Abstracted from 61/12683: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1726-1730.

1729-03-22Meyer Gugenheimb, protected Jew here, has married Schönle, the daughter of Josel Gugenheimb, about two months ago. The young couple got into heavy quarrels in which their parents got involved, too. Meyer had even once told to Marum Weyl that he would rather issue a divorce document (Scheidbrief) if the Jossl side will not allow him command (Gewalt) over the marriage endowment. In spite of many good words, they could not come to an agreement at the office, so the matter was transferred to the local Rabbi and to schoolmaster Heyum. Today appears the young couple with Jonas Gugenheimb, Marum Weyl of Donaueschingen and Mencke Bernheim of Tiengen and declares their agreement in this matter. The transfer of the case to the Rabbi and the schoolmaster is waived for now.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Marum Weyl of Donaueschingen(Meir (Marum, dicker) ben Samuel, Weyl)
Jonas Gugenheimb(Jonah (Jonas) ben Judah, Gugenheimb)
Josel Gugenheimb(Joseph (Jossel Lang) ben Samuel, Gugenheimb)
Meyer Gugenheimb(Meir (Meyer) ben Chaim, Gugenheimb)
Mencke Bernheim(Menachem (Menckhen) ben Salomon, Bernheimb)

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