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Tree Jacob (Jäcoff) ben Kalonymos, Gugenheimb is mentioned 67 times between 1681 and 1729. He died around 1716. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.2.2.2'. His father was Kalonymos ben Samuel I, Gugenheimb.

Jacob (Jäkoff) ben Kalonymos is mentioned 41 times between 1687 and 1729. He was in protection since 1687 originally in Eberfingen, until 1716. But he seemed to have disappeared without paying his protection tax. He still owed them in 1729. Jäckhoff was frequently fined for fighting, insult and gambling. No heirs or estate matters are mentioned. Jäckhoff was married to the daughter of Abraham of Oettingen [R1325; 09.10.1683]. .

1681-08-08Horse trade of Callmelin´s son Jeckhoff.
1682-03-03Lehmann, Marum´s servant, and Jäckhoff, the medium (mittlerer) son of Calmele, are fined for brawl on their Sabbath.
1683-07-01Calmele Jew has concealed that his son Jäckoff lives with him for three weeks with a wife and a child, although he has denied half a year ago to live in this county (Landgrafschaft). Calmele is fined 3 pounds, and his son Jäckoff is to leave town immediately.
1683-09-10Kopel of Oettingen, representing his father-in-law Abraham of that town, sues Calmele for paying marriage endowment to his son Jäckoff who has married a daughter of Abraham. (A long and complicated matter). Jäckhoff is allowed to settle in Eberfingen.
1684-02-08Jäckoff is to be paid.
1684-06-05Jew Jäckoff Kalmelis Sohn, brawl (a long matter).
1684-12-15Jäckoff claims payment for a horse.
1685-03-20Brawl between Joseph Marums Sohn and Jeckhoff Calmelins Sohn.
1685-06-10Jekhoff Calmelins Sohn, cession of a claim, with involvement of his brother Joseph.
1685-07-23Jekhoff Callmelins Sohn cedes a claim.
1686-10-15Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmuli Callmelins Sohn. Sandels Jew´s son. Hirtzlin´s servant and Jäglin´s son. Davidt Jäglins Sohn, Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn, Jonas unmarried Marums Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn. Jossel Jew, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, and Callmelin. Jäckoff Marums Sohn. Jonas unmarried Marumbs Sohn. Seeligmann´s servant and Callmelin´s boy. Jäglins Sohn, Callmelins Sohn and Marumns Jossel. Schmuhli Callmelins Sohn and Jossel Marumnbs Sohn. Seeligmanns servant, Jossel Marumbs boy, Jäglin´s boy, Callmelin and Hürtzel. Lew. Seeligmanns son B(ar?)uch unmarried. The boys of Isaac and Callmelin Schmuhlins Sohn. Jew Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boys of Schmuhlin Callmelins Sohn, Jossel Marums and Jäglin. The servant of Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boy of Sandel.
1687-03-15Hürtzle, Davidt und Jeckhoff Calmelis Sohn, alle drei in Eberfingen, je 18 fl.
1687-06-20Jew Jäckhoff Calmelins Sohn is fined 10 pounds for gambling for a much higher amount (the served wine) than permitted.
1687-07-11Jew Calmelin of Stühlingen sold a calf. His son Jäckoff took the calf away from buyer, pretending he owns part of it.
1688-02-19Agreement between Calmelin here and his son Jäkof at Eberfingen.
1688-04-26Jekoff Calmelinďs son, debtor.
1690-04-24Jekoff Gugeum at Eberfingen, claim.
1691-04-02Callmelin Jewďs son(s?) Schmuel and Jekoph sign a receipt.
1691-04-03Jeckof Callmelďs son, creditor.
1691-05-16Jeckoff has inherited a claim from his father Callmel.
1691-07-23Jekoph Jew is fined for verbal injuries.
1691-09-29(continued) Salomon Jägglin`s son. Josel Marum`s son. Jacob Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and son Jonas. At Eberfingen: Hirtzl. Davidt. Jeckoff Callmel`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. Protection fee was due again on Easter 1691, except the following: Callmel has died on Michaelis (29.09) 1690. Schmul the Tall has died on Easter 1691 and is thus due 10 fl. for the last time.
1692-01-23Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son, security.
1692-04-01Abraham Jäckhlin, Model b. Leub (wohl Weil), Isaac Lemblin, Meyer b. Lehman Pickhart , Mausche und Meyer des Menggens Sohn (wohl Bloch), Schmuli, Jossel, Salomon Jackhlins Sohn, Marum Sandels Sohn (wohl Weyl), Jackhoff b. Calmelin (wohl Guggenheim), in unserer Statt Stüehlingen, auf das Land aber David b. Hürtzel (wohl Bickert), Elias Jüdele und Marum Weyl, Benjamin, SalomonDavid Jackhlins Sohn
1692-06-09Schmuli Gugenheimb and Leub Gugenheimb as guardians of Schmuli Kalmelinďs children (sic!) Jäckhof Kalmelinďs son have made an agreement with their brother-in-law Salomon Gedeon of Hechingen, who files a claim in behalf of his wife, their sister. The defendants do now own property, so plaintiff may have a mortgage registered on their house. A quarrel between them and Joseph, Calmelins son, is being referred to the Jewish ceremonies.
1692-07-02The dominion sells cattle to Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son.
1692-09-18Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son, cow trade.
1692-09-22Johann Mayer, alderman and gunmaker in Stühlingen, representing Mausche and Mayer brothers Jew Menckhin´s sons sells butcher Hanns Faller here the half house which they have inherited from their father Muhli (sic). Said representative representing Jäckhlin Jew Menckhin´s brother sells Faller the other half of said house, a corner house (Eckhaus), bordering at the bottom to Sir Johann Schölderlin and at two sides to the common lane. The first half was sold for of 400 fl. Of this amount, 200 fl. are to be paid to the two brothers Mausche and Meyer cash, and the other 200 fl. by a down payment of 100 fl. and another payment of 100 fl. immediately when Mausche will move out, but if he will not do so soon, by two annual installments of 50 fl. The other half, the one of Jäckhle, was sold for 500 fl. Buyer makes a down payment of 20 fl. and will pay 200 fl. when Jäckhlin and his son Salomon who are living in the house have moved out. The other 280 fl. are to be paid by annual installments of 70 fl.
1692-12-09Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son, debtor.
1692-12-09Sir Johann Rudolph Schalckh of Schaffhausen sues Jäckhoff Guggeum and Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son for payment. He also sues Calmelinďs heirs for payment of 9 fl. Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son is willing to pay half of it and the heirs of Samuel Gugeum the other half. Same sues Salomon Mejer.
1692-12-09Jew Jäckhof, Calmelinďs son, at Stühlingen, is sued for payment.
1692-12-09Jew Jäckhof Gugeum at Stühlingen is sued for payment
1693-01-27Pretention to Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son.
1693-02-06Jew Jäckhof, Calmelinďs son, agreement.
1693-02-07Jäckhel Jew in Stühlingen has bought a house from Schmuli Calmelinďs widow for 280 fl.
1693-04-08Jackhoff and Joseph Calmelinďs sons, creditors.
1693-04-08Cession by Jew Jäckhoff to his brother Joseph.
1693-05-15Jäckhoff, Calmelinďs son, debtor.
1693-05-15Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son, warranty.
1693-10-07Jäckhoff Jew, creditor.
1693-10-07Jäckhof is fined.
1694-03-04Jekhoff and Joseph brothers Jew Calmelin´s Sohn (sic) owe 18 florins for a horse.
1695-01-01Schmuli Seligman`s son. Meyer Lehemann`s son. Model Jew. Abraham Jew. At Eberfingen: Hürtzel Jew. David Jew. Jekhoph Calmelin`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Salomon.
1695-01-01Penalty of Jekhoph Calmelin`s son. Jew Leub. Mausche Meyer. Jew Lew again. Judele Weyl.
1695-02-04Jekhoff, claim.
1695-02-23Jeckhoff Calmelis Sohn is to pay.
1698-12-01Jäkoff Jud Calmelins Sohn has been banished from the country due to his crime, according to the previous proceedings (laut vorgehenden Protokolls), but has been granted the grace to come back for payment of 50 florins for his crime. He is to present warrantors for the case that he will defraud people or be late in paying his protection fee.
1699-01-09Joseph Calmelins Sohn, agreement about a claim.
1700-10-15Jeder schutzverwandte Jude gibt an Michaelis 9 fl., nämlich David Jaklins Sohn, Leib, Jäkhlin (durch Dekret vom 03.10.1700 entlassen, vermutlich im Sinne von nachgelassen), Sandel (ebenso), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäkhlins Sohn (ebenfalls null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menkhins Sohn, Mausche,
1700-10-15Weitere 10 fl. waren an Ostern zu bezahlen, und zwar durch David Jäckhlins Sohn, Leib, Alt Jäckhlin (aus Gnaden erlassen), Sandel (ebenso), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäkhlins Sohn (ebenfalls erlassen), Joseph Callmelins Sohn (war nicht hier, also null), Jäkhoff Callmelins Sohn,
1700-12-31David Jäcklins Sohn, Leib, Jäcklin (befreit), Sandel (befreit), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäcklins Sohn, Josef Calmelins Sohn, Jükoff Calmelins Sohn, Jükoff Marums Sohn,Mayer Menkins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel, Marums Sohn, Lemblin, Isak W. befr., Schmule Seligmann, Mayer Lehmanns Sohn, Model, Abraham, Sandels legiger Vetter Feuss genannt, Marum W. befr., Jonas Models Sohn, Hirzel Isaks Sohn, Feissel Leibs Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn
1701-06-10Judi Jud Schulklopfer got into quarrel with Bessel, Jäckhoff Callmelin´s daughter, a quarrel about her father. He is fined 3 pounds for beating her, she is fined 1 pound for calling him a Mambser, which is son of a bitch (Hurensohn).
1702-06-23Jäckhoff Jud Calmelins Sohn wants to return a cow pretending it is sick.
1702-11-20Both Jäckhle, the sons of Marum and Calmelen, have beaten each others bloody after Bessele, the daughter of (Jäckhoff) Calmeles Sohn had thrown unwashed intestines (Kutteln) after Vögele, the wife of (Jäckkhoff) Marums Sohn and she responded by calling the other one a French whore. They were fined Jäckhoff Marums Sohn 2 pounds his wife 2 pounds Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn 3 pounds his daughter Bessele 1 pound.
1703-01-15Mausche Models Sohn, David Jäckhlens Sohn, Jossel Calmeles Sohn, Jäckhoff Marums Sohn, and Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn, all Jews in Stühlingen, partially not under protection, were ordered to leave town but did not do so and partially failed to pay their due protection fee. It was decided that the first three who have not gone away will remain under arrest in the town hall until they have paid their extant protection fee plus ten pounds for heavy inobedience, and they may stay here until Easter but definitely not for longer. The two Jäckhoff are to remain in arrest until they have paid the extant protection fees. David Jäckhlens Sohn is fined 10 pounds as he has escaped from arrest without permission.
1703-04-24Jäckhoff Jud Callmeles Sohn, claim.
1703-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen aus Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), David Jakhlins Sohn, Sandel (aus Gnaden null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jakhoff Calmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble,
1704-03-15Auf Ostern zahlen die Juden 10 fl., nämlich in Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), Sandel (ebenso), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäkhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmuli Seeligmann,
1704-07-02Jud Jäckhle Calmelens Sohn acknowledges payment.
1704-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen Leib, Alt Jäckhle (null), Sandel (null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäckhoff Calmelins Sohn (null, weil abwesend), Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmule Seligmann, Meyer Lehemann, Model, Abrahamb,
1706-10-13Jäckhoff Callmelins Sohn, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1710-03-15Jäckhoff Callmelins Sohn Jud Schirm- und Satzgeld (5 fl.),
1710-06-01Judel Weyl von Untereggingen, Samuel Weyl allda, Beniamin allda, Model Weyl allhier, Jossel, Mausche Bloch, Hirzel Bickhert, Jäckhoff Marum Sohn, Jackhoff Calmelins Sohn, Sandel Jud wegen dem Siessel, Siessel gleichfalls, Hirzel von Eberfingen, Salomon Sandels Tochtermann.
1711-12-31Leib, Sandel, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Marum, Salomon Jäcklins Sohn, Josef Calmelins Sohn ist tot, Jükoff Calmelins Sohn, Leible Jükoffen Sohn, Mayer Menkens Sohn Bloch genannt, Mausche, Josel marums Sohn, Lemle, Schmule Seligmann, Mayer Lehmann, Jonas Models Sohn, Feissel Leib Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Josel Sandels Tochtermann, Josel Schmulins Sohn, Marum Lemlins Sohn, Isaac Nirhert Abrahams Sohn, Menkhe Bloch Mayers Sohn, Lehmann Birkert
1712-01-25Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Sandel Weyl, Leib Gugenheim, Meyer Bickhert, Lemble Weil, Meyer Bloch, Samuel Gugenheimb, Salomon Bloch, Moyses Bloch, Salomon Weyl, Sandels Sohn, Hirtzle Bickhert, Jonas Weyl, Joseph Gugenheim Samuels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim,Lehm Biggert, Menkhle Bloch, Isac Bickhert, Lewel Gugenheim, Veith Gugenheim, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Abrahamb Gugenheim,Daniel Biggert, Davit Vorsinger, Jacob Gugenheimb,Marum Lembles Sohn, Elias Meyer, Jakkele Meyer, Elias Weyl, Isac Bernheim, MoysesWeyl, Menggen Bloch, Judas Weyl
1716-03-15Extanzenregister, darin die schutzverwandten Juden Sallomon Jäggelin Sohn, Jekoff Marum Sohn, Mausche Alt, Josell Marum Sohn, Lemble Alt, Isac Juden Wittib, Schmuel Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickhert, Modell, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Mergam Marums Wittib, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Jäggelle Hirtzels Sohn, Hirtzel Jud, Jackoff Callmelis Sohn, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer Eliasen Sohn, Davidt Jäggelin Sohn, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Marum Weyl Jud, Beniamin Jud, Schmule Jüdelins Sohn, Isac Jud Beniamin Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn. Fremde Juden, die Geleit haben: Ephraim zu Donaueschingen, Samuel allda, Simeon und Samuel Vehlmann (wohl Uhlmann) zu Tiengen, Samuel von Unterlauchringen, Baroch von Endingen, Isac Meyer von "Gaisingen", Lehman Weyl von Donaueschingen, Meyer Bloch Jud von Gailingen, Jud Jopperle von Lenglau.
1729-01-01Rückständigen Zahlungen von Jeckoff Marumbs Sohn (156), Model (17), Mergen Marumbs Wittib (32), Hertzele (29), Jackoff Callmelins Sohn (37), Elias Boll (70), Jüdele Weyl von Horheim (25), Marumb Weyl (3), Beniamin (10), Schmule Jüdelins Sohn (28), Ephraim (13), Samuel von Unterlauchringen (22), Isacc Meyer von Gailingen (9), Meyer Bloch von Gailingen (10), Lehmann Weyl von Donaueschingen „so getauft und dato sich in Donaueschingen befindet, mit Anthoni Namen Joseph Ernst“ (18) (Beträge in Gulden, auf ganze Zahlen abgerundet).

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