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Tree Benedict in Ofteringen is mentioned 24 times between 1673 and 1697. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z2'.

Benedict (probably Baruch) is of uncertain origin. He was under protection from 1673 to 1697 in Ofteringen and later in Horheim. He is often mentioned together with `Jäggele` and `Jonas`. One entry [R4778; 10.03.1680] suggests that he dealt with cattle and horses. There is no information linking him to any of the families. The records contain no linkage information. However, he could possibly be a son of Judah (Judele) ben Moses, also from Ofteringen. .

1673-03-15Jäggle und Benedict, die in Ofteringen wohnen, ja 9 fl. Satzgeld an Ostern 1673.
1674-03-15Herzelin, Davidt und Borach, alle drei dermalen zu Eberfingen, zahlen auf Ostern 1674 je 18 fl. Satzgeld. Obigen Borachen Sohn Lew hat sich ein halbes Jahr in Mettingen aufgehalten und zahlt 9 fl. Isac, der zu Endermettingen wohnt, zahlt 18 fl. an Ostern 1674. Jäggelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle drei in (gestrichen oder vielleicht unterstrichen: Ofteringen), zahlen je 9 fl. Cosmann in Unterlauchringen zahlt 9 fl.
1675-03-15Jägelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle in Ofteringen, zahlen je 9 fl. an Ostern.
1676-01-01(same category) Caffel Jew who has married around Michaelis day (29.09) 1676 is due 9 fl. protection fee for half a year. Menggen, Jäggele, Jonas and Lew delivered their owed geese, and the others paid 1 fl. each instead. Herzele and Davidt, both at Eberfingen, paid together 18 fl. protection fee. Isac and Boroch both at Endermettingen paid same. Lew Jew who has been living in Endermettingen since Michaelis is due 9 fl. for half a year. Jäggele, Benedict, and Jonas, all three at Ofteringen, and Cosman at Unterlauchringen are due 36 fl. together. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. Joß, Khauffman, Mayerle, and Judelle, all four Jews expelled from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim) came here and applied for protection. Joß lived here for 7 weeks, Khauffman for 19 weeks, and the other two for 41 weeks, so they are due 43 fl. protection fee. Total amount of protection fee due: 476 fl.
1676-03-15Jägelle, Benedict und Jonas, alle drei zu Ofteringen, sowie Cosman in Unterlauchringen je 9 fl. Satzgeld auf Ostern 1676.
1677-03-15Jonas, Benedict und Joseph, die zu Ofteringen wohnen, zahlen je 9 fl. Satzgeld.
1677-03-15Samuel zu Unterlauchringen sowie Jonas, Benedict und Joseph zu Ofteringen sollen je 9 fl. Satzgeld für ein Jahr bezahlen.
1679-03-15Jonas, Benedict und Joseph, alle drei zu Ofteringen, je 9 fl. Satzgeld.
1680-03-15Benedict, Jonas und Joseph, alle zu Ofteringen, je 9 fl.
1680-10-03Benedict Jew of Ofteringen, quarrel after a horse sale.
1681-01-01(continued) Hürtzel and Davidt both at Eberfingen. Löw Jew Baroch`s son, Jäckhlin Jew Lehmann`s son-in-law, and Salomann Menckhin`s son-in-law, all three at Horheim. Isaac Jew and Judele Weihl Isaac`s son both Jews at Endermettingen. Benedict and Jonas both Jews at Ofteringen. Joseph Jew, also a resident at Ofteringen, has absconded under the cover of darkness soon after Easter 1680. Samuel and Meyer both Jews at Unterlauchringen.
1681-03-04Benedict Jew of Ofteringen and Salomon of Horheim, same.
1682-10-31Benedict Jew of Ofteringen pays trespassing fee.
1685-11-18Benedict Jew of Ofteringen pays the trespassing fee.
1686-08-31Trespassing permit for the following: Endingen: Mauschele Horheim: Joggle, Salomon Donaueschingen: Schmuhle. Eberfingen: Hirtzel. Ofteringen: Benedict. Stühlingen: All the Jews (no names).
1687-03-15Benedict zu Ofteringen das halbe Satzgeld mit 9 fl.
1687-08-29Trespassing permit for the Jews of Stühlingen, for Schmule Jew of Donaueschingen, for Benedict of Ofteringen, Hirtzel of Eberfingen and Salomon of Horheim.
1687-10-06Horheim: Benedict Jew who has moved in from Ofteringen has taken away a lantern from Hans Brotz and gave it some Jews from Swabia who were moving through. Jonas the other Jew who had formerly lived here did not observe (watch) his goat.
1688-10-05Jews Jonas, Benedict, Jäkhlin, and Salomonĸs servant are fined at the Horheim annual peasants court.
1688-11-12Trespassing fees by Salomon, Benedict and Jägle Jews of Horheim. Jodl and Modl Weyl of Eggingen. Schmule Weil and Mausche Jew of Donaueschingen Hirzel Meyer Jew of Eberfingen
1691-09-29At Eberfingen: Hirtzl Jew. Davidt. At Untereggingen: Jüdele Weill. Marum Weill. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. per year. Jew Samuel at Unterlauchringen is due 1 fl. only as the protection fee pertains to Tiengen.
1691-09-29(continued) Salomon Jägglin`s son. Josel Marum`s son. Jacob Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and son Jonas. At Eberfingen: Hirtzl. Davidt. Jeckoff Callmel`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. Protection fee was due again on Easter 1691, except the following: Callmel has died on Michaelis (29.09) 1690. Schmul the Tall has died on Easter 1691 and is thus due 10 fl. for the last time.
1694-04-11At Horheim: Salomon Jew. Benedict Jew. Foreign Jews: Samuel at Unterlauchringen. Isaac Ulma at Tiengen.
1697-04-07Lembli. Isac. Schmuli. Meyer. Model. Abraham. Jekhoph. At Eberfingen: Hürschel. David. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyhl. Marum Weyhl. Benedict.

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