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Tree Moses (Moyses) ben Menachem, Bloch is mentioned 41 times between 1683 and 1730. He died around 1726. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C2.1.2.2'. His father was Menachem (Menckhen) ben Meir, Bloch.

Moyses, Moysy, Mausche, Mauschin or Mauschi was a son of Menckhen Bloch the elder [R873; 04.02.1688] . He was also a son-in-law of Meir (Marum) ben Jacob GH [R4443; 03.30.1687]. He was under protection from 1687 to 1717. In 1726 he was dead, as his widow Kehla, daughter of Marum ben Jacob sold the house to Menckhen Bloch junior [R804; 03.01.1726]. A daughter of Moses had been married to Jesaias Schach of Dornach [R804; 03.01.1726]. .

1683-03-11Claims to the estate of Georg Hägelin by Calmeli 102 fl. 56 fl. Abraham 99 fl. Schmulin Calmelins Sohn 51 fl. Menckhens Sohn Moises 12 fl. Marum 5 fl.
1683-05-29The Jews are fined for putting their cattle into other personsď stables. The following men are listed: Salomon at Horheim. Abrahamb here. Leub, Marum Weil Sandelďs son. Jossel. Lämbel. Isaac. Sanndel. Elias. Joseph Calmelinďs son. Marum Weyl at Untereggingen. Schmuli Seeligmannďs son. Mausche.
1684-03-08Hans Adam Widtmer representing Jacob Schlatter sells Jew Mauschen Menckhis Sohn here a field for 25 fl. The Jew sells it further to Johann Stadler of Schwaningen for 17 fl. and a sheep and a lamb.
1685-06-14Raphael or Pfahl Schmulins Sohn and Moises or Mauschin Menckhins Sohn, both local Jews, are fined 2 and 10 pounds for a heavy brawl.
1686-03-18Jew Mauschi, quarrel after a horse and bull trade.
1686-10-15The following are fined 1 fl. each because their cattle or horses damaged the tithe sheaves: Sandel, Lew, Seeligmann, Jäglin, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, Callmelin, Schmulin Callmelins Sohn, Schmuhlin Seligmans Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Schmuhlin der Gross, Isaac Schmuhlins Sohn. Mausche Menckhins Sohn let his horse run unattended.
1687-03-15Jeweils 18 fl. zahlen Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn, Lew Jonasen Sohn, Calmelin, Schmulin Calmelis Sohn, Alt Marum (ist gestorben, also null), Jeckhoff Marums Sohn, Jekhlin Menckhins Bruder, Davidt erstgemelten Jeglis Sohn, Meyer Lehemans Sohn, Seligman, Schmuli Seligmans Sohn, Schmuli der Große, Lämblin Seligmans Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Lehemans Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Mausche Marums Tochtermann.
1687-08-30Jews Meyerlin, Mausche, and the two servants of Seligmann were victims of a brawl.
1687-12-03Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmulin the Old. Jäglin. Isac Schmulins Sohn. Hürtzlen. Mausche Menckhins Sohn. Mayer Menckhins Sohn. Jossel Marums Sohn. Sandel. Model. Laimlin. Seligman. Schmulin Seligmans Sohn. Mahrum Jeckoff. Calmelin. Rabbi Salomon. David Jäglins Sohn. Every one is fined 1 pound for washing his supplies (Vorrat) in the well.
1688-04-02Claim by the heirs of Jew Menckhen (see the entry of 08.01.1677), with a statement by Moses said Menckhenďs son.
1691-10-01Mausche Jew is to pay 112 fl. to a merchant in Schaffhausen.
1692-04-01Abraham Jäckhlin, Model b. Leub (wohl Weil), Isaac Lemblin, Meyer b. Lehman Pickhart , Mausche und Meyer des Menggens Sohn (wohl Bloch), Schmuli, Jossel, Salomon Jackhlins Sohn, Marum Sandels Sohn (wohl Weyl), Jackhoff b. Calmelin (wohl Guggenheim), in unserer Statt Stüehlingen, auf das Land aber David b. Hürtzel (wohl Bickert), Elias Jüdele und Marum Weyl, Benjamin, SalomonDavid Jackhlins Sohn
1692-09-22Johann Mayer, alderman and gunmaker in Stühlingen, representing Mausche and Mayer brothers Jew Menckhin´s sons sells butcher Hanns Faller here the half house which they have inherited from their father Muhli (sic). Said representative representing Jäckhlin Jew Menckhin´s brother sells Faller the other half of said house, a corner house (Eckhaus), bordering at the bottom to Sir Johann Schölderlin and at two sides to the common lane. The first half was sold for of 400 fl. Of this amount, 200 fl. are to be paid to the two brothers Mausche and Meyer cash, and the other 200 fl. by a down payment of 100 fl. and another payment of 100 fl. immediately when Mausche will move out, but if he will not do so soon, by two annual installments of 50 fl. The other half, the one of Jäckhle, was sold for 500 fl. Buyer makes a down payment of 20 fl. and will pay 200 fl. when Jäckhlin and his son Salomon who are living in the house have moved out. The other 280 fl. are to be paid by annual installments of 70 fl.
1693-02-10Moyses Bloch at Stühlingen, agreement.
1693-11-23Jossel and Mausche Jews are willing to pay.
1694-01-14Mausche Jew Menggen´s son, bull trade.
1695-01-04The boy of Seligman Schmulin. The son of Joseph Callmelin. The son of Jossel Marum. The son of Johnas Marumb. Isac Bickhart. Mausche. Lew. Sandel. His son Marum. Abraham. Schmuli Seligman`s son. Jew Jakhlin`s son. Jossel Jew (twice). Jossel`s boy. Calmelin`s son Joseph (all at Stühlingen on.
1695-02-25Mausche is to pay a debt.
1695-04-03Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jägglin`s son. David Jägglin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jägglin Jew. Sandel. Marum Weyl Sandel`s son. Salomon Sandel`s son-in-law. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi. Jossel. Lemli.
1695-12-29Meyer and Mauschi Bloch brothers in Stühlingen have ceded some capitals to their sister Beyhle and her husband in Alsace. The brothers make agreements with the debtors.
1696-06-25Jossel and Mausche are sued for payment but prove that the claim was transferred to another man.
1696-08-21The following are fined for slander, noise and brawl: Mayerlin´s wife, Mauschin´s wife, Mausche, and Schmuli.
1696-11-13Claims to Meyer Bloch, Moyses Menckhins Sohn, Isaac Bickhert, Joseph Guggenheimb, and Meyer Pickhert.
1697-01-01Penalty of Jew Hürzel at Eberfingen. The wife of Jew Meyerlin. The wife of Jew Mauschin. Jew Mausche. Schmuli Jew.
1697-03-29Jossel here is in a business society with Samuel Jew (on the margin: Samuel Uhlmann) of Tiengen. They brought two horses into town which were confiscated for customs defraud. The horses are now given back at the condition that Jossel goes bail for 50 florins and Mausche Jew goes bail for another 50 florins.
1700-10-15Jeder schutzverwandte Jude gibt an Michaelis 9 fl., nämlich David Jaklins Sohn, Leib, Jäkhlin (durch Dekret vom 03.10.1700 entlassen, vermutlich im Sinne von nachgelassen), Sandel (ebenso), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäkhlins Sohn (ebenfalls null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menkhins Sohn, Mausche,
1700-10-15Nachtrag: Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Mayer Menckhins Sohn und Mausche je 10 fl.
1703-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen aus Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), David Jakhlins Sohn, Sandel (aus Gnaden null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jakhoff Calmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble,
1704-03-15Auf Ostern zahlen die Juden 10 fl., nämlich in Stühlingen Leib, Alt Jäkhle (aus Gnaden null), Sandel (ebenso), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäkhlins Sohn (aus Gnaden null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Callmelins Sohn, Jäkhoff Marums Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmuli Seeligmann,
1704-10-15Je 9 fl. an Michaelis zahlen Leib, Alt Jäckhle (null), Sandel (null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Jäckhoff Calmelins Sohn (null, weil abwesend), Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmule Seligmann, Meyer Lehemann, Model, Abrahamb,
1704-10-15Je 10 fl. an Ostern zahlen Leib, Alt Jäckhle (null), Sandel (null), Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn (null), Joseph Callmelins Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marums Sohn, Lemble, Schmule Seligmann, Meyer Lehemann, Model, Abrahamb,
1704-10-27Session of the peasants´ court in Stühlingen: Mausche and Salomon Jud Sandels Sohn are fined 10 pounds for offending the mayor. Mausche is fined 1 pound. The widow of Isaac is fined for taking firewood from the bailiff´s garden. Joseph Calmelins Sohn is fined for selling leather on a Sunday. Leib and Seeligmann Schmuli are fined for dealing on a Sunday. Mayr Bückhert is fined for causing damage to Stoffel Krettler.
1706-10-13Mausche, Schirm- und Satzgeld: 15 fl
1710-03-15Mausche Schirm- und Satzgeld,
1710-06-01Judel Weyl von Untereggingen, Samuel Weyl allda, Beniamin allda, Model Weyl allhier, Jossel, Mausche Bloch, Hirzel Bickhert, Jäckhoff Marum Sohn, Jackhoff Calmelins Sohn, Sandel Jud wegen dem Siessel, Siessel gleichfalls, Hirzel von Eberfingen, Salomon Sandels Tochtermann.
1711-12-04Hirtzel Bickert 2 fl. Jonas Weyl 2 fl. Mausche Bloch 2 fl. Penalty.
1712-01-25Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Sandel Weyl, Leib Gugenheim, Meyer Bickhert, Lemble Weil, Meyer Bloch, Samuel Gugenheimb, Salomon Bloch, Moyses Bloch, Salomon Weyl, Sandels Sohn, Hirtzle Bickhert, Jonas Weyl, Joseph Gugenheim Samuels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim,Lehm Biggert, Menkhle Bloch, Isac Bickhert, Lewel Gugenheim, Veith Gugenheim, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Abrahamb Gugenheim,Daniel Biggert, Davit Vorsinger, Jacob Gugenheimb,Marum Lembles Sohn, Elias Meyer, Jakkele Meyer, Elias Weyl, Isac Bernheim, MoysesWeyl, Menggen Bloch, Judas Weyl
1715-04-30Menckin und Mausche Juden 4 fl.
1715-10-15An Michaelis 1715 je 9 fl. von Leib, Marum, Salomon Sandels Tochtermann, Mayer Menckin Sohn Bloch, Mauschi alt, Josel Marums Sohn, Lemble alt, Schmule Seeligman, Meyer Lehman Bickert, Isac Abrahams Sohn, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Faisell Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Josell Lang(en) Schmullis Sohn, Marum Lemblis Sohn, Menckin Bloch, Lehmann Bickert Mayers Sohn.
1726-03-01Kehla Gugenhaimb, widow of Mausche Bloch, assisted by her son-in-law Jesaias Schach of Dornach, sells her half house, above the house of buyer´s father and between the houses of Jonas Gugenheimb and Joseph Gugenheimb called Alt Jossel, to Mencke Bloch who is assisted by his father Mayer Bloch and in the presence of Marum Weyl. Seller owes some money to the children of her late son-in-law Salomon in Hagenthal/Alsace.
1730-02-23Faistel Gugenheimb representing Kayla Gugenheimb, wife of Mauschi Bloch, sells Meyer Bloch as representative of his son Mencke Bloch the upper half of a house between Jonas and Meyer Gugenheimb, bordering at the rear to the garden and at the front to the common lane, plus a Baulege and a vegetable garden behind the house, and two mens´ and (probably two) womens´ chairs in the Synagogue, for 400 fl. cash.

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