: Schmuhle. Eberfingen: Hirtzel. Ofteringen: Benedict. Stühlingen: All the Jews (no names).
1686-09-24Hirtzel Mayer of Eberfingen pays trespassing fee.
1686-10-22The two Jews Weyl of Eggingen paid their trespassing fees. The entry does not show their actual names.
1686-12-18Same for Mayer Jew in Donaueschingen and Jaggle of Horheim.
1687-08-29Trespassing permit for the Jews of Stühlingen, for Schmule Jew of Donaueschingen, for Benedict of Ofteringen, Hirtzel of Eberfingen and Salomon of Horheim.
1687-09-12Schmule and Mayer Jews of Stühlingen pay trespassing fee, as do Marum Weyl and Mausche Jew of Endingen.
1687-11-17Trespassing fee of Davidt Mayer of Eberfingen and Jägle Jew of Horheim.
1687-12-22Sale of two horses to Simon Jew of Klingnau.
1688-11-12Trespassing fees by Salomon, Benedict and Jägle Jews of Horheim. Jodl and Modl Weyl of Eggingen. Schmule Weil and Mausche Jew of Donaueschingen Hirzel Meyer Jew of Eberfingen
1689-02-06Trespassing fees by David Meyer of Eberfingen and Mauschele of Endingen.
1689-08-25Long considerations about Jewish trespassing fees. The following paid such: Mauschele of Endingen, Salomon of Horheim, Judel Weil and Marum Weil of Untereggingen, Hierzel Meyer of Eberfingen, each 2 fl.
1689-09-05All the Jews of Stühlingen pay trespassing and protection fees.

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