Abstracted from 61/12675: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1702-1705.

1703-06-14Abraham Cann a Jew living in Brötzingen near Pforzheim has made an account with the subsequent debtors about the claims by his (Abraham´s) step-sisters Madel and Bessele to their deceased father Schmuli Calmeles Sohn, formerly a protected Jew here. While doing so, it turned out that Jossel Calmelins Sohn, the father´s brother of said two sisters, should have paid them a total of 190 florins long ago according to the previous proceedings about this matter. 165 florins were due now and 25 florins will be due when the sister Bessle will once marry. Jossel Jew remained obliged to provide the 25 florins in this case, and was due to pay the 165 florins cash. He was unable to raise the amount on the spot and therefore proposed Abraham to wait until next Christmas. Abraham agreed at the condition that Jossel presents able warrantors (with a descriptions of the pawns). Jew Abraham and Jew Mayr Mänckhens Sohn of Stühlingen agreed to be such warrantors, and Jossel set them claims of a total amount of 157 florins plus some jewelry as a security. The warrantors promised to deliver said 165 fl. plus those 22 fl. which Schmuli Seligmanns Sohn owes the sisters and which was secured by a claim of 40 florins by a bond (Wechsel) to whatever place Abraham demands, but at his expenses and at his risk, until Christmas. The Jews Jossel and Schmuli Seeligmann reserve their property in those pawns. In case they will not render payment by said amounts, the warrantors may confiscate the pawns and the signers will have no more rights in them, except in the part which exceeds their claim.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Jew Mayr Mänckhens Sohn(Meir (Mayerle) ben Menachem, Bloch)
Schmuli Calmeles Sohn(Samuel (Schmuli) ben Kalonymos, Gugenheimb)
Jossel Calmelins Sohn(Joseph ben Kalonymos, Gugenheimb)
Bessle(Samuel (Schmuli) ben Kalonymos, Gugenheimb)

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