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Tree Elias ben Jacob, Meyer is mentioned 16 times between 1687 and 1745. He died around 1697. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'M1.1.1'. His father was Jacob (Jägglin) ben David, Meyer.

Elias is mentioned first [R1432; 07.16.1687] being convicted of slander for accusing Marum Weyl of Untereggingen in front of the latters bride, that he had stolen some silver spoons from Kalonymos Guggenheim, in order to break up the engagement. It is not difficult to imagine a love triangle. His descendancy is documented in [R65; 09.29.1691]. He was under protection from 1691 to 1697. .

1687-07-16Elias Meyer, Jew Jäglins son of Stühlingen. has spread slander about Marum Weihl of Untereggingen, saying he has stolen silver spoons from Calmelin. He is fined 10 pounds because he has said it to the future wife of Marum and thus tried to prevent a marriage.
1691-09-29Protection fee at Michaelis (29.09) 1690, 9 fl. each: Sandel (is exempted). Callmel. Schmulin the Tall (der große). Jäckhlin Mencke`s brother. Abrahamb. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Lew. Meyer Lehmann`s son. Meyer Mencke`s son. Lemmle. Schmulin Selgman`s son. Schmulin Callmel`s son. Moyses Mencke`s son. Davidt Jägglin`s son. Elias Jägglin`s son.
1691-09-29The following are thus due to pay 10 fl. each: Jägglin Meyer. Abrahamb. Model. Isac Schmulin`s son. Löw. Meyer Lehmann`s son. Meyer Mencke`s son. Lemmle. Schmul Selgmann`s son. Schmul Callmel`s son. Moyses Mencke`s son. Davidt Jägglin`s son. Elias Jäglin`s son. Salomon Jägglin`s son. Joßel Marum`s son. Jekoph Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and her son Jonas. Jeckoff Callmel`s son who has moved in from Eberfingen.
1692-03-07Elias Mejer in Stühlingen, cattle deal.
1692-04-01Abraham Jäckhlin, Model b. Leub (wohl Weil), Isaac Lemblin, Meyer b. Lehman Pickhart , Mausche und Meyer des Menggens Sohn (wohl Bloch), Schmuli, Jossel, Salomon Jackhlins Sohn, Marum Sandels Sohn (wohl Weyl), Jackhoff b. Calmelin (wohl Guggenheim), in unserer Statt Stüehlingen, auf das Land aber David b. Hürtzel (wohl Bickert), Elias Jüdele und Marum Weyl, Benjamin, SalomonDavid Jackhlins Sohn
1692-09-26Elias Meyer Jew Jäckhlinĸs son, cession.
1693-05-08Elias Meyer, Jew at Hallau, horse trade.
1694-04-11Jews at Stühlingen paying protection fee: Jew Marum`s widow (half fee). Jekhoph Marum`s son. Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jäckhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl Jew. Marum Weyl, for the first time on Easter 1694. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmulin`s son from Michael`s day 9 fl. and from Easter 4 fl. as he is unmarried. Meyer Menckhin`s son. (Added in behind:) Jossel Jew Marum`s son.
1695-01-0122.04/1696 Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jackhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl. Marum Weyl. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi Marum`s son-in-law. Jossel Marum`s son. Lemli Jew. Isac Schmulin`s son.
1695-04-03Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jägglin`s son. David Jägglin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jägglin Jew. Sandel. Marum Weyl Sandel`s son. Salomon Sandel`s son-in-law. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi. Jossel. Lemli.
1697-04-07Protection fee at Stühlingen. Elias Jäckhlin`s son. David Jacklin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jäckhlin Jew. Sandel Weyhl. Marum Weyhl. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckhin`s son. Mauschel. Jossel.
1725-03-15Satzgelder an Ostern 1725, je 10 fl. von Leib, Marum, Salomon, Meyer Bloch Menckins Sohn, Meyer Bickert (ist gestorben, also null), Leman Bickert, Isac Abrahamen Sohn, Faissel Leiben Sohn, Jonas Leiben Sohn, Jossel Lang Schmullins Sohn, Elias Mayer, Lemble Weyl Alt, Meyer Weyl Jüdelins Sohn, Mencke Bloch Meyers Sohn, Meyer Bloch Jung, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann.
1743-03-30The government at Donaueschingen has allowed the Jews to remain until Georgesmas (23 April). The following are to pay protection fee for the 59 days from 17 Mar. to 23 April: Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son, Salomon Weyl his (whose?) son, Marumb Weyl Dicker, Isaac Weyl his son, Faistel Guggenheimb Leib´s son, Salamon Weyl Sandel´s son, Jonas Gugenheimb Leib´s son, Schmuly Weyl, Marx Mayer Eleis´ son, Marum Gugenheimb Joseph´s son, Faistel Gugenheimb Joseph´s son, Isaac Bickhert Lehemann´s son, Haymann Bickhert, Lehemann Bickhert.
1743-04-19Sylvester Bamas, mason in Stühlingen, has bought a house with half a barn, stable, basement, Baulege and yard for 275 fl. from Marx Mayer Eliasen Sohn and paid 150 fl. As seller is to move elsewhere (und weilen nun der Verkäufer anderstwohin ziehen muß), buyer sets the object as a pawn until the remaining 125 fl. have been paid.
1744-07-18Marum Weyl filed a petition to the Donaueschingen government in behalf of his extant protection fee. His fee of 5 fl. is granted, and the fee of his two fellows Marx Mayer and Isaac Weyl is reduced to a half.
1745-05-13Marx Mayer Eliasen Sohn, represented by Jacob Stadler, sells Sylvester Bamus half a house, namely the upper heatable room, two chambers nearby, a kitchen and a small kitchen chamber, a corner for the wood, the rear part of the attic in the direction of Josel´s house, plus the rear part of the small attic towards this house, half of the stable in the direction of Rudolph Würth´s barn, with the Baulege, from which the dung is to be carried away during the times of haying and harvest so one can carry crops, hay and second hay (Öhmd) into said barn. Furthermore half of the stable, the rear part of the Schmitte (does this mean forge?), half of the basement with all pertaining items, at the condition that every owner is to maintain his part in good condition, while the rest will be repaired in common. The price is 275 fl.

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