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Abstracted from 61/12683: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1726-1730.

1726-10-08Feisel Gugenhaimb.
1726-10-25Marumb Gugenhaimb, Schmule Weyl.
- Jonas Weyl (on the margin: Jonas Gugenhaimb).
1726-11-05David, singer and school-knocker, claim upon a credit of 10.03.1724.
1726-11-19Mencke Bloch is fined because he provided a horse not apted for riding.
- Marx Mayer, assisted by his father Elias Mayer, claim.
1726-11-22Salomon Weyl.
1726-12-03Jonas Gugenhaimb
1726-12-13Faisel Gugenhaimb, penalty upon a cow deal.
- Meyer Bloch "Young", claim.
1727-02-04Jonas Gugenheimb, agreement about a mortgage of 16.12.1718.
1727-03-07Feisel, claim.
1727-05-14Jossel Guggenheimb.
1727-08-05Jonas Weyl, penalty.
1727-09-23Marum Weyl, complaint.
1727-10-03Isac Bickert, Mencke Block, horse trade matter.
1727-11-21Lang Jossel (on the margin: Jossel Gugenheimb).
1727-12-01Marum Weyl, his son-in-law Jonas Gugenheimb, Leib Gugenheim, cession of a debt with reference to an entry of 28.01.1721.
1727-12-05Isaac Bickert.
- Mencki Bloch was summoned upon request of Mencke Bernheimb from Tiengen but has not appeared.
1727-12-12Isaac Bickert (three entries).
1728-01-07Manus Bloch is fined for horse trade on a Sunday.
1728-01-13Mencke Bloch of Stühlingen owes 60 florins to Mencke Bernheimb of Tiengen.
- Mencke Bloch is fined for employing a foreign tailor in his house.
- Mencke Bloch is to pay back a credit of 145 fl.
- Isaac Bickhert is to pay back about 50 florins (the exact amount is to be determined yet).
1728-01-27Bequests of Leib Gugenheimb: 1. 1000 fl. to the grandson Meyer Gugenheim (son of Faistel) for his wedding, 2. 450 fl. to the younger son Jonas Gugenheimb, 3. 350 fl. to the son-in-law Salomon Weyl, 4. 450 fl. to the other son-in-law Joseph Gugenheimb in Randegg, partially as a dowry for the daughter Edel, 5. 450 fl. to the older son Faistel as a dowry for another daughter who is expected to marry soon, 6. provisions for the distribution of the estate after the death of Leib, 7. 200 fl. cash and 200 fl. of claims for the grandson Jonas Guggenheimb in Randegg which his father Joseph Gugenheimb must not touch.
1728-01-29In this context, Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg renews a claim to his brother-in-law Feistel Guggenheim in Stühlingen.
1728-02-20Marx Meyer Jew has a claim of 36 fl. secured by a mortgage.
1728-02-24Isaac Bickhert is to pay 16 fl. for a cow.
- Marumb Weyl has ceded a claim of 379 fl., with reference to the proceedings of 27.03.1722, to Junker Johann Jacob Ziegler of Schaffhausen.
1728-03-09Elias and Marx Meyer and Isacc Bickhert, doubtful horse trade in Gailingen in 1726 (a long matter).
1728-04-06A man was summoned upon request of Jew Marx Meyer but has not appeared.
1728-04-09Isaac Bickhert, cow treade matter.
- A quarrel between Manus Bloch and the flayer About a hide.
1728-04-16Jossel Gugenheimb is sued for payment of 30 fl.
1728-04-20Schmule Weyl, two cessions of claims.
- Isaac Bickhert owes 62 fl.
1728-05-26Marum Weyl is fined for a riot at the wedding of his youngest daughter Ella last Saturday while the bells were rung for Ave Maria and the Poor Souls.
1728-06-01Isaac Bickhert claims payment for a cow.
1728-06-18Salomon Weyl buys real estate for 65 fl.
1728-06-21As can be seen in the proceedings of 14.05.1728, Jacob Gugenheimb of Lenglau claimed 250 florins from Jossel Gugenheimb Alt, former protected Jew here, and a mortgage was inscribed on the house in the Jews´ Lane between Meyer Bloch Alt and clerk Megglin´s barn. Today appears Süssel Guggenheim, son of said Alt Jossel, and declares in the presence of Marumb Weyl that said Jacob Guggenheimb has ceded him, Süssel, this claim as payment for 14 years of work. This cession is proven by a Hebrew document which was translated by Marum Weyl and by a declaration of Marum that Jacob Guggenheimb has written such to him. Thus such cession is officially ratified, but Süssel Guggenheimb will have to respond in case anyone ought to contradict sooner or later.
1728-06-22Leib Gugenheimb buys a claim.
1728-09-24Jonas Gugenheimb claims 24 fl. upon a mutual account.
1728-10-01Same claims 72 fl.
1728-11-03Marumb Weyl claims 25 fl. and 15 fl.
1728-11-12Claims of Marumb Weyl and Leib.
- Jonas Gugenheimb is sued to return a barrel (suitable for a cart, Fuhrfaß) which he borrowed five years ago.
- Isaac Bickhert is to pay for a cow.
1728-11-23Schmuli (on the margin: Lemble) Weyl claims payment.
1729-01-11Mencke Bernheimb of Tiengen claims 33 fl.
1729-01-18Jossel Guggenheimb claims 48 fl.
- Leib Guggenheimb claims 30 fl. and is willing to wait some more time.
1729-01-28Jonas Weyl claims 10 fl. interest.
1729-02-11Schmule Weyl claims payment.
1729-03-22Meyer Gugenheimb, protected Jew here, has married Schönle, the daughter of Josel Gugenheimb, about two months ago. The young couple got into heavy quarrels in which their parents got involved, too. Meyer had even once told to Marum Weyl that he would rather issue a divorce document (Scheidbrief) if the Jossl side will not allow him command (Gewalt) over the marriage endowment. In spite of many good words, they could not come to an agreement at the office, so the matter was transferred to the local Rabbi and to schoolmaster Heyum. Today appears the young couple with Jonas Gugenheimb, Marum Weyl of Donaueschingen and Mencke Bernheim of Tiengen and declares their agreement in this matter. The transfer of the case to the Rabbi and the schoolmaster is waived for now.
1729-05-06Schmule Weyl still claims 12 fl.
- Leib Gugenheimb claims 38 fl.
- Marum Weyl protected Jew here claims 489 fl.
1729-05-17Marum Weyl here reports burglary in the Synagogue. The box into which offerings are put (Opferstock) in a chappel was also violently opened (erbrochen) this night.
- Losses of Marum Weyl by a debtor´s bankruptcy.
1729-05-31Meyer Gugenheimb wants to get back a field which he had sold but which was not paid.
1729-06-10Joseph Salomon of Wurmlingen, son-in-law of Lehemann Bickert here, has applied for trespassing for a year, which is granted for two florins.
1729-06-21Mencke Bloch is sued for payment of 29 fl.
- Isaac Bickert, same, 62 fl. and 100 fl.
1729-06-23Meyer Gugenheimb is sued after a cow trade.
- Jossel Gugenheimb claims 26 fl.
1729-06-28Meyer Bloch, quarrel after a horse trade.
1729-07-01Marumb Weyl, quarrel after a bull trade.
1729-07-05Schmule Weyl, quarrel after a cow trade.
1729-07-15Leib Gugenheimb has failed to pay 30 florins of war taxes, pretending he is unable to do so. The same entry includes an agreement about a deposited foal which has died.
- First emption is claimed for some real estate which Jonas Gugenheimb has accepted as security and later on acquired, with reference to the proceedings of 18.10.1726.
1729-07-16Same, cession of a claim.
1729-08-09Leib Gugenheimb and the servant of Jonas Gugenheimb sued some of Unterhallau for attacking them on the road.
1729-08-12Salomon Weyl claims payment of a Duplone.
1729-08-19Schmuly the singer´s son (or: the son of singer Schmuly) is fined for saying at a foreign place that Meyer Lang Jossel´s son-in-law is a fool.
1729-08-25Lehmann Bickert, questionable change of horses by a handshake (Handschlag). Bickert is said to have grasped for seller´s hand which this one had not raised (ausgestreckt). The deal is declared void.
1729-09-09Schmule Weyl, agreement about a claim.
1729-09-30Lehmann Bickert claims payment for a horse.
1729-10-11Lehmann Bickert, same, a complicated matter.
1729-10-31Schmule Weyl, claim.
- Jossel Gugenheimb is fined 10 pounds for attacking his son-in-law in his house (with reference to separate proceedings about this case).
1729-11-18Marum Weyl claims payment of interest and payment for a horse.
1729-12-17Jossel Gugenheimb sues a couple for slander and charges of fraud against him.
- Claims by Jonas Gugenheimb and Marx Bloch.
1730-01-10The slander and fraud matter continued, with a deposition of the sheriff.
1730-01-13Jonas Weyl claims 11 fl.
- Schmuly Weyl has bought a field for 11 fl.
1730-01-24Leib Gugenheimb claims 10 fl. and 75 fl.
1730-01-27Leib Gugenheimb, complaint after a bull trade.
- Leib Jew, claim after a bull trade.
1730-02-08Leib, quarrel about a deposited bull.
- Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn has paid 35 fl. to Hirtzel Levi from Alsace which he is now claiming back from the debtors of this man.
1730-03-03Salomon Weyl Marumben Sohn wanted to have a coat (Mantel) made (a long matter).
1730-03-10Isaac Bloch is to pay a debt which he said he did not know of.
1730-03-13Schmuly Weyl sells a small house with two gardens and some lands which he has acquired in a bankruptcy procedure, and some more pieces of land.
1730-03-14Marum Weyl may loan 15 fl. to a farmer for the purchase of seeds.
- Leib denies to owe 12 fl. to a debtor.
1730-03-17Jonas Gugenheimb has loaned Isacc Bickert 11 fl. for the payment of protection fee and wants the amount be paid back.
- Marum Weyl claims 85 fl., with reference to the proceedings of 14.01.1717 and 07.02.1719.
- Claims by Marum Weyl and Jonas Gugenheimb.
1730-03-21Salomon Weyl claims 9 fl.
1730-03-28Claims by Leib Gugenheimb and his son Feistl Gugenheimb, both of Stühlingen.

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