Identified Man

Tree Eljakim (Götschel) I is mentioned 3 times between 1612 and 1614. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z6'.

The first Eljakim is mentioned three times from 1612 to 1614. No family link is apparent. .

1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
1614-08-25The Jews in the rear house are seriously ordered to have the wall repaired and close (forever?) a rear door, and to deposit the keys of forbidden doors at the town administration. Götschel Jew is fined 2 florins for letting a horse run into a meadow.
1614-11-03Götschell Jew here is to pay 58 florins (hard to understand).

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