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Tree Jacob (Jägglin) ben David, Meyer is mentioned 67 times between 1664 and 1715. He died around 1692. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'M1.1'. His father was David Meyer - Oberlauchringen.

Jäggele was under protection from 1673 to 1700, first in Ofteringen, after his marriage to the daughter of Judah (Leheman) in Horheim [R4407; 03.15.1677]. in 1686 he was fined for `slaughtering a dead goat` [R1408; 09.23.1686], it is not clear whether this was for personal consumption, or he intended to sell the meat. However, there seemed to have been frequent issues with Jews slaughtering animals in Stühlingen. .

1664-11-13Jäckhlin of Oberlauchringen, claim after a cow deal.
1672-12-01Trepassing permit for four other Jews. Borach auf der Hofwies, Jäggle in Ofteringen, Hirtzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen. Jew Jägle of Rheinfelden.
1673-03-15Jäggle und Benedict, die in Ofteringen wohnen, ja 9 fl. Satzgeld an Ostern 1673.
1673-04-18Jäggelin Meyer of Stühlingen claims payment of 6 fl.
1674-03-15Herzelin, Davidt und Borach, alle drei dermalen zu Eberfingen, zahlen auf Ostern 1674 je 18 fl. Satzgeld. Obigen Borachen Sohn Lew hat sich ein halbes Jahr in Mettingen aufgehalten und zahlt 9 fl. Isac, der zu Endermettingen wohnt, zahlt 18 fl. an Ostern 1674. Jäggelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle drei in (gestrichen oder vielleicht unterstrichen: Ofteringen), zahlen je 9 fl. Cosmann in Unterlauchringen zahlt 9 fl.
1675-03-15Jägelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle in Ofteringen, zahlen je 9 fl. an Ostern.
1676-01-01(same category) Caffel Jew who has married around Michaelis day (29.09) 1676 is due 9 fl. protection fee for half a year. Menggen, Jäggele, Jonas and Lew delivered their owed geese, and the others paid 1 fl. each instead. Herzele and Davidt, both at Eberfingen, paid together 18 fl. protection fee. Isac and Boroch both at Endermettingen paid same. Lew Jew who has been living in Endermettingen since Michaelis is due 9 fl. for half a year. Jäggele, Benedict, and Jonas, all three at Ofteringen, and Cosman at Unterlauchringen are due 36 fl. together. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. Joß, Khauffman, Mayerle, and Judelle, all four Jews expelled from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim) came here and applied for protection. Joß lived here for 7 weeks, Khauffman for 19 weeks, and the other two for 41 weeks, so they are due 43 fl. protection fee. Total amount of protection fee due: 476 fl.
1676-03-15Jägelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle drei zu Ofteringen, sowie Cosman in Unterlauchringen je 9 fl. Satzgeld auf Ostern 1676.
1676-03-23Marum Jegghoff´s son, Seeligmann, Jonas, and Jagglin Mayr Menckhe´s brother appear among the creditors and debtors of Ursula Haym, widow of Johannes Ambrosy.
1677-01-28Jägglin Mayr representing the heirs of Menckhe makes a mutual account with Jacob Güntert.
1677-03-15Jäggelle des Lehemans Tochtermann, Salomon des Menckhen Tochtermann und Boroch, die zu Horheim wohnen, zahlen je 18 fl. Satzgeld.
1677-03-15Jäggelle, des Leheman Tochtermann, der zu Obermettingen seinen Sitz hat, soll 18 fl. Satzgeld für ein Jahr bezahlen.
1679-03-15Jäggle des Lehemans Tochtermann, Salomon des Menckhe Tochtermann und Lew Jud Boroch Sohn, die zu Horheim wohnen, je 18 fl. Satzgeld.
1680-03-15Lew Jud Barochen Sohn, Jägglin Jud Lehmanns Tochtermann und Solamann Menckhes Tochtermann, alle drei zu Horheim, je 18 fl.
1680-12-31Sandel, Mayerlin Menkins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jonas Sohn, Calmelin, Marum Jekhoffens Sohn, Jacklin Menkins Bruder, Mayer Lehmans Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Limblin (Seligmanns Tochtermann), Abraham, Model, Isaac Schmulens Sohn, Feussel Lehmanns Sohn, Abraham W., Samuel in Unterlauchringen, Mayer in Unterlauchringen, Hirzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen, Löw Barochs Sohn in Horn, Jäcklin Lehmanns Tochtermann in Horn, Salomon Menkens Tochtermann in Horn, Isak in Entermettingen, Jüdle Weihl Isaks Sohn in Entermettingen, Sandel in Ofteringen, Jonas in Ofteringen, Josef in Ofteringen
1681-01-01Jew Schmulin was fined for doing business on Sunday. Jew Jäckhlin of Horheim was fined for buying stolen cloths (dress).
1681-01-01(continued) Hürtzel and Davidt both at Eberfingen. Löw Jew Baroch`s son, Jäckhlin Jew Lehmann`s son-in-law, and Salomann Menckhin`s son-in-law, all three at Horheim. Isaac Jew and Judele Weihl Isaac`s son both Jews at Endermettingen. Benedict and Jonas both Jews at Ofteringen. Joseph Jew, also a resident at Ofteringen, has absconded under the cover of darkness soon after Easter 1680. Samuel and Meyer both Jews at Unterlauchringen.
1681-01-02Jäcklein Lehman´s son-in-law in Horheim has taken stolen clothes as a pawn and is fined 10 pounds.
1681-03-08Agreement between the community of Horheim and the Jews Salamon and Jäggle in that village about the annual fees and the use of the pasture and the forest.
1686-03-12Jew Jäcklin owes 26 fl. to the community of Horheim.
1686-09-23Horheim. Jökli (Jäglin) Lang Jew has taken away pears.
1686-09-23Horheim. Jäglin has slaughtered a dead goat.
1686-10-15Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmuli Callmelins Sohn. Sandels Jew´s son. Hirtzlin´s servant and Jäglin´s son. Davidt Jäglins Sohn, Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn, Jonas unmarried Marums Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn. Jossel Jew, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, and Callmelin. Jäckoff Marums Sohn. Jonas unmarried Marumbs Sohn. Seeligmann´s servant and Callmelin´s boy. Jäglins Sohn, Callmelins Sohn and Marumns Jossel. Schmuhli Callmelins Sohn and Jossel Marumnbs Sohn. Seeligmanns servant, Jossel Marumbs boy, Jäglin´s boy, Callmelin and Hürtzel. Lew. Seeligmanns son B(ar?)uch unmarried. The boys of Isaac and Callmelin Schmuhlins Sohn. Jew Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boys of Schmuhlin Callmelins Sohn, Jossel Marums and Jäglin. The servant of Hürtzlen Schwartz. The boy of Sandel.
1687-03-15Jäglin, Salomon und Jonas, alle drei zu Horheim, je 18 fl.
1687-07-16Elias Meyer, Jew Jäglins son of Stühlingen. has spread slander about Marum Weihl of Untereggingen, saying he has stolen silver spoons from Calmelin. He is fined 10 pounds because he has said it to the future wife of Marum and thus tried to prevent a marriage.
1687-12-03Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmulin the Old. Jäglin. Isac Schmulins Sohn. Hürtzlen. Mausche Menckhins Sohn. Mayer Menckhins Sohn. Jossel Marums Sohn. Sandel. Model. Laimlin. Seligman. Schmulin Seligmans Sohn. Mahrum Jeckoff. Calmelin. Rabbi Salomon. David Jäglins Sohn. Every one is fined 1 pound for washing his supplies (Vorrat) in the well.
1688-02-18Lodging contract between Jew Jäckhlin at Horheim and blacksmith Heinrich Bischoff.
1688-03-22Salomon Jäckhlinďs son, creditor.
1688-10-05Jews Jonas, Benedict, Jäkhlin, and Salomonďs servant are fined at the Horheim annual peasants court.
1689-10-11Jäglin Jew is fined at Horheim.
1690-06-23Salomon Weill Jäglinďs son, creditor.
1691-09-29(continued) Salomon Jägglin`s son. Josel Marum`s son. Jacob Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and son Jonas. At Eberfingen: Hirtzl. Davidt. Jeckoff Callmel`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. Protection fee was due again on Easter 1691, except the following: Callmel has died on Michaelis (29.09) 1690. Schmul the Tall has died on Easter 1691 and is thus due 10 fl. for the last time.
1691-09-29The following are thus due to pay 10 fl. each: Jägglin Meyer. Abrahamb. Model. Isac Schmulin`s son. Löw. Meyer Lehmann`s son. Meyer Mencke`s son. Lemmle. Schmul Selgmann`s son. Schmul Callmel`s son. Moyses Mencke`s son. Davidt Jägglin`s son. Elias Jäglin`s son. Salomon Jägglin`s son. Joßel Marum`s son. Jekoph Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and her son Jonas. Jeckoff Callmel`s son who has moved in from Eberfingen.
1691-09-29At Eberfingen: Hirtzl Jew. Davidt. At Untereggingen: Jüdele Weill. Marum Weill. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. per year. Jew Samuel at Unterlauchringen is due 1 fl. only as the protection fee pertains to Tiengen.
1691-11-28Jew Jäckhel (Jägglin) at Horheim bought a goat and did not pay.
1691-12-04Jew Jäckhel (Jäggle) at Horheim is fined for not appearing before court
1692-01-01Jew Jögel Meir supplied a goose.
1692-01-16Jäckhlin Jew at Horheim, cow trace quarrel.
1692-04-21David Meyer, Jäckhlinďs son, horse trade.
1692-08-19After the death of Jäggln at Horheim, his brother-in-law Meyer, Lehemannďs son, appears at the office to make a ledger.
1692-09-26Elias Meyer Jew Jäckhlinďs son, cession.
1693-02-07Jäckhel Jew in Stühlingen has bought a house from Schmuli Calmelinďs widow for 280 fl.
1694-01-01The following were fined at the annual court session in Stühlingen: Lew, Seeligman, David Jäckhlin`s son, Lew and Marum`s boy, Lew, Isaac, Lew, Isac, Judi school-knocker, Jonas.
1694-01-02Jäckhoff Gugenheimb and his wife complain that their brother and brother-in-law, respectively, Joseph has broken into their house and stolen food. It is also mentioned that Joseph has traded for a year but did not pay protection fee. Defendant is to refund the stolen food and is sentenced 10 pounds penalty for burglary plus 18 florins protection fee for a year.
1694-01-19Jäckhly Mayr Jew (loss of text).
1694-04-11Jews at Stühlingen paying protection fee: Jew Marum`s widow (half fee). Jekhoph Marum`s son. Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jäckhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl Jew. Marum Weyl, for the first time on Easter 1694. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmulin`s son from Michael`s day 9 fl. and from Easter 4 fl. as he is unmarried. Meyer Menckhin`s son. (Added in behind:) Jossel Jew Marum`s son.
1694-04-26Jacob Meyer, Jew in Eberfingen, confirms a debt.
1694-12-17Jackhoff is to pay 60 fl. for cattle.
1695-01-0122.04/1696 Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jackhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl. Marum Weyl. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi Marum`s son-in-law. Jossel Marum`s son. Lemli Jew. Isac Schmulin`s son.
1695-01-01Penalty of Isac at Stühlingen. Jäckhlin`s son. The boy of Sandel`s son. The boy of Jessel.
1695-03-16Several Jews acknowledge payment of debts by Hanns Grießer of Mauchen, namely Lew some 90 fl. Abraham 7 fl. Jakheli Meyer 6 fl. Jonas Marums Sohn 50 fl. Lemle and Jakhele Bikhart 184 fl. Calmeli´s heirs 50 fl Sandel 0 fl.
1695-04-03Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jägglin`s son. David Jägglin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jägglin Jew. Sandel. Marum Weyl Sandel`s son. Salomon Sandel`s son-in-law. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi. Jossel. Lemli.
1696-11-13Eva, the wife of Jäckhoff, assisted by Jew Sandel, has promised sheriff Geörg Mallzacher of Obermettingen 36 fl. compensation as a refund for claims which he lost at her husband´s bankruptcy.
1697-01-14Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn is sued for payment.
1697-03-04Jäckhoff claims payment for a bull.
1700-03-18Isaac Meyer Jäckhlins Sohn from here, now living in Baisingen, purchases trespassing for a year for 3 fl.
1700-10-15Eberfingen: Hirtzel, Jäkhle dessen Sohn, David, Elias.
1702-09-13The Jews Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn and Abraham, both experienced in the Jewish ceremonies, have made a decision between Jossel Calmelins Sohn and the two daughters of his deceased brother Schmulin, namely Madele and Bessele. They consider just that Jossel provides a dowry of 25 florins for each of the daughters, as far as his own means reach and by collecting the rest from relatives. Jossel owes the two daughters 130 florins upon the proceedings of 23.11.1701 and is to pay the extant installments immediately. If Abraham Katz (sic), a Jew of Pforzheim, would have to come here once more in this matter, then Jossel will be obliged to refund him all the expenses.
1703-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen aus Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), David Jakhlins Sohn, Sandel (aus Gnaden null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jakhoff Calmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble,
1704-10-15Horheim: Salomon, Menckhin, David Jäckhlins Sohn.
1704-10-15Je 10 fl. an Ostern zahlen Leib, Alt Jäckhle (null), Sandel (null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmule Seligmann, Meyer Lehemann, Model, Abrahamb,
1706-10-13Salomon Jäckhlins, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1706-10-13David Jäckhlins Sohn, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1710-03-15Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn Jud Schirm- und Satzgeld (null),
1710-03-15David Jäckhlins Sohn Schirm- und Satzgeld. –
1714-10-15Horheim: David Jäckhlins Sohn, Jud Menckhin, Menckhins Bruder, Elias Boll, Judele Weyl, Isaac Beniamins Sohn, Menckhin Mayer.
1715-03-15Horheim: David Jäckhlins Sohn, Jud Menckhin, Mayer Bernheimb, Elias Boll, Judele Weyl, Isaac Beniamins Sohn, Menckhin Mayer.

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