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Tree Joseph (Josephle) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb is mentioned 20 times between 1628 and 1672. He died around 1657. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.1'. His father was Jacob (Jekuff) Patriarch, Gugenheimb.

Joseph (Josephle) ben Jacob was a son of Jacob GH, Patriarch [R4051; 02.20.1665] He was never under protectin in Stühlingen. From 1653 on he seems to have resided in Lengnau [R1980; 09.27.1653]. He seems to have been killed during the Lengnau unrests in 1656. His widow Marla appeared in Stühlingen at that time with her children together with other refugees [R2060; 10.17.1656]. Joseph`s heirs are mentioned again in 1672 [R4266; 02.19.1672]. .

1628-02-03Joseph Jew, claim.
1630-03-20With mention of Mauschi of Ofteringen, Schmol of Ofteringen, Hürtzle, Schachman, Josephle as powerholder of Sannel´s widow, Jäggle Jew Leman´s son.
1630-04-18Josephle Jew has bought oats.
1631-07-03Josephle is fined for riding through a grain field.
1631-10-02Josephle, powerholder of Sannel´s widow.
1632-04-16Josephle, horse trade quarrel with Joseph Büche.
1632-04-28With mention of Schachman, Eli, Sannel´s widow, Jacoff, Schmol, Hürtzel, Josephle representing Sannel´s widow.
1632-06-17Marum Jew is ordered to pay a debt to Joseph Jew.
1634-08-31Mention of Meierle, Joseph, and Hirtzle in a horse trade matter.
1637-03-20Messenger Hanns Jacob Dobler applied to sentence Schachman Jew to pay 10 florins protection fee in behalf of Joseph Jew. The Jew asks for delay because he did not promise it by himself, but Cost and his (crossed out: Schweher, father-in-law, replaced by) "Schecher" Meyerle also have promised it.
1653-03-20Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son says that Hans Widmer has paid a claim of his (Marum´s) father, but reserves to claim 10 fl. in behalf of his brother Josephlin.
1653-09-27Joseph Jew of Lenglau, mutual account.
1655-11-03Georg Würth at Untereggingen owes money to the heirs of Jecoff Jew and to Josephle Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Previous payments have been made through Jews Judle and Jonas (etc.). Marum Jew, representing the heirs, agrees to turn the debt into a mortgage.
1656-10-17-Description of the foreign Jews here: With Marumb Jew lives Joseph´s widow Marla with two children, she has just arrived this week; and with Marumb is his son-in-law Jeckhuff who has married some weeks ago. With Menckhe Jew lives his broteher-in-law Lemblin with his wife and six children, who came here around
1657-11-22Marumb and Jonelle Jews Jeckhoff´s sons and heirs, ledger. The following participate in the claim: The heirs of Schmul Jew (22 fl.), Marumb Jew, Jonas Jew, and the heirs of Josephle Jew (38 fl. each).
1665-02-20A claim of 93 florins by the heirs of Jäckhoff Jew is to be shared among the four (sic) heirs, namely Marum Jew, Jonas Jew, Joseph Jew of Lenglau, and Schmuli´s two sons by the name Seeligmann and Kallmele, which two only have one share in common. (A long matter with some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1665-06-05Calculation of a claim of the Jeckoff heirs, namely Marum Jew in Stühlingen, Jonas Jew in Stühlingen, Joseph Jew in Lenglau and Selligmänlin and Khelmel (the latter ones claim one share in common).
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1670-10-23The heirs of Joseph in Lenglau claim 73 fl.
1672-02-19Marum Jew acknowledges payment from the heirs of his brother Joseph for any claim which they had to him (sic) in behalf of Hans Protz of Horheim.

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