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Abstracted from 61/12655: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1611-1621.

1611-03-21Meyerle of Stühlingen, horse trade matter.
1611-06-06Martin Güntner of Wittlekofen is to make a final payment of 3 florins to Jew Marum.
1611-07-10Hans Meyer of Horheim is thrown into prison for his deal with Mausch Jew of Ofteringen and fined three florins which he promised to pay this fall.
1611-08-28From Jew pays 7 florins for a cow.
1611-10-14Meyer pays 24 florins for a horse.
1611-12-19Daniel Hoz, innkeeper in Mauchen, obliges to pay 44 florins to Jew Mosin in Ofteringen by installments.
1612-02-20Meirlin Jew buys a horse for 13 florins.
1612-04-02Upon request of Jew Phol reports Jacob Gröninger that he has transferred a mortgage pending upon the Jew´s house to his cousin Thoman Gröninger.
- Phol claims 14 florins for a cow.
1612-05-08Hans Prugger is to pay the price for a cow to the heirs of Marum.
- Valthin Kayser was summoned upon request of Vahl Jew but has failed to appear.
- Valthin Schmid is to pay 50 florins to Vahl Jew and to secure the remaining debt by his garden.
1612-07-02Moschi of Ofteringen, claim.
- Hans Prugger is fined 3 pounds for not obeying an order in behalf of Jew Marum.
1612-07-17Marum (sic) Jew is fined 27 pounds for causing a fire in his house out of neglection.
1612-11-19Phol, his son Herzel, Götschel, Leman, Cosst, Joel Marum´s son-in-law, Maierlin and his father Joel, as well as Hans Prugger and his wife, were fined a total amount of 192 florins, or 27 pounds each, for their nightly quarrels. The fine is to be paid within four weeks ecxcept that anyone of them can prove his innocence.
- Friedrich Schülin, schoolmaster in Stühlingen, owes Joel in Weizen, Marum´s son-in-law, grain worth 10 florins for cow.
- Hans Rebmann in Birkenberg is to pay 27 florins to Phol within six weeks on pain of imprisonment.
- Peter Würth of Untereggingen promises to pay Phol Jew 20 florins each year in 1613, 1614, and 1615.
- Hanns Brugger is fined 3 pounds for saying that the Jews are lying like rogues and thieves.
1612-12-03Mauschi Jew is to get a quantity of grain from Hanns Schenauer and looses the rest of his claim.
1612-12-10The son-in-law of Warum Jew is fined for the purchase of a suspicious horse.
1613-02-01The widow of Hans Schwaninger is to pay 30 florins to Sandel Jew by three annual installments. Hans Veltin Müller of Untereggingen is to pay Leman Jew.
1613-03-25Hanns Prugger is fined 10 pounds for neglecting the third order in behalf of Warum Jew.
- Hanns Prugger is to pay his debts to the heirs of Marum Jew on pain of imprisonment.
- Hanns Hegelin is to pay his debts to the heirs of Warum until fall.
1613-06-03Adam Müller is fined 3 pounds because he did not obey an order in behalf of Fahl Jew, and is to pay the Jew today or go to prison.
1613-11-18Leman Jew is fined 2 pounds which equals 1 florin 20 Kreuzer for having a laundry done in the house.
- Mayerlin Jew (is to appear at the next court day?).
1613-12-16The Jews will get a penalty note for their crimes, which include fraud of protection fee and undecent behaviour on Saturday. Cost Jew is to pay the medical expenses for his servant.
1614-01-20Upon a complaint of Jew Jacob, it was decided that the decision of the superior court (Landgericht) is to be fulfilled at the next session of the parliament (Landtag).
- Andreas Weber of Untermettingen is to pay Jew Meierlin.
- Hans Ehrensperger is to pay Jacob Jew Marum´s son-in-law within six weeks on pain of prison. The decision of 19.11.1612 in a matter between the local schoolmaster and Jacob Jew is maintained.
1614-01-27Jacob Jew, claim of 21 florins.
1614-03-03Daniel Wurth of Eggingen is to pay Sandel Jew
- and Clem Jew. Quarrel between Matthes Peringer and Meierlin Jew.
1614-03-24Peter Müller of Stühlingen is required to pay the brother of Maierlein Jew next Pentecost at the Zurzach Fair, on pain of prison.
1614-04-17Jacob Jew Marum´s son-in-law pays 25 florins to the Count for permission to (hard to understand, probably to live here in a rented house and undertake financial business).
1614-05-05Sandell Jew and Hans Jacob Hertz are fined 3 pounds each for brawl.
1614-05-26Hans Heinrich Hertz is to pay the rest of a debt to Jacob Jew.
- Jacob Jew is required to pay the tailor.
1614-07-23Hoscha Jew in Ofteringen, deposited cow and claim.
1614-08-25Jacob Müller, blacksmith in Untermettingen, is allowed to get a copy of the document upon which the Jews and brothers Sannel and Jägle raise a claim against his house. The Jews have offered to supply further proof.
- The Jews in the rear house are seriously ordered to have the wall repaired and close (forever?) a rear door, and to deposit the keys of forbidden doors at the town administration. Götschel Jew is fined 2 florins for letting a horse run into a meadow.
1614-09-22Hans Hess of Gippingen has six weeks time to pay a claim of Jew Götsch of Winzenen* near Colmar *This seems to be Wintzenheim.
- Georg Rebmann is to pay 20 florins to Jew Sanel on pain of prison.
1614-11-03Götschell Jew here is to pay 58 florins (hard to understand).
1614-12-01Heinrich Müller of Eberfingen owes Jonel Jew Marum´ son 140 florins and promises to pay 10 florins now and the rest by annual installments of 8 florins.
1615-01-16Jäckhuff Jew sues the widow of Heini Meyer for the payment of debts.
- Cost Jew promises to pay Heinrich Pletscher of Schleitheim. Cost is sued by Adam Müller after a horse deal.
1615-02-16Thewus Thoma promises to pay a debt of 72 florins to Jackhuff Jew.
- Jäckhuff, more claims.
1615-11-23Hanns Hofacker and Cost Jew have beaten each others.
1616-10-24Krämer Gladte is fined for beating Jew Hürzel.
1616-11-01Phol Jew is to appear at the court in Ewattingen.
1617-02-23Hans Conrad Krettler is fined for beating local Jew Eli.
1617-02-27Peter Müller is required to undertake a transport to Schaffhausen as fine for beating Jew Eli. Ulrich Berger is ordered to pay Jew Sannel. Hans Jacob Herz is ordered to pay Jacob Jew.
1617-04-12Upon an inquiry of the mayor of Bonndorf, one reports: A stranger has come into town and asked a boy if it is true that no Jewish woman can give birth unless the blood of a Christian has been spilled before. The stranger then went into the house of the brothers Sannel and Jägle, pre tending to have something to sell.
1617-09-05Agreement between Melcher Fatzler of Obereggingen and Manno and Phol the Jews, brothers, about a claim of 27 florins.
1618-03-12Michel Siblin was summoned upon request of Leman Jew but failed to appear.
1618-05-04Jeslin may be here and conduct trade as long as he is unmarried.
- Hürzel sells a claim of 30 florins for 24 florins to the dominion which uses 14 florins for his own protection fee and 10 florins for the protection fee of his step-brother Jeslin Jew.
- Meierle Jew makes an agreement, also representing his father Jegele and his brother Eli, that Jegele may remain here and trade as the other Jews as long as he lives, and Eli may do so as long as he remains unmarried. The Jews pay 20 florins for this permission. Eli is to discuss with the count how long he may stay.
1618-05-11Abraham Jew is fined 6 florins 40 Kreuzer.
1618-07-12Thebus Ulmann of Endermettingen is allowed to redeem the retirement support for his step-mother which he has sold to Jecoff Jew.
1618-08-10Thoman Stadelmann and the Jews Cost and Leman are fined for brawl.
1618-12-30Phol Jew claims 91 florins and grain worth 6 florins, Sannel claims 40 fl., Jägle his brother 21 fl. and grain worth 6 fl., Jecoff Jew 27 fl.
1619-03-18Sannel Jew is required to pay 16 florins to the Zacharia Böringer children.
1619-03-22Schai Jew of Klingnau has promised the count to pay a debt of 181 florins to local Jew Phol.
1619-04-15The Jews loan 100 florins to the dominion for the construction of the castle. They pay 90 florins to the mason, and 10 florins will be subtracted from a claim of Meierlin´s father.
1619-04-17Jecoff Jew is allowed to serve wine as the other Jews and is to deliver a Catholic bible in reverse.
1619-06-15Jecoff and Meierle Jews are shown the way in behalf of a questionable claim.
1619-10-07Hürzel Jew, questionable horse deal.
1619-10-12Hanns Pfeiffer of Mauchen was fined because he had stolen six (illegible) from Meierle Jew about two years ago. Meierle is to deliver a white goat to the dominion as a penalty.
1619-10-14Cost Jew is to pay 54 florins for a horse.
1619-11-13Ludwig Wolfensperger of Schaffhausen is fined for harsh words towards Jecoff Jew.
1619-12-05Mauschi and Nathan Jews, servants of Jecoff and Sanvell, are find for brawl.
1619-12-30Hans Schelblin of Lempach promises to pay Jecoff Jew and sets a field as a pawn.
1620-03-09Hünche, the wife of Jew Phol, sues Meierle Jew to have charged her with adultery. Meierle says he was drunk when he said that.
1620-03-12Claims to Bläsi Stadler: Jacoff Jew 47 florins, Phol Jew 73 florins, Sannl Jew 10 florins.
- Jecoff Jew buys a claim of 120 florins for 100 florins.
- Martin Meier acknowledges a claim of 50 florins to Jecoff Jew.
1620-04-04Christian Schelblin owes Meierlin Jew 92 florins.
1620-04-10Leman Jew claims 55 florins from a horse trade.
1620-05-13Phol Jew sells a horse for 46 florins.
1620-07-09Hürzle, horse trade.
1620-11-05Jacoff, claim of 30 florins.
1621-01-12Jecoff is charged with fraud at a horse trade (a long matter).
1621-01-14Bailiff Bernhard Vogler of Höwen and his brother-in-law Böninger claim jewelry from the Jews Jägle and Meierle.
1621-01-18Meierle Jew is sued for two lost pieces of cattle.
1621-02-08Hans Wenzinger is required to pay David Jew 52 Kreuzer for a pair of shoes.
1621-02-15Sannel, Leman, Cost, and Meierle Jews are imposed to pay 20 florins interest to Bläsi Käler on pain of imprisonment.
1621-03-06Jecoff loans out 19 and 23 florins.
1621-04-17Georg Hoz promises to pay 36 florins to Jew Jecoff.
- Sebastian Schreiber, sheriff of Horheim, has called Jew Jecoff a lyer, and Jecoff has called the sheriff a thief.
1621-06-16Izig of Hürben, Abraham of Ichenhausen, Jacob and Seckhel of Neuburg are fined 50 florins each for (exchange and fraud?) of coins. The following Jews were fined for (exchange?): Jecoff 20 florins, Meierle 10 florins (which are to be subtracted from a claim of his father), Phol 30 florins, Hörzle 10 florins (these two amounts are to be subtracted from the same claim). Leman and Cost are fined together 30 florins, Jögle and Samuel together 40 florins.
1621-09-13Michel Prügger is fined because he has beaten a Jew bloody and beaten Cost Jew by a stick.

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