Identified Man

Tree Kalonymos ben Samuel I, Gugenheimb is mentioned 220 times between 1655 and 1702. He died around 1691. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.2.2'. His father was Samuel (Schmul) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb.

Kalonymos is first mentioned 1655 [R2019; 04.08.1655]. In 1656 he appears as his uncle`s Jonas son-in-law [R2062; 10.17.1656], mentioned in the context of a group of refugees from Endingen and Lengnau. There had been local violence against the Jews. In 1658 he is mentioned as son and heir of Samuel ben Jacob and brother of Seeligman [R2131; 06.13.1658]. At that time he was already under protection [R4324; 04.17.1658]. Kalonymos dealt with cattle, and lent money. In 1660 a quarrel between Kalonymos and Jacob Nöwenburger reached the courts regarding a ritual matter. The court decided to refer the case to a rabbinical judgment, at the next occasion, a rabbi would be visiting Stühlingen, suggesting that there was no resident rabbi in 1660 [R3799; 04.03.1660]. Kalonymos had quite a temper, for in 1664 he was fined for beating his maidservant bloody [R4027; 11.19.1664]. By 1668 Kalonymos seems to have become an outsider within the Jewish community of Stühlingen [R4187; 08.17.1668]. He is involved in all manners of fights. In 1673 he was beaten up even by his own uncle Marum [R4278; 01.19.1673]. Kalonymos did possess some secular education [R1401; 04.04.1686]. He died around 1690, shortly before his son Samuel. His children are Samuel (Schmulin), Joseph (Jossel), and Jacob (Jakuff). There is mention of a daughter `Beschle` [R953; 05.15.1691], who probably married Salomon in Hechingen [R925; 08.14.1690]. In 1692, the time of his son Samuel`s death, three children `Bäurlin, Kändel and Ehlen` are mentioned, however, it is not clear, whether they are the children or grandchildren of Kalonymos. .

1655-04-08Colmelin has paid a Taler to Stoffel Preinger´s widow. The Taler is nothing worth and is to be chopped into pieces, and Colmelin will not get a refund.
1656-03-02Calmele is to pay 16 fl. to Jacob Jew at Erzingen.
1656-10-17In Jäggle Jew´s house is Sallmele since Pentecost. With Jonele Jew is his son-in-law Callmele Jew. In the house of Jew Leman is the widow of old Leman.
1657-04-12Calmele Jew, horse trade matter.
1657-08-03Callmele Jew here loans money.
1658-02-23Calmeli Jew, creditor.
1658-03-15Auf Ostern 1658 liefern je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckoffen Sohn für sich und seinen Tochtermann (zus. 30 fl.), Jonas Jude für sich und seinen Tochtermann Kalmele (zus. 30 fl.), Marum Juden Tochtermännle (15 fl.), Mayerle Juden zwei Söhne Menckhe und Jäggelin (zus. 30 fl.), Hirzlin Juden zwei Söhne Leheman und Schmuli (zus. 30 fl.), Seligmann, Jögglin der Alt.
1658-06-13Calmelin Jew, calf trade matter.
1658-06-13Some years before, Matheis Schellenbuoch of Stühlingen acknowledged a debt of 100 fl. to the heirs of Jew Schmul. Formerly, 50 fl. were transferred to Marum Jew, and the other 50 fl. interest are now being transferred by Jews Seligman and Calmelin brothers to merchant Caspar Schölderlin, and the brothers claim 7 fl. interest.
1658-06-27Callmele Jew, claim. Menckhen Jew, same.
1658-07-04Colmelin Jew, claim.
1658-09-26Menckha Jew. Calmelin Jew.
1658-11-07Marum Jew, horse trade mater. Calmelin Jew.
1659-01-30Calmeli Jew at Stühlingen declares that his father Schmuli Jew has 27 years before, namely in 1632, acquired (a claim of?) 30 fl. from Judelin Jew Mauschi´s son at Ofteringen, and the claim is now irretrievable because the debtors have died or cannot pay.
1659-03-06Calmelin Jew, ledger.
1659-04-24Calmeli Jew, foal trade matter. Same, claim.
1659-11-21Calmelin Jew is to be paid.
1660-01-29Calmelin of Stühlingen is to be paid for a bull.
1660-02-19Calmelin, horse and cow trade matter.
1660-04-03Quarrels between the Jewish community, Jacob Nöwenburger and Calmeli Jew, about the ceremonies, with mention of Cost´s wife. The matter is postponed until a Rabbi comes here. The two young Jews (probably J. N. and C.) are to deposit 6 Reichstaler and continue with their Easterly ceremonies. Calmelin is fined 3 pounds because he called Jäckhlin, an old man, a lyer in the public.
1660-04-08Calmelin is to return the price of a horse which fell down three days after sale.
1660-04-15Calmelin is to restitute a horse.
1660-04-22Calmelin is to be paid.
1660-05-31Extant payments by Marum Jew`s heirs, Marum Jew`s son-in-law (Tochter-männle), Lehmann Jew the old (Alten) heirs, Kalmele, Jäggle the old (Alt), Schmuli Jew Hirzli`s son, and the Jews in general, all at Stühlingen.
1660-05-31Enthält ausstehende Zahlungen von Marum Juden Erben, Marum Jud Tochtermännle, Lehmann Juden Alten Erben, Kalmele, Jäggle Jude Alt, Schmuli Jude Hirzlis Sohn, und den Juden insgesamt, alle in Stühlingen.
1660-09-09Calmeli, cow trade matter.
1660-12-02Calmelin, claim after a horse trade.
1661-02-03Calmeli, claim after a horse and cattle trade.
1661-03-21Kalmele, same.
1661-04-07Marum Jew Tochtermändlein is fined for beating Calmeli Jew, assisted by his (Marum´s) son Schmulin.
1661-05-11Extant payments of Marum Jew`s son-in-law, Lehmann Jew`s heirs, Kalmele Jew, Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son, Jäggle Jew Old, Menckhen Jew, Lehman Jew Hirzlin`s son, Schmuli Jew, and Seeligman Jew.
1661-06-21Calmelin has failed to appear at the bankruptcy negotiations of Angst in Untereggingan although he was summoned and loses a claim of 23 fl.
1661-07-01Lehmann ist 1659 nach Schwerzen gezogen, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Kalmele, Marums Tochtermann, Menke, Jaggele, Menkins Bruder, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmule Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jägglin der Alte
1662-01-01Protection fee of the Jews: Lehman has moved to Schwerzen on Martinsmas (11.11.) 1659 and still owes 10 fl. protection fee. There are 12 Jewish households in Stühlingen which paid 204 fl. protection fee on Easter 1661. The following paid 17 fl. each on Easter 1662: Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Kalmele Jew. Marum Jew`s sonin-law. Menckhen Jew. Jaggele Jew his brother. Leheman Jew Hirzlin`s son.
1662-01-01Jerg Schalch, same reason, and Melchior Weber for not appearing upon request of Jew Calmele.
1662-01-01Seeligman and Kalmele Jews bought a horse for 40 fl.
1662-01-12Calmelin Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1662-03-16Calmele has deposited a cow which has died.
1662-03-16Kalmele claims 31 fl.
1662-03-22Calmele, claim after a horse trade.
1662-03-22Calmele claims payment from two men.
1662-03-30Sigmundt Müller the hangman claims doctor´s wages for treating a child of Calmele Jew. Calmele says the hangman made it just worse.
1662-03-30Defendants have not appeared upon the request of Jews Lemblin of Tiengen and Calmele.
1662-03-30Calmele, claim.
1662-05-04Calmele claims payment.
1662-09-06Calmele sues a man for verbal injuries and attack.
1662-09-06Säligmändlin and Calmele Jews of Stühlingen have bought a horse which collapsed soon after.
1662-09-20Marum Jew and with him Calmele Jew, also from Stühlingen, make an account with Michael Würth from Untereggingen about a claim originating from Jacoph Jew. Würth owes Marum 80 florins and he owes Calmele and his brother Seeligmann 12 florins.
1662-10-03Calmele is sued after a cow deal.
1662-10-24Calmele, contract about a deposited cow.
1662-10-26Calmele claims payment after a mutual account was made.
1662-11-01Zwei Männer von Eberfingen sind trotz Vorladens von Kalmene nicht erschienen.
1663-01-25Seeligmann Jew claims payment of a horse. Calmele and Marum Jeckhoff´s son are being paid.
1663-02-08Two men have failed to appear upon request of Calmelin.
1663-02-09Mathabaeus Beyler, cabinet-maker in Stühlingen, obliges to produce certain pieces of furniture for Calmelin who had already paid for them.
1663-03-08Calmelin claims payment.
1663-03-15Folgende Juden zahlen auf Ostern 1663 je 17 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermännlin. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten. Die zu Tiengen wohnenden Juden zahlen 20 fl.
1663-08-27Calmelin and Menckhin´s servant are fined.
1663-08-27Kalmele und des Menckhen Knecht je 1 fl. für Rauferei.
1663-11-22Kallmele claims payment (several cases).
1663-12-20Kalmele of Stühlingen claims payment (two cases).
1664-02-07Appear Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Karmele (sic), Seeligmann, Jonas, and Lämblin all Jews of Stühlingen and Tiengen, respectively, as the heirs of late Jew Jäckhoff in Stühlingen, and declare that a debt to their grandfather and father-in-law Jäckhoff, respectively, has been paid.
1664-03-15Auf Ostern 1664 je 17 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermannlis Sohn Sandell. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirtzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten.
1664-07-21Callmele Jew, partial transfer of a claim.
1664-11-06Calmele, questionable validity of coins.
1664-11-19Calmele is fined for beating his maidservant bloody.
1664-11-20Calmele claims payment (several cases).
1664-12-04Seeligmendtlin and Callmele brothers Jews in Stühlingen claim payment of 80 florins plus interest since 1635.
1664-12-18Callmele, quarrel after a cow deal.
1665-01-15Claims by Menckhe and Callmele.
1665-02-20A claim of 93 florins by the heirs of Jäckhoff Jew is to be shared among the four (sic) heirs, namely Marum Jew, Jonas Jew, Joseph Jew of Lenglau, and Schmuli´s two sons by the name Seeligmann and Kallmele, which two only have one share in common. (A long matter with some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1665-02-26Seeligmann and Calmele brothers, horse trade matter.
1665-02-27Upon complaint of Seeligmann and Kallmele Jews appears defendant Christian Fessler with some witnesses, to prove that 80 florins claimed on 04.12.1664 were paid to plaintiffs´ father Schmul Jew in Hallau. The horse deal with Schmul seems to has happened around 1624.
1665-06-05Calculation of a claim of the Jeckoff heirs, namely Marum Jew in Stühlingen, Jonas Jew in Stühlingen, Joseph Jew in Lenglau and Selligmänlin and Khelmel (the latter ones claim one share in common).
1665-10-29Thoma Vössler of Schwaningen was summoned upon request of Jews Seeligman and Khahlmele, with reference to the proceedings of 04.12.1664 and 27.02.1665. Vössler, aged 85, tells about a horse deal when Schmull Jew was in Hallau, escaping the war (auf der Flucht).
1665-10-29Vorladungen durch Kalmele, Schmul und durch Hirtzlin von Tiengen.
1665-11-02Sentence in the Seeligman and Khahlmele matter.
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1665-12-03Kholmele claims payment.
1666-01-14A claim of Calmele is confirmed.
1666-01-21Final agreement in the matter between Seeligman and Khallmele Jews of Stühlingen against Christian Fessler of Schwaningen.
1666-02-04Khalmele and Seeligmann acknowledge payment.
1666-02-11Kalmele Jew in Stühlingen claims payment.
1666-02-11Vorladung durch Kalmele.
1666-02-25Jüdtelein of Oberlauchringen and Kallmele of Stühlingen, mutual account.
1666-02-25Kalmele and Seeligann Jews claim payment.
1666-02-25Vorladungen durch Hirzlin aus Tiengen und durch Kalmele und Schmul.
1666-03-15An Ostern 1666 werden je 17 fl. Satzgeld bezahlt von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Mengge, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmul und Sandell, zusammen zehn Haushaltungen.
1666-03-23Callmele Jew buys a field for 20 fl. and sells it further for 19 fl.
1666-04-01Kalmele Jew claims payment.
1666-04-08Seeligmann and Kallmele Jews brothers make an agreement with a debtor.
1666-09-02Callmele, cow trade matter.
1666-11-18Kallmele for himself and representing his brother Seeligmänlein acknowledges payment.
1667-03-14Kalmele gets grain and leather for payment.
1667-03-15je 17 fl. Satzgeld von Jäggle Juden dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligman, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli und Sandel.
1667-03-15Schmuli, sein Bruder Lehman, Kalmele und Jäggle Mayerlins Sohn zahlen je 1 fl. für eine nicht gelieferte Gans.
1667-03-18Menckhe Jew has beaten Kalmele Jew bloody. The case is transferred to a Rabbi because of the Hebrew injuries.
1667-03-18Menckhe wird um 4 fl. bestraft, weil er Kalmele blutig geschlagen hat.
1667-03-31The debts of Hans Mahler in Untereggingen include Seeligmann30 fl. Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son 33 fl. Seeligmann16 fl. Kalmele 3 fl. Menckhe 26 fl. Marum Jew in Tiengen 5 fl. Jonaes 3 fl. Jäckhlin der Ältere 2 fl.
1667-04-10Calmele and Seeligmann, mutual account.
1667-12-31Hönlin der arme Jud der früher in Horheim wohnte, Jägglin der Alte, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Seligmann, Kalmele, Menke, Lehmann, Schmule, Sandel, Abraham, Jäggeles Bruder
1668-01-01Extant protection fee of Hönlin, a poor Jew who has been living in Horheim before and last for a year in Stühlingen, 10 fl. On Easter 1667, the following 11 Jewish households paid a total of 187 fl. protection fee: Jägglin the Old (der Alte). Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhen Jew. Jäggele his brother. Leheman Jew. Schmuli Jew. Sandel and Abraham Jews. The Jews at Tiengen are to pay 20 fl. for the thirteenth time. Marum and Schmuli Jews here are to deliver 2 fl. instead of two geese.
1668-01-19Kallmele and Seeligmann acknowledge payment.
1668-03-15An Ostern 1668 je 17 fl. von Jägglin dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli, Sandel und Abraham.
1668-04-19Kalmele, claim.
1668-06-07Kallmele, receipt.
1668-08-17Kallmele Jew of Stühlingen sues Lehemann Jew who had beaten him bloody without a reason, and complains that the local Jews treat him by ill-will in general and he was just wrongly fined 12 florins for Jewish injuries by the Rabbi in Tiengen. The Jews say that the penalty was set because he has offended the dead (and continued).
1668-11-15Kalmele acknowledges payment.
1668-11-29Kallmele will be paid.
1669-03-21Kallmele, mutual account.
1670-12-18Hans Ambling of Horheim sues Seeligmann and Calmele brothers for payment of 40 florins.
1671-01-29Kallmele Jew of Stühlingen claims payment of 30 fl.
1671-01-29Kallmele and Seeligmann Jews brothers acknowledge payment of 40 fl.
1671-02-27Kollmele buys a field for 7 fl.
1671-02-27Galle Breysing of Stühlingen as powerholder of the Simon Duttlinger creditors sells a field for 70 fl. to Abraham Jew of Stühlingen and one for 32 fl. to Kallmele Jew.
1671-04-24Kalmele, mutual account.
1672-02-19Marum Jud Jeckhofen Sohn zu Stühlingen wird um 4 fl. bestraft, weil er dem Juden Kellmele blutig geschlagen hat.
1672-04-01Marum Jackhöffen Sohn, Jonas, Menkhe, Jäckhlin den jungen Sohn Seelligmann, Calmelin. Lehman, Sandel, Abraham, From
1672-08-12Kalmele Jew buys an old cow for 11 fl.
1673-01-19Kalmele Jew sues Marum Jew Jackhof´s son who had beaten him bloody. Marum is fined 6 pounds plus the medical expenses, and Menckhe is forbidden to carry hay or straw along the oven or kitchen of Marum.
1673-03-09Kallmele Jew, mutual account.
1673-03-15An Ostern 1673 je 18 fl. Satzgeld laut neuen Satzbriefs von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckofen Sohn, Fromele seinem Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kallmele, Menckhe, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Lehmann, Schmuli, Sandel, Abraham und Model.
1673-03-15Ferner jeder derselben eine Gans. Kallmele zahlt stattdessen 1 fl.
1673-05-15Kalmele Jew, also representing his brother Seeligmann Jew, acknowledges payment.
1674-01-22Hans Schalch owes Marum 52 fl., Abraham Jew 10 fl. and Kalmele Jew 8 fl.
1674-01-22Model Jew of Stühlingen claims payment, as does Kallmele.
1674-01-26Kellmele Jew, claim.
1674-02-08Claims by Menckhe and Kallmele.
1674-03-15zahlten je 18 fl: Jäggle der Alt. Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn. Fromele sein Sohn. Jonas. Lew Jonasen Sohn. Seligmann. Kalmele. Menckhen. Jäggelle sein Bruder.
1674-04-16Sandel and Kallmele buy a hemp land for 18 fl.
1674-11-29Kallmele claims payment.
1675-03-15An Ostern 1675 je 18 fl. von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhen, Jäggele sein Bruder, Leheman, Hirzlin Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Sandell, Modell.
1676-01-01The protection fee of Hönlin, a poor local Jew who does not conduct business, but keeps school, is 5 fl. only. The following protection fees were due on Easter 1676: Götschell Jew for (im Namen) late Old Jägglin. Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Lew Jew Johnas` son. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhe Jew. Jäggle Jew Menckhe`s brother. Leheman Jew. Hirzle Jew Leheman`s son. Schmuli Jew. Ißan Jew Schmuli`s son. Sandell Jew. Abraham Jew. Modell Jew. Total of 15 protected Jews are due to pay 270 fl.
1676-01-14Calmele Jew, mutual account.
1676-02-15Collmele sells a meadow for 45 fl.
1676-02-15Johannes Widtmer, tanner in Stühlingen, admits to owe Kollmele 120 fl. and sets a field as a pawn.
1676-03-15Satzgeld, je 18 fl. auf Ostern von Götschel im Namen des verstorbenen Alten Jägglins, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggle Jud des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Sandell, Abrahamb, Modell.
1676-06-30Kallmele acknowledges payment.
1676-08-26Agreement between Kalmele Jew on one side and Lehmann and Seeligmann Jews in the other side about the sale of a house and garden.
1676-11-23Johannes Schölderlin is fined 40 Reichstaler for beating/striking Kalmele on the head.
1676-12-10Calmele Jew acknowledges payment.
1677-01-08Hanns Schalch of Eberfingen sells house, barn and other real estate. The following Jewish claims are pending upon this: The heirs of Menckhe and Hürtzlen of Eberfingen 244 fl. Marum Jew of Stühlingen 20 fl. Model Jew of Stühlingen 6 fl. Other claims which are not secured by mortgages: Menckhe and Hertzlin Jews 42 fl. Menckhe´s heirs 13 fl. Hirtzlen Jew 20 fl. Jonna Jew in Stühlingen 3 fl. Kallmele Jew in this town 3 fl.
1677-01-28Johann Schölderlin has wounded Callmele Jew and is to pay 12 florins penalty and the medical expenses.
1677-03-15je 18 fl. von Götschel, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kallmele, Menckhes Erben, Jäggelle des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirtzle des Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac des Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Kassiel.
1677-03-15An Ostern 1678 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhe Juden Erben, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Lehmann, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac (Isar?) Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble Jud Seligmans Tochtermann.
1677-03-22Kallmele is to be paid by hay this summer.
1677-06-04Calmele Jew of Stühlingen for himself and his consorts and participants sells a house in Eberfingen with an orchard and vegetable garden for 480 fl.
1678-09-19Calmele buys a field for 14 fl. and resells it for 9 fl.
1678-10-19A general decree about the format of the Jewish trespassing permits. With mention of all the Jews in Stühlingen, namely Marum Gugenum, Jonele Gugenum, Schmule Seligmendle, Calmele, Jäckhele, Sandl, Abrahamb, Model, Lemble Isaac, Leib Jonelins Sohn, Maier Jud Menckhins Sohn, Maier Jud Lehmans Sohn, and Hirtzell. A long text with many terms.
1678-10-29Kälmele wurde vom Landgrafen „wegen einer gewissen Red“ um diejenige Schuld bestraft, die er bei Hanns Martin Fessler in Oberwangen zu fordern gehabt hätte, nämlich 127 fl. 3 Kr.
1678-10-29Kallmele Jew has been fined 127 fl. by the Landgrave for certain talks (verbal injuries?).
1679-03-15An Ostern 1679 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Mayerle des Menckhe Sohn, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmans Sohn, Hirtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble.
1679-05-04Kallmele Jew acknowledges payment.
1679-06-08Small payments to Aberhamb, Kallmele and Lew.
1679-07-06Callmele Jew claims 34 fl.
1680-01-25Calmele Jew, agreement about a claim.
1680-03-15Je 18 fl. zahlen Sandel, Mayerlin Jud Menckhins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jud Jonasen Sohn, Calmelen, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäckhle Jud Menckhis Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmanns Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Lämle Jud Seeligmanns Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Abraham Jud von „Etten“.
1680-03-18Jonas and Calmele acknowledge payment.
1680-04-01Calmele claims payment for a bull.
1680-07-04Claims by Abraham and Calmele with reference to the proceedings of 21.04.1679, 25.05.1679 and 06.07.1679.
1680-09-28Calmele is being paid.
1680-12-31Sandel, Mayerlin Menkins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jonas Sohn, Calmelin, Marum Jekhoffens Sohn, Jacklin Menkins Bruder, Mayer Lehmans Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Limblin (Seligmanns Tochtermann), Abraham, Model, Isaac Schmulens Sohn, Feussel Lehmanns Sohn, Abraham W., Samuel in Unterlauchringen, Mayer in Unterlauchringen, Hirzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen, Löw Barochs Sohn in Horn, Jäcklin Lehmanns Tochtermann in Horn, Salomon Menkens Tochtermann in Horn, Isak in Entermettingen, Jüdle Weihl Isaks Sohn in Entermettingen, Sandel in Ofteringen, Jonas in Ofteringen, Josef in Ofteringen
1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
1681-01-16Calmele acknowledges payment of 76 fl.
1681-02-06Callmele will be paid.
1681-02-06Callmele claims payment of 63 fl.
1681-03-06Kallmele claims payment of 110 fl.
1681-03-11Mutual account between Thebus Albickher and Jews Model, Seeligmann, Abraham, Callmelin, Mayer Menckhin´s son and finally Marum.
1681-03-13Callmele of Stühlingen, mutual account.
1681-04-17Callmele, several claims.
1681-07-24Callmele sues the flayer to get a hide.
1681-08-08Horse trade of Callmelin´s son Jeckhoff.
1681-08-08Callmele is fined 1.5 pounds for slaughtering a sheep before the Sunday service.
1681-09-18Callmele Jew is fined for tearing his brother Seeligmännle around at the hair without a reason.
1681-09-26Schmuli Jew Callmelin´s son has borrowed money from Jacob Schulsinger Jew in order to pay a debt and set jewelry as a pawn. Appears Schmuli´s wife and says this is her property. The oldest Jews in town, namely Seeligmännlein and Abrahamb, are interrogated about the Jewish laws about the wife´s dowry.
1681-10-10Callmelin, mutual account. He transfers 30 florins of the remaining claim to his son-in-law Jeckhoff Gugenum as a dowry.
1681-12-04Callmele is to be paid.
1682-01-26Callmele says he is unable to pay.
1682-04-07Callmele Jew, cession of a claim.
1682-04-15Calmele and Leib, mutual account.
1682-05-29Sandel has bought a claim of Calmele.
1682-10-08Jew Calmeli sues three debtors for payment of 30 fl. which he is to pay as a wedding endowment to his son who is going to move away.
1682-12-18The community complains that there are many more Jews in town than the allowed 13 households. Every head of a household is allowed to house a son or son-in-law. It was found that Calmele is housing his son Schmuli Seeligmann is housing his son Schmuli Schmuli Hertzog is housing his son Isac all without permission of the authority, Hürtzlin Lehenmanns Sohn has settled although his brother is under protection here and all this was done against the law. It is suggested that the current letters-of-protection are declared void and the failing households are to pay 40 Reichstaler penalty, or the Jews are to leave the dominion. Jew Aberham from Ettenheim would also be included.
1683-01-05Calmelin and Seeligmann acknowledge payments.
1683-02-18Calmelin, cession of a claim to his son-in-law Jäckhoff Marums Sohn.
1683-03-11Claims to the estate of Georg Hägelin by Calmeli 102 fl. 56 fl. Abraham 99 fl. Schmulin Calmelins Sohn 51 fl. Menckhens Sohn Moises 12 fl. Marum 5 fl.
1683-07-01Calmele Jew has concealed that his son Jäckoff lives with him for three weeks with a wife and a child, although he has denied half a year ago to live in this county (Landgrafschaft). Calmele is fined 3 pounds, and his son Jäckoff is to leave town immediately.
1683-09-10Kopel of Oettingen, representing his father-in-law Abraham of that town, sues Calmele for paying marriage endowment to his son Jäckoff who has married a daughter of Abraham. (A long and complicated matter). Jäckhoff is allowed to settle in Eberfingen.
1683-10-20Calmele is fined for verbal injuries.
1684-01-17Calmelin, same (two cases and some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1684-03-08Stoffel Köhl of Schwaningen sells Jew Calemlin here a field for 136 fl. Calmelin sells it further to Cristian Köhl Lorentz Sohn for 160 fl.
1684-05-29Ursula Rueff née Preyser in Mauchen conveys her propety, with the following Jewish claims: Marum 18 fl. Lew 10 fl. Calmele 8 fl. Seligmann 6 fl. Meyerlin 13 fl.
1684-06-07Calmeli has sent a messenger to declare that he quits protection if the authority collects his claims from the peasants and pays him 80 per cent of the amount. This is accepted, and he is to send a list of the claims.
1684-12-05Calmele has bought stolen copper and tin dishes.
1685-10-11The boys of Calimilis, Model, and Hirtzel are fined for gambling on a holiday and bothering the Christians. Schmuli Jew Calmilis Sohn is fined for drinking tobacco. Meyerlin Lehemanns Sohn is fined for driving into someone´s grain on Corpus Christi day. Joseph Marums Sohn is fined for driving into someones´s field. Abraham Jew is fined for not cleaning his chimney. The wife of Model is fined for letting the laundry lye (Lauge) run into a well and offending the well master. Calmelin Jew, Hirtzel, Joseph Marumb and Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn are fined because their horses caused damage. The sons of Jew Jäkli are find for going into the stable with open lights.
1686-01-11Jew Calmelin claims payment for leather.
1686-04-04Callmelin acknowledges payment. Other creditors are: Marum 25 fl. Jekoff Marumb Sohn 3 fl. Model Weihl grain Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn 5 fl. Seligmann 4 fl. They were all paid, and Calmele translated their receipts into German.
1686-10-15Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmuli Callmelins Sohn. Sandels Jew´s son. Hirtzlin´s servant and Jäglin´s son. Davidt Jäglins Sohn, Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn, Jonas unmarried Marums Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn. Jossel Jew, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, and Callmelin. Jäckoff Marums Sohn. Jonas unmarried Marumbs Sohn. Seeligmann´s servant and Callmelin´s boy. Jäglins Sohn, Callmelins Sohn and Marumns Jossel. Schmuhli Callmelins Sohn and Jossel Marumnbs Sohn. Seeligmanns servant, Jossel Marumbs boy, Jäglin´s boy, Callmelin and Hürtzel. Lew. Seeligmanns son B(ar?)uch unmarried. The boys of Isaac and Callmelin Schmuhlins Sohn. Jew Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boys of Schmuhlin Callmelins Sohn, Jossel Marums and Jäglin. The servant of Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boy of Sandel.
1686-10-15The following are fined 1 fl. each because their cattle or horses damaged the tithe sheaves: Sandel, Lew, Seeligmann, Jäglin, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, Callmelin, Schmulin Callmelins Sohn, Schmuhlin Seligmans Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Schmuhlin der Gross, Isaac Schmuhlins Sohn. Mausche Menckhins Sohn let his horse run unattended.
1686-10-15Bei Jahrgericht in Stühlingen wurden bestraft Hirzlens Knecht, Seeligmanns Knecht, Calmelins Bub, ferner Jaglin, Calmelin und Jossel, ferner Hürzlin, dieser nochmals zusammen mit Sandel, ferner Sandel, Lew, Seeligmann, Jäglin, Meyer Lehmanns Sohn, Callmelin, Schmulin Callm. Sohn, Schmuli Seeligmans Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Schmulin der Groß und Isac Schmulins Sohn.
1687-03-15Jeweils 18 fl. zahlen Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn, Lew Jonasen Sohn, Calmelin, Schmulin Calmelis Sohn, Alt Marum (ist gestorben, also null), Jeckhoff Marums Sohn, Jekhlin Menckhins Bruder, Davidt erstgemelten Jeglis Sohn, Meyer Lehemans Sohn, Seligman, Schmuli Seligmans Sohn, Schmuli der Große, Lämblin Seligmans Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Lehemans Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Mausche Marums Tochtermann.
1687-07-11Jew Calmelin of Stühlingen sold a calf. His son Jäckoff took the calf away from buyer, pretending he owns part of it.
1687-07-16Elias Meyer, Jew Jäglins son of Stühlingen. has spread slander about Marum Weihl of Untereggingen, saying he has stolen silver spoons from Calmelin. He is fined 10 pounds because he has said it to the future wife of Marum and thus tried to prevent a marriage.
1687-12-03Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmulin the Old. Jäglin. Isac Schmulins Sohn. Hürtzlen. Mausche Menckhins Sohn. Mayer Menckhins Sohn. Jossel Marums Sohn. Sandel. Model. Laimlin. Seligman. Schmulin Seligmans Sohn. Mahrum Jeckoff. Calmelin. Rabbi Salomon. David Jäglins Sohn. Every one is fined 1 pound for washing his supplies (Vorrat) in the well.
1688-02-19Agreement between Calmelin here and his son Jäkof at Eberfingen.
1688-04-30Calmelin, cattle trade.
1689-01-21Calemlin, ledger.
1690-03-22Calmelin, receipt.
1690-08-14Callmel, cession of a claim.
1690-08-14Callmel, agreement with his new son-in-law Salomon from Hechingen about the dowry.
1691-05-15Beschle Jewess, daughter of late Callmel, claim.
1691-05-16Jeckoff has inherited a claim from his father Callmel.
1691-09-29Protection fee at Michaelis (29.09) 1690, 9 fl. each: Sandel (is exempted). Callmel. Schmulin the Tall (der große). Jäckhlin Mencke`s brother. Abrahamb. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Lew. Meyer Lehmann`s son. Meyer Mencke`s son. Lemmle. Schmulin Selgman`s son. Schmulin Callmel`s son. Moyses Mencke`s son. Davidt Jägglin`s son. Elias Jägglin`s son.
1692-03-13Christian Würth at Untereggingen cedes a claim to Jacob Schwarber to the folllowing persons: to Marum Weyl Jew at Untereggingen 80 fl., to Bäurlin, Kändel and Ehlen the children of Jew Calmelin 121 fl., and to Schmuli Calmelinďs son 54 fl.
1692-09-16Receipt by Sanndel Jew as guardian of the orphans of Jew Calmelin, towards Heinrich Hegelin of Mauchen.
1692-11-06Jew Calmelinďs wife, claim.
1692-12-09Sir Johann Rudolph Schalckh of Schaffhausen sues Jäckhoff Guggeum and Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son for payment. He also sues Calmelinďs heirs for payment of 9 fl. Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son is willing to pay half of it and the heirs of Samuel Gugeum the other half. Same sues Salomon Mejer.
1695-03-16Several Jews acknowledge payment of debts by Hanns Grießer of Mauchen, namely Lew some 90 fl. Abraham 7 fl. Jakheli Meyer 6 fl. Jonas Marums Sohn 50 fl. Lemle and Jakhele Bikhart 184 fl. Calmeli´s heirs 50 fl Sandel 0 fl.
1699-06-15Isaac Marx of Haigerloch is engaged with Küenel, daughter of late Jew Callmelin. As long as two years ago, her brother Joseph has promised before (vor) the Jewish Ceremonies to pay Marx 500 florins which his future wife has inherited (Erbgut).
1702-11-20Both Jäckhle, the sons of Marum and Calmelen, have beaten each others bloody after Bessele, the daughter of (Jäckhoff) Calmeles Sohn had thrown unwashed intestines (Kutteln) after Vögele, the wife of (Jäckkhoff) Marums Sohn and she responded by calling the other one a French whore. They were fined Jäckhoff Marums Sohn 2 pounds his wife 2 pounds Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn 3 pounds his daughter Bessele 1 pound.

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