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Abstracted from 61/12675: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1702-1705.

1702-06-12Jäckhoff Jew Marums Sohn cannot pay 18 fl.
1702-06-20Leib claims 24 fl.
1702-06-23Jäckhoff Jud Calmelins Sohn wants to return a cow pretending it is sick.
1702-06-30The debts of Jossel Juden Marums Sohn were described on 01.03.1701. According to this and the proceedings of 09.12.1699, he owes 230 florins to tenant Johann Heinrich Oswald, now in Schaffhausen. Jossel refers to his long absence and asks for some patience.
1702-07-03Schmuli Jud Jüdelins Sohn, small penalty.
1702-07-05Jacob Guggenheimb of Lenglau has ceded a claim of 124 fl. to Jew Sandel.
1702-08-21Mayr Schnerff of Haigerloch is fined 10 pounds for customs defraud, which was reduced to 4 pounds as he is a poor man and sat in tower for some time.
1702-09-13The Jews Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn and Abraham, both experienced in the Jewish ceremonies, have made a decision between Jossel Calmelins Sohn and the two daughters of his deceased brother Schmulin, namely Madele and Bessele. They consider just that Jossel provides a dowry of 25 florins for each of the daughters, as far as his own means reach and by collecting the rest from relatives. Jossel owes the two daughters 130 florins upon the proceedings of 23.11.1701 and is to pay the extant installments immediately. If Abraham Katz (sic), a Jew of Pforzheim, would have to come here once more in this matter, then Jossel will be obliged to refund him all the expenses.
1702-11-12Leib is sued for payment of 100 fl.
1702-11-20Both Jäckhle, the sons of Marum and Calmelen, have beaten each others bloody after Bessele, the daughter of (Jäckhoff) Calmeles Sohn had thrown unwashed intestines (Kutteln) after Vögele, the wife of (Jäckkhoff) Marums Sohn and she responded by calling the other one a French whore. They were fined Jäckhoff Marums Sohn 2 pounds his wife 2 pounds Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn 3 pounds his daughter Bessele 1 pound.
1702-11-27The Jews in town buy several horses from the dominion for 150 florins.
1703-01-15Mausche Models Sohn, David Jäckhlens Sohn, Jossel Calmeles Sohn, Jäckhoff Marums Sohn, and Jäckhoff Calmeles Sohn, all Jews in Stühlingen, partially not under protection, were ordered to leave town but did not do so and partially failed to pay their due protection fee. It was decided that the first three who have not gone away will remain under arrest in the town hall until they have paid their extant protection fee plus ten pounds for heavy inobedience, and they may stay here until Easter but definitely not for longer. The two Jäckhoff are to remain in arrest until they have paid the extant protection fees. David Jäckhlens Sohn is fined 10 pounds as he has escaped from arrest without permission.
1703-01-16Mayr Blockh is fined for brawl.
1703-03-03Jew Marum claims 78 fl.
1703-03-16Christa Fössler and his wife in Schwaningen are grateful to Jew Sandel that he did not aggresively follow his interest at their bankruptcy procedure so they could stay on their farm. As the Jew lost about 150 florins at this occasion, they have a mortgage of 50 florins inscribed to his benefit, in addition to what was assigned him at the procedure.
1703-04-24Jäckhoff Jud Callmeles Sohn, claim.
1703-05-27Jew Leib acknowledges payment.
1703-06-12Lehman Weyl of Donaueschingen purchased trespassing for a year.
1703-06-14Abraham Cann a Jew living in Brötzingen near Pforzheim has made an account with the subsequent debtors about the claims by his (Abraham´s) step-sisters Madel and Bessele to their deceased father Schmuli Calmeles Sohn, formerly a protected Jew here. While doing so, it turned out that Jossel Calmelins Sohn, the father´s brother of said two sisters, should have paid them a total of 190 florins long ago according to the previous proceedings about this matter. 165 florins were due now and 25 florins will be due when the sister Bessle will once marry. Jossel Jew remained obliged to provide the 25 florins in this case, and was due to pay the 165 florins cash. He was unable to raise the amount on the spot and therefore proposed Abraham to wait until next Christmas. Abraham agreed at the condition that Jossel presents able warrantors (with a descriptions of the pawns). Jew Abraham and Jew Mayr Mänckhens Sohn of Stühlingen agreed to be such warrantors, and Jossel set them claims of a total amount of 157 florins plus some jewelry as a security. The warrantors promised to deliver said 165 fl. plus those 22 fl. which Schmuli Seligmanns Sohn owes the sisters and which was secured by a claim of 40 florins by a bond (Wechsel) to whatever place Abraham demands, but at his expenses and at his risk, until Christmas. The Jews Jossel and Schmuli Seeligmann reserve their property in those pawns. In case they will not render payment by said amounts, the warrantors may confiscate the pawns and the signers will have no more rights in them, except in the part which exceeds their claim.
1703-07-13Jacob Weil Jud Models Sohn is fined for beating his brother´s wife Elckel with a key after he started a quarrel with her husband Moyses.
1703-09-07At the recent Zurzach fair, a horse of the dominion was sold for 150 florins to Jew Joseph of Endingen.
1703-10-01Joseph Jud Schmulis Sohn, agreement after a horse trade.
1703-10-09Session of the peasants´ court for Oberand Untereggingen: Jüdele Weyl Jew and his daughter have beaten the pregnant wife of Johann Müller and are fined five pounds. His Jüdelen´s son Schmuli has for some years refused to return a bag to Johann Müller. He is to return it and pay two pounds fine.
- Marum Weyl in Untereggingen rents a house from Hanns Progle in this village for three years.
1703-10-23Marum Sandels Sohn has loaned a total of 300 florins to Ursula Sattler née Hein so she could pay the war taxes.
1703-10-26David Jew of Stühlingen is fined for having a calf slaughtered against an official order.
1703-11-09Leib, claim after a cow trade, and some more entries about this man.
1703-11-20A group of soldiers has committed a cruel muder and afterwards sold some woollen cloth to Jew Marum Sandels Sohn for 25 florins, which the Jew has subsequently reported to the clerk. The stuff was then claimed by a clothmaker of Engen. (A long matter). The Jew is fined 50 florins.
1703-12-17Session of the peasants´ court for Eberfingen: David Juden Sohn is fined for causing damage by his bull.
- Jossel Jud Schmulis Sohn is fined for dealing on a Sunday.
1703-12-20Marum Sandels Sohn, transfer of a claim.
1704-01-04Faistel is fined for not appearing at the office.
1704-02-01Marum Sandels Sohn, claim (and some more entries about him).
1704-03-05Marum Sandels Sohn buys a horse from the dominion for 75 florins.
1704-04-07Faistel Jud Leiben Sohn is fined for collecting claims on a Sunday.
1704-04-17Jäckhoff Jew Guggenheim, claims after a cow trade.
1704-04-18Junker Dietegen im Thurn of Schaffhausen has sold two claims to the brothers Marum and Salomon Sandels Sohn in Stühlingen. Marum now claims payment of half the amount.
- Jonas Weyl Jud Models Sohn now claims 60 fl.
1704-05-06Model and Salomon Rabbi(s) here have made a sentence about the common trade of Joseph Calmeles Sohn and Joseph Schmulis Sohn. Joseph Calmeles Sohn is to pay his partner 111 florins either cash or by a transfer of acceptable claims. (A long matter).
1704-06-10Mayr Blockh Davids Sohn of Eberfingen is fined for beating Benjamin´s son of Untereggingen bloody when he (who?) was just leaving the Schuel at Jewish Pentecost.
1704-06-13Jacob Weyl Models Sohn of Stühlingen buys a claim.
1704-06-25The dominion leases a house in Untereggingen to Jew Judel Weyl. With the terms of the contract.
1704-07-02Jud Jäckhle Calmelens Sohn acknowledges payment.
1704-07-04Faistel, quarrel about deposited sheep.
1704-10-27Session of the peasants´ court in Stühlingen: Mausche and Salomon Jud Sandels Sohn are fined 10 pounds for offending the mayor. Mausche is fined 1 pound. The widow of Isaac is fined for taking firewood from the bailiff´s garden. Joseph Calmelins Sohn is fined for selling leather on a Sunday. Leib and Seeligmann Schmuli are fined for dealing on a Sunday. Mayr Bückhert is fined for causing damage to Stoffel Krettler.
1704-11-19Jew Baruch of Endingen had a mortgage of 150 fl. pending on the forge in Horheim. The forge was sold to him for waiving this claim and payment of another 150 fl.
1704-11-27Jäckhoff Jud Models Sohn is fined for offending Jud Marum Sandels Sohn.
1704-12-10Faistel Jud Leibens Sohn, claim.
1705-01-09Mayr Menckhen Sohn, claim.
1705-01-16Sandel, transfer of a capital.
1705-01-23Marum Sandels Sohn, claim (two entries).
1705-03-06Salomon Sandels Sohn has loaned out 23 florins.
1705-03-10Sandel claims 42 florins for a bull.
1705-04-08Leib claims 105 fl.

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