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Tree Jacob (Jekhuf) ben Meir, Gugenheimb is mentioned 35 times between 1661 and 1729. He died around 1729. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.3.4'. His father was Meir (Marum) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb.

Jacob ben Marum is presumably the son of Meir ben Jacob, GH. He tends to be mentioned in association with other members of the GH family. Furthermore, the pronounciation `Jekoff` corresponds to that of Marum ben Jacob`s father. In 1691 Jacob Marum`s son is mentioned together with Josel Marum`s son, Marum`s widow and son Jonas [R3; 09.29.1691]. In turn, Josel Marum`s son is identified as Marum Gugenheimb [R1065; 02.10.1693]. Jekhoff was under protection in Stühlingen from 1687 to 1729. Jekhuf was married to the daughter of Kalonymos [R4833; 10.10.1681]. .

1661-12-20Marum Jew Jekoph´s son obtains a cow for partial payment.
1680-05-24Jeckhov Marum Jew´s son, claim.
1681-10-10Callmelin, mutual account. He transfers 30 florins of the remaining claim to his son-in-law Jeckhoff Gugenum as a dowry.
1682-10-07Jäckoff the oldest son of Jew Marum claims payment of 8 fl.
1682-10-07Afore-mentioned Jäckoff claims 13 fl. for a horse.
1683-02-04Marum´s son Jeckhoff is to be paid.
1683-02-18Calmelin, cession of a claim to his son-in-law Jäckhoff Marums Sohn.
1684-12-01Marum Jew claims payment of 74 fl., with mention of Jäckoff Jew Marums Sohn.
1685-03-20Jekhoff Marums Sohn admits a debt of 112 fl.
1685-11-15Jäckhoff Marumbs Sohn is to pay back a credit of 25 fl. which he has obtained at the Zurzach Fair.
1685-11-23Jäkoff Jew Marumbs Sohn has failed to pay 112 fl. according to the proceedings of 20.03.1685 and is to expect execution.
1686-04-04Callmelin acknowledges payment. Other creditors are: Marum 25 fl. Jekoff Marumb Sohn 3 fl. Model Weihl grain Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn 5 fl. Seligmann 4 fl. They were all paid, and Calmele translated their receipts into German.
1686-10-09Verbal injuries by Jäckhoff Gugenum of Stühlingen against Judle Weil of Untereggingen.
1686-10-09Jekhoff Marums Sohn wurde wegen Injurien gegen Judele Weihl um 2 fl. bestraft.
1687-03-15Jeweils 18 fl. zahlen Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn, Lew Jonasen Sohn, Calmelin, Schmulin Calmelis Sohn, Alt Marum (ist gestorben, also null), Jeckhoff Marums Sohn, Jekhlin Menckhins Bruder, Davidt erstgemelten Jeglis Sohn, Meyer Lehemans Sohn, Seligman, Schmuli Seligmans Sohn, Schmuli der Große, Lämblin Seligmans Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Lehemans Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Mausche Marums Tochtermann.
1691-09-29The following are thus due to pay 10 fl. each: Jägglin Meyer. Abrahamb. Model. Isac Schmulin`s son. Löw. Meyer Lehmann`s son. Meyer Mencke`s son. Lemmle. Schmul Selgmann`s son. Schmul Callmel`s son. Moyses Mencke`s son. Davidt Jägglin`s son. Elias Jäglin`s son. Salomon Jägglin`s son. Joßel Marum`s son. Jekoph Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and her son Jonas. Jeckoff Callmel`s son who has moved in from Eberfingen.
1694-05-14Jeckhoff Jew is to satisfy three claims.
1697-04-07Lembli. Isac. Schmuli. Meyer. Model. Abraham. Jekhoph. At Eberfingen: Hürschel. David. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyhl. Marum Weyhl. Benedict.
1700-10-01Jekhoff Marums Sohn is to make a mutual account with this sheriff and pay him in time.
1700-10-15Nachtrag: Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Mayer Menckhins Sohn und Mausche je 10 fl.
1701-03-22Jekhoff Juden Marums Sohn admits to owe Adam Ginthert of Gündelwangen 90 fl.
1702-06-12Jäckhoff Jew Marums Sohn cannot pay 18 fl.
1702-11-20Brawl between both Jeckhoff Jews, Marums Sohn and Calmelins Sohn.
1703-01-15Mausche Models Sohn, David Jäckhlens Sohn, Jossel Calmeles Sohn, Jäckhoff Marums Sohn, and Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn, all Jews in Stühlingen, partially not under protection, were ordered to leave town but did not do so and partially failed to pay their due protection fee. It was decided that the first three who have not gone away will remain under arrest in the town hall until they have paid their extant protection fee plus ten pounds for heavy inobedience, and they may stay here until Easter but definitely not for longer. The two Jäckhoff are to remain in arrest until they have paid the extant protection fees. David Jäckhlens Sohn is fined 10 pounds as he has escaped from arrest without permission.
1703-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen aus Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), David Jakhlins Sohn, Sandel (aus Gnaden null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jakhoff Calmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble,
1704-10-15Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isaacs Sohn, Feissel Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jessel Schmulins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn.
1704-10-15Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isaacs Sohn, Feissel Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jossel Schmulins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn. Nicht im Satz sind: Mändle Sandels Vetter, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann (je 5 fl.).
1704-11-27Jäkhoff Jud Marums Sohn 2 fl. wegen Beschimpfung von Marum.
1706-10-13Jäckhoff Marums Sohn, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1710-03-15Jäckhoff Marums Sohn Jud Schirm- und Satzgeld,
1710-06-01Judel Weyl von Untereggingen, Samuel Weyl allda, Beniamin allda, Model Weyl allhier, Jossel, Mausche Bloch, Hirzel Bickhert, Jäckhoff Marum Sohn, Jackhoff Calmelins Sohn, Sandel Jud wegen dem Siessel, Siessel gleichfalls, Hirzel von Eberfingen, Salomon Sandels Tochtermann.
1714-10-15An Michaelis 1714 in Stühlingen je 9 fl. von Leib, Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Jähkoff Marms Sohn, Mayer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marms Sohn, Lemble Alt, Schmuli Seligman, Mayer Leheman, Isaac Abrahamen Sohn, Jossel Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isaacen Sohn, Faistel Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn,
1715-03-15Ostern 1715 in Stühlingen je10 fl. von Leib, Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Jackhoff Marms Sohn, Mayer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marms Sohn, Lemble Alt, Schmuli Seligmann, Mayer Leheman, Isaac Abrahamen Sohn, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hürtzel Isaacs Sohn, Faistel Leiben Sohn,
1716-03-15Extanzenregister, darin die schutzverwandten Juden Sallomon Jäggelin Sohn, Jekoff Marum Sohn, Mausche Alt, Josell Marum Sohn, Lemble Alt, Isac Juden Wittib, Schmuel Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickhert, Modell, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Mergam Marums Wittib, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jäggelle Hirtzels Sohn, Hirtzel Jud, Jackoff Callmelis Sohn, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer Eliasen Sohn, Davidt Jäggelin Sohn, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Marum Weyl Jud, Beniamin Jud, Schmule Jüdelins Sohn, Isac Jud Beniamin Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn. Fremde Juden, die Geleit haben: Ephraim zu Donaueschingen, Samuel allda, Simeon und Samuel Vehlmann (wohl Uhlmann) zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Isac Meyer von "Gaisingen", Lehman Weyl von Donaueschingen, Meyer Bloch Jud von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau.
1728-06-21Jekhoff Marums Sohnhe proceedings of 14.05.1728, Jacob Gugenheimb of Lenglau claimed 250 florins from Jossel Gugenheimb Alt, former protected Jew here, and a mortgage was inscribed on the house in the Jews´ Lane between Meyer Bloch Alt and clerk Megglin´s barn. Today appears Süssel Guggenheim, son of said Alt Jossel, and declares in the presence of Marumb Weyl that said Jacob Guggenheimb has ceded him, Süssel, this claim as payment for 14 years of work. This cession is proven by a Hebrew document which was translated by Marum Weyl and by a declaration of Marum that Jacob Guggenheimb has written such to him. Thus such cession is officially ratified, but Süssel Guggenheimb will have to respond in case anyone ought to contradict sooner or later.
1729-01-01Rückständigen Zahlungen von Jeckoff Marumbs Sohn (156), Model (17), Mergen Marumbs Wittib (32), Hertzele (29), Jackoff Callmelins Sohn (37), Elias Boll (70), Jüdele Weyl von Horheim (25), Marumb Weyl (3), Beniamin (10), Schmule Jüdelins Sohn (28), Ephraim (13), Samuel von Unterlauchringen (22), Isacc Meyer von Gailingen (9), Meyer Bloch von Gailingen (10), Lehmann Weyl von Donaueschingen „so getauft und dato sich in Donaueschingen befindet, mit Anthoni Namen Joseph Ernst“ (18) (Beträge in Gulden, auf ganze Zahlen abgerundet).

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