Identified Man

Tree Raphael (Pfohl) ben Samuel, Bickhert is mentioned 3 times between 1680 and 1687. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'B1.'. His father was Samuel (Schmuli) ben Naphtali, Bickert.

Vohl was named after his great-grandfather [R1434; 07.29.1687]. He is mentioned only three times, and disappeared after 1687. .

1680-05-17Vohl Bickhert Schmuhlins Sohn, quarrel after a horse trade.
1685-06-14Raphael or Pfahl Schmulins Sohn and Moises or Mauschin Menckhins Sohn, both local Jews, are fined 2 and 10 pounds for a heavy brawl.
1687-07-29Jew Pfohl Schmuhlis Sohn has failed to appear at court.

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