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Tree Isac (Isaac) ben Judah, WeyI is mentioned 12 times between 1632 and 1671. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'R1.2'. His father was Judah (Leman), Weyl - Patriarch.

Isaac is only mentioned twice. There is a risk of confusion with Isaac ben Jehuda Birckhert, who lived twenty years later. .

1632-03-11Isaac is fined for not appearing in court.
1632-03-16Isaac is sued for payment.
1634-05-17Isaac Jew Leman´s son claims payment for 44 pounds of iron.
1635-03-26The mayor, magistrate and all the citizen claim that the Jews contribute a quarter of the expenses which the town is to pay for the soldiers. Jeggle, Meierle, Leman, Schachman, Eli, and Isaac the Jews do not agree to such a request (hard to read). The town claims 800 florins for now as the quarter share, but the Jews only offer 100 florins.
1636-02-22Isaac Lemans Sohn asks for patience until be can present the business book of Hürtzlin.
1636-02-22Sheriff Caspar Schwarber of Untereggingen sues Isaac Jew Leman´s son for verbal injuries.
1636-04-16Meierle and Seeligmann are sued in a cow trade matter. With a deposition of Jecoff under a Jewish oath, and of Isaac.
1637-01-22Isaac Jew Leman´s son is accused of slander.
1637-01-22Decision in the matter Caspar Schwarber against Isaac Jew Leman´s son. The Jew is to recall the verbal injuries and declare the sheriff an honest man, and will be subject to penalty. It is considered proven that the sheriff has ordered Daniel to pay 30 fl. to the deceased brother of the Jews, but if this is not the case, the sheriff may collect such 30 fl. from Daniel and will be obliged to pay this amount to the Jew. (Good to read but very hard to understand it may be helpful to reconstruct the whole Schwarber matter from its begin).
1637-08-27Leman Jew´s son Isaac is fined 10 pounds for offending the sheriff of Untereggingen.
1654-01-22Isacc Jew Lehmann´s son, agreement.
1671-04-29Isac Jew Lehmann´s son in Lenglau claims payment of extant installments after the sale of a farmstead in Dorf Stühlingen.

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