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Abstracted from 61/14179: Proceedings of the Stühlingen Municipal Court, 1745-1763.

1745-05-13Rudolph Würth representing Isaac Bickhert Jew of Worblingen sells gunmaker Anton Mayer a small house (Häusle) in the town, located between baker Anton Grieninger, Hans Martin Schüele and Joseph Stadler, for 200 fl. and one Kronentaler for drinking. The object consists of a heatable room (Stube), chamber, kitchen, upper chamber, and Schütte and includes the rear half of the stable, Futterlege and Baulege, and part of (or: participation in) a transit (Durchgang). The amount is to be paid in the following manner: Cash 27 fl. Four annual installments 75 fl. By a credit (Kapital) subject to interest 100 fl.
- Sebastian Krettler representing Faistel Guggenheim sells shoemaker Frantz Joseph Mayer a house, located between government counsellour von Michael and Jacob Schelle, tailor, plus a Baulege on one side of the lane and a toilet (Secret) and outlet into the garden of Sir von Balbach. In addition, half a stable and a hay store (Heulege) upon it, at the rear bordering to the stable of the chaplain, below the Oberten of Christoph Krettler, plus a Baulege five feet wide between said chaplain and the Baulege of Christoph Krettler. The access and exit goes through the stable of the chaplain. In addition, a large vegetable garden towards the lower Farb (the word does not look like Tors) neat to baker Martin Schiele. The sale goes for 700 fl.
- Sebastian Krettler representing Joseph Gugenheimb sells Johannes Schwengle, innkeeper at the sign of the Rebstock, half a house in the rear lane (Hintere Gasse), between the houses of Johannes Mayer and Christoph Megglin. The sale includes the upper heatable room (Stube), the kitchen and a chamber behind it (dahinter), and another chamber on top (obenauf) in the direction of the town hall, plus half of the attic or Schütte, and half of the stable and half of anything else, for 150 fl.
- Same man representing same man (Gugenheimb) sells Ignati Schellenbuech the lower part of such a house, consisting of a heatable room (Stube), chamber, kitchen and adjacing small chamber, and one upper chamber, with anything pertaining to it, for 180 fl. to Christoph Meggle who will own it at half shares in common with Johannes Schwengle.
- Ignati Würth, coppersmith, representing Marumb Weyl, formerly a protected Jew here, sells Sebastian Ketteler a house in the rear lane (Hintere Gasse), between Joseph Kehl and Sir Johann Jacob Payer zur Blume in Schaffhausen, with a barn and stable, a yard, and a Baulege, and a claim (Ansprache) on a foot of land at the gable to the Baulege of Joseph Kehl according to the proceedings of 20.06.1727, plus a large vegetable and grass garden in the Häge (fence?, same word as hedge) behind the house in which a wash-house is standing, including any claims and rights pertaining to this, for 1050 fl. The buyer is allowed in a revocable manner to maintain an inn and hang up the sign of the Krone which had formerly been on this house. All this in agreement with the district (Oberamt) proceedings of 25.01.1745.
- Marx Mayer Eliasen Sohn, represented by Jacob Stadler, sells Sylvester Bamus half a house, namely the upper heatable room, two chambers nearby, a kitchen and a small kitchen chamber, a corner for the wood, the rear part of the attic in the direction of Josel´s house, plus the rear part of the small attic towards this house, half of the stable in the direction of Rudolph Würth´s barn, with the Baulege, from which the dung is to be carried away during the times of haying and harvest so one can carry crops, hay and second hay (Öhmd) into said barn. Furthermore half of the stable, the rear part of the Schmitte (does this mean forge?), half of the basement with all pertaining items, at the condition that every owner is to maintain his part in good condition, while the rest will be repaired in common. The price is 275 fl.
- Sebastian Krettler representing Mayer Gugenheimb sells Ignatius Wurth representing Joseph Stadler the younger tailor a house with a garden at the rear and a yard in the rear lane (Hintere Gasse) between the house of Mencke Bloch and the barn of mayor Rudolph Würth, for 315 fl. Of this, 115 fl. are to be paid cash and the other 200 fl. by annual installments of 50 fl.
- Johannes Schiltknecht representing Isaac Bickhert Jew of Worblingen sells half a house near the well in the lower town (halbe Behausung bei dem unteren Stadtbrunnen), above the appartement of baker Antoni Grieninger, and half of the stable, Futterlege and Baulege for 435 fl. to baker Martin Schüehle. Buyer is to pay 130 fl. cash, take over some debts and pay the rest, plus interest, by (installments of) 20 to 25 florins. A vegetable garden is sold for 30 fl., so the total sale volume is 465 fl.
1747-03-21Ignati Würth representing Marumb Weyl the so-called Dickher, formerly a protected Jew in Stühlingen, but now in Lenglau in Switzerland, sells teacher Franz Antoni Grieninger in Stühlingen that man´s cornerhouse (Eckhaus) next to Jacob Mayer the innkeeper at the sign of the Löwen, with barn, stable, Baulege and all rights pertaining to it, plus a vegetable garden outside (vor) of the Upper Gate, between the footpath to the castle, the road to Eberfingen and Christoph Meggle, for 750 fl.
- Mayor Mathias Schellenbuch representing the children in Endingen of Abraham Bloch sells mayor Rudolph Würth the whole house with pertaining stable, yard, Baulege and vegetable garden behind the house, property of these children, bordering to the orchard and vegetable garden of mayor Faller´s widow, located between the vegetable gardens of Jonas Gugenheimb and Joseph Stadler Jung. The house by itself is located in the so-called Jewish Lane (Judengaß) between the house of Joseph Stadler and Jonas Gugenheimb. The object is sold with all rights as Jew Bloch has had (innegehabt) it for 295 fl.
1747-03-22Johann Schiltknecht representing Schmuli Weyl formerly a protected Jew here sells shoemaker Hans Jacob Mayer the anterior (vorderer) half of a stable with the pertaining half of a Baulege, between Salamon Weyl and the buyer, for 40 fl., of which 20 fl. will be paid cash and the same amount by merchandize.
1749-03-17Hanns Jacob Mayer senator representing Haymann Bickhert protected Jew of Lenglau sells this man´s house or a claim to it (dessen Behausung Ansprach), bordering at all sides to buyer, to shoemaker Franz Joseph Mayer for 45 fl., to be paid by three installments. Seller reserves the sold house as a security for payment.
- Johannes Schiltknecht, representing Sir Johann Conrad Payer im Hof in Schaffhausen, sells Anton Gintert here a house in the Jewish Lane, between the barn of Sebastian Kretler innkeeper at the sign of the Krone and Josel Gugenheim Jew in Tiengen, (the house) in the condition as seller and before him Mayer Bloch has owned it, for 350 fl.
- Sebastian Kretler representing Jonas Gugenheimb, protected Jew in Randegg, sells shoemaker Jacob Stadler a house bordering to the house of the innkeeper at the sign of the Adler and the one of Jacob Haym, including stable, yard and a Baulege, plus a small garden behind the house (whose limits are described with reference to local points) with all rights for 400 fl. which are to be paid by installments without interest within four years. The object remains a security until the price has been paid.
- Jacob Mayer representing Jonas Weyl, protected Jew in Randegg, sells shoemaker Franz Joseph Mayer here a house in the Jewish Lane, between buyer himself, his stable, and the hay store (Heulege) of Jacob Mayer, with the pertaining Baulege which also borders to buyer, plus a vegetable garden behind the house and another one behind the Jewish School, for 270 fl. which are to be paid by installments of 100, 100 and 70 fl. in 1750, 1751 and 1752. Seller reserves the object as a pawn until it has been entirely paid.
- Sale of half a stable in the Jewish Corner (Judenwinkel), bordering at one side to buyer´s house which originates from Salamon Weyl.
- Change of houses, with mention of neighbours Jonas Gugenheim and the Bloch heirs.
- An entry about the sale of a house located between the stable of older (älter) Salomon Weyl and the house of Mayer Gugenheimb.
1752-07-03Hans Michel Hofackher senator representing Jonas Weyl in Randegg sells Johann Schwengle a house in the Jewish Corner (Judenwinkel), with all rights and the claim (Ansprache) to a vegetable garden behind the house and the Jewish School, but not including the stable and the Baulege which originate from Jacob Mayer and which the Jew has reserved for himself, for 215 fl.
- Johann Schwengle trades this house and garden for a share of another house and side-buildings.
1752-07-05Johann Stadler representing Mayer Gugenheimb Jew of Randegg sells Joseph Abliz (probably in error for Albiz) a piece of land in Schwaningen for 16 fl.
1753-07-28Johann Kehl representing Salamon Weyl Jew in Ettenheim im Breisgau sells half a stable in Stühlingen for 30 fl. (with mention of a refused right of first emption).
1755-05-12Sebastian Krettler, mayor, representing Jonas Guggenheimb, protected Jew in Randegg, sells Anton Kehl a house, between the manorial vegetable gardens and the house of the heirs of mayor Würth, with all rights as seller has owned it, for 115 fl., whereas seller concedes to buyer to pay the price by installments of 10 or more florins, but reserves the object as a security for payment.
1755-05-13Mayor Sebastian Krettler, representing Sir Counsellour and Exchequer-General Franz Anton Michaeli von Guttenthal and the other creditors, sells Ignati Schölle half a house, half a basement, the rear part of the stable and three small pieces of garden, as former protected Jew Isaac Bickhert has owned them, plus half the Hausgang, a wood store (Holzlege) and the stairs and half of the yard for 100 fl.
1759-10-04Johannes Schölderle, senator, sells hatter Franz Joseph Schühle his share of the so-called Jewish Barn (Judenscheuer) for 101 fl.
- Mayor Sebastian Krettler representing Jew Marum Seligmann sells knitter Hans Martin Schühle his house and garden for 250 fl. (the location is not described).

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