Abstracted from 61/14179: Proceedings of the Stühlingen Municipal Court, 1745-1763.

1745-05-13Sebastian Krettler representing Faistel Guggenheim sells shoemaker Frantz Joseph Mayer a house, located between government counsellour von Michael and Jacob Schelle, tailor, plus a Baulege on one side of the lane and a toilet (Secret) and outlet into the garden of Sir von Balbach. In addition, half a stable and a hay store (Heulege) upon it, at the rear bordering to the stable of the chaplain, below the Oberten of Christoph Krettler, plus a Baulege five feet wide between said chaplain and the Baulege of Christoph Krettler. The access and exit goes through the stable of the chaplain. In addition, a large vegetable garden towards the lower Farb (the word does not look like Tors) neat to baker Martin Schiele. The sale goes for 700 fl.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Faistel Guggenheim(Chajim (Faistel) ben Judah, Gugenheimb)
Mayer(Mordechai (Marx) ben Elias Meyer)

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