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Tree Chajim (Faistlin) ben Meir, Bloch is mentioned 9 times between 1655 and 1672. He died around 1656. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C2.1.3'. His father was Meir (Mayerle) ben Jacob, Bloch.

Chaim (Faistlin) ben Meir was the brother of Menckhe[R2076; 01.25.1657]. He died young, before 1657. He appears to have had heirs other than his brother [R4070; 10.30.1665]. His estate matters continue until 1672. .

1655-08-05Faisst is to pay 60 fl. for a horse.
1656-10-17Menckhe Jew. The widow of Faistle Jew. Jäggle Jew. Lehmann Jew Hirzlin´s son. Schmulle Jew. Seligmann Jew.
1657-01-25Menckhe Jew, ledger in behalf of his deceased brother Feistle Jew.
1660-02-19Claus Lehmann owes the Faistlin heirs 57 fl.
1665-10-30Menckhe for himself and the heirs of his brother Faistlin, mutual account.
1666-02-04Menckha Jew for himself and the heirs of his brother Fäustlin claims payment, with reference to the proceedings of 28.01.1666.
1666-03-18Menckhe files claims for himself and for the heirs of his brother Fäustlin.
1668-05-15Menckhe Jew of Stühlingen makes a mutual account for himself and the heirs of his brother Faistlin.
1672-07-15Payment is acknowledged for a claim which Jew Menckhe and the heirs of his brother Faistlin had to shoemaker Johannes Mayer of Stühlingen according to the proceedings of 15.05.1668.

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