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Tree Meir (Marum) ben Isac, Weyl is mentioned 32 times between 1680 and 1710. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'U1.3'. His father was Isac, Weyl Schwerzen.

Marum is one of four brothers who grew up in Endermettingen, but settled in Untereggingen once they grew up. He was under protection there from 1691 to 1710. His daughter Vögele married David ben Salomon Bernheimb [R725; 07.28.1705] . .

1680-10-31Marum Weihl of Endermettingen, same.
1683-10-07Veit Weihl and his brother Marum the Jews here and in Ofteringen are sued for payment of a horse.
1687-07-16Elias Meyer, Jew Jäglins son of Stühlingen. has spread slander about Marum Weihl of Untereggingen, saying he has stolen silver spoons from Calmelin. He is fined 10 pounds because he has said it to the future wife of Marum and thus tried to prevent a marriage.
1689-10-24Marum Weihl, creditor.
1691-09-29At Eberfingen: Hirtzl Jew. Davidt. At Untereggingen: Jüdele Weill. Marum Weill. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. per year. Jew Samuel at Unterlauchringen is due 1 fl. only as the protection fee pertains to Tiengen.
1691-09-29(continued) Salomon Jägglin`s son. Josel Marum`s son. Jacob Marum`s son. Marum`s widow and son Jonas. At Eberfingen: Hirtzl. Davidt. Jeckoff Callmel`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Jägglin. Salomon. Benedict. Protection fee was due again on Easter 1691, except the following: Callmel has died on Michaelis (29.09) 1690. Schmul the Tall has died on Easter 1691 and is thus due 10 fl. for the last time.
1692-03-13Judel and Marum Weil brothers were summoned.
1692-03-13Christian Würth at Untereggingen cedes a claim to Jacob Schwarber to the folllowing persons: to Marum Weyl Jew at Untereggingen 80 fl., to Bäurlin, Kändel and Ehlen the children of Jew Calmelin 121 fl., and to Schmuli Calmelinĸs son 54 fl.
1692-05-09Judel and Marum Weil brothers at Untereggenen send their protection fee.
1692-06-13Marum Weil at Untereggenen is fined for verbal injuries.
1693-06-02The customs (probably the revenues) are granted to Marum and Judel Weil brothers at Untereggingen.
1694-01-01Customs paid by Marum Weyl and Judele Weil at Untereggingen.
1694-04-11Jews at Stühlingen paying protection fee: Jew Marum`s widow (half fee). Jekhoph Marum`s son. Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jäckhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl Jew. Marum Weyl, for the first time on Easter 1694. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmulin`s son from Michael`s day 9 fl. and from Easter 4 fl. as he is unmarried. Meyer Menckhin`s son. (Added in behind:) Jossel Jew Marum`s son.
1695-01-01Schmuli Seligman`s son. Meyer Lehemann`s son. Model Jew. Abraham Jew. At Eberfingen: Hürtzel Jew. David Jew. Jekhoph Calmelin`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Salomon.
1695-01-01Penalty of Marum Jew at Untereggingen.
1695-04-03Isaac. Schmuli. Meyer Lehemann`s son. Model. Abraham. At Eberfingen: Hürtzel. David. Jakhoph. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. Others: Samuel Jew at Lauchringen. Israel Ulman of Tiengen.
1696-01-01Same for Jew Marum at Untereggingen.
1697-01-10The following Jews were fined for injuries: 1. Jossel from here and Samuel from Donaueschingen for quarrels about a Polish horse. 2. Jossel´s brother Abraham for participation. 3. His brother-in-law Model for getting involved, and he complained that many invectives were ejected against his brother Ephraim of Donaueschingen all day, whereas his son Moyses 4. charged Samuel with many crimes, as the father confirmed at the office today, whereas 5. Samuel tossed as glass of wine after him which hit his face. Samuel denies such, but it is certain that he was hit. 6. Hereupon a quarrel came up between Sandel and Model, with verbal injuries, and 7. Sandel´s son Marum mingled into this and tossed a jar of wine towards the body of Model who claims it has hit his chest which is still aching. Marum contradicts this. Model started to defend against Sandel, upon which 8. Jew Marum of Untereggingen held him back and pressed him on a bench. This is the event of the matter. At today´s interrogation of witnesses, 9. Model has accused Sandel of being a thief and having stolen 100 Dukaten from him, having issued a bond to Jew Liebermann in Heidelberg who now lives in Breisach, and he raises his children in theft. Model, Samuel, Sandel, Marum Sandels Sohn, and Marum of Untereggingen were then fined between 3 and 12 pounds.
1697-04-07Lembli. Isac. Schmuli. Meyer. Model. Abraham. Jekhoph. At Eberfingen: Hürschel. David. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyhl. Marum Weyhl. Benedict.
1697-04-07Protection fee at Stühlingen. Elias Jäckhlin`s son. David Jacklin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jäckhlin Jew. Sandel Weyhl. Marum Weyhl. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckhin`s son. Mauschel. Jossel.
1699-04-19At Untereggingen: Marum. Jüdele Weyhl. Benjamin. At Horheim: Salomon. His brother. General: The unmarried cousin of Sandel (half fee). Jäckhoff Marum`s son. Mergam the widow of Jew Marum (half fee). Jonas Model`s son.
1699-07-31Marum Jew cedes a claim of 100 fl to Sir Johann Jörg Oschwaldt of Schaffhausen.
1699-09-30Marum Weil of "Unterleingen", quarrel after a horse trade.
1700-10-15Untereggingen: Benjamin, Jüdele Weyhl, Marum Weyhl.
1700-10-15Untereggingen: Benjamin, Jüdele Weihl, Marum Weihl.
1700-12-17Marum Jew in Untereggingen, quarrel about payment and a right of first emption.
1703-10-09Marum Weyl in Untereggingen rents a house from Hanns Progle in this village for three years.
1705-07-28Vögele, daughter of Marum in Untereggingen, will marry David Bernheim, son of Salomon in Horheim. They are accepted in Stühlingen County.
1706-10-13Marum Weyl, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1710-03-15Marum Weyl Schirm- und Satzgeld,

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