Abstracted from Rent- und Kastenamtsrechnung Stühlingen 1729 (partially undated).

1729-09-29Protection fee of Jews on St. Michael`s day 1729: Leib Jew. Marum Weyl Sandel`s son. Salomon Weyl Sandel`s son. Meyer Bloch Menchen`s son. Lehmann Bickhert Meyer`s son. Isacc Abraham`s son. Feisel Leib`s son. Jonas Leib`s son. Jossel Lang Schmuli`s son. Elias Meyer Jew. Lemble Weyl the old, but now the son Schmuly. Marx Meyer. Jonas Weyl Salaman`s son. Meyer Weyl Jüdelin`s son at Horheim. Mencke Bloch Meyer`s son. Meyer Bloch the young. Joseph Sandel`s son-in-law.

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