Identified Man

Tree Isac (Isaac) ben Jacob, Meyer is mentioned 2 times between 1700 and 1724. He died around 1724. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'M1.1.3'. His father was Jacob (Jägglin) ben David, Meyer.

Isac was the son of Jacob ben Davidb Meyer. He lived in Baisingen, probably because he married a local daughter. He died before 1724 and his heirs demanded what was probably their share of David ben Jacob`s estate [R742; 01.21.1724]. .

1700-03-18Isaac Meyer Jäckhlins Sohn from here, now living in Baisingen, purchases trespassing for a year for 3 fl.
1724-01-21Elias Mayer owes 113 florins to Jäkhele, Vögele, Esther, and Münckhele, children of his deceased brother Isaac Mayer in Baisingen.

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